Soulfire Strike Team


07-03-2006 23:02:14

Front and center, Troopers!

You should all know me by now, but for those of you that don't...I am Obelisk Prelate Ethran Sayre Isradia. I am currently the Sergeant of Soulfire Strike Team, and here are your standing orders...

1) Use this board as a place of discussion.
2) Remain active and participate in all competitions possible.
3) Be ready for anything that I may throw out at you.
4) Be able to put up with me. :-)

Any questions?


OOC: Right...this is just a place that Soulfire can use to discuss various things. Yea, it's just a simple thread, but it is all we have. :-) I'm going to be looking for someone that may be good at web design, so if you are, be sure to send me an email. If not, I can make due myself. So, talk away. :-)



17-03-2006 13:31:31

Yeah, wheres the bathroom? :P


17-03-2006 17:32:49

ENter the main hall, go left, right, left, left, right, half turn to the right, fullstep back, left, right, up some stairs, down some stairs, straight, left, left, left, and then right. Put in an access code *Escawilldiebyquejo* once the code is put in correctly a door will open then you will need to go, left, right, right, right, and finally left.

And voila!


17-03-2006 19:03:55

Just to let you know I've reset the code to *Escapwnsall* :-)



22-03-2006 18:00:04

Just to let you know I've reset the code to *Escapwnsall* :-)


Screw it, I'll just piss in that flower pot :P


07-04-2006 23:25:25

You could follow Quejo's instructions, or just go there *points behind him to a giant sign that says BATHROOMS*


08-04-2006 10:40:34

That has a keycode as well. :-P



08-04-2006 14:37:26

Water the plants!


08-04-2006 14:44:29

That has a keycode as well. :-P


Keycode my ass! Public urination is the shizz bizz, fo shizzle!

Ylith Pandemonium

10-04-2006 07:04:20

now I know why Galeres base always smells....


10-04-2006 13:56:42

now I know why Galeres base always smells....

Hey hey! I pissed in your place last week too.


15-04-2006 12:47:51

Dude, not even right. *zips pants from urinating* you don't just urinate willy-dilly. do it somewhere fun.

oh, esca, you may wanna wash your boots.


15-04-2006 16:01:39

You piss on my boots and I'll be washing them with your tongue.



09-05-2006 09:51:37

Hey guys

First things first - say hi to Nadrin our new BTL :flower:

*hi CC* :P

Then, I want to say thank you to Esca for everything he has done for us, and for me. You've been a great Sarge and we'll miss you loads. Just don't make HOO more active than SF, ya hear :P

Anyway, so I've officially posted as the new me, and I'm done rambling. See ya all on IRC

Ylith Pandemonium

09-05-2006 13:49:39

*cough* suckup *cough*


09-05-2006 13:55:28

yes yes you're just jealous cause you're not in Soulfire lol


Edit : Removed the SF > Ylith part - sorry bout that Ylith


09-05-2006 17:52:33

Ylith, play nice or go home, and you don't outrank us all, last I checked Jeax was a Priest.

In the unimitable words of one of my friends "roflhaxor, you got pwnd"

Nuff said :P


22-05-2006 22:20:22

kay. Soufirians Unite.

We need to be more active. i realize some of us are, but not all. BE ACTIVE!

Strengthen Soulfire, Strengthen Galeres, Strengthen Arcona.


12-09-2006 20:32:18

Hey guys, it's been a while since we've all been together. Jeax, Kryd'r... get your butts back to us, I miss you guys.

Anywho, yah, the new and improved SF, bow to my might or some such anyway :P

Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 00:17:01

Hehe... Soufire... lol


13-09-2006 00:24:11


/me kicks you off the SF board :P

no spying on us, you evil OO-man, person, thingie

I digress, you gonna join us? 0:)

Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 00:27:03

Doubt it... Oriens Obscurum and Bas-Tyra sound cooler :P


13-09-2006 00:55:55

you know SF > Bas-Tyra don't you? :P

Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 07:30:18

This could have been true before the GJW, but now, I'll beg to differ :P


13-09-2006 14:03:36

It was true before the GJW, is now and forever shall be.



Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 22:39:08

Cheater... you just copied Dash...

And it ain't true...


14-09-2006 23:37:46

Cheater... you just copied Dash...

And it ain't true...

OH...but it is....SF kicks Bas Tyra tail buddy, and the proof is coming soon.

If your wussy Quaestor accepts the challenge, anwyays.

Wes Biriuk

15-09-2006 01:30:28

I'll accept the challenge... But make sure this comp doesn't happen before I get back from Queensland and holidays... which will be in about a week. So nyah!


15-09-2006 03:25:44

wtf copying dash? since when? how?

also, i dont cheat, cheaters for losers :P


15-09-2006 12:16:52

Grrrr....don't be dissing on my Battleteam (Bas-Tyra hells yeah). :P



19-09-2006 16:48:10

SF FTW!!!!

legendary phrase of epic awesomeness :P

teh `CC`


25-01-2007 23:15:30

I know it's been a while since anyone has put a post on here. And I just wanted to say.....


