Galeres' New Home


04-04-2006 22:11:32

Hey all,

After thinking about it, Galeres can't really "move" their base from Sukhur to Eldar, since the base itself is built beneath the planet's surface, and wouldn't be the easiest/safest thing to move. Also, since they're now on a more "normal" planet, they don't have to lock themselves underground.

As such, this topic is open for suggestions on the basic composition of the new HQ and anything else you'd like to pitch in. However, try not to make it a Temple/pyramid...we have enough of those :)

I think we'll convert the old Galeres HQ into our "Last Stand" base


04-04-2006 23:15:44

This is just an idea but from your comment about it not being another Temple/pyramid made me try thinking of another unique setting like the undergroud HQ...if anything it will inspire discussion of ideas. Right then to the point ;) What about Japanese style buildings that float on a lake? They could include an escape tube or some such to the floor which could lead to a fighter pad as well as say some kind of agricultural farming or mineral mining. What do you think?

Well then...since we are all moving, maybe we can use it for a re-design of HOO's or Clan HQ or some other HQ, I don't know..just an idea.


04-04-2006 23:42:01

Actually. I started work on a Galeres base on Eldar. It's a mining facility run by the Eldar inhabitors. The mining facility is basically a coverup. Inside the facility is a security training facility where we train everyone and anyone in ground combat and military strategy. If you want a more detailed description let me know and I'll get to work on it. If you want to see the graphic I made then contact me.

Once I type up a detailed description and graphic I'll post a topic for discussion. I may even have someone make them 3d images for me :P

~ I do think that in order to find out what kind of facility/base Galeres should have, we should find the purpose/drive for Galeres, whether it be doing the dirty work, Politics, Piracy, Security etc... We need to have that figured out before we can think of a base IMO


05-04-2006 02:57:49

It would probably be good to try to avoid large, attention-getting buildings.

We've always gone for Pyramids and Temples. But I think it's simply more appropriate to the DB as a whole that our bases be more...covert. Quejo's idea for a mining operation serving as cover is pretty good.

Btw, Halc invited me to comment on this stuff since I wrote the Order of Battle. So here I am :P


05-04-2006 06:12:18

Good to have you here Kaek, and the OoB was impressive to say the least, big thumbs up etc. I do think Quejo is right with the whole discernin the purposes of the three houses before getting HQs for em, however as it stands it looks like HOO is our sith house, Galeres is the Obbie house and QD is the Krath, i know we're all multi-order and crap but that seems most appropriate. As such it might be wise to have like a crapload of training facilities a la the JA Academy map for house Galeres, something with of laboratories for HOO for sith alchemy and of course flight sims and hangars etc, and maybe just shift the QD temple of Arconae Primus. I personally loved the HQD temple when i was there, it'd be a shame to lose that. I know we're supposed to be all accomadating to the other orders and stuff, hell i'm a krath in an obbie Battleteam, but giving each of them a focus is a good way to conjure a history, and if that doesn't work, maybe giving them a zone defence of stuff like espionage, covert operations, political maneuvering, tactics etc as secondary purposes, maybe that could work.

Okay, i've rambled enough now. Fic Dev team: tear my ideas apart!


05-04-2006 10:24:07

Firstly, the HQD temple is not really that moveable. Its a native ruins of the planet, not a jigsaw puzzle.

I do think Quejo is right with the whole discernin the purposes of the three houses before getting HQs for em,

I agree.
I found Galeres to be the more militant House, and Oriens to be the more scholarly House, and while I don't know what the Summits have done in the past few months, my initial feeling is that this is still fairly accurate.

however as it stands it looks like HOO is our sith house, Galeres is the Obbie house and QD is the Krath, i know we're all multi-order and crap but that seems most appropriate.

I'm sure Halcyon doesn't want me to BBQ anyone, so I'll use a little finese here.
Firstly, HQD is not the Krath House. HQD is a closed House. It was closed by the person who wanted to save it the most. If some fool wants to reopen Qel-Droma next year, then that can be next years problem. In the mean time, HOO and HGL need something to work with this year.

...and I won't touch the "We must be Order!" issue. Hammered that one out last year. Order is no longer relevant - plain and simple.


05-04-2006 11:06:36

To harp on the same point, but I don't want anything Order-related mentioned in terms of the bases/houses. In the past, we were seperated by Order. We aren't anymore so we let that be.

However, I had envisioned each House having their own "view" on the force and such. I think that could make another new topic :P It wouldn't be Order related, but instead something much more broad.

For the HQD Temple...looks like we'll be leaving that where it stands too. However, since we don't have the House currently active, we can fictionally take the time to painstakingly build a new Temple based directly on the old would take "longer", but we have the time :P

As for Galeres, I like the "facade" idea. And since it was previously being built, it can be turned into the new base. Just remember, our bases are basically the "homes" of your members. Training facilities are all good, but a lot of little things are needed as well.

