Battle Team Qel-droma


26-03-2006 03:27:26

Ok after a bumpy start, I want to get back on track, Can people post any information thay have about the past history of the team, such as where its based, what it owns, what happened in the past, who our enemies are etc....

I would like to put these things into the history i will be creating and would be gratefull for your input, also I would like to know if the Battle teams have a base location of any sort, if not then can we have one, because i have a few comp ideas that revolve around that idea.

Kaelin Ring

28-03-2006 22:02:37

I'll get my secratary, Dev, working on it... lol jk. I'll try and think of some things for you. Hope they make par.


03-04-2006 20:55:09

As far as I'm aware, it was named after the fallen House Qel-Droma after I closed it. Beyond that you'll have to ask Quejo.


04-04-2006 05:30:18

thanks, i would he would actualy ever get any of my messages or emails, hence this topic


06-04-2006 03:35:38

SHADOW! Dude. Maybe I dont get emails from you because you dont send them :P

The emails you sent me were already responded to unless of course you have sent some recently I havent gotten.

One email was about the QD name change.

The other was a Motto.

And the third I got was about the Master/Student thing. I do not recall saying I would take you on as my Apprentice but if you want me to guide you, I will to the best of my abilities.

As for further discussion, lets take it to email.


07-04-2006 15:52:40

ok seems to be a misscomunication from what u told me on IRC