03-04-2006 13:51:41

I demand some inane randomness ... go!


03-04-2006 19:31:54

*returns to see an inbox full of mail and screams bloody murder....*

p.s. *resists pressing 'Delete' on all the emails...*



03-04-2006 21:06:48

Your random word for today is supercalifragilisticxpaladoceus.

Now someone correct the spelling for me ;)

Kaine Mandaala

03-04-2006 21:50:21


If you say it loud enough -- Muz will kill you.


04-04-2006 05:31:53

*shouts said word very loud and waits for muz*

P.S. dosn't all this actualy qualify as spam

Ylith Pandemonium

04-04-2006 06:32:52

it's on topic isnt?

oh! monkey!


04-04-2006 07:09:46

Spam? Who cares, the mighty god Slice will protect us!


04-04-2006 09:29:43

Hahaha! Ten points to Kaine!

Kaine Mandaala

04-04-2006 11:27:01

*shouts said word very loud and waits for muz*

P.S. dosn't all this actualy qualify as spam

It IS spam, and on topic. Sometimes I'll just look the other way, but this one really isn't bad. The boards have been pretty dead lately, and at least people are being civil with this thread... that is, no flames or blatant abuse.

The biggest abuse I see is either a post 'conversation' with a few words in each post between two (or more, but usually just two) people spanning several posts or people throwing in one word comments like "yeah" as their post in the middle of some far more thought out posts. I usually delete them in both cases.

I won't say I'm not guilty of those at one time or another, but I'll usually make an effort to avoid it... Even if it's something long-winded but kind of pointless (like this!).

Muz Ashen

04-04-2006 14:13:36

Muz grumbled as he arrived, his hands twitching in cruel and arthritic gestures as the blood answered his call, boiling beneath the skin of the young Arconan. [AMT]

"You should listen to Kaine, Shadow." Muz's nightmare eyes glistened with malevolent fury. "And to test his words...well, you see what good they've done you."

The excruciating pain of charred blood gave way to the coolness of the grave soon enough, the young Krath collapsing before he had time to reply, a ruptured vessel at his temple a testament to the Herald's skill. [ES][TES][DB]

Ylith Pandemonium

05-04-2006 07:19:05

<3 Muz :D

ehh yeah...so ehhm...if I ehh...write more than two words its fine..? oh just did nevermind :D


06-04-2006 02:51:59

*walks back into the room* mmmm crispy, but thankfully due to the gods of spam, and the fact that this is infact spam, i can quite hapily respawn in this conversation (if you aint got a clue what i am on about check out the BOS website a link is included in my sig)


08-04-2006 14:46:27

that was just lame, talk to the hand mofo!


20-08-2006 01:02:06

*A Random Pie gets thrown into Shadows face*


20-08-2006 10:06:02


Kaelin Ring

03-09-2006 03:59:49

Wow, a simi-active board on the forums... I never thought to see the dy since they cracked down on spam...



05-09-2006 22:14:11

through and through
Darkness is so cruel
As I walk my path I feel no sensation
As my heart is corrupted
I am as well.

Random poems by me..


06-09-2006 14:32:22

Hillafillagillanilla, HEY!

Start posting!


09-09-2006 16:31:32

I tilt my head and ponder lifes greatest questions:
Why are we here?
What the hell did I do to deserve this?
Why is it that my socks stink, but my gloves rarely do?
What is the scientifical formula for peanut butter?
And my favorite...
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladened swallow?


09-09-2006 20:56:11

Well, that certainly was random :P

Ood Bnar

10-09-2006 16:33:36

Why is it possible to make a Box out of a substance so it will survive a planecrash but can't we make a plane that can survive a crash?


10-09-2006 23:40:29

Perhaps its the weight and the expense.

:km1: :mejas:

Ood Bnar

11-09-2006 05:34:38

hmm, could be

Why does it take 15 minutes to get a pizza delivered but takes it the Amubalnce 45 minutes to get to you. (same distance)

Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 00:32:57

'Tis a question to ponder through the ages


14-09-2006 23:39:35


The pizza dude is working for the tips.

The ambulance drives have alot less work to do if your dead when they get there.

Wes Biriuk

15-09-2006 01:28:20

Wow... that makes so much sense it scary...


15-09-2006 12:18:29

Hehhehe I need to start using my moderator duties >:)

Ktulu Xyler

19-09-2006 11:12:09

its not the travel time that makes sense is scary

its that the d'Tana made sense that is truly scary.... LOL ;)


19-09-2006 14:26:52

its not the travel time that makes sense is scary
its that the d'Tana made sense that is truly scary.... LOL ;)



Ktulu Xyler

19-09-2006 18:00:52



Yayness I've been recognized!!!! lol

damn I need internet at home....


20-09-2006 22:47:47

Yes, yes you do :P