What is this about?


31-03-2006 15:12:48


You have been given the password to this forum because you are either a leader in this Clan, or that I believe you can be helpful in this process.

Now, what is this process? Well, currently, many of the "fictional" aspects of Arcona are either not set in stone, or not known at all. What kind of force do we have? Who commands each section? What role does each planet play in the Dajorra system? How is our military spread out? Those and many other questions will hopefully be hammered out from this forum.

Initially, topics will be started by myself. However, feel free to add new topics to the discussion. I want to cover as much information as possible, and as quickly as possible.

However, due to the varying opinions which I'm sure will occur, please try and not take offense to anything said or if your own opinion is shot down. Also note that the "final" decision will be made by the Clan Summit. There will be disagreements, but a final "solution" to each scenario has to be made.

I look forward to seeing what we can come up with. And with that, get posting!