Dajorra System


31-03-2006 15:41:37

Recently, I have begun re-arranging the uses of the planets in the Dajorra System (our home system for those not familiar with it). The first public showing of this was by moving all of the houses to the planet of Eldar. This was done for logistical reasons, as in "reality", we don't have the forces to defend all of our planets if we're attacked. It makes sense to consolidate are more important parts so that we can make sure they survive should all else fail.

However, this also leaves open what the role each planet will now play. The current explanation of each planet can be found at http://www.arcona.net/index.php?page=system however, much of that is completely out of date and doesn't fit in with how things work "now". As everything needs to be updated and/or re-written, now's the time to settle on their roles.

This is where Galeres was previous stationed. The planet is basically not suitable for living, and it's counter-productive to have people "live" here, when it's so dangerous and a general pain to get to. While the image of the planet does bring to mind some interesting pictures, the use of it is fairly limited. However, due to it being so hostile, invading forces will most likely bypass it. As such, I believe this planet should act as a place to perhaps hide weapons, plans and other items that would help should our main planets fall. We have the time to study the planet, so we'll know the ins and outs and can hide many things under the glass-like surface.

Arconae Prmus:
Jungle-like planet that was the former home of Qel-Droma. I'm not sure what to do with the planet itself, but the intial description gives off some interesting possibilites, especially when it talks about "ruins" and a past civilization. I think we should expand on this area, and can be fodder for future competitions. Also, there are still metals and such on the planet, so perhaps set up a mining operation to excavate what's left.

Arconae Secundus:
Generally, this was a "training" planet, and I don't see why we can't keep it as such. Generally, this will be a good place to train and develop the Arcona military, both force users and non-force users (who will be the bulk of our forces). We can build perhaps a few buildings and such that are focused on the different elements. We should also develop some sort of history and appearance for the tribal humanoids that live on the planet itself.

Selen is still the home planet of Arcona, and where are main HQ is. Nothing is changing in that regards. It also has inhabitants, with some of the history already included into the description. The more I think about it, the more I think we should have a seperate section that details the various races that live in the Dajorra system...as there are almost a handful of them.

Boral is the moon of Selen, and was the home of Oriens Obscurum. Originally a barren moon, Kaek (while PCON) had the idea to "terraform" it into something more hospitable. I made a new description for it, which used to be on the HOO webpage...but that doesn't seem to exist anymore. However, I still have it on my harddrive. Anyways, the planet was being turned into a place for farming and such, for use by the Clan. However, with the recent troubles on Gethsamane, I believe that it should also be turned into the "Jewel of Dajorra" and used as a "vacation" area, or a place where Arcona veterans can place their own "homes". The project itself should techincally be nearing about 75% completion...there abouts.

This will be the planet for use by all 3 houses. Once again, there are a couple of races on the planet, but I hope to have them "subjugated" soon, as per that competition I ran in February. The planet would then be governed by one of the races, the other race made subserviant to it, and one House making sure everyone else does what they want. Since there are 3 houses, one House shall be "dominant"...at least for a time. Currently, Galeres won the rights to the planet. I intend to a large-scale competition every 4-6 months for control of the planet. The house that wins the competition, gets to be in charge of the planet and whatever government is in place. The bases themselves will be arranged in a triangular fashion. Not close enough to see, but not vast distance apart. In the very middle of the 3 bases will be a monument to all 3 houses.

Gas giant. nothing fancy here.

The moon of Ereboros, it was recently decimated due to the GMRG competition that Khobai ran. However, I plan on "replacing" this moon with that of Boral. As such, currently, there isn't much use for Gethsamane...but perhaps others have some ideas for it?

The last detail is a large asteroid field just on the edge of the system. This field has become the Clan's "cash-cow", with it being rich in various metals and such. This is an area that needs to be fleshed out more.


