New Management


10-02-2005 17:31:22


As some of you probably know, there's been a bit of a change in Qel-Droma. Ktulu had to step down because of real life constraints (good luck, old friend, and make sure you come back eventually) and Frost has pretty much disappeared, so Qel-Droma is now under new management: me! Isn't that great? :P

Thankfully, I won't bother you with a long, dull inauguration speech (I'll save that for my first report :P), but I'll get straight to the point. My first priority as Quaestor (and our first priority as a House) is, of course, the Krath RoS. We're currently LAST in the standings, and for a Clan such as this, and more importantly a House that has just about the richest history of the DB, last place is, quite frankly, a disgrace. We'll need to participate, every one of us. And since most of the RoS events are relatively small, it isn't even that difficult. Even a simple GFX submission in Paint (my trademark :P) will do, and will give us participation points.

Aside from that, I'll discuss other issues in my report later this week. Until then, goodbye,

- Strat

Aidan Kincaid

10-02-2005 18:55:57

Strat is your QUA? May the WANG have mercy on your groins. (roughly translated for the WANGless: may god have mercy on your souls.) :P

Ktulu Xyler

10-02-2005 22:51:36

Yeah it's almost a crying shame I had to let him take over :P

But I'll be back and take back what's mine ;)

Blade Dranal

21-05-2005 14:58:14

New QUA is Denath
New AED is well ME!

Yeah had to reply to this thread cause i was bored.


22-05-2005 00:32:12

Let me be the first to congratulate my new rivals. I thought it would be nice for me to say something since we will be crushing you shortly :P J/K congrats dudes i'm sure you'll do a good job.

that is all


24-05-2005 00:49:38

And it begins.....


02-06-2005 17:11:20

Thank you, Raidoner, for that strange and rather senseless post. :P


03-06-2005 14:05:25

Didnt they say that every time someone died in Slaughter House 5?


16-06-2005 00:35:46

Hey what was Slaughter House 5 again?