Arcona Art Gallery

Ylith Pandemonium

20-02-2006 13:05:26

Greetings People of Arcona,

This thread has been made for those within Arcona to show their work and help
other accomplish the same.

If you just want to show your image and get a feedback it is fine, but, me myself
as the EP of the Photoshop Course am going to explain what I used to accomplish
the artwork.

Why won't I just tell what I did? Because that would be too easy. To really come to
a great render or a great banner or whatever it is your are making, is to experiment.
Try the effects and combine them in ways you havent seen before!
Hey, it helped me ;)

Alright, a few rules (else Kain will crash down on me like a angry bull)

Link the images in your post. you can do this by clicking the 'Http://' button above the
text canvas. Compy the link into that and voila, link has been made.

also: no spamming, nudity or other things which arent referred to art! (No spamming is NOT an
art and yet, Nudity can't be an art but we have to think about the kids wandering around
too *glances at Halc*)

Also, when you dont like it, explain why you do not like it. Don't just go: OMG it suxxorz!
Tell the artist what he could do to improve him-/herself. This was the Artist wont be pissed
and we will all be happy.

Other than that, I will open this thread myself by posting pictures from my sketchbook and
some things I made digitally at school.

Have fun and stay safe ;)

Ylith Romanae

Aedile of HOO

Anime Collage 1
some Anime drawings I made :P

Anime Eyes and Female Figures
The name kinda says it, some sketched I've made

Anime Collage 2
Another set if Anime drawings....(I love anime's :P)

Anime Eyes :)
Eyes ;)

Anime Female Figure
Female bodies are the most interesting to draw...hey! its true :P

Female Dark Jedi
Just some quick sketch...

Realism - Eye
Best eye I have ever drawn in my :P

Eye 2
Less better eye, drawn it faster though and in a different style...

first eye
actually my first attempt to draw a realistic eye...cant say i succeeded, cant say i failed either :P

Realistic hand
well, one of my better sketches really...I tried to be as realistic as possible...well i tried didnt I? :P

Realism Collage - Human Face
Some sketches I needed to do for Model Drawing. The Human Face. Most parts were as realistic as I could try. but heck
I still had some Anime influences here and there ;)

Olympic Ice Skater
I have made this in 20 seconds, the gall was moving on TV so I didnt had much time for detail, again for model drawing :)

Lightsaber Design 1
School can be boring sometimes :P

Digital eye
another way to see school is boring. :P Made in Photoshop. used a lit of layer effects. you should try them out ;)

Lightsaber design 2
another Lightsaber :P

Tomato Logo
Some logo I made for school in Illustrator. Used the pen tool mostly to draw the tomato, nothing really special used


20-02-2006 13:13:30

hi everybody!!

I love this thing, great idea Ylith!!

here are a few of my stuff:

that's a little something I learned to do yesterday hehe, I love it (and yes that's my real name)

I'm a huge soccer fan and I'm very proud of my country being in the FIFA WC Germany 2006, so I made this little banner to use it until it's over :P

I did this yesterday for a friend, we call her "the white witch" of Narnia hehehe, she thinks she evil.

If anybody wanna use this as an emblem, just let me know:

My fav wallpaper:

I also use this for my yahoo mail:

And my second fav wallpaper:

Oh i almost forgot, this is by far my fav banner :P i also use it for my mail:


20-02-2006 17:12:28

Ummmm sure. :-P

Moon and Star

Sayre Color

Sayre Drawn

Test Sig for Ethran

I got Bored

Red Waves...or blood?

Abstract Light Rose

First attempt at a saber

Red Rose

Red Rose String

Abstract Strife

Abstract Portal

And now for my best work, though Virulence Isradia aided me greatly (THANKS):


And I think I'm done now....




Wes Biriuk

21-02-2006 18:22:34

Would someone be able to make me an octagonal shield with crossed katanas in the middle with a transparent mandalorian hemet in the behind them? I would like to have it as a picture to put on a sig I am hoping to make. Black background if possible :P I would love whoever does this so much


22-02-2006 00:21:31

I've been trying to find some artists to draw a character portrait for me. My char shouldnt be too hard to draw if interested email me.