01-04-2006 16:01:25

Okay, for this one, Halc you will definitely know what I have in mind as you helped create the whole catacombs thing for the PXHQ back in the BHG =P Basically, yeah use it as a fallback position should the brown stuff hit the whirly thing, have enough supplies and the like to sustain the Clan for long periods in times of emergency and maybe even use it as a Last Stand’esque position where the Clan can mount a reasonable defence using hide and seek tactics down in those caverns and the like, in fact I was recently working on just a lil’ fiction piece detailing one such cavern in the depths of Sukhar that went into [Expletive Deleted]loads of depth about just a lil’ summin’ summin’ down there, I could post it here for possible dissection of ideas and future use etc if anyone wanted. But back on topic, yeah Sukhar as a backup base, nothing more.

Arconae Prmus:
I like the whole new world idea that goes with this one, think the british empire at the turn of the last centaury, where they referred to Africa as like the great unknown continent ripe for exploration and conquest, I’m not saying we should subjugate black people there, but more the whole uncovering its secrets in a series of ROs and comps and the like.

Arconae Secundus:
Maybe this could be the location of that Academy I made vague references to in the military post? I like the idea that it’s the military centre in terms of training for both the Jedi and non Jedi.

Selen seems pretty much an open and closed case. No comments or suggestions from me.

Not sure I’m convinced about terraforming a planet, it’s a process that usually takes a [Expletive Deleted]load of time in other sci-fi series such as Firefly (I refuse to listen to the ST version with that whole genesis crap, it’s a little too…eugh for my tastes), if I were calling the shots I’d say that Boral stays as a dark moon place where all the cliché RP’ers that insist on being demi-vampire sith lords and a verifiable incarnation of the devil himself could reside and be all Heathcliff’y.

I like this. The whole idea of three has a lot of throwbacks to when witchcraft in the middle-ages (like Chaucer’s time) where the number 3 had important magical properties that were deeply significant in the Anglo-faith. These are replicated in the Wiccan faith a fair bit I’m told by some Wiccan friends and also have a lot of Judeo-Christian ideas such as the holy trinity etc, and adds an air of ethereal mysticism to the DB, and us replicating it wherever we can seems like a good way to carry on the mythical canon. So the three bases for the three houses rocks my kazbar to be sure. I’d be happy to throw together a rough idea of the architecture of the three house temples (I’m thinking something tower’esque to accommodate the need for phalluses in the DB) and maybe something that produces a big [Expletive Deleted F-word]-off ray of light into the sky or alternatively a ray of dark as we’re all into that abyssal stuff, maybe a sanctified area equidistant of the three houses where some of the more complex Abyssal Rites can be performed like that banishment thingy or the more complex rituals which require a [Expletive Deleted]load more people/sacrifices. Yeah by now I’m rambling and forgot what I was saying pre-tangent, so I’ll shut up :P

Now this is kinda Yavin’inspired: In the atmosphere of the Gas Giant Yavin Coursca Gems are formed due to the intense pressure and miners had trawlers that were able to “harvest” the crystals. What about if we had some dark crystal or the like formed in the atmosphere of Ereboros that was only used in Arconan Lightsabers and the gathering of one was like a Master/Apprentice thing that was a sacred ritual for the Arconans or maybe necessary before one could hold the Arconae title or some such. I dunno, I just like the idea of a Arcona-only crystal :P

Drop the shards of the moon onto Khobai’s ego, hopefully getting some of the debris into a small exaust port just below the main port…


02-04-2006 00:20:42

If you could put up that fiction you were working on, that'd be cool. A series of secret catacombs is perfect...and fictionally speaking, many of them would already be there from when Galeres owned the place.

When I read your "training academy" bit, I thought of Arconae Secundus as well. A good sized facility on the planet will work wonders in that regards.

Yeah...the Boral thing. I really wouldn't mind some sort of "pristine" planet for our own use. Gethsamane was that planet, and I had plans for that, but Khobs washed that away :P Hmm...has there every been any "terraforming" things in Star Wars? Star Trek does it on non-Genesis scales as well...something more "normal" but I don't know the time length. Hmm...

