Galeres and SF PWN!

Jeax Zirv

10-04-2006 14:46:17

I was bored and thinking about the RO, so I did this, check it out:

99 Posts total to all RO Phases, 8 of them were Ylith Opening/Closing a Phase, so 91 actual posts, but we'll still go from 99.

70 of those 99 posts belong to Galeres, which means Galeres had 70.71% of the RO.

54 of those 70 posts belong to SoulFire, which means SoulFire had 77.14% of Galeres' posts, and 54.55% of the entire RO by itself.

So we own!!! SF FTW!

To break it down even further:


Quejo had a total of 1.

Archean had 11.

Ktulu had 4.


Esca had 4.

I had 19.

Dash had 14.

Scar had 9.

Selene had 4.

Lucius had 1.

Kryd'r had 3.


10-04-2006 21:45:02

Rawr! See what kind of people I have to deal with??? Too Active! :-P

Nah, keep up the good work Soulfire, and Galeres! ^__^



10-04-2006 23:00:03

Good job guys it was good to see you all take control of the RO. Let's see more Galeres domination in the future. :P


14-04-2006 10:13:15

That's right. I rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean......WE RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!