{Arcona Run On} Rage of a Broken Rebellion

Ylith Pandemonium

04-03-2006 17:03:53

Arcona was ready for anything, but this was not on the list on worst case scenario’s.
On a massive scale Rebels of some kind had been hiding on the moon of Getsamane. The Grand Master Royal Guard
was sent to take care of the matter and when they started their many bombardments on the moon many of the
people who lived their decided to flee.

The two Dark Jedi Knights Ylith and Archean were sent out to see to it that those who brought Arcona its funding
were brought into the, for now, joined base of Oriens Obscurum and Galeres….

”Great…just great…” Archean said as he saw a dozen shuttles descend from the sky and Ylith just smiled at the
”No worries Archean, next time you will be in time for the warfare.” Ylith said with a grin as he nodded at an officer to
open the large hangar doors of Oriens Base.
”Yeah, sure, but I mean how many shuttles have already landed here?” Archean complained and Ylith simply grabbed
a datapad and pressed a few buttons.
”10 passenger shuttles 12 supply shuttles and 23 small one person escape pods.”
”Thank you for reminding me..”
”Your welcome.” Came Ylith’s dry reply and Archean sighed, shook his head and made his way to the first few shuttles
who landed.

Since the attacks had started it was duty as usual until the ships arrived. Both members of Galeres and Oriens Obscurum
tried as best they can to find refuge for the workers. Not that the Dark Jedi intended to keep them safe, not at all, every
day people went ‘missing’ into the torture chamber of the base for fun and laughs.
The bulk of the workers would be transported back to the moon to rebuild it and work again to provide Arcona with
resources and materials again they needed for their quest for domination.

Ylith moved into the next incoming group. When the wounded men women and children walked out of the last five
shuttles the Aedile appointed an officer to each family. When the families were brought away the last group of men were
to come with two Guards from the Grand Master Royal Guard. Those who were suspected for espionage would be
interrogated in a not to pleasant way.

Archean met Ylith again within the Hangar bay of the base, he looked fed up with all the fuss about showing those
people his ‘humble’ home.
”God damn it Ylith we’re not a daycare!” Archean muttered and Ylith smiled slightly.
”I know what you mean brother, but after Phoenix Crest you know the importance of good craftsmen.” Ylith said smiling,
referring to the first mission he and Archean gotten themselves thrown into. They went in as sword enemy and when Ylith
saved Archean’s life they came back from it as brothers.
”Don’t start with that again Ylith. You have rubbed it in my face for too long.” Archean smiled.
”Where is Ma’ar?” Archean asked and Ylith nodded upwards. “In his office together with Quejo, Halcyon and Strategos.
They’re probably discussing what to do about the moon and the people we take care of here.”
”Figures, and we Aedile’s get to do the hard work!”
”Showing people around isn’t hard work Archean…”

Just as Archean wanted to snap back at Ylith until suddenly alarms were raised. A deafening siren shrieked trough the
entire base and in moments the auto-defense grid went online.
Archean smiled, “Nothing to worry about, the auto turret will get him.”
While the Knight said that the turret aimed at him and fired. In a reflex the Obelisk Knight ignited his saber and
deflected the incoming laser fire before hitting Archean.
”WHOA! What the hell is going on!” Archean yelled and Ylith and Archean didn’t spent time wondering in front of the
inner defense turrets.
Suddenly with a crack Halcyon, the Consul of Arcona, appeared on all monitors inside the base and started talking to
those who needed to hear.
”Clansmen! This base has been taken over by a small terror group of Rebels who came here within a shuttle wearing
stealth belts. They took over the command center and switched the Auto Defense turrets online. All workers are advised
to stay inside. All Dark Jedi try to get your way into the Mess Hall, there aren’t turrets there. We will regroup and launch a
counter attack. Lets hope we will have this base back before they bring in any more numbers. Halcyon out!”

The screen flicked off and Ylith slapped Archean on the back of his head.
”Ouch hey! What was that for?!”
”For wishing for action, and brought it in here! You were supposed to find it outside this base!”
Archean shook his head grinning and followed Ylith into the base, hoping to get to the Mess Hall in one piece.


Phase One: Regroup
{{{{Pay attention!}}}

Alright, so we are now scattered all over the base and we need to try and find our way to the Mess Hall to meet up with
the rest of you guys.
Point is to get there safely, so write in your post where you are, who you are and how you get into the Mess Hall.
If you team up with someone be sure to ask first! It will avoid a split in the story.


1: Don’t start in the Mess Hall….if we all did we wouldn’t be having this trouble…
2: 3 Post minimum. You have a week so this will give you plenty of time to get you into 3 posts!

3: No God Mode, this means you can not find the Rebels and kill them, this also means you cant shut the thing down
with the back of your hand. For now the mission is clear: Get to the Mess Hall safely, or at least not dead. Do not take
Arcona’s Defense lightly, what’s the point of having them if they aren’t good anyway…

4: No Spamming or non storyline posts, this will result to a ban from the Run On.

5: No calling posts!

6: have fun!

3rd level Crescents will be awarded for all Phases, there will be 4 Phases, so you do the counting ;)



04-03-2006 19:01:56


One of the most annoying things about being in a pseudo-military organisation were the alarms. They had alarms for everything, and despite his military background, Sashar didn’t appreciate it one bit. This was compounded by the fact that he was currently in the middle of pudding. He’d (rather foolishly) foregone having his lunch two levels up in the mess-hall and had instead dined alone in his quarters. It sounded like the security systems were less than inclined to play nice with the Dark Jedi, which meant he’d be in for a bit of a slog to get to the mess hall.

His first worry was for his Apprentice, Trepidus. Whilst the human was eager and an incredibly quick study, excelling at everything Sashar had thrown at the Acolyte so far, he was far from being a fully-fledged Knight, however a brief flicker from the force assured the Mandalorian that his charge was all right for now and making his own way to the Mess Hall as ordered.

Which was what he’d better be doing. He snatched up the grey cloak that was slung over an armoire and called his lightsaber to him on his way to the door, which was unsurprisingly locked. Bloody typical. A quick trio of slices from the cyan blade cleared the obstruction from his path and he was dropped into a seen of eerie calm. The Refugees had taken to heart the instructions and were probably staying in their various assigned quarters and from impulses from the force, Sashar guessed the rest of the Clansmen were scattered about the base. However, one was nearer than the rest: Ethran.

Sashar touched the Prelates’ mind, letting him know he was heading to him and broke off into a jog. Only to nearly get cut down at the first intersection by fire from one of the auto-turrets.

Biting off a curse, the Mandalorian’s cyan lightsaber flashed up into a high defence that caught three of the bolts, the others going wide. He held the defence for a few more seconds before spinning back around the corner, pressing his back to the wall: that way was most definitely blocked by a turret, but the other end of the corridor ended in a cul-de-sac of sorts. He sent a brief flash of irritation out into the force, letting nearby clansmen know he was stuck and settled in trying to work out a way past the sentinel keeping him pinned.



04-03-2006 21:58:40

Visual Layout of the Base:
Ground Level
Sub-Level 1
Sub-Level 2


Long since knowing that shadows were a combatant’s best friend, a dark clad warrior hugged the walls as turrets around him fired and people fought off various invaders. The storage bays were most likely the best place to hold position and think of a plan to get to the Mess Hall. Just as the person started to make his way to the Storage Bay, a presence entered his mind and noted their plan to meet up. With a small response sent back to the other, Obelisk Prelate Ethran Sayre Isradia, also known as Esca, darted past the door leading to General Quarters 1, and froze. Using the Force, he amplified his own hearing and reflexes just as he heard one of the automated defense turrets activate and start blasting towards his position.

“Damnit! I’m going to kill whoever is doing this…” Esca growled as his drew his saber and ignited the purple blade.

With amazing agility that was boosted even more via the Force, Esca deflected most of the energy bolts projected at him. Most of them went off at odd angles, but a few were sent back to the turret, successfully disabling it. This was still a base under Arcona control, so destroying it wouldn’t help anyone. When Esca knew the turret was truly disabled, the Isradia deactivated his saber and clipped it back to his belt.

Moving even further down the hall, Esca reached the first intersection of General Quarters 1, General Quarters 2, the Security Command Center, and the Medical Bay. He cautiously started to look around the corner, when he quickly jerked his head back as five blaster bolts flew past right where his head would have been.

Seething with anger, Esca mustered up enough Force to side step into the intersection, push the new oncoming bolts with the Force, and spin into the next hall between the Medical Center and General Quarters 2. The Prelate noticed someone moving in his direction, and he move his hand to his side, where Cloaxian, his sword, was sheathed. He preferred the use of his sword to using a lightsaber, so of course it would have been his first reaction.

When the person moved closer, Esca came to realization and moved his hand away from the sword. The person turned out to be Sashar: A Krath Archpriest also in House Galeres of Arcona. This was the one that had sent him the message to meet, and now they did.

“What Took You So Long!?” Esca said with anger dripping from his words, then he shook his head and spoke again. “Any trouble getting here?”

At times Esca was extremely intimidating, especially in times of war. It wasn’t done on purpose, but at times the Prelate couldn’t hold in his own anger, and it normally got the best of him. Before Sashar could speak, however, more turrets appeared and started blasting away. It caught Esca by surprise, and he was hit in the right shoulder. Sashar, though, got his saber in hand and deflected all the oncoming projectiles as his ally dove out of the projected path of the rest.

“Get to the Storage Bay!” Esca shouted.


05-03-2006 05:17:06

Once again the brothers were together, not since their time in the Pheonix Crest have they properly fought side by side. The Sith and Obelisk ran into the hangar bay, not the smartest of things but they had to get to the mess hall in one way or another, swiftly the two Knights unclipped their sabers, Archean spun the hilt around in front of him and ignited the blue blade in one fluent motion, quickly sending a blaster bolt back where it came from, Ylith did the same, the red blade emerging from the emitter, soon sending more bolts all over the room.
“This is more difficult than we thought.” Archean moved to the left of Ylith
“True, but we’ve been in tougher binds.” Ylith replied as he lifted his saber and deflected another bolt.
“Lets get behind that cargo container, it’ll give us some time to get our bearings.” Archean hinted as he ran for it, the Obelisk followed.

The pair deactivated their sabers, still keeping it in their hands. The Sith Aedile reached into his pocket and retrieved his data pad with a map of the base, while dodging blaster fire, he pressed a few buttons, the map quickly showed.
“Alright, we’re here, the Mess Hall is just out of the door up there on our right.” The Knight pressed a few more buttons and returned the data pad to his pocket.
“Then let’s move.” Ylith quickly stood up and ran for the door, igniting the saber as he got out from behind the cover.
“Ugh, always in a rush.” Archean muttered to himself as he got up and ignited his saber, following his buddy to the door.

The two ran as fast as they humanly could, dodging blaster fire, amongst other things. The red blasts whizzing past their heads. As soon as they reached the door it shot up with a snap, the two ran through it, only to be met by more turrets. They’re knowledge of each other’s fighting style came into play, they stood next to each other, with raised blades, covering themselves, sending anything that was thrown at them away with ease, a few turrets became disabled by the accuracy of their deflections. Ylith felt something in the force and turned around, another turret had emerged, it fired, only to be mowed down by Ylith’s deflection. The room became silent, a few moments later, after surveying everything, the Knights deactivated their weapons and returned them to their belts. Looking around while walking, they made their way into the Mess Hall.

Walking through the door, they saw many Dark Jedi already there, talking amongst themselves, wondering how on earth this could have happened. Ylith saw a few people from Oriens Obscurum, he turned back to the Bruth'Kothae who was looking around the room, trying to find any familiar faces.

“Well, I’m going to go and speak with my men, see if they have information.” Ylith said
“Sure thing, I’ll hang here, see if I can see anyone from Galeres.” Archean replied as he outstretched his hand.
“I’ll come find you after I’m done.” Ylith shook the Sith Aedile’s hand, turned around and walked over to his group. The Sith Knight moved over to a table and sat down, thinking about what he just encountered but also what he and the rest of his Clan will be up against.


05-03-2006 14:44:00

Xaviar had just woken up in the bases library to the blaring alarms. He had been researching on the technology of a lightsaber before he had fallen asleep. Five hours of studying diagrams and notes had gotten the best of him. Xaviar quickly stood up from his table and began thinking fast.

'What could it be?' Xaviar thought to himself. Xaviar opened the door only to be met with turret fire from hallway to the left , and was grazed on his left arm by it. Xaviar started to understand what was going on. The alarms blaring , the turrets being activated , the base was under attack , and Xaviar had to get to the ground level. Xaviar grabbed some of his journals he had been taking notes in and took a deep breath. After calming himself , he quickly opened the door and quickly hugged the wall to the right of the library. He was safe from turret fire , for the time being. He put one of his journals marked 'Notes I' in his right hand and quickly ran to the left of the study door. He quickly threw the book in his right hand and darted down the hallway. The turret fire tore up his journal but it gave Xaviar a split-second to get a head start dash down the hall way towards the lift. He tossed another journal behind him but this time it did not distract the turrets. A volly of turret fire quickly began coming towards Xaviar. "Damn it!" Xaviar grunted as he tripped over a loose connection wire on the floor and he had to slip into the medical bay. Dropping his few remaining books in pain , Xaviar realized that he had been again shot , this time on his right leg. He reached for some medical supplies and tried to tend to his wounds. Blood had stopped comming out. 'Finally some luck...' he thought to himself. He covered his wound and threw the rest of the supplies into his bag he had brought to the library. 'A weapon might help...'

Xaviar quickly got up and went to the door he had come in from. He prepaired a journal in his right hand marked 'Studies IV' and opened the slide door. He threw his journal and quickly darted around the corner towards the Security Command Center. He quickly entered the pin number he had been given the week before and entered the room. He sat down in the chair facing a security monitor and took a breather. He could see his fellow Dark Jedi making their way to the mess hall , some better than others. After a minute or two he got up and reached for a bryar pistol located on the rack across the room and prepared himself to exit the room via the right door. He rapidly clicked open the door and began jumping side-ways in order to dodge the turret fire from the floor. He got lucky this time , and was free from injuries as he jumped into the lift and closed the door. Xaviar flipped the lift switch that made it move towards the first sub-level and sat down. 'This better be something serious' He thought to himself.

Jeax Zirv

05-03-2006 15:16:06

Jeax stood still as the alarm and final words of the Consul rang in his ears, standing in the doorway between the Study and the Library with a hand full of books.

“Lovely…” Growled the Dark Knight.

Jeax had been looking to relax all day, and when he finally gets a break, what happens? Not even 5 whole feet away from a table to sit down and read at, he gets told their being sabotaged.

The Krath sighed softly and walked over to a table, setting down his books, hoping he could perchance read them later. Turning for the door, Jeax looked outside carefully, trying to remember where the Defense Grids were located. As he started to slowly walk out the door, he was quickly reminded of the two at each end of the hall he was in.

Quickly ducking down, rolling, and activating saber, Jeax deflected several shots back at the turrets, disabling both of them. A quick glance at his robes, seeing several scorch marks, told him that he had better get more prepared for standoffs like that.

Jeax breathed in deeply and sat down on one knee, deactivating his saber and clipping it to his belt as he got out a data pad, flipping it on and looking at the map of the place.

“I’m at the bloody bottom, this is going to be a wonderful walk through the woods…” Muttered Jeax to himself before deactivating the map and standing back up.

Walking towards the storage bay, Jeax glanced around the corner and saw several Acolytes and Novices dodging fire from the Turrets, trying to get away from them. Quickly using the Force, Jeax twisted the barrels of several Turrets, preventing them from firing.

He turned around to seeing more avoiding the attacks from several ground-based turrets, a few even diving into the lift, barely avoiding being shot point-blank range. Growling to himself, already hating this an immense amount of distraction and knowing that it would be a very bad idea to leave the lift so tightly guarded, Jeax activated his saber and rushed in, deflecting blaster shots as more and more turrets had their attention drawn to him. Jeax had almost all of the turrets deactivated that were guarding the Lift, but at the cost of his own health, as he had been taken a glancing shot to the right shoulder, slowing down his movements slightly.

As the remaining turrets he was fighting continued to keep a heavy cover fire on him, another Knight jumped in beside him, causing the defensive weapons to split its firing capacity, firing shots towards both of them. The two continued their deflections of the blasts until only one remained, yet due to its programming, it was learning to shoot erratic shots while moving itself up and down, dodging their deflections. After the pair glanced to one another, then began to walk in a reverse motion, one going each direction around the turret, causing it to spin faster and faster between them, trying to shoot both of them due to their simultaneous movements and distance. With one last nod, the two sprinted towards the turret, deflecting the few shots it could get off before it turned on last time towards the newcomer Knight, allowing Jeax to jump on top of the turret and thrust his saber into it, causing a small discharge of electricity, which nearly knocked Jeax off his feet before deactivating his saber.

~That was for the disturbance…~ Thought Jeax as he nodded a thank-you to the Knight, then instructed the lower ranks to get into the lift and wait for them.


05-03-2006 16:17:32

Never had Xaviar though he would be in this position. Sitting in a elevator lift in his Clans base , dodging his own turrets , trying to essentialy escape. 'They never mentioned this as a possibility when I was accepted , but who could have predicted it?' He thought to himself. The lift suddenly came to a stop , now he was on the first Sub-Level. "Time to run the gauntlet," Xaviar said as he pushed himself off the floor of the lift and reached for his byrar.

"Now or never..."

Xaviar switched the door open and began to dart towards the third checkpoint. Turret fire was bolting across the hallways as he tried , to the best of his abilities , to dodge the incoming fire. With his bryar pistol , which he had found in the security command on the previous level , he shot at various turret implacements along the hall , trying to eliminate as many as possible for the next group of possible Dark Jedi. He quickly entered the pin into Checkpoint Charlie , but the blast door wouldent budge.

"Just great..." Xaviar kept dodging turret fire as he quickly re-entered the security pin number to access the room. After several attempts , he finally held his fire on the turrets and blasted the pin access module. He used his spare hand to pry open the door as he slid through the door into the Checkpoint and quickly shut the door.

He was out of breath , but suddenly his attention was drawn. He noticed a long black-leather holder laying on a desk ontop of a few flight transcripts. He removed the flap and emptied the leather cylinder. In it , was his missing Zhaboka fighting pike. The blades were folded into the handle , and it looked as if noone had touched it for months. He attatched leather hilt to his belt and sat down at a desk to see a screen labeled "Sub-Level 2". Watching it , he could see a Dark Jedi he had known for a while , Jeax. Xaviar rubbed his chin.

"So he's here to , I'm surprised ," He said "I would of thought he be already in the Mess Hall , but no matter." Xaviar stopped the recording and scribbled down a note for Jeax that read 'Meet you at the mess hall. -Xaviar'. He got up with the paper in his left hand and his bryar in his right , he walked to the forward door that lead out to the large open hallway he had came through. He took a deep breath and quickly opened the door enough to where he could slip through. He quickly stuck the note right onto the door so Jeax would know. Darting down towards the hall , his bryar was literally shot-out of his hand and slid all the way down towards the Level 2 lift. Xaviar turned the corner and quickly ducked into the lift that led towards the ground level floor. He shut the door and pressed 'Up' on the keypad. The lift jerked up as Xaviar sat down.

"Atleast I have my pike back ," He said as he unfolded the pike to its full two meter length , examined it , and refolded it and placed it back into its leather hilt.

Ylith Pandemonium

05-03-2006 17:52:37

The Dark Knight moved through the Mess Hall doing a quick check on who was there and who wasn’t. Most of
the youngsters were escorted by Guards provided by the Grand Master Royal Guard himself to be here until
summoned for duty on the Getsamane moon.
Ylith sighed as Archean approached him.
”Ylith, most of Galeres is here, but there are still valuable key members missing.”
”I know, my Apprentice isn’t here either.”
”Yes, Selene hasn’t checked in yet. I’m going in to get her out, she’s probably pinned down with some of the others.”
Ylith said and he already moved to the exit of the Mess Hall. Archean stopped him by holding his hand on Ylith's shoulder.
"Not alone you won't, you'll need the help."
Ylith nodded and grinned as he walked back outside. The whole situation had angered the Obelisk Knight and when
angered he could sometimes not control himself.

As he pushed the door open a turred already fired a bolt hitting the Obelisk in the shoulder. In a flash Ylith was
infuriated and ignited his saber. The Valheru genes startted to effect his body and his lizardlike eyes were fixed
upon the Turret who dared to take shot at him.

Archean deflected bolts coming from the other side of the hallway as Ylith threw his saber to 'decapitate' the turret
from the wall. In a flash the Knight called upon the Force and threw the turret against other Turrets who were just
coming online as the saber was flying trough the air.

"I thought you said we should not destroy them because they cost a lot of money..." Archean said questioning as one
of his deflected bolts took another Turret offline.
"I changed my mind, now lets go!" Ylith said as he called his saber back to his hand.

Archean was amazed on how his friend had changed. When they were in a similar situation barely a year ago they
were just a Protector and a Guardian serving in Tarentum. But Ylith didnt hold this anger then, maybe it were those
Valheru genes Ylith often spoke of. These genes originating from an extinct race was implanted by his sword, The
Valheru Sword of Darkness. Now in hands of his Apprentice, St0rmgh0st.

"Where to?" Archean asked as he looked at Ylith.
"The Training halls, she would probably training with either my sword or her training saber." Ylith answered and sighed.
"This sure is a huge mess we gotten ourselves in to." the Obelisk complained and Archean smiled.
"Just like old times."
"Thats what I am worrying about." Ylith said and he ribbed the sleeve off of his robe, revealing his biomechanical arm.
"How's the wound?" Archean asked
"It'll heal, it was within the reach of the biomechanical cell reproduction system. It will not be long before the cells will
heal the wound quicker than normal." Ylith explained and when he did another shot was fired right where the first shot
had slammed itself into Ylith's body before.
Archean tried to deflect but he was also hit as laserfire cut right trough the arm.

"Damnit!" Archean muttered and Ylith brought his blind friend quickly into Training Bay 1.
"Everything alright?" The Obelisk asked his friend and Archean smiled slightly while gritting his teeth.
"Just a fleshwound, hows your arm?"
Ylith glanced at his arm to see his shoulder pulverated by the blasterfire, showing the metal skeleton which ran within
the core of his arm as a farm for cells to reproduce the arm.
"Well, my arm wont be healed anytime soon, I dont think I can use it untill it is properly healed." Ylith said and he took
off what was left of his outer robe and tore a piece off of it to bind Archean's wound and then one to hold his arm into place.

"Where are we?" Archean asked and when Ylith looked around he smiled slightly.
"Training room one...and guess what?" Ylith said grinning.
"The training droids have been taken over too."
"You've got to be kidding me...."
"Just like old times Arch, just like old times." Ylith said as he ignited his saber and charged at the training droids.
Archean sighed, dusted his robes off and grabbed his saber aswell.
"Yeah...just like old times..." He said and he followed Ylith to fight the Training Droids hoping to find St0rmgh0st in one
of the three training rooms.


05-03-2006 20:11:38

Stormghost heard the alarms go off and was really irritated for a moment; she was in the middle of training session with her Master’s Valheru Sword. “This is really bad timing, I’m already in trouble for not getting enough training, and now this.”
Grabbing her training saber, backpack and keeping the Valheru Sword at the ready, she made her way to the exit. The guardian cautiously stuck her head out the door, but was immediately met by a torrent of bolts from a Turret. “Okay, do we have a Plan B?” she silently muttered to herself as she pulled back into the safety of the training Bay.

For a moment she was really confused, she had only joined Arcona a while back and the damn place was a still a maze to her. She knew there were three Training Bays, but which one would take her to the mess hall with the least chance of getting herself shot to bits? Pulling her data pad out of her backpack, she punched in the numbers, got the map, and stared at it in puzzlement. “North, why can’t anyone understand that I don’t know which way North is!” Cursing the creator of maps that always had North at the top, she threw her data pad back in her backpack and decided to go through the Training Bays, until she either found someone who could show her the way, or until she found the mess hall herself.

She quickly made her way to the door to Training Bay 2, the Valheru Sword ready for action. Her pale blue eyes glinted for a moment, closed and then opened as green lizard eyes, the Sword was already altering her genes. With her back to the wall, she reached over and pushed the door open. Nothing. Not even a sound. Perplexed at the silence the guardian moved closer to the door and slowly had a look at the inside the second Training Bay. “Only training droids,” her relief obvious by the look on her face.
Stormghost stepped through the doorway and entered the Bay. “This is not so bad, except for the alarms that is.” Suddenly one of the training droids moved in front of her. Trying to get past it, she moved to its left, but it followed. For a moment she found the game of tag they were playing funny, until the training droid attacked her. “Bloody machine!” she screamed at it as she hacked through it with the big sword. A quick scan around the Bay showed that, although there were only two other training droids, they were intent on joining in the fun.

Stormghost ran to one of the weapon racks. Crouching behind it, she watched as the droids came for her. She realized that she was in big trouble, she could not possibly fight two droids at the same time. Her suddenly flare of anger at the audacity of the droid was the only reason why she defeated the fist one. She pushed her thoughts out to her Master, hoping that he was listening to her call for help.
The first of the two remaining droids reached her a moment before the other, she pushed the weapons rack onto it, took the chance the momentary distraction provided and ran for it. She had no intention of fighting those things, not alone anyway. She had made it to the door, pushed to open it, when her Master and his friend Archean stepped through it. “The droids” was all she had time to say before the two knights decapitated the offending droids with their sabers. “Selene, do you have any injuries?” Ylith asked her after he had taken care of the immediate threat. His apprentice just shook her head. “Let’s get back to the mess hall then.”

The trio easily made their way back to the first Training Bay, the area already cleared of any dangers.
“Selene, do not move until I tell you to.” Ylith almost barked the command at his apprentice. He stepped outside and immediately raised his saber to deflect the bolts from the Turrets that had survived his previous bout of anger. Archean moved behind him, ready to deflect any bolts that his friend might miss. “Now Selene, run!” She ran, past her Master, past her house Aedile and safely to the Mess hall, she turned to wait for her Master and watched as the two friends slowly made their way down the same path she had been running only moments before. As they reached the Mess hall, Stormghost had a good look at her master, their green Valheru eyes locking, “Master, you are hurt.” It was a statement, not a question.


06-03-2006 06:59:20


The Equites exploded from their temporary sanctuary, their lightsabers blazed a path through the maelstrom of blaster bolts hurtling in at them and with an almost distracted wave of his hand, Ethran literally tore a turret from its base and crashed it against the wall as the weapon moved into position directly between them and the store-room.

Sashar felt a surge in the force, as if his awareness was boosted in front of him, in the store-room and belatedly realised that Trepidus must be in there and the bond between Master and Apprentice was proving stronger than either had anticipated.


Trepidus took the hint and opened the door for the two Dark Jedi and quickly closed it, wincing at the sound of repeated bolts digging into the plasteel surface.

Sashar cast a glance about the room before nodding his thanks to Trep.

“You Okay?”


Ethran began heading over to the wall to their left and the Mandalorian quickly caught on, activating his sabre. The pair stabbed their blades into the wall and efficiently cut a bevelled hole into the storage-room’s wall, providing them with a makeshift door right next to the turbolift.