GRD Rho (Sith)/FL/Galeres of Arcona [ACC: INI]
Cr-1E-3T-2Q / CF-PF
{SA: KS: ToL - MSN - LF - ACC - TW - TS - LS - MRK}


26-01-2007 03:34:25

/me stabs the necrowhore


02-02-2007 23:50:23

*sigh* Urinating were'ever you plz.......pfff......................


Well thats interesting. Now i know why i have halted on taking your guyses souls this long........

and don diss us Necro's............. well im not a necro but necromancers are the shizz whizz


06-02-2007 15:58:31

Soooooo...just wanted to remind everyone...


my job here is done


07-02-2007 00:30:59

So yeah, I'm gonna speak my mind right now. Those of you who aren't part of this Elite Team of Soldiers may not know of what I am about to say, even though it may be brief... But... I must say that in my experience with the DB so far has been a great one... and to be a part of Soulfire has been the best part. We are one of the most powerful battle teams out there and we are one of the smallest if not THE smallest... Can you tell me if that makes sense? well, YES it does make sense because... have you SEEN the people who are and have been on this team?

nuff said...

Xander Drax

07-02-2007 01:31:37

Yes, Soulfire for the win. I've gotta get this HOO dirtiness off me and get moved back where I belong. Imagine, a Soulfire alumni being dumped in HOO. The horror!

Orv Dessrx

07-02-2007 07:50:48

Pfft. Qel-Droma ftw. DOWN WITH SOULFIRE! rawr.


07-02-2007 08:53:39

Are we gonna have a problem apprentice? :P


07-02-2007 10:32:10

Problem? I've just shot him for that :P


07-02-2007 13:22:18

No Problem, no Problem at all >.< Riiight Orv? :P


07-02-2007 13:23:24

Ugh,'ve GOT to get a better sig. =P




07-02-2007 13:46:26

Orv. Don't pretend to be smart by going against us.

Just not a good move :P


08-02-2007 03:57:39

The only reason I have the thing is cos everyone else does ... I'm a sheep ... dear God!

*covers duct tapes his ass up and backs away looking cautiously round for Welshy*

Not meant in the literal sense buddy! :P

Xander Drax

09-02-2007 00:07:44

I love how everyone assumes Orv is just some gooby schmuck. If you only know... Muahaahaa! Oh wait, was that last part out loud? Crap.



12-02-2007 16:39:16

I must say that it's good to have Selene back on the team with us. It was weird when she was gone.. evne if it was only for a short time.



13-02-2007 05:59:44

It is good to be back, and aye...SF FTW


14-02-2007 19:32:55

Huh she left? I hardly knew. :P

Wes Biriuk

21-02-2007 20:18:22

Scar, you big hairy rodent...


06-03-2007 07:02:39

Mouth is open Xar, should be shut.


06-03-2007 23:01:18

CBO Slaps SASHAR'S mouth shut.



07-03-2007 17:56:40

Don't touch my members Callus, who knows where your hands have been! :P


08-03-2007 04:09:46

Yeah, Callus, might I remind you that I have the power to bitch at you so hard you fall off the face of the internet, such is my wrath. Shh.

Wes Biriuk

08-03-2007 21:19:50

But your too cute to that Dash... :P


08-03-2007 22:53:38

at least make sense with your retorts, fool!

giggle hax!


22-03-2007 12:44:02

Howdeh one and all. Just posting as the newest member of Soulfire, hoorah!

and plus i'm so very bored...



09-05-2007 14:21:41

Woo, clean sweep for Soulfire in the RO. Good work Juda on beating me (You bastard Jay, I'll get my own back :P) and unlucky Sash, guess I'm just better? :P

Woot for us. Also, woot for Kieran for running it. It was fun, j00 r0x.


09-05-2007 15:41:42

Good work Juda on beating me (You bastard Jay, I'll get my own back :P)

Yeah Chris... "Thats what she said" :x


10-05-2007 20:42:54

I wanna come back to SOULFIRE!!!!!! What what!


12-05-2007 10:34:16

We want you back too :(


13-05-2007 12:57:32

Chris, you know I could kick your ass =P


10-07-2009 21:58:46

This is the first post here this year! O.O
Shocking gentlemen, shocking.

Plus hi! I'm the new guy. ^^


02-08-2009 07:53:36

I'm back, bitches! :D


02-08-2009 10:45:10

Dear gods, no :)

*off to the store for more booze*


19-08-2009 03:47:00

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Juda! :w00t:

good to be back home, so wheres the mr J Daniels at?


21-08-2009 06:51:57

oh god now you got me wanting whiskey! Not fair :( if you source some, you'd better share it.


01-09-2009 21:21:52

JUDA! Long time no see man! Well... long time no see everyone for me, but welcome back... even though I'm not quite back yet either. :)