For House-based training facilities, I'd like them to focus on your Houses specific "traits" as well as focusing on the force/dark jedi aspects. The more "regular" training should be done on the Training Facility we'll be setting up on Arconae Primus


05-04-2006 11:13:51

(...I still think I should have just moved everyone to the same complex on Selen Atlantis and be done with it, damn you democracy!... okay, really to bed now :P)

Edit: I meant Selen, not Primus lol.


05-04-2006 14:46:40

I must admit i've always wondered why we're splitting up the houses, having all of the clan under one roof seems to make more sense to me, but i'm hailing from a system where we had bigger bases/HQ's whatever, and fewer of em but meh i'm being side-tracked.

As for the order thing, i didn't mean to cause any offence, as i've probably stated, i'm fairly new as a full-time DB'er and am not aware of all the political crap that's plagued the DB, as it does with every club, so yeah, apologies, my aim was not to offend, just promote discussion.

As for the views of the force, that might not be enough to make the houses individual, as the philosophy of the force is a pretty...dead subject to most people (myself NOT included). I suggest giving the houses different purposes, i.e. a zone defence better, with Galeres being more offensive whereas HOO defensive, and if/when HQD is opened, cross that bridge when we come to it.


05-04-2006 21:20:08

Thats all right Sashar. I'm a little touchy over my failure to rescue HQD.

I think I misinterpreted what you meant when I quoted you, so the apology is mine.

At the end of the day, clinging to the old dogma of Order styles is very counter-productive and won't get us very far.

Anyway, time for coffee and shopping and karate. Ill check back tomorrow.


07-04-2006 01:13:07

Ok, I've created a blueprint of a base for Galeres. Please note that this isnt done, just something to go off of. You may need to blow up the pictures once you get them but the links are below.

Feedback is wanted.


07-04-2006 01:37:06

These pictures are really small for me, Quejo. I can't make out the detail on them


07-04-2006 01:53:55

Same here...can't see a thing. They seem to look good, but I can't read any of the information or tell what's what


07-04-2006 08:01:39

They look good, but yeah, the text is too blurred when you zoom in. Maybe saving as a .bmp would yield more detail?

Ylith Pandemonium

07-04-2006 10:23:11

small Quejo.. >_<

maybe we should have 4 bases, one Arcona prime, where the Quaestors and clan summit are.

and three bases with Aediles and the rest of the houses combines over the house bases and
the clan base.

just a thought...


07-04-2006 21:25:01

We have four bases currently. Arcona HQ, which is on Selen, and the 3 hosues on Eldar. Don't need anymore than that...and I want to keep the QUA's in their own HQs. Remember, this are your "homes" too


08-04-2006 02:07:11

Ok, below are direct links to the images Quejo put up. I know he's still working on details, but feel free to pitch in your own comments as well.


11-04-2006 10:43:46

Overall, the designs itself looks pretty good. For those who don't know, the idea is for "mining facility" area to be located in front of some sort of mountain/rock-face. The Galeres base itself would then be built within the mountain/rock itself.

I think some offices are needed in the design. One set can be located around the main hall of the mining facility. This can be for the actual mining business, as well as a place to meet for more "under-handed" dealings, while still making it look official

Another set would be in the main floor of the Galeres part, one for the QUA/AED and BTLs

For the private hanger on the sub-level, we'll have to explain how we get ships down there, since it is underground and through some sort of rock. Also, a special set of quarters should be given to the House leaders. Talking about quarters, maybe even a few special "VIP" quarters in the mining area for any special business-type people who come to visit.

Also, a large-scale generator room is needed, as it'll power the whole base. I suggest in the sub-level as well, but a good deal away from the main part of it.

Anyways, those are my initial ideas.


12-04-2006 03:23:42

Alright, Quejo has made some changes to his original design. Below are the links to these designs


14-04-2006 11:14:53

I hate to be a pissant for pointing this out, but there aren't any kitchens attached to the DFining Hall, so nowhere to store/prepare food. Other than that though it looks great, well done Quejo.


14-04-2006 12:51:12

There should be more then one medical Facility, unless I am blind and not seeing more.



20-04-2006 02:34:03

Ok I will be recreating the Galeres Base. It will have alot of the same features but thing's will be slightly different and more organized.

Oh btw. I made this a long time ago the quality may not be great so if you want to see it in higher quality let me know.

Check it and tell me what you think. Maybe we can base a new design off of it somehow.


18-05-2006 21:47:36 what's the current information with the Galeres HQ...and pick something and go with it. I don't want it changing as many times are your race, Quejo :P

If you can get at least an outline into me or posted here in the next week, that'd be great. If you can get something even more detailed, perfect. I want to try and put all these pieces together before the GJW if possible