The Obelisk waved his hand once again, and the block of duracrete was thrown out and smashed into a waiting turret. Sashar was first out, his blade scything through the air at another opportunistic turret whilst he concentrated his energies into redirecting wayward blaster bolts with the force. Trepidus was next through the breach. He didn’t bother trying to stall the defences, he knew when he was simply out-matched and instead busied himself calling the turbolift back down to their level.

Isradia was last out and batted the bolts directed at him away with a strong two-handed grip on his weapon of choice, letting the purple blade sweep through the air almost lazily but with an offhand precision that belied his origins as an Obelisk.

Sashar’s blade was called back and the two Equites stood shoulder to shoulder, creating a physical barrier between the turrets and Trepidus until the turbolift doors slid obligingly open. The trio of Force-users backed in and let out a collective sigh of relief. It was then that Sashar took stock of his condition. Two blaster bolts had skimmed him; one across the thigh and the other had left a blistering mark across his cheek. His cloak was peppered with scorched-holes and was literally smouldering. Ethran seemed to have fared better with only one graze on his flank and Trepidus has been able to avoid getting hit.

“How come you were in the Store-room?” Isradia demanded and Trepidus met his gaze evenly.

“I was assigned to shift some supplies to the general quarters for the worker families.”

The Prelate grunted in response, and the doors slid open onto Sub-Level 1. With grim determination, the trio headed out into the barrage of blaster-fire.



06-03-2006 08:14:47

Archean left his two companions and searched the Hall once more for Galeres’ warriors, though none were to be found. Archean’s concern grew, which soon turned into annoyance. The Sith glanced around the room, guards looking after the families, shifting supplies in and out.

“They were given a direct order to meet here, yet no one has arrived.” The Aedile scoughed “Just great.” He turned around and headed back to Ylith and Stormghost.

Stormghost was checking Ylith’s injuries as Archean interrupted them, in times like these, Archean doesn’t care for formalities, when he has an idea or wants something done, he’ll get the point across straight away.

“Quejo and Ma’ar aren’t even here yet.” Archean started “I think we should go looking for them.” Ylith looked up and pondered the idea.

“But we must try and turn off these turrets, maybe that’s what’s keeping them.” Ylith said, clinching his teeth as Stormghost applied pressure on his arm.

“Well, let’s wait till more arrive, we’ll sort out who’s going where when they show up.” Archean grabbed a chair and sat down, anxiously waiting for more of his friends to arrive.

Ktulu Xyler

06-03-2006 13:55:57

The acrid smell of the melting metal curled up in wispy bursts, traveling some unknown path into the Priests nostrils eliciting a look of contempt. However much he hated the smell he knew he could not escape it here. It was a necessary process that he was undertaking, and thus his ability to withstand the smell. The last time he had done this it had been when he was just promoted to Knight.

A Priest now, the Krath smiled as he looked upon his handy work. Not quite finished he reached across the workbench and grabbed a small length of wire. Connecting the wire to the activation stud Ktulu brought the other end to the small power coupling and finished attaching the wire.

Nodding the Priest picked up his project and closed the casing. Admiring his work, the Priest turned it over and tossed it from hand to hand testing the weight. Eyeing the activation stud, Ktulu frowned. He could press in the stud and activate his new weapon but there would be no guarantee that it wouldn't explode. Weighing his options, Ktulu chose to use the force rather than risk losing another limb. He did not want to have to wait for another top of the line prosthetic and use a rather clumsy one that the clan always seemed to have in storage.

Calming himself, he reached into the force and lifted the small cylinder from his open palm and sent it to the other side of the room. With barely a flick from his finger, the activation stud pressed in and cracking sound filled the room followed by a low vibrant humming sound. Ktulu smiled, there was no explosion and his new lightsaber was functioning properly. Then almost as fast as his smile appeared, it vanished. Frowning once again and muttering some corellian curse he de-activated the energy blade.

"You are supposed to be a brilliant amethyst color, not a shabby blue." Ktulu muttered to Sedeka, his new lightsaber.

Opening the case once again Ktulu searched for the source of the problem and smiled when he finished correcting the annoyance. There really wasn't any significance to the color of the blade, but for as long as he was a Krath, the blade of his lightsaber reflected his order colors. It was a personal reason why he preferred the blade to be purple. He did not want to be mistaken for any of the lesser orders in his opinion by having a red or blue blade.

Spinning the hilt in his palm and then making it rotate across the back of his hand, Ktulu lifted up the blade and pressed in the activation stud. A rich amethyst blade leapt to life accompanied by the expected snap-hiss.

Grinning, Ktulu admired his lightsaber, the light gleaming off the polished silver hilt with its purple trimmings. He had worked hard on Sedeka, and now Sedeka was showing off for its master, in all its glory.

Sitting back down at the workbench Ktulu reached into a drawer and pulled out some more supplies. He wanted to water proof the seals so that Sedeka wouldn't be damaged by any mundane source. There was no way he was going to work this hard to create his new lightsaber only to have it malfunction because of some preventable incident.

Just as he reached into the box to grab a sealant, the base alarms sounded. Glaring at some unknown source on the wall Ktulu stood up and halted.

Trouble brother. Get to the mess hall now.

Nodding at the silent command from his brother and Quaestor Ktulu turned for the door. As soon as he reached the door panel, the image of the green haired Rokir popped up on all the vid-screens in the room announcing of a terrorist take over as well as a summons to the mess hall.

Sneering at the image Ktulu walked out into the hall and leapt back into his quarters almost instantly, Sedeka leaping to life as he landed on his feet. The thunderous roar of the security turret quieted down, leaving its mark in the hall having disabled the doors ability to close and leaving small craters in the floor and wall where Ktulu had been moments ago.

Shaking his head, Ktulu briefly pondered how he was going to get to the other end of the compound to the turbo lift and reach sub level 1.

Ylith Pandemonium

06-03-2006 14:05:21

Ylith rose from his seat looking at his arm and frowned.
"What's wrong Ylith?" Archean asked and he rose aswell to see what was wrong.
"The regenerator has been hit and not it's destroying cells rather than heal them." Ylith said when he
showed the blackened flesh on his arm.
Ylith did not hasitate a moment and twisted his arm until a loud snap could be heard, meaning the arm had been
twisted out of his socket. And with a roar the Obelisk ripped his infested arm off and threw it away.

Heavily in pain the Knight collapsed onto his knees and used what was left of his outer robe to bind his arm off.
"We need to get you to a medical center." Archean said and he nodded to Stormghost who kneeled down near
her Master and dressed the wound properly.
"This will keep it from bleeding any further Master, but it won't heal you." she said caring. Ylith rose to his feet, still
out of balance but his mind pushed the pain away for now, untill his agony would be too great of a burden to carry.

"Are you alright Ylith?" Archean asked and Ylith nodded.
"I'll be fine, now if we go to the Medical Center we may find the leaders there or some other people from Galeres.
Selene, my sword please?" Ylith sand and Stormghost grabbed the Valheru Sword and have it to her Master who swung it a bit in the air to get a feel for it again and placed it back on his back.
"Thank you." the Valheru said and Stormghost nodded and smiled as she was startting to transform into a Valheru as well,
the strange and ancient alchemy which was placed onto the sword doing its work perfectly.

"Alright, now Archean, care to join me?" the Obelisk asked and the Sith smiled. "Like I have something better to do than
being a blind man helping a one armed Obelisk. Sure I'll help." Archean said smiling and he and Ylith once again
made their way to the exit.
"Selene, when anyone comes in, let them know where we are and if we do not come back in half an hour,
concider us dead. Do not let anyone take actions against the Turrets yet, we will make a plan on how to take out
the defences as soon as the Leaders get here. For now, just tell everyone to get as much men as they can here."

Stormghost nodded as she watched Ylith and Archean both igniting sabers deflecting fire as they walked back outside.
Finding their way to the Medical bay and hopefully to some of the Leaders.

Quick OOC:

Just focus on getting into the mess hall for now and getting supplies and other goods needed like weapons or
medical supplies.
Stretch people, stretch :P

Phase 2 will begind Saturday, then we will think of a battle plan and set it into motion

Phase 3 will start the saturday after that, then we will counter attack

Phase 4 will stay secret for now, or well...secret here :P just so you know what the deal is.

Great job so far people, keep it up!



06-03-2006 15:59:01

The hectic frenzy of blaster fire and the hum of lightsabers rang though the mind of the Obelisk Sergeant. He shook his head quickly and stepped out into Sub-Level 1 just as the barrage of fire reached the trio. Instead of drawing his saber to deflect the projectiles, Ethran side-stepped with the speed he was known for and looked towards the next lift, then the security checkpoints. There was a decision to be made…

“Sashar! Take Trepidus with you to the Mess Hall. I’ll meet you there soon.” Ethran ordered, turning towards Security Checkpoint Alpha.

Ethran knew that Checkpoint Alpha was one of the initiating checkpoints to start the defense array on this level, so there had to be someone inside. Not caring to wait for a response from Sashar, though he thought he heard the words ‘Like hell I will,’ the Prelate moved towards the door to the Checkpoint and was barely missed by various projectiles. The instance before he reached the door, however, Ethran drew his saber, ignited the blade, and deflected two bolts in a fluid spinning motion. A third zipped right past the Obelisk’s face due to his moving in order to miss Trepidus, who happened to be right behind him.

Shaking his head, Ethran put his saber away and entered the Security Checkpoint in a blaze of speed. Unfortunately, there was no one within the checkpoint, so Ethran began to access various controls to try and disable any part of the defense array. Unable to do this, Ethran moved his gaze to Sashar.

“If you haven’t noticed,” Ethran said with a slight smirk, “this level has a heavy weapons lab. I intend to get as much weaponry and supplies possible in order to fortify ourselves when we reach the Mess Hall.”

“And how do you presume we carry the weapons…?” Sashar asked broadly.

“Well at least one of us can carry more then his own weight.” Ethran sneered and looked back at the console.

He sent out a text formed message to the Mess Hall noting his intentions, and hoped someone would read it so there would be help waiting near the next lift so they could collect some of the weapons themselves.

“One last thing…I am not waiting for you two. So keep up.” Ethran stressed through his teeth.

The Isradia tried to open the second door that faced Security Checkpoint Charlie, but it was jammed. In return, Ethran kicked the door as hard as he could and it jerked openly lazily. Without even the slightest thought of the consequences, Ethran walked right into the center of the defense grid as it activated.

Igniting his saber, and drawing Cloaxian, Ethran easily removed the firing barrel of two turrets as he passed by. When Ethran turned to see if the other two were following him, he noticed that Shashar and Trepidus were still in Alpha. Shaking his head, Ethran entered Charlie and waited for the two to enter after him.


06-03-2006 16:47:16

"No , this can't be possible!" Xaviar yelled outloud as he slammed his fist against a desk. He was at the Theed Palace on Naboo , and he appeared to be deeply saddened and angered. "This wasent supposed to happen , this isent--" Xaviar held himself from sheding a tear "That wasent what the plan was , we had agreed on that." A tall man came from the doorway into the room. "Xaviar , your ... sister took a risk when she signed up for the operation. She knew what she was doing , you must understand that." The man was an Imperial Lieutenant Jameson Heliea , and was clearly showing no pity for Xaviar. "Guadalupe was decieved! She was told that she was to steal a Rebel droid , not destroy their stronghold!" He was now angered at the officer , and had his finger pointing at Heliea. "I swear to you Heliea , my sisters death will be avenged." Heliea chuckeled and smilied at Xaviar. "Id love to stay and see that , Xaviar , but I must leave this despicable planet and return to my ship , I can expect you will return to in time?" Xaviars' eyes began to darken with anger. He gripped his Zhaboka hilt , quickly unfolded both sides , and quickly stabbed into Heliea's stomach. "You...will never...get away with this..." Heliea gasped as his body thudded onto the floor.

All of the sudden the lift jolted to a stop , and Xaviar had awoken from his short dream. He scratched his face and checked to make sure he still had his pike. "It was just a dream...a dream..." His speach trailed off has he remebered what he was doing , and where he was. Xaviar pushed himself off the floor of the lift and reached for his datapad. He accesed the bases security camera wireframe system , and began watching the Ground Level. He could see turrets blasting at several fellow brethern and could see some escaping to the Mess Hall. Xaviar quickly stretched his legs and prepaired to exit the lift. He pressed the holopad that opened the door , and turret fire began to rain like hail on the Protector. Xaviar drew out his Zhaboka and began to slash at the first two turrents on his way to the First Training Bay. The strong blades of the Zhaboka literally tore the turrets barrels off , exposing their batteries for disarment , but Xaviar had no time.

'I need to get some firepower ,' He thought to himself. 'If I ever want to avenge her death , I must have weapons to fight the murderers...' A tear glistened in his eye. He was now within ten metres of the Training Bays access module and was running out of energy. A nearby turret began to launch a volley of laser bolts as Xaviar entered its range of fire. Bolts went whizzing by his head , but he began to lose balance and slid across the slick hallways floor to the door , and thudded against the entrance. Xaviar quickly jumped up and began entering the access code , but it denied his request. Again , he tried to enter the code , and he was met with the same error message. He took the forward end of his pike and drove it into the module , the door then slid open.

The training bay was everything but inorder. Ceiling panels had fallen , blasters and training sabers were thrown across the floor , and a maze of still-active electrical wiring criss-crossed the floor. Xaviar began examining the floor for any weapons that would prove usefull for him. He spotted a few adhesive grenades and two Xerrol Nightstingers. He quickly attached the grenades to his belt and the Nightstingers around each shoulder , but Xaviar could hear approching footsteps , heavy ones. The clanking of the metal floor sent chills down his spine , and Xaviar quickly exited the training bay and entered the nearby security checkpoint. He sprinted to the main console in the room and locked both of the doors that accesses the room. He sat down , and looked at his faint reflection at the monitor. "I will not fail you , Guadalupe ," He quitely proclaimed as he laid his head on his hands. "This time , things will be different."

Jeax Zirv

06-03-2006 17:47:45

Jeax breathed in deeply, twirling his deactivated saber in his hand, flipping it around as he tried to keep his mind clear. He had let the Knight who helped him but a moment ago go ahead with the lower ranked members, to protect them as they exited the lift. He wished he had caught the Knight’s name, he would have liked to become friends with such a strong ally.

As the lift doors open, he saw many of the Turrets already taken out, though dozens still left and firing at various Dark Jedi. Smiling and breathing a sigh of relief that they were gaining ground, Jeax exited the lift, glancing around before ducking down quickly, a blast shooting just over him.

“Stupid things are getting smarter…” Said Jeax to himself before throwing his saber just in time to stab it through the barrel of a Turret that ducked down to shoot, apparently hiding just for when someone would exit the lift.

Pulling his saber back, he looked around cautiously, trying to figure out what to do. Soon he heard various cheering and he glanced around to see the last of the turrets destroyed. Two Guardians soon ran to him and handed him a bryar and a note.

~Xaviar’s okay then, that’s good.~ Thought Jeax. One less warrior he had to worry about. “Thanks you two, I’ll make sure you get credit for retrieving these for me. Now hurry up and get out of here, who knows what else has been tampered with.”

The two nodded and ran off. Jeax watched them gather everyone together and check wounds before running down the long hallway. He was glad that they were learning to work together, coming up with their own strategies to take out the turrets. His thoughts were peaceful, until his ears picked up a noise.

Suddenly all the damaged, deactivated, disabled, and destroyed Turrets ejected from their positions and littered the ground.

“Everyone with a saber, defend the lower ranks!” Ordered the Knight, activating his saber. “Everyone without, get to the lift! NOW!”

Quickly, brand new more heavily armored and equipped Turrets began to deploy, firing faster, stronger blasts at the Dark Jedi. They now had 8 barrels total, paired together facing 4 different directions, each pair able to move up and down, with far more armor on their barrels and on their central base, enough so that even Lightsabers would have trouble penetrating them. As everyone got their sabers out, they soon found out these blasts were harder to deflect back at the turrets, and even when they could, they did next to no damage to them.

Jeax spiraled around, hitting blast after blast away from him, the strain of the shots hitting his saber beginning to rack his arm, making his swings sloppier until he took a hard blast to the left hip, causing a roar to erupt from his throat, his eyes glaring at the machine that did it, using a great amount of force to rip it out its socket and slam it down into one below it.

Quickly looking for a place to run to and heal quickly, Jeax spotted the doorway to Checkpoint Charlie and rushed to it, using a strong amount of Force to boost his speed, jumping over the destroyed turrets, deflecting more and more shoots as he rushed to it, then once he reached the door, he simply stabbed his Right Gauntlet blades into the controls, causing them to short-circuit and open the door. Hoping the others were okay, the warrior turned around and began blocking blasts as he backed into the door way, then quickly pulled the door closed with the force before breathing in and giving a quick look around to the room, checking for any more surprises. Thankfully, he didn’t find any that would fire upon him, he did however, find one that nearly knocked him against the wall.

Twitching slightly as the Obelisk pulled his fist from the Krath’s face, Jeax rubbed his cheek and spit out a good amount of blood as he looked at the Prelate.

“Lovely welcome…” Growled the Knight, then tilted his head slightly out of curiosity. ~Why does he seem familiar…~

*~*NOTE: Ylith okay’d my idea for the Turrets discarding the destroyed/disabled/etc ones and deploying stronger ones, be sure to remember them in your posts…~*~


06-03-2006 21:37:37

The two knights exited the Mess Hall and twirled in unison, deflecting more blasts away, Archean turned his head to his right and raised his saber, blocking two bolts and sending them right back to the source. Ylith pointed to his right and darted for the turbo lift to take them to the medical bay.

“No, the medical bay is too far, the training bays will have supplies.” Archean moved to his left and headed for training room one. Ylith followed, covering them both from fire. Suddenly the turrets stopped. Ylith and Archean stopped in their tracks and looked around.

“Well, what do ya know, they are deactivated.” The Sith Aedile deactivated his saber and clipped it back to his belt
“That is odd, I wonder who shut it off.” Ylith looked around slowly. A few moments later, the busted turrets ejected from their spots, bigger and more tougher turrets took the spots and came online.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Archean yelled as he unclipped and ignited his saber, his face showing signs of annoyance. Quickly, the turrets started to fire more heavily, Ylith moved to his right and started blocking the new fire

“These bolts are harder to deflect.” The Obelisk yelled through gritted teeth, using all his strength in his good arm.
“Tell me about it, they aren’t doing anything to the turrets when we deflect them back.” The Sith spun around and hugged the wall, Ylith signaled to Archean to run for the training bay.

The hallway was riddled with fire, holes in the walls, the two Knights had holes in their clothes, they were basically smoldering from all the fire. Archean ran for the training room, as he did, three blasts caught Archean’s hip and right leg, it tore a bit of Archean's trench coat off. The Bruth'Kothae hit the ground in a heap.

“ARCH!” Ylith roared as he charged to retrieve his downed friend.

They were a few metres from the door, Ylith picked up Archean, while being hounded by blaster fire, as Ylith dragged Archean into the room, 2 bolts hit Ylith in the back and he fell forward into the room. The steel door shut quickly, the two Knights were lying there, motionless.


06-03-2006 22:03:41

training bay 3 has been completely dark. Through the darkness there could only be seen a lightsaber's blue flame dancing all over the room. Jedi knight Lucius was practicing his technique, without caring for the outside world for 3 straight days. Nothing disturbed his silence, nothing but.....Lucius felt the strong precence in the Force.

Archean, he though, must be Archean. Lucius turned off his saber and the liught turned on. Muttering something the Tribune got his robes on and took a few medical supplies in his pockets. Arcona was at war, after all.

Tribune went outside of the bay and saw door of the training room 1 being pierced with lasers. "What the..." he muttered running towards the room holding his saber in his right hand.

Lucius walked into the training room to see Archean's trench coat in the hallway. "Can't be good" he whispered and ran insode the main trainign area. As he entered the area he cursed. Ylith and Archean were lying unconcious on the floor. Tribune walked closer to the two bodies to make sure they were alive.

Getting to commlink open Lucius thought who to call. Minutes later he heard Esca's voice over the commlink.

"Training room 1, they are both here and Ylith seems wounded. Hurry up...and Bring help"
"Got it" was the responce of the Prelate


06-03-2006 22:45:55

“Got it.”

With an alarming rate of speed and adrenaline, Ethran whirled around to confront Jeax. He recognized this being from somewhere before, but that mattered less. Ramming past the measly Knight, the Prelate ripped open the now malfunctioning doors and yelled out to Sashar and Trepidus.

“Make your way to the lift or get the weapons yourself! I’m heading up to the Ground Level to give Ylith and Archean assistance!”

The two nodded their response, rather then yell over the blaster fire. Just before Ethran pulled his head back in, he noticed a patrolling unit of battle droid emerge from the lift to Sub-Level 2. Just what the Obelisk needed, more annoyances.

Moving back into Checkpoint Charlie, Ethran pushed Jeax out of the way again, who still didn’t realize that he should stay out of the Isradia’s way. Quickly typing away at a console, Ethran hacked his way into the level’s security settings and set the turrets nearest to the droids to overload in ten seconds.

“Get ready to follow me out and you better not slack…” Ethran growled his words without even looking at Jeax.

When the Sergeant counted down to five in his mind, he opened the door nearest to the lift. The droid patrol detected the movement and opened fire just as the three nearest turrets exploded and sent an energy charge that disabled all but two of the droids. From what Ethran saw as he leapt out of the Checkpoint, these were heavy armored droids. They were obviously used to guard the Weapons Lab, so it would be more then a menial task to rid of them.

As Ethran rolled to his feet, he brought his saber to his hand uses Telekinesis and ignited the purple blade. Behind him, and well off track of the Prelate, the sound of another saber emerged, then two more from the corridor between Alpha and Charlie. Ethran managed to deflect two of the oncoming bolts and ducked under the other three as the first deflected projectile slammed dead on into the head of the first droid. With its targeting system now corrupt, the droid began firing aimlessly and ended up taking care of the second droid before Jeax even had the chance to do anything.

Without a second thought, the Obelisk Prelate motioned for his Trooper to follow him. The two moved along the wall of Checkpoint Charlie as they watched for anymore turrets or droids. Surprisingly, there were none, and that was actually not a good thing.

“Make a run for it.” Jeax stated after surveying the area.

Ethran would have said the same thing, only he had been in environments similar to this before, and he took a chipped piece of the nearest wall in his hand and tossed it out into the middle of the floor. In an instant the entire floor lit up with electricity and what was once the rock crumbled to dust.

“That’s why you always think before you do anything. There is much to look out for in times of war.” Ethran said, surprisingly calm this time.

The Sergeant looked to the left of him, and noticed that Sashar and Trepidus were round the corner and slid up to Ethran and Jeax. Running over the security of the complex, Ethran tried to think of what checkpoint would control the electrified floors. There was most likely only a fraction of time to do something before the turrets started firing again, so he thought quickly. Then he remembered…

“Trooper Jeax,” Ethran commanded his Trooper of Soulfire. “You are to enter Checkpoint Delta and initiate the standing down of the floors defenses. Am I clear?”

Jeax snapped to attention and nodded. “Yes sir!”

Jeax darted into the next Checkpoint, then there was a brief pause. Shortly after, Jeax emerged and noted his success in deactivating the electrified floors. Ethran nodded and took a deep breath. This would be the hardest part since stepping into Sub-Level 1.

“Alright…on my count we all have to do something very stupid. We are to run from this point, to the lift, and not get killed. Clear?” Ethran grinned.

The other three nodded their agreement and prepared themselves. When Ethran gave the final countdown of three, the group sprinted towards the lift to Ground Level. In a blinding instant, all of the turrets reactivated and began firing upon the group’s position.

“Spread out! Give them more targets to shoot at!” Ethran heard someone yell.

The Prelate maintained his trajectory and was half way to the lift when an enormous turret emerged. This was one that he had never seen before, but had heard of. If he was right, he would have four seconds to get the hell out of the way. Ethran vaulted over the turret and heard it turn to acquire his position. When locked on, the turret hummed and began to charge up…

Sayre whirled around as he reached the lift and reignited his saber in a blur of motion just as he heard a loud concussion. The projectile was massive, and Ethran didn’t know if he would be able to deflect it on his own. Bracing himself against the wall with one foot, and the other rigid in front of him, Ethran swung the sabers blade in an awkward arc as the projectile slammed into it and off into the wall. The impact on the saber pushed Ethran’s arms back, and he managed to slice his own saber into his right shoulder.

With a yell, and a quick use of the Force to calm the nerves delivering the pain, Ethran spun to the lift and heard another concussion. Half turning, Ethran expected to see his end. Instead, he saw Jeax, Sashar, and Trepidus collectively deflect the heavy prototype cannons projectile. When the Prelate was about to smile, it was suddenly turned to alarm as he saw the bolt slam into the controls for the lift. Jeax ran up and tried to open the doors, but they were shut tight. Ethran brushed the Knight to the side and clipped his saber back to his belt, then wedged his fingers into the crease between the two doors.

With a long groan, Ethran pulled as hard as he could to try and open the doors. He knew that even these doors were saber resistant, due to Sub-Level 1 having the Research Lab on it. When he was just about to give in, the doors began to creak and groan themselves, then finally started sliding open. Esca reinforced his own strength with that of the Force, and successfully ripped the doors leading to the lift to Ground Level open.

“Ethran! Watch Out!!!” Sashar yelled.

Sayre spun around just to see a normal turrets bolt slam into his left upper chest, taking him off his feet, and into the lifts shaft. Another bolt followed him in and slammed into some of the wiring, releasing all of the breaks keeping the lift at bay. The large chamber started a speeding descent down from Ground Level, and all the other three saw was the lift chamber shoot past the lift doors…


06-03-2006 23:25:31

Flickering lights and dancing shadows graced the hallway in which Quejo walked. He was as nonchalant as ever, careless, yet cautious. His eyes, like small pools of fire burning and shifting as he made his way down the hall, his ponytail shifting from side to side in the self created breeze.

"I dont even want to waste my time looking at the map Esca made, I'll use my instinct." He thought to himself knowing damn well he would get lost. It didnt matter though, if he could get himself into trouble it was always fun getting back out, especially with his saber dangling from his utility belt.

"To the mess hall." He continued, sighing after mentioning the room. "We should be finding our way out of here or atleast taking back the command center....amateurs." He finished, tapping his finger against the cold durasteel cylinder at his side anxiously.

As he proceeded down the hall he could hear the rattle and mindless chatter of droids in the next room.

"Commander.....kill the organics." A droid babbled.

Quejo just smirked and leaned back against the wall infront of the doorway, he then pulled at his shirt.

"I'm organic." A fiendish gleam in his eye shown proof of his deviancy.

"Kill him!" The Droid muttered.

"You can try." He laughed, pulling the hilt of his saber from it's resting place, an emerald green blade soon followed, humming a tune of ill intent.

Blaster fire rained down on the head of the Xyler, but Soresu seemed to form a defensive barrier impenetrable by the clumsy bolts.

Quejo almost leisurly stalked forward and decapitated the two in front, oil and sparks flying from the severed metal as he pressed on hacking and slashing at two more, cleaving them in half like warm butter. As the two heads and severed torso's rolled across the floor the remaining droids looked at each other before uttering their final words "Uh oh" decapitation soon following.

