House Traits


05-04-2006 11:19:46

This was an idea I had toyed with quite awhile back, when I was still QUA of HOO before taking the PCON job. Basically, the idea was that each House has their own specific way of looking at the force, and training their members in thet aspect.

Galeres: They would be the "technology" freaks, very much into using new technologies to help them in battle and other areas. While still focusing on the force, they are also of the mind to convert technologies for use and either being augmented, or augmenting our own force powers. They're also into armours, non-lightsaber weapons, etc...

Qel-Droma: They are on the complete opposite end of Galeres, instead focusing on rituals and force-only augmentations. The abhor technology in battle, instead focusing on using their own powers to see them safely through. This is all made easier from Qel-Droma's extensive posession of artifacts and tomes. For example, while Galeres may use alloys and metals to make a sword stronger, those in Qel-Droma will most likely use Sith Alchemy

Oriens Obscurum: Basically, the mid-point between these two extremes, blending both aspects. The "jack of all trades, master of none" explanation would fit for HOO. They are not adverse to using either method to fufill their goal, but they don't have the same mastery of either path as the other two houses do.

Since Qel-Droma is closed, it's members were moved to Galeres. As such, Galeres would be similar to Oriens Obscurum, as they have both competing ideas. However, while HOO would blend the two together, we instead still have a strict seperation of new and old in Galeres. The two "sides" wouldn't necessarily see eye-to-eye

Thoughts, ideas, comments?


06-04-2006 03:58:56

While I like the idea of having a base of study being technology. I have always visualized Galeres being the more underhanded, 'seedier' House of Arcona. Often taking part in Black Market's, Smuggling Rings, or maybe even bringing in a bounty or two for a little bit of pocket change.

I feel that maybe we could work with riff raff of the galaxy in order stay ahead of the opposition. What better way to gain knowledge but through experience?

Galeres could connect to the Star Wars Underworld. More so then the other two houses, making us very unpredictable.

I also feel that in order to keep our identity hidden, we would work undercover, kinda like the Mob. Our operations would be disguised as either A: A mining facility or B: a Weapons plant, or technology research facility.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions are welcome.

Ylith Pandemonium

06-04-2006 07:03:14

Personally I would prefer if Oriens placed himself on Alchemy. On the side of
the Dark Side that not many wish to go. The Alchemy will revolve around battle
tactics and weapons.

Tactics? How?

Simple, if we have Alchemy we can create chemical weapons of sorts, if we can use
that in battle we can evolve entire battle tactics around it. And with Galeres evolving
around technology, the combined force of Alchemy and Technology would be one
to reckon with.

The reason because of this lies with a personal character development with ancient
Valheru Alchemy. The Sword of Darkness, made by the ancient Valheru species, has
evolved the genes of Ylith to convert him into a Valheru himself. Now doing the same
with his Apprentice.

Now I dont say it has to be Valheru, but Sith Alchemy can have the same effects on weapons,
yes less drastic as they do not convert genes or anything. They enhance poison, doubling their
effect, they enhance laserburn, causing double damage, they cause armor to be twice as strong.

I thing this will make two very different houses to be with. While Galeres has a very high tech base
we of Oriens have a darker, more biological shaped base. with shapes like those of my banner instead
of the modern straight lines and shiney metal.

tell me what you think :)



06-04-2006 14:42:18

Galeres isnt studying technology. Halc and I talked about it and it would be easier for us to conceal ourseleves with the mining facility, while we run our black markets and stuff.


17-04-2006 13:10:18

House Identity

House Galeres is a breed apart from the rest of Arcona and indeed the rest of the Brotherhood. Instead of focusing their energies into matters of the force and the mastery of lightsaber combat, members of Galeres usually face two other tasks. Galeres is heavily involved with the underworld of the galaxy. This includes black marketeering, smuggling, bounty hunting and occasionally slaving. Galeres is always heavily involved in the seedier side of the galactic machine and is well-versed in underhanded dealings and criminal activities. It even goes so far as to rent out its services to various criminal syndicates…as long as the price is right.


