Arcona Order of Battle


02-04-2006 13:18:27

I've attached the Order of Battle Document that I've updated. I haven't posted it up, since it's easier to make everything out from the document itself.

Comments and suggestions are welcome


03-04-2006 05:54:50

I'm afraid the file was corrupted for me, only half of it showed up and that was rather garbled, the rest of it was nonsensical symbols and the like.


03-04-2006 10:52:08

Hopefully that link works better


05-04-2006 03:08:32

I love me my order of battle :P

Though it's probably out of date now :(


05-04-2006 10:26:54

The version I posted up is updated...I'll probably need to tweak it a bit more later, but it's good to go now