"I need to find someone because I have no idea where I am, maybe I should of looked at Esca's maps when I had the chance." He laughed to himself before proceeding with his mission.


07-03-2006 05:16:55

It was reflex more than anything. Sashar’s right hand jabbed out and gripped Trepidus’ shoulder, and the Protector suddenly felt himself weaken as his master drew power from him. Jeax grunted in exertion as Sashar mentally robbed him of as much power as he could grab and funnelled it into a telekinetic blast so strong it slammed into the descending lift chamber’s top, spinning the box-like mechanism into the tube’s far wall with a hideous screech of metal bending and warping into shapes it was never meant to accommodate. The lift shuddered to a stop at least temporarily, and the three Dark Jedi sagged in exhaustion, but the turrets didn’t relent. They had to get off this floor. Now.

“Jeax! Rear-guard! Trepidus, I need you to see if Ethran’s still conscious and if he is, make sure he can get past the lift before it falls again.”

Sashar wearily drew his own sabre and took a defensive position by Jeax’s side. He was too exhausted, both physically and through the force to mount a defence with his preferred Ataru form, and instead shifted to the fifth discipline, one which wasn’t nearly as energetic. The pair were slowly shoved back to the turbolift doors, the blaster bolts sometimes sneaking past their collective defence and landing peripheral hits. The wounds were now too numerous to count on both of the force-users and it was only a matter of time before a bolt hit something important.

Jeax grunted as another bolt winged him, making a mess of the robes on his shoulder and Sashar stepped up for a second to bear the brunt whilst the Knight regained his composure.

“Trep!” Sashar hollered, prompting his apprentice for information.

“I’ve found him but he’s unconscious, I can’t move him, he’s too heavy!”

“Just shift him out from under the turbolift and get out of its way yourself, that thing’ll fall any second!”

There were a tense thirty seconds in which the Archpriest suffered three more grazes on his midsection before the protector shouted “Clear!” up through the shaft. In unison Sashar and Jeax back flipped onto the lift. It groaned for a second and then thundered down to the floor with a bone-jarring impact of twisted metal support struts and permacrete.

“Sashar! Your robes!” Trepidus exclaimed, and the Mandalorian cursed as he wriggled out of his now ruined overcloak which had caught fire somewhere in the exchange on the first sub-floor.

Jeax was kneeling by the side of the unconscious Obelisk Sergeant and Sashar joined him, wincing at the look of the blaster wound to the chest. It’d be enough to kill any normal man. He poured what remained of his force reserves into accelerating Isradia’s healing. It was no substitute for Bacta, but at least the Prelate could now be moved without fear of killing him.

He was dimly aware of the eyes of his apprentice on him, questioning what to do next. Sashar sagged back against the wall, leaning heavily and aching from too many places to count.

“I have no idea…”

Jeax Zirv

07-03-2006 06:20:55

Jeax could not get it out of his mind that he knew the Prelate, but he knew that now was not the time. Looking at the unconscious body of the Obelisk, Jeax was running ideas through his mind, trying to think of a way to get the lift moving.

Suddenly hearing a soft humming noise grow increasingly loud, Jeax quickly jumped to the side, a large blast flying through the entrance to the Lift, destroying a portion of the back wall.

Knowing the only reason it had missed Ethran was due to the fact it was aiming up to hit him, Jeax grabbed him and pulled him over to the side, gritting his teeth as he felt pain tearing through his body due to his fresh wounds.

“We need to take care of that thing…” Breathed Sashar from the other side.

“Yeah…Other units coming this way might not like the surprise of running into that too…” Said Jeax, squeezing his shoulder hard, trying to ignore the pain as he bite his lower lip. “Can we move the lift at all by chance?”

“Not by ourselves, someone on the top floor has to request the lift due to the controls being out.” Said Trep

“Sent out a telekinetic message to use the Sub-Level 1 Lift to Ground Level, hopefully someone will get it…” Said Sashar

“Okay. Any ideas?” Asked Zirv, rubbing the side of his head.

“Honestly? No idea.” - Trep

“Could we rush it?” - Jeax

“Too many turrets, there’d be so many blasts around us, we’d be too distracted to get to it before it fired at us, and you saw how destructive that can be.” - Sashar

“Then let’s destroy the other turrets first.” - Trep

“The big one would take advantage of that and shoot us while we’re distracted.” - Jeax

Suddenly a giant explosion rocked the lift as the high powered turret shot the wall again, damaging it further.

“Anyone got any explosives?” - Sashar

“Unfortunately, it’s too heavily armored.” - Trep

“How about deflecting the shot back at it?” - Jeax

“It would do a nice amount of damage, but even with all three of us at once, we barely deflected it and even then, we couldn’t control it enough to hit the turret.” - Sashar

“…What if it wasn’t all at once?” - Trep

The two warriors looked at each other.

“Smart apprentice you have there.” Said Jeax, smirking.

The three stood up slowly, each fighting off their pain from their separate wounds.

Reactivating their sabers, Jeax breathed in deeply. “I’ll go first, Trep follows, Sashar finishes. Start with strength, end with strength.”

Sashar nodded, “I’ll be sure to take careful aim, make sure you use any Force you have left to give it more power.”

The three nodded to one another, then soon heard the low hum of the accursed turret that plagued them. As soon as he heard the shot being fired, Jeax jumped to left side of the opening of the Lift and swung his saber hard to the blast, roaring as the blast strained at his arm, feeling it nearly break as he tried to apply more pressure to the blast. Suddenly Trep jumped in from the right, slamming his training saber behind that of Jeax’s, the blades clashing brightly as they attempted to push the projectile back, both straining hard. Quickly, the last saber of their plan took its action, Sashar jumping in the middle of the two, in the most danger if the plan failed. Swinging with all his might, he hit the blast at a precise angle, the Force practically seeping off his body as Jeax and Trep fed their remaining energy into him, Sashar’s eyes focusing on the Turret alone, the energies from the three blades and blast causing a small electrical backfire against the three, creating more burn marks along their bodies and clothing. Pushing with all their strength, the three finally managed to enforce their plan, the stopped projectile blast slowly beginning to lose its form as the energies overloaded it, growing in size, changing shape, shrinking, warping around before suddenly the three blades broke through, the blast flying back directly down the barrel, causing the entire small structure to glow red-hot with electricity crackling hard before blowing up, causing an explosion that destroyed several nearby droids and turrets and knocked all three warriors to their backs in the lift, breathing hard, all barely conscious as the pain rushed through them almost as naturally as blood through their veins.


07-03-2006 09:42:38

Stormghost watched as the two Dark Knights left for the Medical Bay. The confusion in the Mess Hall started to annoy her. She had to find someone that could help her organize at least this part of the mess they were in.

Unsure of where to start, she started roaming between those that had already made it in to the Mess Hall. Familiar faces leapt out at her, and the realization dawned that none of the Knights were in yet, let alone anyone that was higher ranked. There was also no sign of Akhara and worry for her friend started gnawing at the Guardian. “If she’s not here soon, I will have to go look for her, Master’s orders or not.”

Her green lizard eyes blazed as her Master’s voice flooded her mind, and for a moment she almost lost the discipline Ylith had instilled in her. Purposefully turning from the entrance, lest she be tempted to go looking for him, she grabbed her medical kit and started treating the wounds of some of the injured, grateful that she could at least do something useful. She had to constantly remind herself to not use all the supplies she had, more grievous injuries were bound to come throught the door and then they would need everything they had to save those.

“Selene, when anyone comes in, let them know where we are and if we do not come back in half an hour, consider us dead…” His words echoed through her head.

As the Guardian treated the wounds of her injured companions she made a list of all those that had already reached the Mess Hall and more importantly if they were injured or not. Hoping that her list would at least provide some measure of organization when the time finally came to fight back at the bastards who started this.


07-03-2006 11:34:24


With the lift utterly destroyed, there was only one way to access the ground level; a spindly service ladder to the right of the doors. With a 20 meter climb they’d be able to reach the ground floor and none of the turrets could fire on them – the only problem was Esca.

“Jeax, you go up first and open the doors with your sabre. I’ll go next and carry Ethran, and Trep you bring up the rear.”

The other two wearily nodded and Sashar’s apprentice helped him get Esca over his shoulder – no mean feat considering the weight of the bulky Prelate. They scaled the ladder quickly and the Knight wasted no time in cutting a crude hole into the doors. He scurried through the makeshift entry with his sabre strobing back and fourth catching blasts from auto-turrets and moved forward enough to allow Sashar to crouch through. The Archpriest had his own cyan blade out and was deflecting bolts as best he could in a sloppy one-handed grip. Finally Trep cleared the breach and as one the trio sprinted the last leg of their arduous trek to the Mess Hall.

Sashar was hit in the arm by yet another bolt and dropped his lightsaber but didn’t slow down – they were so close. The doors opened invitingly and Jeax was through. Blaster bolts poured after him and in a hail of energy Sashar as through. He felt a spike of pain through the force and then Trepidus literally fell through the already-closing door, a wound in the small of his back. Despite the pain, he handed his master back his lightsaber.

Selene came running over with a medipac and immediately helped shift Ethran onto the table and began working on his chest-wound. Sashar patted Trep on the shoulder as the Protector sat heavily down on a bench.

“Thanks, and you did well out there. Wait here and get yourself seen to, then if you’re up to it, help Selene out by treating the wounded.”

“Where are you going?”

“The Aediles. That’s where Isradia was off to before he got tagged; they’ll probably still need help.”

Sashar tore the remnants of his left sleeve off and used it as a crude bandage for the fresh blaster wound, wincing as he tightened it, then looked pointedly at Jeax.

“You coming?”

The Knight smiled and stood up “Naturally.”


Exiting through a different set of doors, the Archpriest and the Knight had their sabres ready, this time unencumbered by the need to protect anyone. They cut through any turrets that got in their way, deflecting innumerable bolts away from them. The second wind they’d gained in the temporary respite of the mess-hall was more than enough to spirit them across the hall and into the first training room.

Standing between two unconscious bodies and the door was Xerxes Lucius Vect, a Knight from Oriens Obscurum. The Zabrak went for his sabre, but Sashar waved him down.

“We need to get them back to the mess-hall; we’ve set up something of a medical centre there.”

“Who died and made you boss?” the knight demanded and Sashar rolled his eyes. The downside of being an unknown in the clan was people’s constant demands for proof of his abilities.

“Look, I don’t care if you think I’m just some puny Krath, some newbie to the Clan that hasn’t the faintest clue of the true meaning of power or any of that darker-than-thou bull[Expletive Deleted] and quite frankly this whole demonic Sith thing everyone has going Is getting very old very very fast. You call the shots if it’ll massage your ego, but you know as well as I do that one Knight isn’t going to be able to protect two downed Aediles and heal them, so how’s about we move them back to the Mess Hall please?”

There was a long, silent moment in which you could almost taste the tension as a tangible force bouncing between the two, but finally Lucius nodded and picked up Ylith’s crumpled form. Sashar hoisted Archean over his shoulder and once again with Jeax leading, the trio strode into the fray.

It was a short but furious melee, but the trio once again made it to the Mess Hall more or less intact, and Selene ran over and helped Ylith down onto a table near Ethran, with Vect hovering near one of the doors, listening for sounds of blaster fire.

Trepidus, with a newly-fitted Bacta patch across his back came over to Sashar and gingerly took the makeshift bandage from his arm.

“You’re pretty shot up, Sash. Why don’t you rest up for a while?”

The Mandalorian smiled wearily and laid back onto the bench, slipping into a hibernation trance to help speed up his body’s healing. The last thing he saw as he got to sleep were the apprentices tending to the Clan’s wounded. One thing was for sure, getting shot at sure did bring people closer together.



07-03-2006 17:43:13

Xaviars eyes were fixed onto the monitor , remaining motionless and staring at his own reflection. His fingers ran down the hilt of his Zhaboka , feeling along the several notches he had put in , to let him remeber those who have died that were close to them. There are four notches. "Its is time..." Xaviar announced to himself , "It is...my time..." He pushed himself off of the desk and slung the two rifles over his shoulder. He got down on one knee and closed his eyes.

"Tshk Ar Iridonia. Lords of Iridonia , hear my prayer. I have served you from my childhood , and I am now on the verge of death by those who seek my destruction. I ask that shroud your divine will and protection over me , as I prepair over the next few days , to enter into a state of combat against them. For if this prayer is not answered , I hope that the Lords of Iridonia will take my mana into the eternal palace , in which my family now resolves. Tshk Ar Iridonia."

Xaviar stood up from his kneeling position and reached for his Zhaboka. He slowly opened each blade into its full position , and let out a large breath. He pressed the slide door open and charged down the hallway towards the troop barracks , inorder to retrieve a hidden 'package' that he had put in times that they would prove necessary. Dodgeing the turret fire that showered him with fire , he did not let up on his speed. Using the forward edge of his pike , he reached across the ceiling and cut several turrets apart , and sparks flew from each of them. But unknown to him , he had cut a ceiling panel out and several electrical wires fell from it onto the floor. Xaviar came to a sudden stop and entered the access pin to the troop barracks. The door slid open without any problems , something finally 'easy' for him , atleast it seemed so. He looked around the dark room , and felt around to find the commanders desk. After a few well-spent minutes , he had located the desk. He closed the bottom half of his Zhaboka , and used the other as a knife , and began cutting a large rectangular shap across the side of the large , wooden desk. Using his fist , he punched through the cut , revealing a small , platinum colored box. He reached for the box , and slowly retrieved it out. Staring at the box , his eyes began to tear. Slowly , he opened the box , revealing three small pills and a old datapad. Using previous knowledge , he quickly went through the files , and opened a text message that was titled "Lost Determinations"

"Dear Xaviar ,

If you are reading this message , then you know that I am no longer with you. I wanted to use this message to leave you with a few lasting thoughts. I died doing what I love , serving the Empire and serving its people. I died because I signed up while everyone else stayed in the shadows. I died because I wanted to make a difference in this galaxy , and hopefully an eventual peace. I died , to protect you. If I had not signed up for this mission , to steal the rebels most precious droid , which held the data that showed their base lay-outs and troop counts , they would have made you do it , Xaviar. The rebels discard all peace-negotiations inorder to satisfy their lust for power and conquest. Let us both know brother , that I did not die in vien , and that you may continue your studies. Theirs two things I want you to do once you read this message. First , I want you to continue your training in the Dark Jedi Arts. I know your only a Novice , but I have a feeling that you will play a large role in the Dark Jedis fate. The Second , is to take these pills back to Naboo. Each pill has a sample of my blood , and I want you to toss them into the Great Southern Ocean. It means somthing special to me , and I need it done. My body might have disapeared , but my spirit will always be with you.

Love , Your Sister

Xaviar began to cry softly , and put the data pad back into its box. He put the pills safly into a small pouch on his belt , usally reserved for his migrane headache medications. He stood up off the floor and walked towards the door that left the troop barracks. He withdrew both ends of his Zhaboka , and prepaired to exit the room.

"Allways have I lived in anger , Now I must live in Vendetta."


07-03-2006 17:43:50

{Double-Post , Real sorry}


07-03-2006 22:24:34

“What do you think will happen now”?
“I don’t know, hopefully when the Aediles come too, they can figure something out.”
“We need those turrets switched off, who knows, the rebels must be close.”
“They may even be in this base, we need to take action now.”

Archean could hear in his mind all this talking, swirling in his ears, getting louder then softer then louder once more, soon enough the Human regained consciousness, slowly tilting his head around he saw his friends all around him. The Sith slowly moved his right arm over his body to see if his saber was still there on the left side of his body on his belt, after all he went through he was only worried about his weapon, the one thing he strove his hardest to gain.

“Hey look, Arch is up.” Trepidus pointed to the Knight who was sitting up, looking around slowly.
“Welcome back.” Sashar said, something of a smile coming through. Archean took a few moments to get his bearings on where he was. All he could remember was the stinging pain of being shot and falling down. Lucius came to him with a few bacta bandages and applied them to the Bruth’Kothae’s leg and hip. Archean winced slightly as pressure was being applied, he used all the force power he had left to speed up the healing and also to block the pain as best he could.

Ylith still laid their unconscious, Selene was doing her best to treat Ylith’s wounds, they were quite extensive, he was still alive, that was the main thing.

Trepidus and Sashar extended a hand each to help the Sith Knight to his feet.

“Thanks guys.” Archean said softly, Trepidus and Sashar both nodded. Slight pain was coursing through his leg and hip, he tried to block it out of his mind.

Archean turned back to Ylith and limped over, sadness growing inside him, The Bruth’Kothae hated seeing his friends in such situations, it only powers him on to bring a swift end to whoever did this to his brethren.

The Sith turned and saw Ethran also lying their with a big wound on his chest. Archean shook his head and walked closer to the Prelate. The Sith, trying to lower his anger turned back to the group. Trepidus and Sashar were discussing tactics, Lucius was treating the wounded.

“Well friends, what shall we do now?” Asked the Aedile.

Jeax Zirv

08-03-2006 05:58:54

“Well friends, what shall we do now?” Asked the Aedile.

“I’d say eye for an eye to the idiots who did this, but I know that none of us would stop at just that…” Commented Jeax

Jeax had been leaning against the wall closest to Ethran ever since he had finished helping to heal the other warriors. He just couldn’t get over the feeling of knowing the warrior and since many people had tried to force him to worry about himself, he decided he could take the time to try and figure out what was going on, but now with the Aedile awake, he knew he had to get to business again.

Various people began suggesting ideas, mostly along the lines of destroy the fools who did this or that we should retreat and come back with reinforcements.

“Sir, could I suggest sending out two or three groups of healed warriors, mostly Saber-wielders due to Turret and Droid activities, to go and fulfill Ylith’s plan of getting more weapons, as well as checking the medical lab for survivors?” Said Jeax, looking at one of the leaders of Galeres. “The Quaestor Quejo hasn’t come to this hookup-point yet, we may wish to find him. With more warriors and weapons, Ylith may come up with an even better battle strategy against the Turrets and Droids once he awakens.”


08-03-2006 08:32:37

Archean pondered Jeax’s idea of gathering weapons and medical supplies, as for Quejo, the Knight could feel a presence get closer, The Quaestor could definitely look after himself, the Mess Hall, though, is a different story. If a few warriors went to go get weapons and medical supplies, they’d need someone to guard the Hall until the group gets back. A room full of Workers, Families, Guardians and Protectors aren’t going to do much against skilled enemies.

After a few moments of concentration Archean spoke.
“Alright, we’ll go and get weapons and medical supplies from the lower levels. Jeax and Sashar, you’ll form our party, Lucius, you’ll stay here and guard the Hall, at least you’ll have Trepidus and Stormghost to back you up incase of an emergency, we need someone with experience to stay here.” Lucius stood tall and nodded “As you wish.” Archean walked over and put a hand on Lucius’ shoulder, signaling his gratitude.

Archean turned around and glanced at Sashar and Jeax, they new it was time. All three Arconan’s gathered their things, Archean nodded, soon all three were making their way to one of the doors in the Mess Hall, the one closest to the turbo lift. Before they left The Sith Aedile gave the warriors a look of appreciation, that expression soon turned into determination. It was time…Game On.

The Bruth’Kothae took two short breaths and lunged out of the door, the Knight and Archpriest were hot on his heels, almost in unison, the three ignited their sabers, producing an excellent lightshow on the walls around them, definitely an opposing sight to anyone who’s in their way. One of the bigger turrets near the turbo lift started shooting sporadically. Jeax sensed it, seeing as it was behind them, the Knight turned around just as a bolt was hurdling towards him, he raised his saber and sent the blast back with all his strength, Dash turned around and rushed for the turret, using the wall, he charged at it, The Archpriest ran up the wall and sliced across, destroying the barrel of the turret, deeming it useless, while also leaving a nice cut in the roof.

“I hope that’s the end of those things.” Jeax breathed a sigh of relief. The three disengaged their sabers and returned them to their rightful positions. They casually walked to where the turbo lift used to be.

“Umm…what the hell happened here?” Asked a stunned Archean
“Well, Sashar kind of broke it.” Jeax sheepishly replied, to which the Archpriest shot a scathing look at Jeax.
“I had too, otherwise Ethran would have been dead.” Dash retorted
“Alright, enough bickering, we have to get to the sub-levels, maybe there is another way down.” Archean moved over to the gaping hole and looked down it, twisted metal were everywhere, dark marks from the blast riddled the shaft all the way down.

“Alright, we’ll have to jump down, we can use the cables from the lift to slide down.” Jeax and Sashar got into position.

“I’ll go first, make sure there isn’t anything waiting for us.” The Krath used the force to bring the cable into his right hand. He swung out and let go slowly, his body began to descend. A few moments later a stamping sound was heard.

“You alright?” Archean yelled down the shaft
“Yeah im fine, the cable cuts out a few metres above the floor, I had to let go.” Sashar's voice trembled through the shaft.

“Ok, Jeax, you’re up.” The Knight nodded and got into position, he bought the cable to him with the force, soon he began to descend, Archean followed right behind him, their bodies disappearing into the darkness below.

Ylith Pandemonium

08-03-2006 15:00:07

Ylith opened his eyes and all he could see was a red blur made by blood which ran into his eye when he was
attacked fierce by the turret just outside the hall. The Knight tried to speak but the wave of pain and agony
made him only speak empty words. His Apprentice was tending the wounds of other and he was left to be
alone, either to die or to love to be alone once more.

His eyes shifted as the red blur was fading, people were helping others while the Knight just left there, wounded
and with his pride broken, his honor torn and his mind in chaos. The Valheru knight seemed to lost all sense
of location and time and he pushed himself from the ground with his battered left arm.

The broken Knight rose from the cold bloodstained Mess Hall floor and moved to a dark corner where he would
not be noticed. Archean left him to rot on the floor of the Mess Hall. He knew his Apprentice had dressed his
torn arm and he was grateful for that, yet the anger of his friend who deserted him got the better of him.
In a corner he sat, calling upon the force the Knight maintained a silent meditive position to heal his bleeding wounds.

After a moment the Knight rose again, his pain weakened enough to ignore it trough the force. Ylith was in anger
towards Archean and he grabbed his lightsaber with a firm grip and he walked into the hallway yet again, this time
prepared as he pulled out his huge Valheru Sword and stabbed it in front of him to be used as a shield. The red blade
slammed into the incoming blasts not to worry about his defence. The Knight pinpointed his slashes and had hit the
turret four times at the same place to finally get trough the layers of armor.

The turret's internal systems were fried and Ylith could already hear the repair taking place. The Knight did not hasitate
and clipped his saber back and pulled his Valheru sword out of the ground heading downstairs for a proper medical
treatment, supplies and revenge, his friend abandoned him leaving him to rot away even after saving the Sith's life
twice during this problem.

Ylith let himself drop into the shaft, barely avoiding incoming turret fire, grabbing the cable and using the force to slow
himself down untill he reached the exit.

Driven by madness the Knight pushed on, desperatly going on. His mind clouded in madness and his heart
beaten by betrayal, the pain converted into hatred, not willing to give up untill his 'friend' would have had the
same fate he had.


08-03-2006 15:25:40

Ma`ar looked around the room, Halc and Strategos were busy with gathering as much Intel as they could for the time being.

“You guys coming.” Ma`ar said as he opened the door and peered out into the dark light halls. Blaster fire erupted and smacked hard against the walls all around.

“Not a good idea to go sticking you’re head out the door ways unless your prepared to run the defensive grid is on-line and will randomly pop up when you least expect it.” Halc said with a slight chuckle.

“If you can give us a few minutes we can gather our things and head to the elevator just down the hallway.” Strat added.

Ma`ar was not prepared for this conflict, as all his gear was in his personal quarters, the only thing he had was his saber at his side, but reserved using it when it was needed the most.
As time drug on, Ma`ar began pacing back and forth.

Strat looked at Halc and said, “Well looks like we got what we need, however I cannot unlock the overridden security codes to shut down the system.”

“Well then we will do it the old fashioned way.” Halc replied.

“Open the door again Ma`ar.” Strat said to the younger battle master.

As Ma`ar opened the door once more expecting the turrets to activate and fire again, there was nothing. Ma`ar took one step out the door when he noticed all was quiet.
As he proceeded to cross the hall he entered a series of digits into the keypad and unlocked the door to the Secruity command center. The door drew open, and Ma`ar went inside, Strat and Halc were next to follow, as the door closed.
Ma`ar looked around and the room was dimly light and made way across the room to the other doorway.

“Might be careful opening that one, the turrets cycle randomly and my guess would be they might be active outside there, and if I’m correct there is one right by the elevator we will need to handle before we can proceed.” Halc said as he walked closer to Ma`ar.

Ma`ar nodded and then sidestepped the doorway before opening it, as the doorway opened the turret began to fire and the bolts blasted the table and chairs that were in the center of the room, Halc and Strat were right by Ma`ar just opposite of the doorway, they could here the turret training in on the group but couldn’t find a target.

“See the lift over there; we need to find a way to get there as quickly as possible.” Ma`ar uttered in between the blasts of random fire.

The turrets quieted down long enough for Halc to peer around the corner and see that they were still active and trying to lock on to the group.
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..Go, move!!!” Strat hollered as the turret sunk down into the floor panel.

Ma`ar and Halc followed suit and rushed towards the elevator. Ma`ar reached for his saber and ignited the crimson blade the hum over powered the outside noises and Ma`ar studied the area around while Strat was entering the code into the lift.

The doors drew opened and the three stepped inside just as the floor panel popped open to revile the turret. The doors closed as the blaster fire erupted again, caking the doors with black smudges, and dents.

“Well Im guessing this is the only the beginning.” Ma`ar said with a sneer.

“Its just begun.” Halc turned to Ma`ar and scoffed.

Halc pressed the button marked Lvl 1 and the lift was under way.


08-03-2006 16:53:55


The three successfully descended the lift tube and once again entered the maelstrom of blaster-bolts hissing past them, being batted aside by the trio of sabres, almost acting as one. Before they knew it they were into the still-functioning Turbolift, headed down to the lowest level, and the medical bay. The supplies would be badly needed and it was going to be interesting to see how the three force-wielders would get them back up to the Mess Hall.

The doors once more into the familiar ill-lit corridors strobing with red pulses from the numerous heavy turrets and the three sabres flashed through the air weaving an impenetrable screen before them until they reached the confines of the medical bay.

They were half-way through gathering supplies, a word not spoken between them when the doors slid open again.

Ylith’s reptilian eyes were ablaze with a self-righteous rage and he raised his single arm wielding the Valheru sword, let out a roar of pure hatred, and charged the Aedile.

Archean’s eyebrows shot up from behind the red band about his eyes and snapped his lightsaber up into a high guard just in time to catch the vicious-looking blade.

“Leave me behind will you?” The Aedile snarled to Archean, who could only try and force the heavier being away. Fortunately, he didn’t have to struggle for long – a telekinetic blast from Sashar sent Ylith flying across the floor.

“Jeax! Get out there and find Quejo now!” Sashar barked before moving himself between his Aedile and the seemingly deranged Oriens Obscurum Aedile. The Knight didn’t waste time and darted out of the door in search of the Quaestor.