As an aside for the Gethsamane thing...Khobs has stated it was because of our "weakness" that we had to call in the GMRG to clean up whatever mess was on the moon (I knew none of this when he originally asked me for permission to use the planet :P). However, I'll be countering that in our own "history" stating that the Clan Summit decided to allow others to do the dirty work, so that we didn't waste our own resources. Why get our people hurt or killed when you can have others do that instead :)

Oh, and great idea with our very own "crystal". Yup...we should definetely explore that more


03-04-2006 10:18:57

Okay, done a little digging, and Terraforming is part of the SW universe (my bad :P) however, i can find no reference to time-frames, though it sounds like it goes through thress stages, (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation), with the first being the planting of mosses and grasses onto the planet's surface to break up the rocky ground in a large number of areas and change the composition of the atmosphere so it can support humanoid life (eg, oxygen). The second stage sees the planting of forests and production of seas, and the third includes the incorporation of animals, fish, insects etc to produce a steady equilibrium and food chain. Usually the animals aren't unique and are taken from already existing worlds, such as the Cannocks of the moon of Dxun being used on the reconstruction of Telos in KOTOR II, and like that project, it seems that the terraforming of a planet takes place in sections, eg you work on certain areas at a time and gradually move across the planet.

Yeah, this'd take literally months, maybe even years to do, there isn't a magical Genesis-esque device that can do it overnight, and depending on the size of Boral it could take a fairly long time to make into a resort world, however, there IS a company based off Bespin that terraforms moons and asteroids into resort worlds, below are a couple of extracts from theforce.net's sublime library detailing this corporation:

Planet Dreams, Incorporated
this small business worked from a headquarters on Bespin's Cloud City, providing terraforming services to corporations and exploratory groups. The corporation eventually branched out into the entertainment business, turning unsettled by habitable planets in the Greater Javin to resorts.

this Snivvian worked for Planet Dreams, Incorporated, at their home office on Cloud City, during the height of the New Order. He was an expert in terraforming asteroids and creating breathable atmospheres, and was responsible for ensuring the aesthetic appearance of newly-habitable worlds.


03-04-2006 10:54:32

Hmm...alright, nice. In our own time, this "project" has been taking over a year...close to a year and a half. Since DB time is faster, we're probably talking 2-3 years in total.

I think we can make it work :)


05-04-2006 03:04:03

As a point of clarification, originally, I had no intention of making Boral into a terraformed world. However, there were some issues of continuity in the run-on at the time and in order to correct it without having to redo the entire story, I introduced the idea that small areas of the moon had become habitable through extensive work.

I didn't give much thought to it at the time - I figured we would need to use it as a battleground for just a little time and then we could say the terraforming operation was destroyed in the battle. It was basically a plot device to eliminate the major plot hole.

If you guys want to do the terraforming thing, you should, like Sashar has done, do some more research on it and see what can be done. If we are to say that we started terraforming around my time as PCON (Halc's first time as CON), that's a fairly long time in fictional history.


05-04-2006 05:19:57

Just my two cents...

The three generation approach to terraforming should take a fair few years to reach completion. The initial plantlife and atmosphere processing stage takes a year to completely alter a drastic planet. A moon is fairly drastic, so say... 3/4 of a year.

Forestry and tidal changes take a little less time to plant, though forests (trees) do take a while to grow. A couple of years to reach semi-forest height.

If we intend to release such a thing this year, we can safely say that the atmosphere alteration was started during Kaek's time as Proconsul. We'll need to notate that there are "young plantations of forests". As its a moon, it won't have seas, but imported water can be used to improvise lakes and rivers (somewhere from 2/3 to 3/4 complete by now, depending on how much we imported, remembering that the atmosphere must be 1/2 complete to import water that won't go corrupt in a week).

Animal life is a no. That is the final stage for a reason - animal life is horribly dependent on the ecosystem available, and since its still 2/3 to 3/4 done, it would be quite a faux pas to import large quantities of creatures now. Certainly the odd special area/s that received extra special attention - but for the most part, the ecosystem must have been both stabilised, and proven to be stable, for the final stage to commence.

This moon - while a bit of a drastic change - has had a couple of years work on it. Not bad. 2/3 to 3/4 complete (today) would be about right. It should be quite hospitable for intelligent races by mid year.