The Sith of Galeres are a bit of a paradox. Whilst their piloting prowess and skill in sabre-combat is formidable to say the least, they seem more content to concentrate on focusing their learning on political machinations, learning how to manipulate people and twist them to their own ends and to quote Darth Traya – ‘It is a far greater to make your enemy see your way rather than to crush them absolutely’. Their role within the house is simple: They provide air support, flying the various fighters during any large-scale conflict and spend the rest of the time learning the subtle art of suggestion and occasionally applying it in the many power-struggles that permeate the Brotherhood.


The Obelisk of Galeres are almost always contained within Soulfire Brigade and as such are second only to the Grand Master’s Royal Guard in tactical prowess and skill with a blade. They spend the majority of their time either training as a small commando-unit or lending their services either to the clan or to the highest bidder. Formerly an elite Obelisk unit within the order, Galeres Troopers have kept up the intensive training regimen that rivals even the Guardsmen’s and their skill is reflected in this with the use of not just melee weapons but there’s also evidence of everyday use of more conventional weapons such as Blasters of various sizes and explosives, and even the incorporation of these with other tactics that are the norm in the Brotherhood. Galeres Obelisk are the sword of Arcona and they know it.


The Krath are not your traditional librarians that seem to make up the majority of the order in other clans. Galeres’ Krath are fully committed to gathering knowledge through superior firepower and are the prime resource hired out to independent parties by the House for assistance with skills that include advance warning for ambushes, negotiations of black market dealings and even in some cases assassinations (though this is usually only given to Krath of the rank of Knight or above). The older Krath of Galeres have also been rumoured to have been practicing the elusive art of Battle Meditation and forming “Battle-Melds” for use in times of conflict, however this is unconfirmed.

This Identity was written up by Dash, let me know what you all think.


17-04-2006 15:33:39

Just as a "quick" comment...I'd like to stay away from mention of "Sith being pilots, Obelisk fighting on the ground and Krath the scholars". Other than that, it looks good. I'm hesitant on the "hiring out services" portion of things, as it seems a bit "beneath" a dark jedi to go out and become hired guns, so to speak.


14-03-2007 11:43:47

Given we're down to two Multi-Ordered Houses now, I'm not sure how easy it would be to unilaterally state what each House's "philosophy" is. Given the evolution of the club over the years, and the Orders in general, I've always been fond of the three "paradigms" as


Being Krath, Obelisk, and Sith respectively. House histories are one thing, but the two Houses "traits" seem a bit more amorphous to me.

If we state, just as an example, that Galeres is the "military" arm of Arcona, and OO the "political" arm (again, JUST hypotheticals), we would then have to put our money where our mouth is, and center comps and projects for each House along their specific purposes. Otherwise, why have a distinction at all? If we brand a House with a particular ideal, that must be followed up with tangible activities for its members that reinforce the idea, and these need to be done consistently.

But that drops us again into the possibility (inevitability?) of having one "gaming" house, and one "fiction" house, for all intents and purposes.



14-03-2007 14:49:54

Well, I can't really speak for OO, but Galeres has most of the best gamers in the clan, and some of those are among the best in the brotherhood. As such, it seems that Galeres is more military than OO, but then again I don't know what the situation is in OO so I may be mistaken


13-04-2007 05:46:17

Galeres is definitely more militaristic than HOO, there's no doubt about that.

Personally I would just prefer to keep the same distinctions these two houses have always had...

Galeres = Elite Ground Forces
HOO = Elite Space Forces


19-04-2007 05:23:21

Seems like a fairly good distinction. Are we gonna have some sort of special Intelligence units within the houses? Or just specialised units within the houses? If so, what would they be? I mean, I know Soulfire is fictionally the Special Forces arm of Galeres and Arcona, but what about the others?