Ylith came at the Mandalorian; obviously intent on cutting him down to get to Archean, but Sashar was ready. He ignored the gutturally-spoken threat, his head down and watching the movement of the Valheru sword as it cut down in a diagonal slash that would have opened his chest up. He backed up and let the blade sail past, then offered a force-backed high kick to the right of Ylith’s head, dazing him. Again Ylith came in swinging and this time Sashar caught the wrist with both of his hands high before the organic-looking blade could be hammered into his skull.

The Mandalorian received a savage head butt to his nose for his troubles, and backed up a step – just in time to duck below a swipe that would have decapitated him. Ylith it seemed, wasn’t playing around.

“Ylith, why?” was all Archean could manage, his hand on his sabre but thus far un-ignited. He knew as well as Sashar that if he entered the fray he’d be just as emotional as Ylith, who, even in his weakened state, could probably score a killing blow if Archean’s defence faltered for even a second.

“you left me behind, left your brother-in-arms behind to lick his wounds and went off in search of glory for yourself!”

Sashar interceded, placing a placating hand palm-up between him and Ylith.

“We left in search of medical supplies to help you recover faster, and if we saw Quejo on the way, to bring him back too. Look where we are. In the Medical centre in the process of gathering supplies. Come on Ylith, you know how this story ends. Archean was trying to help you.

The lizard eyes narrowed once more in suspicion – Sashar was still a newcomer to the clan and his words weren’t to be trusted, but they did make sense. Logic won through, and the Aediles’ attack stance dropped. The relief in the room was palpable.

“While we’re here, let’s see if we can fix your arm up.” Archean suggested by way of apology, and the sword-wielder nodded wearily.


Ktulu Xyler

08-03-2006 18:25:42

Sweat beaded and trickled off of his forehead as leapt backwards and to the side, performing a sort of corkscrew somersault. Without a moments hesitation from landing, Ktulu took off running down the hall. He didn't want to waste his energy pulling off some fancy moves with this new lightsaber. No, instead he wanted to get to the mess hall as intact as possible, including a fully energized Priest.

Turning a corner, Ktulu saw that he was just down the corridor from the storage bay. Breathing a quick sigh of relief as there were no security systems set up he walked slowly down the hall. Unclipping Sedeka from his belt Ktulu picked up his pace to a brisk walk.

Ktulu. Where are you, I'm gonna need some help with some packages.

Stopping, Ktulu looked around then shook his head laughing at himself. Still chuckling he reached out to Quejo. Ah'm just outside the storage bay Q. Waddya want now?

Just get in here, I'm in the bay myself.

Grinning Ktulu, nodded to himself and stopped just short of the intersection leading to the storage bay anticipating a flurry of bolts. When none came flying after him, he gingerly poked his head out and saw what he was looking for. The nearest door wasn't more then ten paces away from him. If he did it right he would be able to get in the door without incurring any damage.

Shaking himself loose and letting the force well up within himself, Ktulu took off at a run gunning for the door. When he was within five paces he could hear the turret engines whirring, trying to get a lock on him. When he got to two paces he leapt for the door at the same moment the turrets started firing. Before he could reach the door he knew he had done something wrong and curled up in mid-air. Not before the storage bay door blew outward sending lethal shrapnel his way.

The concussive force whipped Ktulu's body around so that he was no longer heading to it face first. The momentum from his jump and the blast cancelled each other out, dropping Ktulu roughly on the floor just in front of the door. Grunting Ktulu tried to pick himself up when a blaster bolt connected with the back of his right shoulder, literally sending him through the door to safety.

"I forgot to tell ya, I'm opening or I should say I opened a door for ya Ktulu." Quejo commented wrily. "But I don't think that matters much anymore does it."

Groaning from the pain in his shoulder caused by the blaster bolt, Ktulu looked up at Quejo. "Ah'm sure it don't mattah anymore but when this is through Ah'm gonna kick yur ass."

Laughing Quejo threw a satchel of thermal detonators at the Priest. "Stock up, we need to get these supplies to the Mess Hall."

Standing up, Ktulu slowly rotated his shoulder and winced slightly as pain shot through his body. Nodding as he absorbed his Quaestors orders, Ktulu looked around. There wasn't much of a weapons arsenal down here, mostly electrical equipment and foodstuff. "You think we're gonna be stuck up there that long that we need tah stockpile food too?" Ktulu asked Quejo.

Shaking his head Quejo pointed at some barrels in the corner. "Not food, but we are going to need some water and if we can find any, some medical supplies." Quejo replied. "And before you ask, I volunteered myself to get supplies why I'm down here instead of up there. You should also wipe that face of yours Priest. Gonna scare the apprentices if you show up with a blood covered face.

Not knowing what Quejo was talking about, Ktulu lifted his hand to his face and wiped it. His hand immediately felt warm and gooey and brought it to his face to inspect. It was covered in blood and what looked like dust from the explosion. Shaking his head, Ktulu wondered how his injuries got passed him when his face started to sting. Shrugging it off, Ktulu put it down as adrenaline being the reason why he didn't feel the pain at first. Of course his shoulder was still bothering him, and it was a larger wound to boot.

Making his way to a console, Ktulu briefly considered opening a channel to the mess hall. He was wondering why there was no communication and why no one had hailed him on him comlink. Shrugging, Ktulu opened a line and asked for whoever was in charge.

"Lucius here, who is this?"

Ktulu smiled. It was sometime since he had contact with Lucius and now it was in the middle of a huge mistake on the rebels part. "It's me Ktulu and Ah'm here with Quejo, were in the storage bay and will be making our way up soon."

"Affirmative, good to know that a Quaestor is around........shaft....."

Snarling, Ktulu pounded his fist into the console. Quejo came up behind him, "Whats going on?"

"Ah dunno Q. Lucius was tha one Ah was talking to and then tha line went static and then died. He said something about a shaft or something. Ah dunno whats going on but Ah think we should start headin out now ya think?"

Nodding Quejo walked over to the water barrels, which weren't all that much bigger then the satchel he threw as Ktulu. "No time like the present to get back eh?"


09-03-2006 00:13:09

The tension in the Medical Bay was intense, you could cut it with a knife. Archean had seen Ylith in such a manner but never directed towards him, The Sith Aedile felt nervous around the Obelisk. Archean moved over and took a bacta bandage from the desk, he began to place it on Ylith, who still had the anger flowing through him but seemed to have it under control. Ylith, not looking at Archean, just sat there.

The Sith turned to the Krath who was busy getting more bandages and other supplies, as he turned around Archean gave him a nod, Archean knew that if Sashar wasn’t there, he wouldn’t be alive right now. The Archpriest nodded and went back to his business.

A few more nervous moments passed, thoughts in Archean’s mind swilling around like a whirl pool, he had to say something.

“Ylith I…I don’t know what to say…I’m sorry for what I’ve done.” Ylith scoffed silently, not saying a word.
“As Sashar said earlier, I didn’t leave you there, just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean you weren’t in my thoughts, I wanted to get you back to health fast and that way is by getting medical supplies. I couldn’t just stay in the Mess Hall watching you bleed to death, something had to be done. Just remember back in the Pheonix Crest, when you were disarming the bombs and one exploded, who was the one who dragged you out of harms way and got you back to base.” Archean finished applying the bandage and got up, slowly limping over to where Sashar was.

Ylith just sat there, expressionless, gathering all Archean said, he knew all of what Archean said was the truth. Archean knew Ylith needed time to think about things, hoping that that this would not dissolve the friendship that was bonded from day one of their arrivals to the Dark Brotherhood.

Without warning Ylith rose from his seat and slowly walked over to Archean, Sashar quickly moved to another side of the room but was ready to get into things incase it got a bit heated.

“Let’s get back to the hall." Ylith said as he turned and walked to the door. Archean's face dropped, Ylith did not say another word, Archean felt terrible and helpless. Sashar moved over to the Sith.

"Don't worry, he'll come around, you told him everything that needed to be said, it's upto him now." The Bruth'Kothae gave a weak nod and moved to the door, with Sashar behind him“

"Alright, round two.”

Jeax Zirv

09-03-2006 06:05:25

Backflipping again, again, again, faster and faster down the halls as blasts rained down on him like machinegun fire, Jeax knew he couldn’t dodge them all standing in one place.

The turrets were getting smarter and plotting traps like good little defense weapons. Jeax had walked into the hall, planning to search for Quejo as ordered when he was shot at by one turret, surrounded by already deactivated turrets, which he disabled by simply sending his saber into one of its barrels, but quickly found out that even machinery can play a good game of possum. As soon as the saber had left his hand, all the others came alive, firing at him with full strength and speed.

It was taking most of Jeax’s will power to ignore the pain, keep his balance, and focus the Force upon his saber to pull it to him, trying to manage all three at once.

As Jeax’s ears picked up a noise behind him, he quickly applied the force to his arms, strengthening them so that when he pulled his body down to the ground, standing on his arms, and quickly pushed off, he slammed into the turret that had deployed above him, his feet bending four barrels, two on the left and right side of it, down into the ceiling, after which he grabbed the front barrel and aimed it at the other turrets as he held one hand out, pulling his saber to him as the turret blasted at its comrades, destroying one after the other, using his saber to deflect the blasts fired at him.

As soon as the last turret in the area was disabled, Jeax slashed the front and back remaining barrels off, letting himself fall to the ground, flipping around to land on his feet.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Jeax was now greatly regretting not allowing himself to heal more properly before leaving for this mission.

Suddenly a door behind him opened and Jeax spun around quickly, pointing the tip of his Crimson blade at the entrance when Ktulu and Quejo walked through.

“Hello there.” Smirked Ktulu “Happy to see us?”

Jeax smirked and put away his saber. “I could so get away with saying your both rebels, but I’ll let you live for now.” He noticed the supplies the two were carrying and packing in their robes. “Need some help?”

“Nah, we have enough.” Said Quejo “I don’t want to waste anymore time anyways, we need to get to the mess hall with these.”

Jeax nodded and walked with the two to the lift. “Ylith, Archean, and Sashar are on Sub-Level 1, I saw them run to the lift earlier.”

The lift touched down and the three got onto it, breathing deeply for they all knew that once the doors opened again, it would not be nearly as peaceful.

As the lift began to decline in speed, all three gripped their sabers tightly and prepared to deflect anything as their sabers rose from their dormant states.

Fortunately for them, the turrets were currently ignoring the trio, unfortunately, they were all fixed upon Archean, Ylith, and Sashar, who were standing in the middle of the room, turrets in all directions, apparently having activated after the warriors had thought the room was clear and entered.

“Let’s help them out, quickly!” Yelled Quejo, using the Force to increase his speed as he took off.

The two nodded and quickly followed, soon both trios fused into one large group of comrades and sabers, deflecting all shots coming towards them, keeping their eyes on each others backs, protecting each other as a true force to be reckoned with, all with determined eyes, quick wrists, and a strong will to protect and win.

“Have at them with one last attack, then lets get out of here!” Yelled Quejo in-between blocks and dodges, his eyes trained onto the two closest turrets to him.

Each nodding to one another, they all blocked one last blast aimed at them before focusing the Force between all of them, each one raising their own and their partner’s powers before they let out an immense wave of power, the air actually wavering and distorting around them as their Force flew out, bending and destroying many Turrets in the direction of the Lift.

“Go for it!” Yelled Ylith

They all quickly began running towards the Lift as quickly as they could, deflecting blasts in any direction, just trying to get to it as fast as possible.

“Everyone on guard, one goes up at a time!” Yelled Archean “Ktulu, you first!”

Ktulu nodded and deflected one last blaster shot with his amethyst blade before running into the left and using the Force to jump up onto Ground Level.

“Next, Sashar!” Yelled Ylith

Sashar backed up slowly, deflecting shots quickly as he spun his aquamarine saber in a windmill fashion, trying to keep them on him instead of his allies as long as he could before turning around and jumping up.

“Jeax!” Yelled Archean

As more and more turrets became destroyed and warriors left, the faster the remainders began firing, almost as if the computers sensed the Dark Jedi’s desperation.

Jeax forced a turret to turn as soon as it fired, blasting its shot into one of its allies, destroying it and bending the barrels so itself was of no use either, then quickly turned around, his crimson blade a blur as he rushed to the lift and jumped to his friends.

“Your next Quejo!” Yelled Ylith

Quejo looked at the two, almost ready to tell them to go in his stead, but then nodded as he saw their skills, fighting as one in perfect mirror-like unison.

Turning on a dime, Quejo quickly ran inside the lift, his emerald saber singing the ground as the tip hit it before he leapt up to the warriors.

“You ready?” Yelled Ylith

“I’m not leaving without you again Brother, we do this together this time.” Yelled Archean

Ylith smirked slightly, the pair side by side, their sapphire and ruby sabers deflecting blasts left and right, each one spinning to protect the back of the other, their sabers forming a protective sphere around them as they fought.

Slowly backing up, the pair nodded to each other before quickly running inside the lift and jumping up, the air soaring around them as they joined their clansmen, each prepared for the journey ahead of them in this quest to take back their home.

Ylith Pandemonium

09-03-2006 12:16:44

OOC: from Phoenix Crest Run On, within Tarentum

"Ok, you sure the codes were correct?" Ylith said reviewing the paper Archean gave him
containing the shut down codes.
"Those are it, please make it fast two minutes are past so we only have six left."
Archean said nervous.
Ylith walked into the armory where the bomb was between pieces of explosives from
the armory itself. If the bomb would explode the damage would be too high to explain.

Ylith inserted the codes and the handle bagan to rise and turn.
"looking good." Ylith said hopefully, but suddenly, when the handle tried to lower down
de-activating the bomb, it stuck.
"Damn!" Ylith cursed and he looked at the timer, marking 2 minutes left.
"Now what?" asked Ylith nervously to Archean.
Archean tried to speak but the pain overwhelmed him too much and he tried not to pass out.

Ylith sighed and knew Archean was unable to lend assistance. He had only one chance to disarm
the bomb, just slam the damn handle down. Ylith took his chances, he had one minute left so he
lifted his war blade and slammed on the handle with the end of his hilt. The handle slammed down
and the bomb was bleeping for a few seconds and then it had shut down.
Ylith sighed in relief and grabbed the power cables fully disarming the bomb. The door began to close.
Ylith used all his force powers to jump trough the chamber and trough the door closing in less
then 1 second behind him.

Ylith grabbed the communicator and read Welsh's message that a ship was waiting to fetch them to Yridia IX.
"Ylith to Havoc over."
"Havoc reading, what can I do for you sir?"
"Get the men out here to sweep Phoenix, the bombs are down."
"affirmative, pickup on their way, ETA 5 minutes." the communications officer said.
"Thanks, Ylith out."

Ylith grabbed Archean and carried him trough the halls of Phoenix. After a while he reached the
docking bay where Pirates were waiting to evacuate.
Ylith cursed them to hell and back again and just as he wanted to put Archean down blasters were
fired on the Pirates. Ylith looked around the corner and saw Tarentum troops making their way into Phoenix.
Ylith walked to them and was greated warmly and got the first shuttle back to the ship.


The Obelisk Knight opened his eyes again when he took a small moment of meditation when he arrived onto
the ground floor of the Arconan Base. Ylith's anger startted to surge trough him as Archean already forgot
what he had done for him. The Obelisk was a seething mass of anger and hatred and all those around him
could clearly feel his aura of darkness.

Archean turned around to face Ylith.
"Well brother we made it back alive didnt we?" Archean said smiling, hoping that the fued between him and
had ended by now, instead it did not even nearly reached it's climax. The Valheru warrior's eyes were spatting fire
and he walked past Arch without saying anything.

"Stop." Archean suddenly said and Ylith stopped, his back facing the Sith Knight, only slightly turning his head so the
lizard like eyes reached their corners having a clear view on the Sith.
Ylith stayed silent, his heavy breathing telling the Sith that the Obelisk could snap at any second.
"Why are you so angry?" Archean asked and Ylith returned his gaze forward again, saying nothing once more.
"Damnit Ylith stop being so self centered and tell me!"

The eyes of the Valheru Knight narrowed and he gritted his teeth, barely containing his anger.
"Self centered?" were the only words the Obelisk almost spat out in anger. The hatred blinded him and the huge
desire to taste the Sith's blood was getting stronger and stronger.
"God damnit Ylith! I saved you on the Phoenix Crest remember? I saved your god damn life over and over again
and you NEVER thanked me!" Archean spat out revealing his own frustration and anger.

Ylith suddenly drew his Valheru sword and pushed the steel blade onto the neck of the Sith, his Valheru eyes almost
burried behind his angered look. Archean backed off untill he was pushed against the wall and a small drop of blood ran down the Sith's throath as the sharp blade pushed against his flesh.
"I saved YOUR life! I saved you! Three times did I save you! Without me you wouldnt even have made it to Guardian!
You got the credit! You got the fancy promotions and the great awards, and what did I get? I GOT BETRAYED!" Ylith
shouted as he removed the blade and slammed Archean across his face with the back of his hand.

"You Sith are all the same double crossing backstabbers. I hate you!" Ylith ahouted. Archean rose from the ground
and when he did a turret suddenly popped up from behind Ylith, firing at the Valheru. The Obelisk took a step
aside as the force told him about the threat. Tearing trough his robe and then slamming into Archean's chest as
he could not have seen it coming.
Ylith threw his Valheru sword into the Turret and smashed it. The Obelisk moved to Archean, who was bleeding heavily.

"Brother....help me..." Archean said and Ylith just bend over so his head got next to his, and the Obelisk whispered
into Archean's ear. "Now suffer what I have...."

The Obelisk rose and turned his back on his Aedile friend, his heart protesting but his hatred to strong. He left his
friend, brother and fellow Aedile to die, just like he left him before.


09-03-2006 16:52:47


It was only when the four reached the safe confines of the Mess Hall that they realised they lost their Aediles.

“I swear to Hyne…” Sashar muttered as he turned about, sabre still in hand and retraced their steps hastily, his whole body beginning to shake from adrenaline letdown. The Archpriest was literally exhausted. His force reserves were dwindling, his whole body was a mass of knotted muscle on the verge of cramp and he looked nightmarish covered in blaster scorch-marks only partially deflected. His robes were a write-off for the most part as they were a polka-dot of scorched holes revealing reddened and blistered skin. His left sleeve was torn off and wrapped around a particularly nasty blaster burn around his bicep. He was pretty sure his nose was at least partially broken (courtesy of Ylith) and had a couple of blaster creases running across his cheek and forehead. What little of his skin that had evaded harm was caked in ozone discharge from the turrets and his once-perfectly polished sabre was smudged and smeared with the same grime produced by sweat and ozone.

There was a hint of movement ahead of the Mandalorian and he hastened his paste, just in time to see Archean slump to the floor, a vicious blaster-wound to his chest. Ylith was no-where in sight.

Sashar skidded to the blinded Knight’s side and grimaced as he took an appraising glance at the wound. It had punctured his lung and Arch was struggling for breath, a tendril of blood trickling from his side. He knew from past experience that even Jedi, regardless of their alignment, wouldn’t have much of a chance surviving a wound like that.

Urgency drove Sashar on, and he picked the Aedile up as gently as he could and headed back to the comparative safety of the Mess Hall. His mind was a near-panic as he prayed that no other opportunistic turrets would take a pot-shot at him while he was fully-laden, and whatever deity was listening must’ve decided to give him a break, as he made it back unimpeded.

Quejo cursed a long stream of Rodian-expletives and demanded to know what happened to his Aedile, while Selene and Trepidus took him from Sashar and placed him onto one of the benches, already working on stopping the flow of blood.

The mood there was grim indeed. Sashar sagged down against a wall and leaned his head back, hoping he would be allowed to rest for at least a bit this time. He intended to be fully at strength when the Oriens Obscurum Aedile returned; the Valheru had a lot of explaining to do.


Jeax Zirv

09-03-2006 18:11:50

Jeax breathed hard, watching as everyone attended to Archean, many pouring all their remaining force power into him to heal him quickly.

As Jeax let his eyes wander over the hall, they turned to Ethran, still unconscious due to the immense blast he had took earlier. He was healed up very well, but the blow had given him a concussion. Jeax had to know who he was, where he came from, the nagging feeling in the back of his mind was driving him insane until he felt a small pain in his mind. He bit his lip and rubbed the side of his head until he heard footsteps, pulling his hand down to his side.

“Jeax.” Said Quejo as he walked up to the Knight. “Ylith is still missing. We don’t know whether to expect the worst or what due to Archean’s injury. I’d hate to ask it of you, but could you hunt him down? I’d do it, but I’m helping keep things organized here and you seemed to handle yourself well enough out there.”

Jeax nodded. “I’ll do it Sir.”

“Just be careful. From what I understand, he’s in a bit of a bad mood.” Smirked the Quaestor.

Jeax smiled back. “I know. I’ll think of something, don‘t worry Sir.”

He closed his eyes tightly and breathed in, letting his own force heal him as much as he could while keeping enough for what he had in mind. As he opened them, he turned towards the door and pulled his Lightsaber out, but not because of the turrets, he knew that almost all of them had been taken out on the Ground Level due to everyone’s rush to the Hall, but because he had to be prepared at any time for the Aedile.

As the saber softly hummed, Jeax continued walking down the halls, feeling out for Ylith’s signature.

He quickly felt it as a roar resounded through the air, followed by a loud explosion and a cloud of dust and fire flew in front of an intersection a couple hundred feet in front of him.

The growling continued as it slowly grew in intensity, coming closer to him until Ylith walked from the smoke, it rolling off his body as he took slow steps, sword in hand, dragging along the ground.

“Aedile Ylith, we need you back at the Mess Hall Sir.” Said Jeax, trying to reach the logic center of Ylith’s brain.

“And what? Save my pathetic so-called brother’s life AGAIN?” Roared Ylith, his voice seething with anger. “I’ve made that mistake too many times to turn back now!”

Jeax breathed in deeply, deactivating his saber and putting it back. “If I have to take you back by force, I will do it Sir.”

“Just try!” Growled Ylith, his eyes slitting even thinner as he focused upon the Krath.

Jeax concentrated upon Ylith’s being, breathing in slowly even as Ylith’s pace began to increase, quickly progressing from a slow walk to a fast run.

Just as Ylith got to within striking range, Jeax quickly jumped up and flipped, using his feet to lock onto the barrel of a disabled turret, reaching down and grabbing Ylith’s shoulders tightly, his eyes shining Red and Black brightly as he concentrated.

Ylith growled and reached up, grabbing the Knight’s collar and threw him hard onto the ground a few feet away from him, breathing hard and taking deep breathes.

“Damn…Krath…” Said Ylith, breathlessly. He quickly tensed his entire body and relaxed, allowing a flood of energy to rush through his body, regaining his strength through his wrath. “Use Absorb Energy as much as you want, I can take you even without the Force!”

Jeax rolled back quickly as Ylith stabbed his blade into the ground where he had been. Quickly getting up, Jeax stood sideways, his hands away from Ylith.

“You really don’t want to.” Said Jeax, focusing on the outcome he knew was soon to come.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Yelled Ylith as he ran to Jeax, slashing his sword quickly, missing Jeax by hair lengths, his eyes darting to each new location of the Krath.

Just as Ylith swung his blade in an upwards slash, Jeax dodged to the right, then quickly charged the Obelisk, thrusting his hands forward quickly as he used the Force he absorbed from Ylith against him, roaring as the energy flooded out from his hands, slamming into Ylith hard.

Ylith groaned loudly, his eyes becoming clouded over as pain overtook his mind. The wave of Force wasn’t designed to hit him back, it was designed to apply pressure over his entire frontal body, hitting his pressure points and other points of weakness from earlier sustained wounds. The absorption of Force wasn’t just designed for this either, as Ylith quickly realized. Absorbing the Aedile’s Force prevented him from drowning the overwhelming pain out of his mind.

Ylith collapsed as Jeax caught him, the blade ringing as it hit the ground.

“Maybe a nice time-out will give you some time to think.” Said the Knight, picking up his leader’s weapon and dragging him through the halls slowly.

After wandering through the halls long enough, Jeax finally saw the door to the Mess Hall. Placing his hand upon Ylith’s shoulder, he transferred what was left of his Force into him, allowing the Aedile to gain conscience and stand slowly, groggily rubbing his head as Jeax handed him his weapon.

“Nice to see you’ve calmed down.” Said Jeax

Ylith looked at him, glaring slightly, but then closed his eyes and tried to relax as he sheathed his sword. “Thanks, I guess.”

“Anytime Sir.”

The two walked towards the door, preparing for a long amount of questioning.

(NOTE: To let you understand, I didn’t god-mode, I simply used logic. 1, Ylith was insanely mad, he told me himself he wouldn’t be able to think straight. 2, Due to all the fighting going on, Ylith’s Force would be nearly gone already, it wouldn’t take long to take the remainder of it. 3, My Dexterity is higher than Ylith, I would be barely fast enough to dodge his attacks.)

Ylith Pandemonium

09-03-2006 20:30:38

OOC: From 'The Dark Side of Love III' by Ylith Romanae

Archean made his way trough the dead and twitching bodies of Pirate and Tarentum forces, they would be used for
the higher ranks to use their necromancy on. Probably to fight the Pirates again without losing additional forces and
even expanding their forces.
Archean reached the front line and was heading for Ylith as suddenly a tank rode onto the hill aiming at Ylith.
”Ylith look out!!” Archean shouted but it was already too late. Ylith saw the tank and stepped aside but before he could
react properly the tank fired his bulk grenade, created to slam trough the enemy forces and exploding when slamming
into the ground. Archean watched as Ylith’s arm got his by the grenade and simply got shredded off of his torso as if it
was going trough a sheet of paper. Ylith fell back and screamed in agony and pain. Archean grabbed his communicator,
only to use in times of need.
”Welshman, this is Archean! Ylith is down, I repeat Ylith is down! He has been hit by a Pirate assault tank! I am taking
him with me.”
”This is Welshman, get him back here, I’ll send some re-enforcements to cover you.”
”I copy, Archean out.”

OOC: from 'Scimitar of Warfare.' by Ylith Romanae

The Hunter rose to his feet and fell back to his knees again, emptying his stomach. The Hunter regained from his
disorientation and already fought for his life again, blocking an incoming bow, slashing trough his chest, crushing
ribs and tearing lungs. The Hunter had to decide what to offer now, his heart or his mind. The Hunter was lost in
thought, the force guiding his body to fight for him. If he would give his heart, he would not be able to feel the
passion for life, and the power it can give, yet it would make him fearless and cold. Giving up his mind would make
him lesser in the force, but would give him strength and psychotic twists which would make him even more dangerous.
The Hunter slashed trough a woman’s arm and up again trough a man’s face. The Obelisk Hunter now had to choose,
if he wanted to survive.

The Scimitar became heavier, a sign it took more strength then it eventually would give. The Hunter suddenly felt cold
steel slicing trough his skin as a sword went trough his back. The Hunter turned and slammed it trough the man and
twisted the sword, cracking all of his ribs in one movement. The Hunter closed his eyes, and spoke these silent words:
“In the abyss I serve the darkness, and for the darkness I offer my mind.”
The runes on the blade started to shine again and the Hunter slashed trough a man and also slashed trough
dimensions, creating a portal. The Hunter didn’t wait a moment and jumped trough the portal, slashing trough those
who wanted to follow. When the Hunter went trough the rift closed behind him.


