Potential Recruit


13-03-2006 06:30:34

Iím am currently without clan, and am looking for one that is into gaming, SA, some fiction (not long ones), battles (but not really ACC), graphics (maybe), forum usage, no mIRC and donít really mind course language. So can you tell me what makes your clan what it is and why I should join you over someone else. (Iím currently deciding b/w a couple of clans)


13-03-2006 10:20:43

hate to say this, but to do DB gaming events you need IRC, as the Rights of Combat state you need to be in the channel.

Taldryan is the BEST clan for gaming, with a few others coming in behind them....

Kaine Mandaala

13-03-2006 10:26:46

You can always hop on the java client from the main site for IRC.


13-03-2006 11:00:44

Heck, we have all of that plus booze and women. Join now, click on my signature!

Baron Zarco

13-03-2006 12:05:41

Greetings Kraznor:

I have been appointed the Tetrarch of the recently reactivated Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I have planned a series of competitions (once every two weeks) that are writing but should be fairly quick and easy. They will be thought-provoking and on the subject of Star Wars. You will have the opportunity to expound your philosophy on a variety of issues and be rewarded in the process.

I am not much into computer gaming so I cannot help you much in that regard. Joining my group would not, however, hamper your participation in those things in any way.

I am not on IRC either though I am quite active in the ACC.

If you want to join you must join Taldryan. In your reason for joining please request assignment to Ektrosis and then my Phyle - Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If you join please email me at warpfifteen@yahoo.com so I will be looking for you. If you get in quick you can still get in the first competition which is (not so thought-provoking the first time) to come up with a motto for our team.

Since the above-mentioned events are competitions I am running as Tetrarch, only those in my group will be able to participate. I have read some of your posts and believe that you would enjoy partipating.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Baron zarco


13-03-2006 15:01:56

We rock as a clan, we cover all that stuff you mentioned there and have specialists in each of those areas. We're fast-growing and have a solid leadership. Oh and we don't have Wolvie. Rock on.