Ylith still sat with his back against a the wall just outside the Mess Hall. Jeax already got in and the Knight knew
that sooner or later he had to go in and face his guilt. He could remember the Obelisk Rite of Supremecy very well
and when he glanced at his arm he know Archean did save his life once. He could remember well how he risked his
life to save his. The Valheru sighed, the force slowly coming back to him, healing what had yet to be healed.
Ylith's thoughts were scattered throughout his mind.

Ylith's heart suddenly was throbbing of pain and when he watched his chest he could see the scarred 'X' on his chest
above his heart appear again. A sign his former Master gave to show him his weakness. The Knight rose from his
seated position and the slids of his lizard eyes turned from normal into madness again. His mind failed to keep
him sane, which was a very dangerous aset to have for an Obelisk Knight.

The Valheru pushed the doors of the Mess Hall open and walked inside. Eyes were following him untill he took a seat
somewhere in the back, watching how a group of Dark Jedi, including his Apprentice to fight for Archean's life.
Ylith just sat alone, in the shadow, silently meditating and healing his wounds. The Sith Knight was out of danger
but the wounds were still severe.

Sashar suddenly appeared from the other side of the Mess Hall, he would have probably felt the aura of the Valheru
when he came into the Mess Hall. Sashar approached Ylith and ignited his saber, holding it in fron of Ylith's neck.
"Now tell me Valheru, where were you?"
Ylith only grinned and took a sip of his water before looking at the Archpriest, looking at him with a deranged gaze.
"You're insane..." Dash said on a surprised tone and Ylith.

Ylith rose from his seat and ignited his own saber. Sashar took a step back and it did not take long for the entire
Mess Hall to focus their gaze upon the two Dark Jedi.
Suddenly a voice thundered through the Mess Hall, ordering the two Jedi to a halt.
Halcyon, Strategos and Ma'ar finally reached the Mess Hall themselves and they moved quickly towards the two fighting
Dark Jedi

"What is this?!" Halcyon almosr roared and Ylith de-ignited his saber and smiled slightly.
"Seems the little Galeres Aedile swallowed his pride."
Halcyon could clearly feel every fiber of Ylith's body vibrating on midichlorian level with hatred and anger. Halc nodded
at Ma'ar who took Ylith away and Halcyon went to look at Archean himself.

"Will he be alright?" Halc asked and Jeax looked up. "He is stable sir, he did got a huge beating. I have no Idea what
caused this immense damage, and this sure doesnt look like blaster fire to me."
Jeax pointed at the small cut at the Aedile's neck.
"Another thing sir - Jeax said and Halcyon looked at him - when I found Ylith he was in an insane rage, he said
something about beeing betrayed by his brother.."

Archean woke up slowly, trying to get up gathering his strength. Halcyon checked his force level, his health and his
feelings and found that the Aedile did not feel anger, but felt guit and a desire to save his friend from the madness
he had been befallen to.

(Note: Turrets are still there...surprise! So ehh...party aint over yet, more info in Phase 2 opening.)


09-03-2006 20:46:39

Xaviar's Zhaboka was leaning against the troop barracks wall while he was leaning against the wall with his arms folded , looking down at the ground. "While I stand here , waiting to walk into the depths of the abyss which they call a base , the lives of my brethern are at stake." He said to himself , taking a pause. "I feel as if , I need to be taking the fight to the enemy , but I know I have my orders." Xaviar pulled out his datapad and started searching through the base records. Specifically , the base maps. A real-time map of the ground-floor appeared on the datapads screen .

"I could just simply avoid a few turrets and waltz my way down into the Mess Hall , but Im just--" Xaviar was cut off by the sound of a large thud hitting the ground outside , and the sound of turret fire going off rapidly. He grabbed his Zhaboka and quickly opened the barracks door. Their lied an unidentified Chiss Novice , a Krath by the color of his robes. "Help--" The Novice broke off his sentence to go into a violent cough. Xaviar slid his Zhaboka back into the barracks and quickly moved his hands to put the Chiss over his shoulders. "Just stay in with me." Xaviar shouted , the roaring noise of turret fire kept going off. "Just stay with me" He repeated. He slowly unbent his legs , trying to avoid self injury and quickly ran into the barracks , closing the door with a kick from his right leg. With his head rocketing back and fourth , looking for a place to lay the Chiss down , he saw the desk that he had found his note in. Using his elbow , he cleared off the desk , a few picture frames shattered. Slowly , he layed the Chiss down.

"Im going to die , arent I?" Questioned the Chiss. Xaviar nodded his head. "Eventually you will die , but not today , not here with me." He began to analyze the Novices wounds. He had several turret blast shots all over his chest , arms and torso. He knew he had not told the truth to the Novice , infact , he did not know how to even diagnos his condition. Xaviar began going through his medical-bag he had brought from Sub-Level Two and began searching for any pain sedatives. He located a small bottle labeled "Sevroxyde Sedative , Level Two" and quickly found a syringe to use with it. Once he took the medicine through the syringe , he quickly jammed it into the Novices arm. "This will help the pain , just lie down their while I get some help." The Chiss gave a slow nod in approval , and Xaviar quickly sprinted down the long troop barracks. All of the sudden , a woman appeared in front of him.

"You cannot hold on forever" Spoke the woman. She was roughly 1.5 metres tall , and had medium tan skin. "Who--Who are you?" Xaviar said to the woman. "You do not remeber me , I wouldent have expected it. Does the name Guadalupe mean anything to you?" He dropped his Zhaboka and slowly walked closer to her. "Im sorry , but Guadalupe , my sister , is dead. Several years ago. Now Ill ask again , who are you?" His speach became more chocked together. " 'My body might have disappeared , but my spirit will always be with you.' " He dropped down to his knees , putting his face between his hands. "What is it that you ask?" He pleeded. "I want you to let go Xaviar , move on and never look back from this point forward." Spoke the woman , placing her hand on his shoulder. He took up his head , a tear running down his cheek. "For what -- For what reason shall I? I cannot simply forget five years of my family life history." The woman looked down. "Because , if you stay focused on the past , your present and future courses will go right past you. Life as you know it will cease to exist , and it will become a eternal depression. Please , let go." Xaviar gave a faint smile , but then looking down at the ground. "But if I let go , I would never remeber you. You are the only person who gave comfort to me once our parents died. The citizens on the homeworld forsakened me , and you came from a far system just to take care of me. I dont believe I can--" The woman stared deep into his eyes. "You have no choice Xaviar , your path has been set by the Lords , you cant resist it." Xaviar looked right back at her. "The Lords have forsakened me..." Suddenly , a blinding light appeared , and the woman vanished into thin air , and the room returned to its almost pitched blackness.

As Xaviar quickly ran back to the Novice , he shouted to him. "Did you--Did you just see that down there?" The Chiss shook his head once he got there. "You dident see that--" He paused. "You dident see that howler move across the floor?" The Chiss shook his head again. "Right , well it was probally just my mind decieving me. I believe you should just sleep , Ill apply the medicine right now" The Novice grinned and closed his eyes as Xaviar applied the blast-healing medication , developed by the Krath long ago. After applying it , he quitely walked to a chair laying a metre from the desk. He sat down and looked at his hands. Quitely , he spoke. "They all have left me , here in the realm of life. I will not fight for Guadalupe any longer--" He paused. "I will fight for the Brotherhood."


10-03-2006 07:45:40

“No….no….nooooooooooooooooooooooo” Archean’s screams could not be heard, his mind wide awake, his body not.
“Help me! Someone, hear me!” The Sith’s mind was in overdrive, although in an unconscious state, his mind was fully aware of his surrounds. The incident that had happened to him played over in his mind like some wicked, terrible horror movie, not being able to awake from the nightmare.

The Aedile’s chest was in excruciating pain, feeling as though there was a hole directly through him. The blood could be felt inside of him, feeling as though it was slowly seeping out of him, draining him, till there was nothing left.

“So this is what Ylith wants me to feel.” A voice echoed through his mind.
“But I didn’t do anything wrong.” Another voice replied
“You left him there to die, don’t deny it, you filth.”
“NEVER! I went to get supplies.” The voice barked
“Pfft, you left him to die.” The voice soon disappeared, it finished toying with Archean’s emotions. The voice didn’t disappear fully, it still lingered, coming into hearing, then back out, like a ripple, Archean stood firm, he did not leave his brother to die and would not accept that, not in this lifetime, not any lifetime. Archean’s mind turned dark, then went light, like a movie had started. It showed the Sith Knight walking around the Arcona base, alone, not a sound could be heard, no person could be seen.

Suddenly the Aedile let out a raging cough, coughing up blood from his chest, it flowed down his chin and onto his already tattered shirt. The coughing didn’t subside, but got worse, more of the red liquid gushed out the mouth of the Sith.

“Quick, get some towels.” Lucius pointed Stormghost to the direction of the supplies, she ran over as fast as she could, Ylith looked on, almost in ecstacy, to see the Sith Aedile in such pain brought happiness to his black soul. Quejo looked over in disgust.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, to call yourself an Arconan, you wish these things on a fellow Clansmen? Quejo spat. Ylith didn’t say a word. Sashar looked on helplessly, the Archpriest and the Aedile befriended each other, in the short time that they’ve been here. Holding in his anger and frustration, he just stood there. Jeax and Trepidus watched on anxiously, not knowing the fate of both Knights.

Strategos and Halc left the group for a short moment, coming up with what should happen to the visibly psychotic Oriens Obscurum Aedile.

“What do we do?” Asked Strategos. Halc lowered his gaze as he thought to himself, thinking about all the possibilities, he looked up, focusing on Ylith just sitting there. Halc turned back to Archean, lying on the floor, with Lucius and Stormghost tending to him, still coughing sporadically. The difficulties of the situation hadn't even begun.

Ktulu Xyler

10-03-2006 13:09:50

Ktulu watched as the members of Arcona milled around. He saw the look of unbridled glee take hold of Ylith's face as Arch writhed in pain. Saw Quejo reprimand the Obelisk Aedile. He took note of the Rokir's actions trying to gauge his intentions. He noticed the grim look in the ProConsuls eyes.

Although the insight would help him in due time, he was doing his best to not think about what the Krath Apprentice was doing to his back. He refrained from using the force to null the pain that the Apprentice was causing. He did not want to drain every last bit of reserve in him and render himself totally useless. No, that was what he would have done in his younger days. Now he was careful, when it came to himself. Self-preservation was at the top of his list of things to do. If it meant saving others to help protect the base then he would do it. Apprentices and Novices would be the ones to suffer the full brunt of an all out attack. Or maybe they would be chipped away by skirmish attacks, such as running into an active turret.

The Priest smiled as he envisioned the young Krath Apprentice getting caught in a flurry of blaster bolts, vividly imagining them rip through his body and tearing his torso apart. Grunting as the Apprentice smacked a bacta patch onto his back, Ktulu stood up.

"But sir you are not done yet!" The Apprentice exclaimed. "I still need to put more patches on your back. Nearly half of your back is skinless. I don't know how you managed to not notice it."

Whirling around on the Apprentice, Ktulu pointed one of his artificial fingers straight into his face. "Well then, you better finish up and fast!" Allowing himself a little humor, Ktulu put a sizable amount of force emphasis behind his comment. Resulting in the Apprentice swallowing visibly and start to shake.

Sitting back down with his back to the Apprentice, Ktulu looked back up towards Quejo. The Sith was looking at him with a hint of a smile. Their positions were an awkward one. In Arcona, Quejo was the dominant one. Outside, it was Ktulu who led the Sith. It was an uneasy bond the two shared within the Brotherhood. They were unable to be comfortable around each other unless they were alone. In the current situation, privacy was scarce.

Turning his back on Ktulu, Quejo looked over at Ylith once more. "When this is over, you and me are going to have a talk." Without waiting for a reply, Quejo turned in the direction of the Clan summit and sent out a summons to the Priest. Follow me brother.

Nodding, Ktulu checked if the Apprentice was finished yet and was surprised to see that he was no longer there. Letting a small grin go, Ktulu stood up and started to make his way towards Quejo. Letting his hand drop to his side, he felt for Sedeka. Patting it upon finding the hilt, Ktulu let go a small sigh of relief. So far Sedeka had yet to let him down and he was still in ownership of it.

It wasn't long before the Priest found himself just paces away from the gathering summit. He hadn't realized it earlier, but the growing number of Arcona's sons and daughters were giving the force a centralizing point. Making the mess hall seem as if it was almost a force well. The Priest felt his own strength come back to him with a much faster grace then usual.

This much Dark Side energy found in one spot was almost enlightening. Somehow, Ktulu found himself able to think much clearer and thus much faster. However his line of thought rapidly disappeared when he heard a familiar voice ring out, clearly intent for his ears.

"This is no place for a Xyler or a Krath, Priest." Halcyon muttered. "I suggest you leave at once."

Ktulu felt it almost as clearly as he would have felt a punch. The group suddenly spiked with enraged emotions. Though none dared to face the Adept for fear of retribution. Something that Ktulu had gotten over some time ago.

"Yah forget Rokir." The Priest spat out the name. "Ah'm not tha only Xyler nor am Ah tha only Krath around here." Making a motion as if he were counting, Ktulu continued. "By mah count, that puts you at a two man disadvantage. Three tah one. Normally Ah would feel a bit safer with those numbers, but Ah'm feeling lucky today." Ktulu slowly made his way closer to the Consul with each word. Towering over the emerald topped Sith, Ktulu looked down into his eyes.

"Ktulu now is not the time." Strategos started. "We don't need for this damn feud to start up again."

Without breaking eye contact with the Priest, Halcyon spoke. "Who said it ever finished Strat?" Leaning forward as he spoke, Halcyon brought his face even closer to the Priests. "Just because little Ktulu ran away doesn't mean I was finished with him. Come to think of it neither was Vassan."

Nearly leaping out of his robes, Ktulu jabbed a finger in the Consul's face. "Yah just wait, Rokir, there will be a time when yah will have tah face me alone. Last Ah checked Vassan aint here to help yah out. Ah mean he did level out tha height loss for you."

Halcyon sneered and glared into Ktulu's eyes. "There's just you and Q-ball here. You two can't do anything to even if you wanted to. I mean Arcturus isn't here to save you now is he? I saw to it personally." Halcyon smiled as he let the last bit pass his lips.

Despite the crowded area, Ktulu managed to move at a relatively fast pace and had his hand wrapped around the Rokirs throat. "Yah leave Arc outta this yah green haired bastard!" Ktulu roared. His left arm rising as the amethyst blade leapt forth from Sedeka's emitter.

Instantly four more lightsabers ignited, the snap-hiss of all five garnering the attention of everyone in the mess hall. Sedeka's amethyst blade crashed against the Rokir's emerald blade. Both were held in place by the green and blue blades of Strat, Quejo and Ma'ar. None of them wanted what the Adept and Priest were now longing for.

"You can't even get to me here Priest. What makes you think that you can take me on one to one?" Halcyon snarled.

"Yah forget Rokir, we are being interrupted right now by yur henchmen." Spat Ktulu, his anger was livid and visible in the red depths of his eyes.

"Ktulu!" Strat nearly shouted as he pushed himself in between the pair. "Now is not the time to avenge Arc. We need to protect our base right here right now."

Seething with anger, Ktulu lifted his thumb just a hair. Sedeka's amethyst blade extinguished and Ktulu turned away, throwing a Krath Apprentice to the side, as he couldn't get out of the Priests way.

Behind him, he could feel the stare of the Summit on his back and the smirk that crossed the Consuls face.

Jeax Zirv

10-03-2006 21:15:34

Jeax wandered through the Hall, doing any odd-jobs and helping as much as he could to tend to the wounded, until suddenly he was called again by Quejo.

*We need you for something important, come to the left side of the Mess Hall, you’ll see us.* Spoke Quejo through Telepathy.

*Yes Sir.*

Jeax handed the Protector he was helping a bacta patch and walked as he was instructed, looking for the Quaestor. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, what did the main leaders of the Clan want with him. Catching the wave of a hand out of the corner of his eye, Jeax turned and saw the two Quaestors, Proconsul, and the Consul.

“Jeax, thank you for coming so quickly.” Said Strategos

“Anytime Sir.” Said Jeax, starting to bow before noticing a hand in front of him.

“I have to thank you for helping to rescue and saving numerous people.” Said Halcyon, smiling at the young Knight.

Jeax looked slightly nervous as he shook the hand of the Consul, staring him in the eye.

“And I understand you just joined us from Rogue, is that right?” Said the Adept, smirking. “It’s a good thing you’ve come, we’d be missing a pretty good errand boy. May I ask what were you doing while you were gone?”

Jeax’s face twitched slightly and he nearly felt like crying, but then bit his lip hard, focusing tightly to keep himself neutral of emotion. “Just training to get stronger Sir.“

Hal’s eyes examined the knight, the smile on his face seeming more plastered for a second, as if he was trying to figure out what had just happened. “Well, nonetheless, thank you very much for everything.”

Jeax nodded and each pulled their arms away. “What was I called for Sir?”

“Ah yes. Seeing as how you have your hands everywhere, could you perchance fill us all in on any information you can think of that we should know?” Said Halcyon

“What all do you know so far Sir?” Asked Jeax

“Don’t worry about that, it would be far easier for you to just tell us what you know Jeax.” Said Strategos.

“Well, I guess most important would be a medical report. About 90% of the house has suffered at least one severe wound that takes their performance capabilities down a notch, more than ¾‘s of them are under the Knight rank. The most severely wounded of the clan are the warriors Archean and Ethran, Archean suffering from a unknown, yet severe wound, from which he has regained consciousness for a few moments before blanking out again, and Ethran suffered a hard turret shot to the chest, he’s completely healed, but suffered a concussion and is still knocked out.

Concerning attendance, nearly everyone in the Clan is here, minus very few members. No one knows where to look for them, though I did receive a note from Xaviar, a Protector, on Sub-Level 1 saying to meet up here.

About the threat, so far the only attacks against us has been by our own defenses. The turrets are self-repairing if not out-right disabled or destroyed, and apparently seem to upgrade every so often due to their A.I. They currently have 8 barrels, 2 on each of their four sides and their blasts are very quick and strong, able to cause a Lightsaber to jerk back even in some of the strongest grips. Droids have also been turned against us, most dangerous are the Training Droids, which were searching the Ground Level for a long time before a few clansmen said they saw the droids dropping down the lifts, so now they can be anywhere in the entire complex. Security has been cut off, almost next to none of the original codes work, so access to most locations must be forced. According to rumors, many believe there are rebels hiding in several key locations, though none can say for sure what locations those are.”

“Great job on the defense system Strategos,” Said Halcyon, turning to him. “Nice to know its good enough to kill even us…”

“You said to make it strong.” Smirked Strategos “Think of it as a live or die training program for them all.”

Halcyon shook his head and turned back to Jeax, nodding. “Thank you Jeax, that will be enough for now. We have much to discuss, please leave us to talk.”

Jeax nodded and started to walk off when Quejo stopped him for a second.

“I hate to bother you, but why hasn’t anyone been sent out for the missing people you mentioned?” Asked the Quaestor

“I’m sorry to admit it Sir, but many suspect them to be dead due to the standing fact that no one has heard from any of them since this all began.”

“What about that note you mentioned, from a Protector named Xaviar?”

“I haven’t heard anything from him since. I don’t know what to do about him.”

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to go on one last search mission?”

“Sure thing Sir.” Said Jeax before bowing and walking away, grabbing a few bacta patches as he walked towards the exit.

As he left the safety of the Mess Hall, Jeax looked around, taking a deep breath and sighing, bringing his hand up to his left cheek, trailing one finger along his skin, almost as if drawing on himself. He closed his eyes and focused on the Force, trying to sense for where Xaviar was, but due to the immense concentration of all the Jedi within the Mess Hall, it felt as though the entire Level was filled with Force. He would have to search every room.

“After everything I’ve been through, I still got to save everyone…”

Jeax was hating himself, greatly, as he rushed down the halls, using the force he had regained to help him speed through the rooms, his saber a blur as he deflected blasts and cut off turret barrels, not bothering to try and disable them this time, knowing they’d simply regenerate. He was not bothered by being ordered to save Xaviar and anyone else he found, but by the fact that he still wanted to help everyone and couldn’t get the “Savior” feeling out of him. It made him sick.

Stopping so quickly his robes flew around him as if blown by a strong gust, Jeax stood in the middle of the Hangar, looking around for Xaviar. His mind was everywhere, he was unable to concentrate ever since his talk with Halcyon, and it was driving him insane, it was taking away his mental strength, he was losing his composure.

~Where is she?~

~Where is he?~

~We have to find them!~

~We have to save them!~

~What are we waiting for?~

~They’re going to die, they’re going to die, they’re going to die!~

~Is it over…?~

Thoughts, memories, everything began to blur together deep within Jeax’s mind. He tried to push it out of him, but he just couldn’t focus. Thinking as quickly as he could, he got out his data pad and activated the map, checking the entire Level for places he hadn’t searched. All that was left was the Troop Barracks.

Running as quickly as he could, though he could no longer call upon the force due to the distractions within his mind, Jeax took off for the Troop Barracks, blocking as many shots as he could, take several more than usual as he got hit hard in the shoulder and hips before coming to the door, slashing it open quickly with his saber and ducking inside.

Xaviar got up out of his seat and looked at Jeax, who seemed to be unable to look him in the eye. “Jeax, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, we have to get out of here now.” Jeax said as he glanced around the room, then noticed the journeyman on the table. “Pick him up, I‘ll protect you both as best I can.” He said as he helped Xaviar pick the warrior up and slung him over his shoulder, then quickly ran out of the room, Xaviar following him closely.

Jeax stayed close to Xaviar as the three ran through the halls towards the Mess Hall, Jeax deflecting as many shots as he could, often yelling out for Xaviar to dodge whenever he couldn’t get to a blast fast enough.

Once they finally reached the room and ducked inside, several medics came up to them and helped the journeyman get onto a table and begin healing him, as well as Xaviar.

Jeax looked at the two as they were looked over by the medics. One of them came up to him.

“You’re going to get your own title with all the help your giving to other people.” They said with a smile.

Jeax swallowed and breathed out slowly, looking at them with an eerie calm stare, his eyes almost dulled. Then, without a word, he walked away towards Ethran, who seemed to be the only thing his mind could concentrate on, and sat down in a corner across from his table, head resting against the wall as he stared blankly.


11-03-2006 00:23:34

Xaviar laid motionless on the table as several field medics were addressing his wounds. 'I wish these med's would just hurry up and get this over with--' His own thought was cut off by the feeling of a needle being jammed into his right arm. "Could you have done that any harder?!" Xaviar yelled at one of the female medics , and he cought the attention of nearly half of the Mess Hall occupents. "Im very sorry Protector Xaviar , but this medicine will heal your wounds , and it requires direct artery implementation." The Protector gave a very frank grin and nodded his head. Time began to slow down to Xaviar. Seconds felt like minutes , minutes like hours , and hours like eternity. His eyes slowly closed as medics began working on his wounds.

(From Deception in Our Midst : Xaviar Atjail) The Protector was now on a green field , and nuclear warheads were exploding in the distance. Several figures , as he could see by the shadow behind him , where approaching him from behind. He quickly turned his head to see one Krath with two Obelisk troopers at her side. "Whats going on here? What are those explosions coming from?" Questioned Xaviar. The woman gave a quiet scoff as he shook her head. "You havent heard?" The woman spoke , and almost in unison , Xaviar shook his head. "Naga Shadow launched an all out assult against the system. The Citiadel , due east about thirty clicks , was taken out as their first target , and they have no signs of letting up. Reports I uncovered indicate that a detachment of one of the Naga Shadow battleteams are on their way down. I advise you follow us to my shuttle , so we can escape this certain death." Xaviar could not believe what he was hearing. "So you-- You three are the only survivors?" The Krath nodded. "The envoies of the clan were wiped out while they were meeting in the capital. Our Obelisk troop barracks were detonated by remote charge , we suspect that we where infiltrated by Naga Shadow agents. Also , the Central Sith Aircommand Centre was hit directly from a nuclear device. As the highest ranking Dark Jedi left in Clan Arcona , I am declairing my self Consul of Clan Arcona. We plan to use my shuttle to escape the system , then make a immediate meeting of the Dark Council , will you join us Protector?" Xaviar faced the opposite direction , watching the clouds of nuclear debris rise. The sky had turned a light brown , and he could see rain in the distance. "Abandoning our Clan-Reigning capital planet is such a ludicris idea , but it must be done. I will join you on your trip , Consuler." The Krath smiled. "Very well , we must make haste if we are to escape before their battlelord arrives." "I agree" Xaviar responded. All the sudden , one of the Obelisk troopers turned. "Incomin---!"

The Protector woke up to the shaking of his table from one of the female medics. "Welcome back , Protector." Xaviar quickly shook his head and examined himself. His left arm had a long scar down it , as did his left leg , but the deep burn marks had disappeared. "Thankyou Ms.--" And like that , the nurse vanished into the group of Dark Jedi which occupied the room. He pushed himself off the table and located Jeax , sitting with a unknown Dark Jedi. After checking on the Novice , Xaviar went over and stood next to Jeax.

"May I sit down , Jeax?" The Knight nodded and slid over one seat. "I just wanted to thank you for...saving...me and that Novices hides. We would be in some serious trouble if we did not make it out in time." He extended his hand towards Jeax. "Your welcome , but I did not save you , I was only doing what I was asked." Jeax replied. "That is not what it seamed as." The Protector replied with a chuckle. 'Its like Ive known him from before , before we were studying...' Xaviar thought to himself , as he was glancing around the room.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-03-2006 05:55:22

Everyone sat within the Mess Hall, silently rethinking about all that has happened in the hours since the
alarms went screaming and the Turrets rebelled upon their hosts. For once within most of the Dark Jedi's
lifetimes they cursed the power of their inner defenses. However, since it was their own home they fought
in, they had knowledge of the arena on their side.

Rumors soon spread across the dense air of the Mess Hall, telling that rebels are trying to destroy them in
a swift move, some even say that the people of Getsamane were behind it so they could found their home
right here within the home of the Dark tainted Jedi. The smaller ranked Jedi were in panick as their lack of
power and strength lead them to grave wounds and some casualties.

Even the higher ranked Jedi took a beating, mostly by underestimating the strength of the turret defenses.
Some were licking their wounds while others were licking their pride, as most of the Higher ranked were
either injured lightly or gravely.

Then there was the inner conflict between two of the Arconan members. Two Dark Knights were in a heavy
conflict with each other. Some say it is just because Ylith is jealous, some say it is because Archean despises
Ylith for his power. No one could really tell what was the reason for Ylith's all out hatred against his friend, but
everyone knew the timing was bad and something needed to be done against it.

Ylith sat alone in a corner and pushed what was left of his biomechanical arm into a bath of acids which would
dissolve the flesh around the metal arm. It did not take long before the flash was burned off with a loud hissing
noise. While Ylith was trying to repair his broken arm, his fellow Aedile was still knocked out, finally stable from
the bleeding in his chest due to the usage of the force from any skilled Jedi around. No one seemed to care
about Ylith, even the higher leaders of the clan did not even speak to him.

Archean has his own thoughts about the matter but still couldnt figure his friend out. Guilt filled the Sith but again
anger also tugged at his spirit. He was restless and wanted it to end as soon as possible. For now he decided to
keep himself quiet when he would wake up again. While he could not wake from this long spin of thoughts and
dreams he went searching into himself, hoping to find a reason to his own guilt.

Ylith's mood had calmed down since he attacked Archean, though still everyone without a lightsaber in hand chose
better not to approach him. Jeax was sitting almost in front of the Aedile with Xaviar, the two Dark Jedi, though
from different ranks were already creating a bond of friendship which made them Both Stronger. Many great Dark
Jedi were in the Mess Hall now. Some Ylith only knew by name and some he spoke with in person.
Esca, Sashar, Ma'ar, Halcyon, Strategos, Quejo and more either Legendary Jedi or rising Jedi who took event of
this catastrophy. While normally working solo as a great force, now working all together under one banner as
one massive bulk army of the Dark Side.

Halcyon suddenly moved to one of the tables and rose to stand on it, clearing his throat and when he did the entire
Mess Hall fell silent, for a few still moaning in agony of the pain they had to endure of their wounds.
Halcyon Spoke.

"Fellow Clansmen, today I do not come to you as your Consul, No. In fact now I come as one of you, as a Dark Jedi,
as a friend and an ally. This threat we are facing we cant deal by ourself, neither can we oppose them still like this.
It is time for a counter strike!."

A few Dark Jedi, mostly the smaller ranked, cheered while those higher of rank only smirked and nodded to the
thought of finally paying the bastards back for what they have done.
Halcyon pushed a few buttons on a small computer attached to his lower arm and suddenly a hologram apeared
from the ceiling. Relieved the emergency Holographic Projector was still operable Halcyon moved to it and pointed.

"Before we can launch an all out sweep trough the base we need to shut down the Defense Turrets. We made a plan
on how to do this may this happen once to us, but unfortunatly for us nobody thought it likely to happen so they
made it almost impossible. I say almost because we are Dark Jedi and with the force as our ally we can overcome
these hardships."

Suddenly a map of the ground level appeared and Halcyon pushed a few buttons and two points were highlighted
on the screen.

"To bypass the Turret defences we have made a firmware reflash reprogramming defense, this is made for these
kinds of situations, but to make it work is hard, we will have to acticate all the panels on the same time to make
it reprogram the Turrets, if this fails the Turrets will self destruct and this base will probably collapse, killing us in
the progress. Each panel has a security code, you all know these codes, the number you were assigned to in your
days as an Apprentice to the Dark Side is a code, for each panel you will need two codes, and you can not use the
same code on two different panels. There are seven panels in total.

On this map of the ground level you can see the locations of two of these panels. One of those Panels. is located
in the Security Checkpoint while the other os on the far side of the Hangar Bay on the left of the big hangar door.

On this map of Sub Level one, there are also two panels, both within the Restricted Area zone. This zone has even
more powerful turrets and also uses chemical and biological defense weapons. I advise only the higher ranked
members would take this. If any of the lower ranked members do this, I can not see to your safety.

This map of Sub level two shows you three panel locations, one within the Storage bay, within the study and within
the leader office inside the primairy General Quarters area.

If we want to have any success on defeating this threat we need to cover this first, after this, we can move and
eliminate those filthy dogs! Now get equipped, teamed up and move out. Remember, the training bots are moving
freely now and I advice caution. The A.I is getting updated with every attack we throw at them, so expect

Now my Arconan brothers and sisters! Move out! Make my proud! And kill those bastards!"


Phase 2: Retaliation of the Shadows

{{{{{{ Still Important! }}}}}}}

cool, so Phase one went like a charm, thanks everyone, it rocked to see this thing actually moving :D

anywho, you have read the thing, get to the panels and wait there untill everyone arrives. it would be best
to team up with at least one or two people.

I will be judging on Character Devlopment and Storyline more now, because I feel it would show people how
your character is and how he/she feels. And knowing that will be a great help for the one posting after you
to anticipate your next move.

The Rules are still the same as the last one, here they are anyway:

1: Get teamed up and go for the Panels, you have a week to do so so dont rush it and get to the panel in
the first post, take some time and develop your character and check those of others to develop your knowledge
of other characters. In other words: Get to know each other!

2: 3 Post minimum. You have a week so this will give you plenty of time to get you into 3 posts!

3: No God Mode, this means you can not find the Rebels and kill them, this also means you cant shut the thing down
with the back of your hand. For now the mission is clear: Get to the Mess Hall safely, or at least not dead. Do not take
Arcona’s Defense lightly, what’s the point of having them if they aren’t good anyway…

4: No Spamming or non storyline posts, this will result to a ban from the Run On.

5: No calling posts!

6: have fun!

Here are also updated maps with red circles showing the exact panel locations. Have fun ;)

Ground Level Panel Locations

Sub level 1 Panel Locations

Sub level 2 Panel locations

Signed and Sealed

Ylith Romanae

PS: Phase results will end up in the opening post (post 1)

Jeax Zirv

11-03-2006 11:12:52

Jeax stared at Halcyon throughout his entire speech, trying to blank his mind as he listened. As the cheers rang out, Jeax focused on them and used the news to drown his mind out, breathing deeply as he used the Force to concentrate. A small distraction was all he needed to focus on, and using Telekinesis to shake his Lightsaber was all it took.

Jeax looked around, noticing several people already pairing up, though many of the journeymen were apparently sitting this out as they sat down, leaving only those who were going standing up. Jeax looked to Ethran to see him still unconscious.

“When he wakes up, tell him I asked to talk to him sometime. I’ll be on Sub-Level 2.” Jeax told a medic who was treating him.

The medic nodded and Jeax walked around until Halcyon’s voice rang out once more.

“It may be a good idea for you all to team up in accordance to what Level your going to go to, then split up once you reach that level.” Spoke Halcyon. “Make sure each Panel has someone attempting for it.”

“I call the Panel within the Study on Sub-Level 2.” Announced Jeax before the crowd could start up their conversation again.

Getting several acknowledging glances, Jeax began to walk around, looking for people to join him.

“Archean, any chance your alive enough to join me?” Asked Jeax, smiling at the Aedile.

“I’d love to, but I have something to figure out first.” Said Archean, nodding and smiling back, rubbing his head slightly.

“Maybe next time, good luck.”

“As to you.”

Jeax walked up to Dash next, but saw several people already chatting with him and figured the warrior would probably be taken quickly. A second thought as he turned to Ylith told him not to. If the Knight went crazy again, Jeax could not guarantee a win against the Aedile, so it would be wise to allow someone more powerful to join with him, if he went at all. Quejo would probably join up with the other Quaestor, and Strategos and Halcyon were likely to join up with each other…

“Jeax, I’ll tag along with you.”

Quickly turning around, the Krath saw Xaviar standing behind him.

“Are you sure? Without a Lightsaber, its going to be a lively trip to Hell all the way down to Sub-2.” Warned the Knight.

“Yes, I’m sure I can do it.” Said the Protector confidently.

“Alright then. Let’s find out who will be heading to the other two Panels and group up with them.” Said Jeax.

The knight was nervous about taking Xaviar with him, but he was sure the journeyman could handle himself.

~Saving and Protecting…Such an evil warrior, aren’t you…~ Spoke the voice in the back of Jeax’s head.


11-03-2006 11:45:17

Xaviar looked around the room , he could easily pick out the large crowds who where each centered around the house and clan leaders , as well as some of the more infamous warriors in Arcona. "Im going to go have a little walkabout around here , Ill be back." He told Jeax. "Right , just don't leave the Mess Hall yet , I want to figure out whos heading down to Sub-Level 2 , it would be alot easier on both of us if we had another pair to be with." The knight replied. "Got it" Xaviar quietly said as he left the side of the knight.

Looking around , he could see a large projected screen showing a real-time display of the three levels of the base. Several turrets already resumed fire on those who decided to try and get a headstart on everyone else. 'Pointless , they are wasting their energy and time.' The Zabrak thought to himself. Searching the room for the medics , he quickly re-located the medic who helped heal him. He slowly walked towards her general direction.

"Hey , um , I just wanted to thank you for what you did." He said with a smile. The medic looked up from the journeyman that Xaviar had been with. "Its no problem , Protector , its my duty and job to help those in Arcona with physical injuries and get back into the fight. Its just my job" She said as she moved peice of her curly-brown hair out of her face's way. "Well thanks anyways. So how is he , the journeyman your currently 'attending' to?" He asked. "His injuries are preety servere. His left leg might need a few mechanical replacements , such as at his knee right here. It was tore up preety bad by those turrets. Also at his arm , he --" She was cut off by the sudden jerking movements of the Novice. "Hes going into convulsions!" The medic yelled as two other medics joined her.

Xaviar pushed the two new medics out of the way and laid the Novice on his side. "Comeon man , stay in this , youll be alright." He said as he coushined the Novices head with a blanket that was sitting next to him. "Listen to me , what is your identification number?" The journeyman diden't reply , his convulsions were getting weaker though. "If you want to get better , I need to know , what is your identifaction number?" The Protector questioned again. "Alright thats enough!" A male medic came from behind the group of people surrounding the table , and jabbed a needle into the Novices arm. "He needs to rest right now , anything else that you need?" The Protector shook his head and began to walk back to Jeax.

"Most of the people are already caught-up in conversations , Jeax" He said to the Knight. "No problem , Ill talk to some I know in awhile. Right now , we should just sit here and wait for someone to come to us." The Krath announced. "Ofcourse." Xaviar replied. 'The real problem will be the training bots , now that they can just freely roam the halls of the base. I forgot how many the base holds...amazing...' He thought to himself.


11-03-2006 13:58:35

The Mandalorian sat brooding quietly in the corner. He listened to Halcyon’s speech whilst dwelling on what had happened. Fortunately for the young Novice he had in fact been on his way to the mess hall when the alarms had sounded. He was been given a guided tore by some aid assigned to him in order to familiarize him with the layout of the clan’s headquarters. They had been close to the mess hall when the alarms sounded and both attempted to make their way towards it. The aid, filled with confidence and self importance had decided to take the lead. Unfortunately for him he did not possess the aptitude for surviving the harsh realities of combat nor the control of the force. They had rounded a corner and Kieran watched as scarlet bolts struck the small man sending him flying back into the adjacent wall. The bolts had continued to rain down on the man until nothing but a smoking corpse was left, the sweet smell of burning flesh had filled the corridor. Kieran felt no remorse for the man; it was his pride that had killed him. The Mandalorian made use of the training he had received on Dxun and had arrived at the Mess Hall with nothing but a singed trouser leg; still he cursed at the thought of his clothes being tarnished.

‘The oldest trick in the book, beaten by your own defences,’ the Mandalorian thought smugly to himself, ‘still, there is a lot for me to learn here, and such a situation presents ample opportunity to improve upon my control of the force, after all, I am here to learn.

He waited until Halcyon had concluded his speech before approaching his friend.

“Sashar,” he spoke calmly to the man he looked upon as a brother.

“Ah, I had no doubt you would make it here alive my friend, but please, you must be more careful, you’ve ruined a perfectly good pair of trousers there, am I to look after you like the mother you never had?” asked the Archpriest.

“You know me, always one to mix it up and get stuck in,” Kieran grinned back at his fellow clansmen.

“Perhaps you ought to remain close by me? In case you run into trouble again, this time I’ll be able to fish you out, like on Dxun in our escape and evasion exam eh?” Sashar grinned back.

“Ha! You ought to recall that it was I that saved you from that beast, but not that it matters, I was about to suggest the same thing, after all we do know each other like we know the back of our hands,” the Novice smiled fondly at his brother.

“Agreed, are you armed?” asked his friend.

“As always,” he replied smugly pulling back his overcoat revealing the twin Death Hammers he always carried ornately carved as what was typical with Bounty Hunters, “and of course, my trust vibroblade.”

The Dark Jedi grinned and turned towards another member of the clan who had approached. Kieran took a moment to take stock of the mess hall. Groups of Jedi crowded round each other organizing themselves into teams. The Mandalorian let a grin spread across his face, he enjoyed the thrills of combat, as any true hunter should.

‘This shall prove to be most enjoyable,’ he thought to himself as he checked over his equipment.

He was well armed although he did long for a Lightsaber, but he had to wait until he was fully trained before he could possess one of the majestic weapons the Jedi were so famed for. Despite that, he drew confidence from the fact that the small amount of training he had received already in the clan had improved upon the skills he had been taught on Dxun with his Mandalorian clan; Kodiak. Although he was exiled from he knew that here, he could make a new start and find a new home. His ultimate aim still remained, he longed to take his father’s rightful place as a Mandalorian noble back on Dxun, it had been robbed from his father, and Kieran had sworn he would return one day, in grace and favour in the clan to take his place at it’s head.


12-03-2006 09:45:26


Sashar beckoned Trepidus over and said quietly to his two apprentices “Okay, we’re going for the hardest task of them all; the Restricted area. It’s going to be vicious there, so stay close to me and I’ll see about getting another Knight or two on our side, I don’t like the thought of one sabre against all the crap down there.”

The two nodded solemnly, they knew Sashar was asking a lot of such comparatively new apprentices, but they also both knew Sashar well enough to know that he believed in a baptism of fire.

“Get yourselves psyched up and ready.”

The Archpriest’s first instinct would be to go to Ethran, but he was out cold. Quejo would be too willing to let Trepidus and Kieran die in order to save his own hide, which meant he was out. Jeax, who Sashar actually liked, was already set, which left nobody Sashar knew, as both Archean and Ylith were obvious pre-occupied with their own issues.

He returned a few minutes later looking grim, but a steely determination removed any trace of fear he might’ve felt. “Well boys, it’s just us. Maybe we’ll pick someone else up along the way but don’t count on it. Ready?”

“Didn’t Halcyon recommend that only the more experienced members go for this objective?”

“Yes, but I’ll be with you.”

That seemed to be enough for Sashar, though Trepidus looked unconvinced. Kieran looked sceptical and said after a moment’s hesitation “Brother, we’ll need 4 people to work the two consoles, and, well, in-case it skipped your notice, there’s only three of us.”

Sashar frowned “if we get another Knight to come with us, well, they’re all power-obsessed liabilities intent on stabbing us in the back the first chance they get for no other reason than to replace sex as they’re all hideously disfigured.”

Trepidus grinned “So what’s new with that?”

“Touché, I’ll grab Valnir and see if he’s willing, though watch him, he’ll turn on us the first chance he gets.”

The Knight they were referring to was one Valnir Kayvaan Tiberian, a masked Krath who was known for his aloof attitude to his peers and his skill in combat, despite his apparent weakness with a lightsaber. He was also known as an intensely paranoid type who would never take off his mask, only letting those yellow eyes of his bore right through you. He nodded at Sashar’s request, although the Mandalorian knew that there was an ulterior motive here. The four were almost ready; they just needed to grab some weapons for Trep and Kieran so that they’d be able to hold their own without a lightsaber.

“I’m looking for something in an automatic weapon..." Kieran muttered offhandedly as the quartet set out of the Mess hall, crossing the corridor unscathed to the training bays. Lining the walls was a huge, varied selection of various weapons, all of which were as deadly as the other in the right hands. Valnir sealed them in temporarily whilst Trepidus and Kieran approached the walls. It was almost funny to watch the Mandalorian get this excited, his usually droll exterior ruined by that mischievous glitter in his eyes as he regarded the various methods of destruction.

“Hurry up” Sashar muttered as Trepidus hefted a wicked-looking Vibro-blade, swinging it experimentally. It was like taking a couple of kids to a toy-store.


Jeax Zirv

13-03-2006 06:12:56

Jeax’s Lightsaber continued shaking as he waited for people to come to him to go to Sub-Level 2, but no one was coming yet. Leaning back against a wall, Jeax suddenly felt something in one of his pockets. Getting out the bryar he had gotten earlier, he looked up to Xaviar.

“This is yours, isn’t it?”

The Protector nodded. “But to tell the truth, I really don’t want it anymore.”

Jeax smiled and used Telekinesis to put the weapon with the others in a large pile that several teams were picking through.

The Krath then sighed and glanced once more around the room. Everyone seemed to be talking and no one was approaching them.

“Come Xaviar. Apparently no one is going to come with us. We’ll figure something out.” Said Jeax, turning for the door.

“Don’t assume things so quickly.”

Jeax turned around and saw Quejo and Ktulu behind him.

“We had some things to finish at our little makeshift Summit Meeting.” Said Quejo

Jeax nodded “Sorry to jump to conclusions Sir.”

“No worries, I can understand an urgency to get this job done. Now, I hear you are going down to Sub-Level 2? That is also our destination, Ktulu is aiming for the General Quarters Panel and I for the Storage Bay.”

“Now, seeing as how with the 4 of us the 2nd Sub-Level is covered, how about we get going?” Asked Ktulu

The four nodded and walked to the door, apparently the first group to leave. Three Lightsaber blades activated, the loud humming noise more drawing attention towards them.

“For the glory of Arcona!” Cheered Quejo, a smirk on his face.

Several cheers rang out alongside Quejo’s as the small group left the room.

“That was a nice little thing to do.” Said Ktulu, smirking.

“Never hurts to give a little arrogant pride to the troops.” Replied Quejo. “It’ll make them try harder to prove their the best.”


The four flew down the hall towards the first lift and glanced down it.

“Okay, one at a time, be careful.” Said Jeax

Suddenly a loud beeping was heard and a scraping of metal was heard.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Said Jeax as he turned around.

A turret near them twitched slightly, but didn’t attack them.

“What is it doing?” Asked Xaviar

“Repairing…Behold the wonder of Nan technology and its ability to kill us 50 times over…” Said Quejo. “Thankfully it takes a while.”

Several more beeping sounds resounded and suddenly the 5 closest turrets to them turned their barrels on the warriors.

“Unless of course they were already mostly repaired or barely damaged…” Said Jeax

“Remind me to give Strategos a BIG kiss when we come back.” Muttered Ktulu “Now come on guys, lets get out of here!”

The four quickly turned and jumped into the Lift, blasts going off behind them, scorching the wall in front of them as they fell, the glow of their sabers lighting up the dark shaft.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-03-2006 15:19:26

Ylith moved trough the Mess Hall, polishing his Valheru Sword and placing it back on the holder behind his back.
The Knight had a reputation of anger and sudden flashes of madness, but never againt his own peers. The last
time the Knight knew this anger he litterally slaughtered his wife for betraying him. His former wife, Abigail Romanae,
was a former Light Jedi, but he never thought she would be a Jedi spy and would use him for her personal gains.

When the Knight found out he was in a rage of pure madness, and the whole clan could hear her screams trough the
base. When he was done with her the whole room was spashed with blood and gore. Nothing remained but a memory
of a betrayal which broke the Knight more than he should have allowed.

Suddenly he snapped out of his dream as his Apprentice caught his eye. Selene Stormghost Valheru Galathnea is her
full name. She joined him not too long ago while he was still in Tarentum. She always had a sort of 'crush' for him
though she would now admit it to him. Ylith knew of this but referred to keep it silent.

She walked towards him, together with Archean, who was getting better but was still hurt pretty badly.
"Master, Archean wishes to join you." Selene said and Ylith sighed.
"Brother, I have not forgotten about the missions we've done together, you know as well as I we need to work
together if we want to get trough this." Archean said and Ylith avoided his gaze.
"Fine, we go to the Hangar, Selene you're coming with us." Ylith said and he gave her his Valheru sword. A loan to
his pupil to enpower her more trough the Valheru alchemy placed upon the sword, changing human genes into those
of the once proud Valheru race.

Ylith moved outside and turrets startted to move to his side.
"Selene, Archean, move to the Hangar, NOW!" Ylith said, not a request but a harsh command. Archean took Selene
with him and went around the corner as Ylith whizzed his saber around his body, his one arm pushing hard to push
the incoming bolts back to the turrets. He had no meaning in protecting his old Friend, but he needed him alive to get this defences out of place. Now they moved back to where it all startted. probably with droids and more turrets than before.


14-03-2006 04:49:55

Archean’s anger started to grow, he follows orders but doesn’t enjoy taking them from ignorant, selfish people, especially from someone who doesn’t see him as a friend anymore. How Ylith came to that conclusion confused Archean. The Sith ignited his sapphire blade and jumped forward, sending turret fire back to the source.

“Stay close, Storm.” He signaled as she ran up behind him. Archean stayed in front of her, shielding her from blaster fire. The Obelisk Aedile was already almost at the end of the hallway heading into the hanger, Ylith whipped his head around and gave a scathing look at the Sith Aedile, the Sith moved his eyes from his partner’s and continued to where he was. All the turrets had been destroyed except for one just to the left of Stormghost. The Bruth’Kothae sensed it and back flipped over Stormghost who looked up and saw this body fly over here, one swift slice and the barrel fell to the ground, rendering the machinery useless.

The hallway became silent, only the hums from the activated sabers could be heard echoing. Archean took a deep breath and deactivated his saber, clipping it back to his belt. The crimson blade of the Obelisk entered the hilt.

“You two, into the hanger now!” Ylith barked. Archean’s patience ran out at that moment, he had enough.

“Listen here, don’t you EVER order me around like that, I don’t care if you’re emperor or a lowly peasant, I do not answer to you, I know what to do here, I don’t need to be told like some animal, if it’s anyone who needs to be told what to do….” Archean paused and watched Ylith’s reaction, his face distorted, the hatred was boiling. “At the moment, you haven’t done anything to warrant my respect, you’ve lost a lot in my book, so you either speak to me normally, or you can [Expletive Deleted F-word] off.” Archean’s heart was beating at an extremely fast rate, he had never been this angry at anyone before. Stormghost had a look of shock on her face, the usually calm Aedile was quite the opposite. Ylith’s eyes burned with hatred, he had never heard Archean talk to him this way.

“Remember back in this hall where you decided it’d be fun to turn on me, you said I got all the credit and promotions for the Pheonix Crest. Bull[Expletive Deleted]! YOU were the one who performed your trials before I did, what happened to me? Nothing, we didn’t get anything for it. You got your promotion and I was content training with Ma’ar, fine tuning my skills so I could take my trials when the time came. Why do you do things just to focus on the reward? Damnit, Ylith, stop thinking like that. I know you wanted to partner up so when my guard was down, you could finish the job you started, well [Expletive Deleted F-word] you and this partnership, you want me, you come to me as a friend, not some scheming enemy.” Archean’s breathing had become sporadic, he turned away and walked back to the Mess Hall. His chest began to ache but not to show it he pressed on, the terrible pain in his chest becoming unbearable, he quickly limped into the Mess Hall and grabbed the nearest chair his could, leaving Ylith and Stormghost dumbfounded in the hallway.


14-03-2006 09:38:59

Kieran studied the racks of weapons, he was looking for something in particular, something that he could utilise to destroy the turrets that littered the hallways outside. He had to find something that packed enough power to get passed the armour and that had a decent rate of fire. He glanced over several E-11 Blaster Rifles but discarded them deciding they lacked the stopping power.

My Death Hammers can do more damage than those, he thought calmly to himself.

Aaah, here we are, he grinned as he pulled down an AXM-50 and selected a micro-grenade launcher to fit with it.

“A Blast and Smash Kieran?” asked Sashar looking over his apprentices’ choice.

“Yes, perfect for the task in hand I believe,” Kieran replied whilst fitting the upgrade to the barrel of the weapon, “what I can’t shoot, I will simply blow up.”

“Well chosen,” Sashar replied approvingly.

Kieran bent down and pulled a Vibroknuckler out as well; he hefted the weapon checking it for balance before sliding it into his boot.

“Just in case it gets ugly,” the Mandalorian grinned, almost unable to contain his excitement at the thought of what was to come.

“Which I’m sure it will,” Sashar grinned back at Kieran, knowing full well that it was not likely to be pretty.

Kieran glanced across at Sashar’s second apprentice and watched him examine the Vibroblade he held. He had never met Trepidus before, but he had been assured he could be trusted. His gaze turned to Valnir, whom he had been warned could seldom be trusted. Kieran had no reason to far to suspect the Jedi would turn against him, but he reminded himself he lacked the ability to read minds and thus would have to keep his guard up.

One of the unfortunate things about having to work in a team, Kieran thought as he often preferred to work alone, or at least with someone he knew inside and out. He shrugged off this last thought and concentrated on the task in hand. He would have to have his wits about him if he was to survive this.

“I’m ready,” Kieran announced hefting his blaster rifle and checking his pistols where in good order.

“Then we begin,” replied Sashar turning towards the door.

Kieran gritted his teeth and took a moment in silent reflection to prepare himself for the ensuing combat.


14-03-2006 11:59:16

Selene was terrified as she watched the exchange between her Master and his former friend. She had never seen the Galeres Aedile angry, ever, and now he was in a towering rage, it was quite something to behold. The Guardian wondered if she should follow the injured Knight, she could see that he had over exerted himself and she was worried about his chest wounds that were not fully healed yet. A quick glance at her Master’s hate filled eyes told her that that would be a very, very bad idea. He was absolutely livid that anyone, especially Archean, had the nerve to speak to him like that. Selene made sure that the Valheru Sword she carried was close at hand, no point in taking any chances with the unstable Oblisk, even if she knew she had no chance if he did decide that she was no longer welcome in his presence. She waited a while, but when there was no reaction from Ylith, she softly asked him, ”Master? What shall we do now?”
”I’m going back for Archean.”

Selene watched as he walked back to the Mess Hall, and taking advantage of the slight delay, she firmed her grip on the massive Valheru sword, and immediately felt the change come over her. She closed her eyes and felt the power surge through her body, making her stronger, wishing that when she opened them again, her green lizard eyes would be staring straight into those of her master, the bond between them increasing with each change in her. She so longed that her Master could see that she did not only have a ‘crush’ on him, that she felt so much more.

She desperately hoped that the two friends would sort out whatever it was that had gone wrong between them, yet she also relished in the thought that with Archean gone, her Master was all hers. The conflict between her jealousy towards the bond the two friends shared, her feelings for her Master and her wish for the two friends to remain so, raged inside her soul. Selene wanted to kill Archean herself, for defying her Master, and yet she wanted to see them laughing together, as always.

The confusion in her mind reached a feverent pitch and she did not notice her Master’s green lizard eyes piercing through the very depths of her soul.
“Your thoughts betray you,” he spat the words at her.
The instant pull to reality served its purpose, her green eyes focusing on those of the Dark Knight. All thoughts subdued, for now, focus returning to her.
“Master, I would never…”
Her heart sank as she realized that he did not believe her, the betrayal he had suffered from his wife still commanding his dealings with his female Apprentice.

"Let's get this done."


14-03-2006 17:02:16


The four of them came to a halt at the top of the turbo-lift shaft. Cautiously, Trepidus peered over the edge. There was only a dark abyss staring back.

“Looks clear” he ventured, not sounding convinced.

“You sure?” Sashar asked nonchalantly, already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” He said, injecting sureness into his voice. Certainty he definitely didn’t feel, but he couldn’t change his mind, it’d appear weak.

“Okay, you take point then. Kieran, you’re next.”

Trep slid the vibroblades into a sheath across his back and started down without hesitation, and the Mandalorian followed a moment later after slinging the AXM-50 over his back. Sashar stepped aside and gestured for Valnir to go next, and he made a move to follow, but stopped mid-motion. Something wasn’t right. He closed his eyes and stretched out with his conscious self, probing his danger sense, feeling for the slippery grip of a sentient mind. The latter wasn’t present, but there was something down there, there had to be - feeling of unease creeping up his spine was getting more and more urgent.

The living force was providing no insight, so Sashar instead let a more scientific approach flood into his mind. The force was an energy field, and it was possible to sense other energy fields in near vicinity, as they produced vibrations, undercurrents running parallel to the maelstrom of emotions reverberating off the very foundations of the Arcona HQ. There, at the bottom of the shaft. Tiny oscillations in the current of the force, like ripples sliding across the surface of a still pond.



Trepidus felt the attack coming a moment too late. A vice-like metallic hand shot out of the darkness and yanked hard at his ankle. He yelped out in alarm, but didn’t lose his grip on the metal rung. The blade was pulled from its resting place at his back in one smooth motion and carved through the air, smashing into the forearm of the attacker.

“Droids!” The Protector barked out, his eyes dancing furtively across a black cushion. Above him, Kieran drew a Deathhammer pistol and fired probing shots over Trepidus’s head, briefly illuminating a number of heavily modified Asp-21 Training Droids.

In response a series of snap-hiss’s signified the activation of a miniature forest of yellow lightsaber blades attached to the Droid’s arms. These models were designed to fight the Equites and Elders, not the Journeymen which were currently in the line of fire.

Sashar paused and crouched down, peering over the lip of the shaft, but recoiled back as a hand literally exploded from one of the droids shooting up the tube and missed the Mandalorian’s face by mere inches before stabbing into the roof, it trailed a sturdy metal cord which swiftly tensed and began rocketing the droid up. It’s lightsaber cleaved through the rungs of the ladder as it went up and Trepidus leant heavily to one side, almost dislodged again by the droid as it headed towards Kieran.

The exile was more prepared – he’s knuckles were covered by the vibro-knuckler, and as the ASP droid drew level with him, he punched it full-on in the face. It flew back, its grip to the ceiling slackened and the disabled droid fell back down.

Valnir let go and sailed down, his purple blade springing into existence and landed amidst the droids, his fierce expression hidden by an overly theatrical mask, and it was evident to everyone watching that the Knight was simply out-classed. Trepidus dropped the rest of the way and waded in with his vibro-blade, and narrowly missed being decapitated. Sashar ignited his own blade and jumped the full length of the tube down, crashing down onto a droid with the full-force of gravity before catching two more on his own cyan weapon.

The droids were good, no doubt about it, but simply no match for two battle-hardened force-users. A moment later it was all over and the blades were extinguished, Kieran dropping down the rest of the way, not bothering to use the damaged rungs of the service ladder.

For the most part, nobody was harmed, though Trepidus did favour his bruised ankle. Inwardly, Sashar was pleased. His two apprentices had both handled themselves ably, repelling an ambush of a numerically superior foe. There was no doubt in his mind that they would have died if left to face them alone, but that was a given; the fact was they held off well as long as they did, especially in such prone positions. They’d make fine Dark Jedi, and sooner than they expected too.

Through the force-bond forged between master and apprentice and long-time friends, both Kieran and Trepidus could feel Sashar’s satisfaction and pride. It was reassuring, to say the least, and that brief moment of combat had certainly pushed them ever so slightly closer to together as a team.

“Others were here not long ago.” Valnir spoke out ominously and Sashar nodded. He could feel the residue of four Dark Jedi, and one was unmistakably Quejo’s, it was almost as if you could smell the evil pouring off the walls he’d only just passed mere minutes before, which meant the Training droids must have set up in that short space of time, which in turn meant there were probably more perusing the other group.

Unlucky. Sashar thought to himself, grinning.



15-03-2006 08:23:05

Ylith suddenly stopped in the hallway, he lifted his arm to hold back his Apprentice.
"Master..?" the confused Guardian asked. The Valheru's eyes narrowed as he saw the shadow of an assassin droid moving closer. Ylith nodded backwards, Selene took a few steps back.

Ylith saw the mess Hall door open slightly, seeing Archean sitting in pain, Ylith had to try to get the Aedile’s attention.

"Archean!” He yelled “There are Assassin droids everywhere, I cannot take them in my condition, please, come to the hangar bay!” Ylith’s voice could not be heard any longer through the mumble of folk in the Mess Hall.

The Sith heard every word Ylith spoke but did not acknowledge it, thoughts running through his head of what Ylith did to him, leaving him for dead in the hall way. Archean’s mind began to wonder, to that time back at the Pheonix Crest.

the Protector opened his eyes and looked at a bright light in front of him, he suddenly he noticed that he was lying on a bed looking at the ceiling, He was in the medical bay. He was disorientated and confused. Archean looked down at his wound, which was being bandaged by a droid. The droid noticed movement and looked at Archean

”You will be ok, the wound almost healed, time of total recovery in about 4 days, must take slow.” The droid said in a crackly computer voice.

Archean nodded and sat up straight very quickly which hurt so much he laid back down again. Lying in his bed he looked at the ceiling thinking about what happened. He saw Ylith inside the armory cursing because of the bomb’s malfunction and then he could only remember vaguely what happened. Archean remembered being carried by Ylith and he saw Pirates battling him, He looked as Ylith got hit a few

Archean blinked a few times and his gaze returned to the battlefield. He never knew he would made it this far, and he owed it all to his fellow Brothers and Sisters. Archean had a grin on his face and his eyes locked on the battle once more. Ylith patted Archean on the shoulder and as Archean looked and saw a faint smile coming from him he knew what he meant. They finally completed that what they started weeks ago, a sigh of relief was the only answer he could get.


Archean’s eyes shrunk to a scathing glare, he had to help his friend, they had to put those petty differences aside and regain their friendship and trust, the fighting was tearing Archean up inside, as it was Ylith. With all Archean’s strength he sat up from his chair, using what force power he had left to block the surges of pain within his chest. The Sith looked down and unclipped his saber, slowly he walked out the door of the Mess Hall, he was on his way to the Hangar.

Archean reached the door of the Hanger, what could be heard behind the door was clashing sounds of metal and blaster fire. The Bruth’Kothae ignited his saber and breathed in deep, forgetting about his pain, he felt fine, obviously the adrenaline was flowing throughout the body of the young Knight.

“And so it begins once more.”

Jeax Zirv

15-03-2006 16:35:50

~*~Before Dash’s Post.*~*

The Dark Warriors looked outside of the lift’s opening before pulling back, blasters raining down quickly upon them. They had been stuck there for the past 10 minutes, practically the instant they had landed they were trapped.

“You know, using this lift again and again probably wasn’t a good idea considering we’re fighting things that, you know, learn!” Yelled Ktulu

Jeax smirked. “Come on, you got to be 10% smarter than what your fighting against.”

Ktulu shot daggers at Jeax before rolling his eyes. “Lovely of you to make jokes.”

“It is the truth.” Said Xaviar

“Yes, but no need to -“ Started Ktulu

“Okay that’s enough.” Said Quejo. “Bickering isn’t that bad, but when we’re on a schedule its stupid and wastes time, now come on. I want Ktulu to act as decoy, you have the fastest speed, rush out there and draw their attention. Jeax, you and me charge right after he goes, taking out as many as we can. Xaviar, you follow after us.”

The others nodded and Ktulu drew his Amethyst blade, kneeling down to one side of the opening.

“Ready.” Said Quejo as he and Jeax activated their blades simultaneously.

Ktulu nodded.


Ktulu focused his mind quickly, the air around his feet rippling as he increased his speed, quickly rushing through the opening and down the hall, deflecting and dodging every blast that came his way, dozens of the turrets turning towards the blurred object that rushed through their lines.

Quejo and Jeax glanced to once another before rushing out of the opening, each running up to a turret and stabbing your blades into the ceiling around them, circling their sabers around the turrets, cutting off their barrels and dropping them to the ground before running to the next ones, quickly circling each one as they disabled them quickly until more and more of the turrets turned back to them.

Xaviar ran out and slashed several barrels off of the turrets before spinning around and backflipping out of the way of several blasts, landing on his feet and running towards the others.

“Okay, the distraction is beginning to wear off, lets get out of here before they all realize it was a trick!” Yelled Quejo

The group dashed towards the 2nd lift to the lowest level, Ktulu already inside and waiting on the others.

As soon as the last member got inside of it, the doors closed and the lift descended down.

“Good job, we disabled at least half a dozen of them. That should help the Sub-Level 1 guys out for a little while.” Said Jeax

Each of them nodded as the lift lowered, shaking slightly as blasts from the turrets rained down upon it…


15-03-2006 17:46:02

Protector Scyrone ran into the Mess Hall, breathing extremely hard, and tired from running from groups of droids. He wore no armor, but had light, moveable, black clothing, and rancor leather combat boots. He was crousched down on the ground, starting to control his breathing normally. He closed his eyes, smiled, and looked up.

"Made it guys. Whoo. Never thought I could get past them."

No answer had replied. Scyrone looked confused, and opened his eyes.

"DAMMIT! I can't believe I missed them!"

He stood up and turned his head towards different directions, making sure that he was alone, and not assuming that there was something hidden away from his view. He then looked down onto the floor, to see some of the remaining footprints of the long-gone Arconan's. He was a little bit discouraged, but it didn't show on his face. He kept a small smile and proceeded to walk around. He looked into this hallway, and into that hallway, then he approached a room filled with weapons.

"DAAAAAAMMM! Where did these babies come from?"

He went up to the blasters and looked at all of them, like he had never seen them before. He proceeded down the line of blasters, until he saw a Katana. At that moment his eyes widened.

"Hell yea!" shouted Scyrone, with the biggest smiled he had ever had on his face. He took the Katana and pointed it in the air with his legs in a ready position, while he looked at the tip of the Katana, "I have the power! WOOHOO!" Then he suddenly realized that he was still in this battle. And was embarressed for a moment, so he looked around the corner of the hallway he came from to make sure nobody had heard that. He looked back in at all the weapons.

"If only I could have them all," said Scyrone with a determined look on his face. He then peered back out into the hallway, for the third time, and went back in and sheathed the Katana. Scyrone then took one blaster and piled it in his arms, and the next, and the next. Then he reached for another one, but this time it hooked to the rack and he pulled the rack of blasters down. They all collided to the floor with the blasters he had dropped out of embarressment. He let out a small yelp and stood back against the wall, looking half-shocked at all the blasters that he had knocked down.

"Oh Crap!" Scyrone said. The Protector paused his whole body for a moment, then suddenly he shot out of the room as fast as he could and ran down the hall, hoping to run into a group that would take him in.

Ylith Pandemonium

16-03-2006 14:16:00

The Obelisk slammed into the wall. barely ducking in time to avoid an incoming training saber from one of the
Training assassin droids. Ylith had been figthing it off for the past ten minutes and hoped that he would win
this time. He tried to warn his battle brother to the danger he was in but he probably didnt listen or did not want to
hear. Ylith knew that without his friend he would be lost, and he found out way too late.

Selene tried to fight off the smaller droids while the Knight took care with the high level attack droids. But even
with his strength's as a Knight he still was as much insignificant in comparison of the power the droids could be
set on. Ylith tried to keep the droids with him, slowly backing off from Selene as she fought off the smaller
attack droids. The Obelisk growled as his arm startted to ache from cramp and pain sure to the incoming attacks
he needed to perry off.

Selene swung the Valheru Sword, originally a possesion of her Master, around her body, slamming it with an
enforced strength into the droid, splitting it in half.
She watched as her Master was pushed to the Edge of the Hangar. Though it was not an extreme high cliff, the fall
would be hard enough to kill most people, even Jedi.
"Ylith!" Slene shouted, breaking every Master / Apprentice protocol. She did not care anymore. She tried to run to
him but got blocked in her way by a manly arm. When she glanced to who dared to stop her in her way to save her
Master, she suddenly saw Archean smiling slightly. Selene nodded, as if she was acknowledging a direct order and
she backed off, covering their backs from the smaller and more annoying droids.

Ylith blocked one incoming hit but got stabbed in his side as the second droid had moved behind him. Even
though it was a training saber, a stab was a stab and it would still cause more damage than intentional.
The Obelisk Knight quickly backed off, lowering on one knee holding his side with his left hand and de-activated
saber. Both fatigue and loss of any idea's possible made the Knight weary. He gasped for air and made a silent
prayer to any of the Dark lords who could hear to gain him the Strength needed to destroy them.

Without knowing so two turrets deployed from the ceiling, hanging upside down from it targeting the battered
and bleeding Knight. Ylith rose from the ground, ready to ignite his saber and suddenly a flash in the Force told
him that something was wrong and when he finally found out that the Turrets were aimed on him they already
fired their red hot lasers which could kill most people.
His arm to battered to reflex properly to the incoming danger Ylith stood powerless, only to be suddenly caught
by Archean who saw it happen just in time to save his friend.

Ylith was dazzled while he run with Archean to Selene who was already taking cover.
"Master.." She said softly while ripping a piece of her outer robe off to dress the wounds Ylith suffered.
"Archean..?" Ylith mumbled still catching his breath. Archean looked at the Obelisk and nodded smiling.
"Forgive me." Ylith said and Archean nodded again.
"Already have brother, now...lets deal with this problem and get it over with before we all get killed." Archean said
and Ylith and Selene both nodded.
"Be careful.." Selene said caring as Ylith left. Not as a weakness like Light Jedi had, no, this was something more
deep, an emotion that fueled even the most feared of Sith lords.

Ylith pushed forwards. Archean deflecting turret bolts while Ylith threw and recalled his saber to destroy the turrets
in only a few throws the turrets were disabled for now.
Archean smiled, "Well then, teamwork as always."
Ylith smiled too and suddenly he thre his saber at Archean. The Sith ducked just in time, but before he could curse
at the Obelisk he heard and felt one of the two assassin droids shut down and tumble over. Archean quickly
slashed backwards and sliced the second droid in two.

Archean smiled and Ylith returned the smile. Selene joined them, holding her Master so he had a support. Archean
nodded and they all moved to the panel. Hoping that they would be in time.


16-03-2006 17:02:09

Valnir's words made Kieran stumble slightly. The Dark Jedi, with his vastly superior force abilities had detected the residual presence left in the room by the other Jedi who had previously passed through. The thought that this was possible did not shock Kieran as he had heard that it could be performed.

The Mandalorian closed himself off concentrating hard on the atmosphere around him. He turned to the wellspring of force that lay inside him and willed it to grow, willed it to become part of his highly tuned senses. His face contorted in grim determination, he wanted so badly to utilise the force in the manner other Jedis did so.

The ambiance of the room changed suddenly, he felt anger, pain and evil, it stuck to the walls like some primeval goo. It invaded his nostrils and Kieran inhaled deeper, he could feel it too now. The strong presence of another Dark Jedi. He could not determine whether what he was detecting was the residual traces of the other Jedi or of his companions. It however did not matter, Kieran was overjoyed with his successful incursion into the force.

He opened his eyes and turned to his master grinning widely.

"I can feel it too," he beamed at Sashar.

"You can?" Sashar replied razing an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Aye, I'm not sure who I can feel but I am definitely getting something, its dark and evil, almost overpowering yet at the same time I find it filling me with strength, is that right?" the Mandalorian asked tentatively.

"Along those lines yes, congratulations Kieran," Sashar replied smiling.

"We should go, more will droids will be along soon, the mission is more important than your apprentices training," Valnir spat harshly before turning and walking out into the main corridor.

The others followed the Dark Jedi through, Trepidus went second followed by Kieran, Sashar remained at the back to cover their rear, guarding against the invetible ambush. Kieran did not dread the task ahead, he felt secure in the company of the two Jedi but knew deep down he was in way above his head. The previous encounter with the droids had been lucky, there had not been many of them. An attack in serious numbers would prove most likely fatal for the entourage, Kieran knew this. Yet, he pushed the thought deep into the back of his mind knowing full well that if he was scared, his decisions would be poor and most likely result in the death of his companions, not to mention him sharing their fate.

Valnir raised his hand motioning for them to stop before a corner. He peered round and drew his head back sharply, the ominous sound of grinding metal could be heard distinctly coming from round the corner.

"Turret," muttered Trepidus.

"Not to worry, there are four of us, we can use that to our advantage," Sashar spoke calmly, "here's what we'll do."


Sashar exploded round the corner, his lightsaber raised in high gaurd. The turret tracked him and opened fire, Sashar wildly deflected the shots away. Valnir was next round the corner, following in Sashar's footsteps. The turret tracked him and began swapping blasts between the pair of Jedi. The lightsaber's hum was punctured by the loud shriek of blaster fire as the turret rained scarlet bolts upon them. For the casual observer it appeared as though the two were dancing rather than fighting for their lives. Trepidus rounded the corner sporting Kieran's Death Hammers and firing wildly, the turret was further distracted by the young Jedi's actions but it's bolts failed to reach him, the screen the pair of lightsaber wielding knights deflected those bolts that would hit them, leaving other stray ones to scar the wall behind them.

Kieran inhaled deeply and tightened his grip on his rifle. He peered round sighting the turret which was wildly rotating and firing at the three jedi. He lined it up for the shot and gently squeezed the trigger, the Mandalorian was rewarded by the satisfying plop as the grenade erupted from the barrel. It sailed high and hit the ceiling just in front of the turret, exploding. Shrapnel sparked against the metal of the turret, the explosion ripped it from it mounting and it fell lifeless to the floor.

"Anyone hit?" asked Sashar immediately.

"Some minor cuts here and there from the shrapnel but all in all I appear to be fine," replied Valnir.

"Likewise," Trepidus spoke confirming he was still in good order.

Kieran appeared round the corner loading a grenade into the launcher and grinning broadly.

"Love it," he beamed at the trio stroking his weapon's barrel affectionately.

Sashar chuckled lightly and the Trepidus and Valnir smiled at the young Mandalorian.

"We should continue," Valnir spoke urgently, reminding them of the purpose of their visit to the lower levels.

"The door is round there," Sashar spoke gesturing off down the corridor, "there is however another turret to face."

"Aye," replied Kieran who had fished his datapad out and was studying it, with the young Trepidus staring over his shoulder and returning the Death Hammers.

"We ought to try a different tactic, these things tend to learn, I doubt it will work a second time," said Valnir in an almost disapproving tone.

Kieran racked his brains for a suitable solution, but none presented itself immediately. A frontal assault would not work, something more sneaky would have to be attempted to overcome this obstacle.

"Got it," Sashar almost shouted, "Kieran, you're the best with a rifle round here, so I'm afraid you are going to be the one in the firing line this time. Im going to force push you down the corridor underneath the turret. It shouldn't be able to track down quick enough to hit you, but you'll be able to get under it and blast a hole in it. A grenade won't work this time, you're too close and will no doubt get hit, straight shooting blaster fire is what is required."

"No problem," lied Kieran, it was a half truth, he had no problem with being shot at, it was a lack of trust, trust in himself. He was not sure if he was up to the challenge, he knew he was a decent enough shot but under this type of pressure it would no doubt be difficult.

"I have every faith in you," Sashar spoke, clearly detecting the fact he uneasy through the force. Kieran felt as though he had been given a pat on the back and was filled with confidence. He grinned at his master and lay down on his belly.

"I'll role out onto my back and you shove me," Kieran muttered on the way down.

He tightened his grip on the handle and rolled out into the corridor, he was immediately greeted by the dreaded sound of grinding metal as the turret tracked down to hit him. However, before it had Kieran in his sights the Mandalorian was sliding along the floor watching the ceiling fly by in a blur. He stopped directly under the turret looking up into its matt black underbelly. Raising his AXM-50 he fired into the metalwork and watched the heavy blaster fire melt its way into the circuitry. It continued to track down but did so in jerky, stuttered movements until finally the great weapon ground to a halt. Valnir somersaulted over Kieran, his purple blade flashing out severing its power cables ensuring it would not erupt to life.

"Turret nil, Kieran 2," the Mandalorian laughed as he was hauled to his feet with the help of Trepidus.

"That's just the beginning I'm afraid, through there lies some pretty serious [Expletive Deleted]," warned Sashar.

"Now, the door, it will of course be locked, but after all you can have the most creative weapon in the Universe but you're going to die against a lightsaber," Valnir gave his own warning much to the mirth of the others.

The pair of lightsaber wielding Jedi went to work slicing their way through the door, the seams of the cuts glowed amber and orange after the humming blade passed through them. Sashar stepped back and reached out with the force, shoving the cut-away section out, allowing them passage into the lab.

"Through," ordered Sashar and Trepidus stepped through the door glancing fearfully around aware of the danger they were in. Sashar and Valnir stepped through and Kieran was about to follow suit when he heard a faint metallic whir behind him. He feared for a second the turret had not been destroyed but realised that this was impossible.

He turned to find a lone Assassin droid standing in the corridor. He cursed under his breath and shouted a warning to his friends in the adjacent room.

"We've got company ourselves, a bunch of Krath War droids," Sashar called through.

Kieran's heart sunk, he was on his own.

The droid locked its sights on the Mandalorian and blaster fire erupted from it's twin cannons. Kieran flung himself to the floor, landing hard on his belly. He rolled over spraying scattered fire from his AXM-50 at the droid. A few blasts sparked on the armour but the majority went wide. In response the droid's pincer fired out knocking the weapon from his grasp. Swearing loudly Kieran jumped to his feet and attempted to run towards where the weapon had landed but the droid's blasters erupted with fire once more forcing Kieran yet again to jump out of harms way, this time a blaster bolt singed the back of his calf.

Had the Mandalorian had time to feel the pain of the wound he would have done, but for now the primary objective for him was to stay alive and find some cover. He scanned the corridor finding it bleak and empty. An icy fist gripped his stomach as he realized he was not going to make it out alive this time. His gaze dropped to the floor almost in defeat when he caught a glimpse of his AXM-50. He did not possess the necessary mastery of the force to be able to call the weapon to him, he was able to push it though.

Calling on the invisible energy Kieran shoved the rifle sliding it along the floor to come to rest against one of the droids treads. He drew a Death Hammer and sighted the grenade launcher and squeezed the trigger. The scarlet bolt lanced out and struck the casing around it, melting through with ease and igniting the incendiary compound in the grenade. It exploded with the Assassin droid catching catching the brunt of the explosion. The shock waves reached Kieran just as the cloud of shrapnel did, perforating his body and sending him sailing backwards through the air.

Ktulu Xyler

16-03-2006 18:52:57

Focusing on regulating his breathing, Ktulu looked around at his companions. One his Quaestor and his brother. The other two, a Knight and Journeyman he didn't know. Breathing deep and shallow, Ktulu refocused his attention. Despite the appearance of reaching the lift unscathed, he had incurred a nasty near hit on his lower back. It was nothing more then an irritation but it felt like it was starting to bubble up and fill with puss.

"Ya know Q. Ah'm tired a doing alla da bait work." Ktulu turned to Xaviar. "When this door opens throw that Journeyman out." Throwing Xaviar a wicked smile he winked and moved to the side. "Ah aint staying in the way of incoming blaster fire."

Looking from Quejo to Ktulu and then back to Quejo. Xaviar wondered what the Priest was talking about. Turning back to Jeax to inquire what was going on, the Knight grabbed him and pulled him to the side.

"We're slowing down Xaviar. The lift door is going to open any moment now and you're right in front of it.

Ktulu grinned and smiled inward. The younger two were no doubt fresh to Arconan lifestyle. It made him remember when he was that fresh. He was not Xyler then but just Mizheray. It was a time of strife for not just Arcona but the Brotherhood as a whole. It was just after the split from the Emperors Hammer and everyone was still finding his or her way.

It was a time for change for everyone. Ktulu thought to himself as he held up his arm. Some more drastic then others. The artificial limb that was now as much a part of Ktulu as his own life blood, was a result of the split from the EH. He had not only lost a limb in the fighting that ensued as a result of the split but a good number of friends as well. He left the EH and had left Clan Scholae Palatinae and House Acclivis Draco.

It was a time he no longer cared about. He no longer kept in touch with anyone from that time of his life. He was Xyler now, Son of Qel Droma and an Arconan to the core. Arcona was who he was now. Xyler was who the person was. Ktulu was the Priest longing for the opportunity to rise into the higher echelons of the Brotherhood.

Stuck in his recollections, Ktulu didn't notice that Quejo was reading his lightsaber and had it ignited. The sharp ring of blaster fire ripped the Priest out of his own little world. Instinct took over and Ktulu had Sedeka leaping to life blocking the blaster bolts as they rained down on him.

It wasn't until the 15th or the 16th bolt Ktulu deflected that he realized that that the door wasn't open yet and the bolts were going down from on top of the lift. Reaching for the lift controls Ktulu felt the force bend around him and focus near his hand. The door ripped open Quejo and the others took off out of the lift leaving Ktulu alone.

"Ah guess I got whatever chased us out right!" Ktulu yelled after the three. He could hear blaster fire ringing out in the corridor and the humming of Jeax's and Quejo's lightsaber. Suddenly the blaster fire stopped inside the lift raising suspicion from Ktulu.

"Commence entry." A metallic voice rang out from inside the lift shaft, followed by the snap hiss of lightsabers. In one fluid motion four blades pierced the roof of the lift and started to move clock wise in unison.

"What the [Expletive Deleted F-word] is going on...." Ktulu muttered as blaster erupted again aimed in his direction. The combined blast of three blaster bolts connected with each other and slammed into his lightsaber knocking out of the lift into the corridor.

Caught completely by surprise Ktulu forgot that he had the problem of turrets in the corridor. Just as he heard Quejo shout something he saw the top of the lift drop and three droids following it. As soon as they landed they moved to the sides of the lift to cover themselves.

His mind whirling with what he was seeing, Ktulu didn't see the blaster bolt come flying at him, nor did he see the other three right behind that one. Just as another droid dropped into the lift, this one carrying a lightsaber, Ktulu was jerked to the side and thrown against the wall.

Jumping up, Ktulu turned to look where Quejo, Jeax and Xaviar had gone. Seeing the med bay door open, Ktulu reached deep inside himself and grabbed hold of the living force within himself and pushed it all into his leg muscles pumping his legs faster so that he could get out of danger.

When he was within paces of he leapt and found himself being violently tugged in the opposite direction towards the storage bay. Hitting the floor hard Ktulu rolled deeper inside and pointed in the general direction of the lift. "We got problems that will kick mah ass over and over boys. Trainer droids with blasters and sabers."


16-03-2006 19:37:43


Sashar took point into the depths of the restricted area, and as such bore the brunt of the turret ambush when the sections of flooring slid back and the re-enforced Hardpoints unloaded salvo after salvo at the Force-sensitives which Valnir and Sashar were only just able to deflect back at the opposing weapons – these ones were “1st generation” turrets and as such didn’t have the re-enforced armour of the ones used in the corridor.

However, it didn’t matter; it was all too apparent what the restricted area had been working on. Krath War Droids. There were at least 30 of the archaic things standing in a wide semi-circle about the entrance, all wielding a melee blade and a pulse wave emitter, which resembled an antiquated bow, only held on its side in one of the lithe droids’ ‘fists’.

Sashar swore. He’d known Strategos was up to something, but this was ridiculous. Almost in unison the war droids hunched over and charged forward, firing a barrage of pulse waves that were only partially deflected by the two Lightsabers.

Then they were slashing those wicked swords at the three. Sashar’s cyan blade scythed through the air almost too fast to track, barely managing to parry the vicious-looking weapons away whilst weaving out of the way of savage stabs from the pulse-wave emitters, which were now being used by makeshift spears in such close quarters.

Kieran shouted something from the hall but his brother didn’t catch what he was saying as he body-checked one of the humanoid droids, and merely shouted back a reply of “Krath War Droids!”

He could no longer see either Trepidus or Valnir but heard the muted sounds of combat further into the chamber which was littered with heavy machinery designed for producing these lethal automatons.

There was an explosion from somewhere outside and almost instantly his skin was on fire and he dropped the floor. Inwardly, he knew he’d not sustained a physical injury that would warrant this response, but his mind was literally burning up, his pain receptors all over his chest, face and arms aglow with the sensation of fire ripping across his skin.

Kieran. The Master/Apprentice bond was thickening with each passing minute, the combat they were experiencing forging them closer together mentally in a crucible of force-energy that was virtually crackling through the air.

He was dimly aware of shunting away the pain at some point, only to look up to find himself surrounded by the sword-wielding droids, all hunched over and approaching him as a vornskr would approach it’s downed victim just before it bit the poor creatures’ neck off.


Trepidus wasn’t having a better time. Only three of the droids had deigned to come for him, yet it was more than enough to keep him fully occupied, swinging the vibroblades with seemingly frantic parries as he lured the droids aware from Sashar and Valnir. Then it came at him in a wave of pure, unadulterated pain. It ripped through his mind and threw the attacking parties from his mind and replaced all his thoughts with the scorching, scaling washed out red of his own eye-lids. He heard a yell and with a detached interest realised it was his own. The pain wasn’t physical, it was pouring over him through his connection to his master. He was in agony and the pair hadn’t been in a situation where he would feel this much pain before. It had caught them unawares.

As the sensation faded, he looked up and saw three sets of glowing red eyes advancing towards him, raising their spears in preparation to skewer him to the ground…


Valnir was having a better time. He’d ‘only’ drawn 7 droids and had succeeded in taking out three in quick succession by ripping apart their electronic components in their heads; however he couldn’t get enough time to focus such an attack now as the other 4 were pressing him deeper and deeper into the facility.

Almost in unison three things happened. First an explosion rocked the machinery around him and momentarily distracted the droids. Second, a pair of screams echoed out from different parts of the chair, and the almost reassuring hum of Sashar’s sabre abruptly went out (Valnir knew that if the Mandalorian was dead he’d feel it through the force), and the third was much more interesting.

The Knight’s purple blade whipped about and took the heads off three of the four droids as they looked about to find the source of the explosion, their threat analysers momentarily undecided between the masked warrior before them and something more tempestuous moving out of their line of sight. Valnir grinned behind the ivory-coloured mask as the final droid turned back to him, only then realising where the true danger lay.


Sashar’s hand rose and stopped mid-motion when he realised the weight of the weapon was missing – his lightsaber was a good 4 meters away, beyond the mess of droids swarming towards him.

The dull feeling of resignation settled over him. With his sabre, he might’ve been able to have salvaged the situation and at least fallen back to a more defendable position, but this was hopeless, there were 20 lethal droids about to eviscerate him. At that moment he experienced more regret than anything else, irritation at himself for not being able to complete Trepidus and Kieran’s training and weariness that the fighting and hardships he’d gone for so far had all amounted to this; a futile waste which would result in the deaths of 3 fine young men and one psychotic masked knight.

Then, something shifted in Sashar’s perspective. The reinforced wall behind him exploded inwards, scattering ferrocrete shards all about him in a spray that damaged half a dozen of the nearest droids. There, back-lit by the corridor holding his sabre ignited by his side with his free palm raised up in a challenge, beckoning the droids towards him was Ethran Isradia.

The droids surged forward, only to see Esca’s hand flick over so that his palm was facing outwards and the droids were hurled backwards in a massive telekinetic strike that sent every single one of the machines was sent flying backwards, clattering to the floor momentarily stunned.

Sashar was up in a second and was at Ethran’s side even faster, calling his sabre to his hand in one smooth motion.

“Nice to have you among the living again. How’s the chest?”

“Fine. How do you always end up on the verge of defeat so easily?” he sneered, but there was no anger behind it. The two now had an understanding.

“A mixture of supreme good luck and wishful thinking. Let’s go.”

Side by side, the two Equites waded in.


Jeax Zirv

16-03-2006 20:38:30

Jeax sighed and held his Lightsaber tightly. He had one eye closed tightly, though mysteriously not due to injury, his red eye shining with the light of his saber. With the weapon now in his hand, Jeax had nothing to preoccupy his mind, it was beginning to distract him. He couldn’t stand it, but he had to focus.

~Foolish child…~

“Okay. Ktulu, you and me are going out there and taking out the droids. No offence Jeax, but you might not be able to handle the Lightsaber Droid, we don’t know what level its set at.” Said Quejo

Jeax nodded and breathed deeply. “Xaviar, keep close.”

“Let’s go, you guys move towards the Study and Library, we’ll move towards the lift, that way our backs are facing each other and we can take out the droids and turrets as we move out.” Said Ktulu

The four quickly ran out from the doors of safety into the fray, Quejo and Ktulu quickly running to the droids, taking out any remaining Turrets in their way.

Xaviar and Jeax ran towards the Study and Library, Jeax cutting barrels off of Turrets as fast as he could, using the circling method he and Quejo had used on the first Sub-Level while Xaviar ran around, slashing off various barrels, but mostly using himself as a distraction, focusing almost all of his force power into his legs to increase his speed.

Quejo and Ktulu dashed towards the Droids, Ktulu stopping for a split second and throwing his saber into one of the droids, causing it to spasm and shoot one of the others before falling down and shutting off. Ktulu then spread his arms and pulled two turrets from their docks in the ground and wall, slamming them together, smashing the damaged Droid between them. He then rushed the last one, dodging every shot he could, a few hitting him in the shoulders as he pulled his saber to him and slashed it in half, sparks flying out before it creaked softly and fell to the ground.

Quejo parried attack after attack by the training droid, his eyes focused entirely on its shoulders, watching them closely and using Attack Anticipation to correctly block them.

“This Droid must have been set for roughly my own level…” Growled Quejo

Using his Lightsaber at an angle, Quejo blocked the latest attack by the Droid, then skidded his saber down his opponent’s until the blade reached the end and slashed through the droid’s legs, flooring it.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad.” Said Quejo, slightly out of breath.

Ktulu nodded and started to turn when he noticed the droid twitching. “Look out!”

Quejo, without even looking back to the danger, jumped high into the air, nearly hitting his head on the ceiling before focusing his force and pulling his body down, magnifying the strength of gravity nearly tenfold, slamming his feet on the droid, the shockwave sending various parts flying outwards from him.

“Damn things…” Muttered Quejo before nodding to Ktulu in a thank you and running for Jeax and Xaviar.

The two had been fairing fairly well by themselves, but were quickly losing their battle, both having pieces of their clothes and cloaks missing from accurate and slightly off blasts against them.

The pair of equites quickly rushed in and focused their Force together, spiraling around before sending a wave of energy towards the turrets, frying their circuits.

Jeax and Xaviar, both out of breath, turned around to the two, smirking and glad their companions were not only okay, but around to save them. “Thanks.”

“We should be okay for a little while.” Said Quejo. Pulling out his data pad, he looked at the floor plans. “Looks like we’re at our crossroads. I’m heading for the Storage Bay, Ktulu is going to the General Quarters, and Jeax is destined for the Study. Xaviar, where are you going?”

“I don’t know, I guess I could stay here or something.”

“No, its not safe enough.” Said Jeax quickly. “Never know when more droids could come or turrets could activate. I believe you could hold your own for a while, but not forever. Quejo, being a Quaestor and a Battle-Master, could I trust you to take care of him?”

“Sure, come on, let’s hurry, probably not too much time left before they start trying to create the Link.” Quejo replied

The four bowed to each other, then quickly ran off in their own directions, preparing themselves for the unknowns that were to come.


17-03-2006 13:58:04

It was not pain that gripped his body as one would expect but cold, a deep numbing cold so strong it almost penetrated to the very core of his bones, the core of his being. The coldness had been brought on by the searing of his nerve endings It threatened to freeze him in time, unable to thaw, lost for an eternity. Somewhere, deep inside him, he fought, Kieran's Mandalorian soal fought for survival. The coldness turned to heat, flaming, scorching heat as though a supernova raged against his skin.

Kieran's eyes refused to open, he had no sense of time, nor of where he was. He was floating, through eternity lost to the galaxy. It was as though some omnipotent being had snatched him from existence, his companions knew nothing of his fate except that he was hurt. Hurt and alive.

His body lay in the corridor amid the smoking wreckage of the assassin droid. His clothing hung in tatters barely preserving his modesty, but no one would notice that, they would be far too taken aback by his wounds. He was covered in a thin layer of blood which was seeping from multiple gashes in his chest, arms and face. His hair was singed, but not burnt, the shock waves had carried him away from the boiling mass of flames the explosion had produced. Had it not, he would surely have perished in the towering inferno.

A small crater had formed where the explosion had taken place, the walls scarred black and potted where shrapnel had hit it, in parts great chunks had been torn out, plaster lay scattered on the floor as though it had been decaying naturally for years.

Kieran's vision swam, he could see a ominous white light, he tried to focus but in vain.

Am I dead?

He dismissed the thought almost as soon as it arrived, he could not be dead, he was in far too much pain to be dead. Again he tried to focus on the light, it seemed to move just beyond his focus, closer and then further away. Try as he might he could not see what it was. Kieran panicked, he longed for someone to wrench him free of the intolerable daemon's grasp, but no one was around.

Where am I? Why am I here?

He was confused, he could not remember what he was doing or why he could not move, it was though he was locked in the mind of an infant in it's mother's womb.

It came to him, he remembered it all. The explosion, the battle with the droid, and the Krath War Droids.


He called out to his brother in his mind, he could not move or speak but he called for him with every organ, cell and molecule in his body.


He screamed in his mind, unable to do anything to affect his fellow Mandalorian's fate.

"Sashaaar!" screamed Kieran. His throat burnt with the effort as he forced his vocal cords to contract to the produce the sound, the pain in his chest became more pressing at the effort. His breath rasped in his lungs but he fought to regain control of his body, he needed to help his friends, he needed to help Sashar.


17-03-2006 15:49:23

Scyrone ran down the hallway. Then turned right at a corner, and then left at the next corner. Then he suddenly stood still, seeing a metallic door at the end of the hallway. It was just a little bit smaller than his height, and was a little bit rusty, especially around the hinges. He walked slowly up to the door and put his ear to it, so he could listen to what was on the other side. He couldn’t hear so much, as the door seemed to block out a lot of the sound. So he tried to use the force to listen on the other side. It worked, but only a little bit. He focused harder. The sound became soft at first, and then clearer and clearer, then he could hear the marches on certain droids on the other side, along with a little blaster fire hear and a little shouting there. He then stepped back from the door. He tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Crap! How do I get to the other side without any droids or turrets recognizing me as the enemy?” whispered the Protector to his own self.

Then, a few seconds later, there was a bang on the door from the other side and another one. Scyrone quietly moved backwards, while the droids were making dents in trying to open the door. The Protector ran back as fast as he could and then remembered that there was another door that he had almost overlooked on coming through the hallways. He ran to that door. And without question or thought, he opened the door closed it behind him, put his back against it. He looked at what he was facing. He saw the first Training Bay to his left and Processing to his right. He looked left and right as fast as he could. A troop of droids had just gone around the corner.

“Yesssss,” Scyrone sighed.

He slowly crept towards the Training Bay 1 entrance. Then it moved into a slow run, then more of a jog. Then, as quietly as he could, he ran.

Now you must understand this, Scyrone was risky. And sometimes he would forget his mission and sometimes he wouldn’t pay attention, but what Scyrone is doing now is beyond crazy. He could get caught at any moment. This risky-ness was probably due to the fact that he took many risks growing up, and some of them ended up bad, and most ended up good. So now, here is Scyrone, running “quietly” up to the Training Bay 1. Risking his life, and for what? Who knows?

He came up to the entrance door and opened the door softly. But in the corner of his eye he saw a group of people that he saw before but did not recognize.

“Hey!” he whispered to them, “I’m coming with you.”

“NO!” the one said, “Get back somewhere else, we don’t need another person!” Scyrone then whispered excitedly, “There are only 3 people in your group. I’m coming with you.” “NO! We don’t want you! Go find someone else!” Scyrone didn’t persist. He had a half-sad half-mad expression on his face, but he went on towards the door.

Of course, this door was a little rusted too, thus the door made a few creeks and cranks when it was opened. Scyrone made a careful expression. Then he opened it fully, ran inside, and slammed the door. The sound of the door went BOOOMM!

“DAMMIT!” mouthed Scyrone. He then whispered, “Sometimes I remind myself of Jar-Jar . . . NO! Get that thought out of your head!”

He looked around, hoping to find someone. He looked around, seeing nothing, but a few arenas and weapons.

“Alone,” said Scyrone, “again.”

He sat down behind a few boxes. He felt left out. So he sat there, hopefully getting some message from someone or some sign from anyone. He was told not to pursue the enemy, but he wanted to so badly. And his one chance of joining a group and he didn’t join them. He drew the Katana, and started playing around with it, feeling the blade and picking on a few loose pieces of cloth on the grip. He hoped, that just at least one person would contact him.

So he sat there and waited.

Jeax Zirv

18-03-2006 12:31:24

Jeax ran through the halls, using the force to bend turrets and turn them on their allies, dispatching them as efficiently as he could without directly using any of his physical energy until none were blocking his way and he could freely walk towards the entrance to the Study.

~Remember, this is most likely going to be a heavily armed area…~ Jeax reminded himself

~Hope you get shot…~

Jeax opened the door and stared at the mess. Bookshelves had been knocked over and were burning, years of information going up in smoke as several droids walked around the area, dozens of turrets deployed within the walls, floor, and ceiling of the immense room.

~They must have knocked down the shelves to prevent anyone from hiding behind them…~ Thought Jeax to himself

Suddenly one of the turrets whirled around and Jeax quickly ducked to the side of the doorway, not wanting to be spotted without a plan.

~Okay…Let’s think logically here…Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, but perhaps that can be used to my advantage, their bound to hit each other or something.~

Jeax peered around the corner and tried to count the turrets and droids, but was forced to pull back again before he could finish.

~Minimum of 7 droids and 11 turrets, lovely…~ He thought as he sighed, gripping his saber tightly.






Jeax shook his head hard and looked around, his red eye glancing around to his surroundings. Noticing a detached Turret, he quickly used the Force to pick it up and throw it across the hall, slamming it into the floor. The sound reverberating, it caught the attention of nearly every droid in the room. Dashing out to quickly check the sound for trouble, the instant one exited the room, Jeax slashed its head off at its exposed neck with his saber, one of the lesser armored areas of the droids.

Picking its body up, he activated its Lightsaber and his own, throwing them into the crowd, slashing through several of them, then quickly rushing into the room and activating his Gauntlet blades, stabbing each droid dozens of times, punching each of them in various areas of the body, cutting their circuitry to ribbons before allowing them to drop to the ground.

As he took out the last droid, he was shot hard in the shoulder by a turret, causing him to flip around a full 360 before he purposefully dropped to the ground, several shots flying over his head. Looking up at them, his hair in the way of his one opened eye, Jeax rolled forward and laid flat on the ground, pressed against a shelf tightly as they blasted at the metal case.

Moving one of his hands, Jeax lifted several droids, concentrating his mind hard, a few of them dropping from his grip before he threw them into the air towards the turrets.

Reacting quickly to the moving objects, the turrets turned to the droids and blasted them until the circuitry that once made them up was nothing but dust in the wind.

The Krath then swiftly pulled his saber to him and rolled onto his feet, using the Force to allow him one fast jump, soaring across the room, nearly slamming himself into the ceiling as he sliced many of the turrets in half before landing and rolling again, catching himself barely before hitting the wall.

Swirling around and blocking the turrets blasts, his saber nearly being thrown out of his hand if not for his use of Prowess, Jeax raced towards the last turrets and stabbed his saber directly into the first, his increased strength penetrating the armor before he began pulling on the weapon, dragging it through the ceiling and slashing another close turret before rushing to the last few and removing their barrels.

~Running out of time.~

~Not much left.~

~Going to die soon.~

~Give up.~


~Call for help.~

Jeax growled loudly and squeezed his saber tightly, almost cracking the metal as his anger got the best of him. Shaking his head and rubbing his temple, trying to regain his composure, Jeax looked to the panel.

~This is it…~ Thought Jeax calmly. ~Now to finish this and get rid of these annoying turrets once and for all.~

Jeax growled and closed his eyes, placing his hand upon the wall and leaning against it, breathing hard as he stared towards the ground.

“Forget the past, leave it be, only fools wish to change events that have already been.” Quoted Jeax, then biting his lip hard as his anger spiked and he punched a wall hard, screaming out as two of his knuckles busted.

Quickly pull his hand to himself and holding it tightly, he began to heal himself as he repeated calmly. “Forget the past, leave it be, forget the past, leave it be…”

Lost deep within the depths of his own mind and voice, Jeax slowly began to calm down, breathing deeply as he sought to gain control of himself.

However, as any warrior should know, being distracted in battle was a thing of great weakness. Bioturrets, capable of using blaster shots that, when in direct contact with the skin, infuse a virus into the target’s body, able to knock them out after a few minutes and kill them hours later, began to deploy slowly from the ceiling. Each of them slowly turned, making as little noise as possible to not awaken the Knight from his concentration, taking careful aim upon his body.

They fired with 100% accuracy.

Jeax screamed, roaring from the depths of his mind and body as the blasts burned his skin and clothing, both of his eyes opening wide, one its normal red, the other changed from its usual blue, now possessing a dark red pupil, instead of a normal black pupil, surrounded by a bright purple iris, inside of a completely black sclera, instead of a normal white sclera.

Falling down onto one of his knees, both of his hands against the ground, trying to keep his balance, Jeax’s mind screamed with pain, memories, voices, hatred, love, violence, his mind a complete mess and disarray of the normal calm and monotone mind it used to be.

The back of his shirt was completely destroyed in the back, the edges of his sides singed from the destruction. His skin was red hot from the blaster fire, and even more red from the virus infection. Slowly, very slowly, the redness went away until his normal pale skin was back, though something was now revealed. Six black marks, seemingly tattoos until one gained closer inspection and saw they were actually scars, three located under each of his shoulder blades. The black scars pulsed red, seemingly ‘cracked’ like lava as it cools.

Jeax stared at the ground, his mind reeling with pain, no one thought lasting for even a split second as he coughed blood up again and again, his body shook up and disoriented.

Slowly, voices began to grow within his mind, shaking his entire being as time seemed to slow down beyond that of even a crawl. They were not the ramblings of mind-thoughts, no, those were far too unfocused to grow as loud. These were memories.

~A Dark Jedi who doesn’t believe in killing? Are you sure you joined the right side?~

~Joking around will get you killed, whether by an enemy who has taken advantage of your carelessness, or by an ally who is just sick of it.~

~You believe these Wings and tail will help you? A battle is a test of skill and ability, not just who can do what. You can have all the custom weapons and extra limbs you want, they will all be cut down by a Lightsaber…~

~What are you doing in this Clan? You have no purpose here, just leave already, your annoying me.~

~A Child cannot hope to live in this world, grow up.~

Jeax roared, his red eye slowly began to bleed inwards until his black pupil was replaced by the redness, his white sclera darkening, turning a deep shadow black as the once red eye now turned a bright purple color, matching his other eye perfectly.

~Do not hold back against me, not for any reason, whether it be that I am female or your Master.~

~But I can’t, I feel bad, and I owe too much to females, I feel like I betray them all if I hit even one.~

~Then what shall you do in a war when you come to a female opponent? Let her kill you? Or perhaps let her live and leave her to kill others before being killed herself?~ Said the woman with long brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Jeax looked down. ~I can’t help it.~

~Yes you can. The events of the past should not influence every single decision you make and they do not have a hold of your life. This is a place for Dark Jedi, you have to kill on a daily basis, whether male or female, young or old!~

~But I don’t wish to kill them. They can change!~

~A Dark Jedi who doesn’t believe in killing? Are you sure you joined the right side?~ She said before turning around and leaving him to his thoughts.

Jeax looked down, wondering to his past…

A short, stocky man stood in front of him, yelling at him with the tops of his lungs. He had black hair, though it was turning gray at the time, and had sunken eyes.

~Shut up you annoying little brat! You think I don’t have contacts who fill me in on that gossip and crap you spread about me?~

~I didn’t mean it, it was only joking around!~ Replied Jeax in his mind

~I bet, just leave, NOW!~ Roared the man, pointing for Jeax to leave him alone.


~~Joking around will get you killed, whether by an enemy who has taken advantage of your carelessness, or by an ally who is just sick of it. I suggest you leave now before I become the latter.~

A few days later.

~I have resigned as Proconsul. Though many of you may be quite happy with this decision, to relieve any guilt that others may feel, I am leaving of my own choice and desire. It was no one person who got me to make this decision other than me.~

The man looked to Jeax and nodded solemnly. Jeax looked away, his face darkened by regret, guilt, and sadness as he thought about his personality and its many flaws…

~There we go, now this is a fight!~ The man yelled, a laugh in his voice.

The two exchanged attacks, their sabers glowing and sparking with each attack.

~Just wait, I’ll take you down!~

Jeax leapt forward in an attack, then spun around and sliced at the gray skinned warrior with brown eyes and hair, Jeax’s tail quickly following. Smirking to himself, Jeax flew into the air slightly and continued to spiral around, attacking with his tail and saber with every motion until he finally stopped, attempting to reorient himself, but was quickly pushed down hard by the Force.

~That was a good attack, nearly had me.~

~Yeah, having these wings and tail should help me win a lot of battles.~

~You believe these Wings and tail will help you? A battle is a test of skill and ability, not just who can do what with their body. You can have all the custom weapons and extra limbs you want, they will all be cut down by a Lightsaber…~

Jeax looked at him, then glanced to his tail and wings…

Jeax growled as the man with a scar on his left eye and a eye that only worked in the dark pushed him down.

~I’ll kill you one of these days, I swear to god.~

~You keep thinking that, you will never be better than me.~

~I will become better than you! I will strive to do as much as I can until I pass you!~

~What are you even doing in this Clan? You have no purpose here, just leave already, your annoying me.~

Jeax stared blankly at the man as he turned around and spat on the floor before walking away. He had no purpose, and deeply hated it…

~So you had to be forced into joining our Clan, not exactly something the most honorable.~ Said the cold, yet strong man with noble clothing, sapphire eyes and jet-black hair.

~I didn’t want to leave my original Clan, I felt as though I was betraying them.~

~A childish concept. There are rarely any true betrayals within the Brotherhood for we are, in fact, a Brotherhood. You never leave your original clan for you see them everyday, and have them set in your mind forever as memories that never die.~

~But its still just the thought of leaving them, I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to be with them for as long as I could, I wanted to be with them in battle and out. I hoped to fight alongside them and protect them.~

~Are you nothing but a Child? Is that why you think so basically? So you know, you should change that immediately, especially if you plan to live a long life. A Child cannot hope to live in this world, so grow up. They can handle themselves, you have no need to be their protector, their Savior.~

Jeax hold his left wrist with his right hand, squeezing tightly. The urge to protect everyone was so strong…
~May I ask what were you doing while you were gone?~ Asked Halcyon

~Just training to get stronger Sir.~

Jeax screamed as he used his own Lightsaber to cut off his wings and tail, then pressed the blade tightly against his skin while focusing the force, healing the wound as quickly as it was being broken again until his wings and tail would no longer grow back. He would be scarred all along his back for the rest of his life.

He meditated daily, pushing his natural memories as deep back as he could, forcing his body and heart to forget them, no matter how much they begged to be allowed to relive them. As the last of the memories receded far beyond conscious recognition, his eyes deepened and then brightened until his sclera turned to a normal human’s coloring, one eye turning a bright blue with the will of the Force, but no matter how hard he tried, Jeax could not be rid of the redness that seemed to conquer his other eye.

Spending days on getting over his natural instincts, Jeax worked hard to forget himself, to lose himself and become a new warrior, a true Dark Jedi, one who no longer felt the need to be so nice and strongly urged to Protect that he would be mistaken for a Jedi. Soon his demeanor became relaxed, calm, not as excitable as before, though as hard as he tried, he could not completely get rid of his natural instinct to save his friends and allies.

Searching his mind, libraries, records, everywhere, checking the accomplishments of warriors of old, seeing what had been done, what had been attempted, and what was only thought of to be a dream, Jeax soon began to realize what he wanted with his life. He would do everything he could to attain this purpose, yet in the back of his mind, he still suspected that he had none.

His past, heart, personality, and own body were all his true enemies. In the time he had spent as rogue, Jeax had done his best to eliminate them, though they still remained, hating him, whispering in the back of his mind. He had grown up from the child once known as Jyx into the adolescent known as Jeax, who carried the remains of the child with him, yet had the potential to turn to a true adult still locked within him.

“I carry these memories inside…” Whispered Jeax “Passions will die…”

The air rippled around Jeax’s body, the Force around him collecting behind him and flowing through his body, detoxifying the poison and seemingly making a large shield almost in shape, yet it hard ridges near the bottom with a long whip-like concentration a foot below it.

The Knight jumped high into the air, spinning around quickly with the Force Whip slashing hard and fast against the turrets, creating a telekinetic wave that was strong and focused enough to usefully cut all of them in half.

The air ripples slowly disappeared as Jeax landed on the ground softly, his eyes and hair slowly changing. The dark eternal black of his hair slowly fading into purest white as his eyes began to shift, both of his eyes pulling the blackness of his scleras into their irises as his right eye’s pupil turned a crimson red, while his left eye’s pupil turned a midnight blue.

Turning to the Panel, the new Jeax, one that had no trace of Jyx within him, the adult with no innocence left, placed his hand upon it and awaited command from his Consul.

~I am ready.~ Telepathically said Jaixen

Ylith Pandemonium

18-03-2006 12:37:35

Calling Post, Phase 2 Ended. Results out soon!

Alright, Results:

1: Jeax .... That last post blew me away, the size made me sceptic but damn...great Character Development.

2: Scar/Kieran .... Descriptions are great, feelings are perfectly described. very good :)

3: Dash ... You're writing is perfect, under different Judging methods you'd be first. But as it has changed a bunch it
wasen't sufficient anymore. Still, great job.

Phase 3 coming soon in NEW topic~!