Ktulu Xyler

22-02-2006 12:42:01

damn.... Ylith, Esca, Dhet, I have to go searching for all of my old stuff and get started up again.

Thanks, really. I've been wanting to start up again and you guys inspired me :P when I find my old stuff I'll put it up here.



22-02-2006 14:00:42

Good. The more gfx people there are, the better. ^__^


Ylith Pandemonium

22-02-2006 16:38:26

alright, this is startting to get off the ground. When this was originally a thread to show stuff
on, the thing I noticed was that people could talk about art too (like Duh!)


Lets talk about it.

Is Photoshop CS2 that much better than CS? Because I do not see many differences...could be me though

Wes Biriuk

22-02-2006 17:11:01

Someone answer my question :P


23-02-2006 21:07:05

Dhet: Gimme some things to look at and I will see what I can do. Ylith: I'm not really sure. I still use Photoshop 7, so...yea. lol


Ylith Pandemonium

24-02-2006 12:35:41

this is a work in progress, old school pen and paper drawing :P

maybe I'll give a shot on coloring it in photoshop.


Its still a work in progress, when it's fully done I'll scan it for a better view.

just wanted you to know I aint sitting still :P



24-02-2006 14:52:56

That looks awesome. I'd say just a little more detail on the face and it'll look great. :-P


Ark Dowell

24-02-2006 16:42:33

This is the desktop background I created last night... It's pretty big.


And I use PhotoShop Elements, by the way. Not a good choice, I know, but it's on my school computer, so I got it for free. :)


24-02-2006 18:16:46

Oh god I hate elements. lol That's like a preview for Photoshop. haha. We had that at school till I bascially forced them to get CS2. ^__^


Ylith Pandemonium

25-02-2006 06:41:16

here is a scan of the drawing I showed previously. still a work in progress, background is still under construction.

I'll scan it again when it's fully finished ;)

Angel 2

BTW, nice wallpaper Ark ;)


25-02-2006 12:35:09

Oh yeah the emblems I forgot:

This one is for the Dragon Fist Battleteam:

This one is the Galeres (my house :P) emblem:

This one is for Qel-Droma

This one is my submission for the "military emblems" contest (Arcona Ground Force)

And the other one, Arcona Space Force

Oh yeah and I made a signature of Resident Evil a while ago:

This one is a Reservoir Dogs Wallpaper, (I love Quentin Tarantino :P)

And this one is a Pulp Fiction Wallpaper, the images are not that great, is hard to find high quality pics of that movie :P

I'll upload that one later, Imageshack is being a pain in the butt! adios

Ylith Pandemonium

26-02-2006 18:45:48

Awesome as always Akhara :D

Here is my fully drawn Angelic drawing: Angelic

I'll scan it later ;)

Tell me what ya think ;)


27-02-2006 10:54:46


Loved it, it's really good!

and like I told u, the only suggestion I'd have is to make the hair blow in the other direction with the wind instead of having it in the face, and also if you can, make his eyes closed, that'd give it more intensity :P


27-02-2006 14:59:53

Great job on the wings and the background. The face, as stated, would be a little better if there was more detail and time into it. If that would be a problem, perhaps make the hair distort the face a bit more? Just a suggestion. :-)


Ylith Pandemonium

02-03-2006 11:51:40

lol thanks I'll keep it in mind for the next drawing

here's the new banner I have, comments welcome ;)

Made it in photoshop. took me about 5 minutes



03-03-2006 19:14:28

There is some good stuff on here :)

Just thought I would show off some of my Lightsaber designs I have done for myself and a few others:


Ylith Pandemonium

03-03-2006 19:26:59

whoa nice :D 3dsmax?


04-03-2006 06:38:31

Thank you, and yeah I'm using 3Ds Max 7 at the moment


07-03-2006 18:00:06

New Sig

Yup. Got some help from Storm to make it blend into the board better, so that's why it's all blue around the edges. :-P


Ylith Pandemonium

07-03-2006 19:48:25

very cool, but Kain is gonna nag about the size though :P

Ark Dowell

07-03-2006 20:14:48

Excellent Lightsabers, Kandos! I've got half a mind to give up on making my own after seein' those. Mine are terrible... :P


07-03-2006 20:35:12

Ylith: It's the same size as Muz's, so....yea. :-P


Ylith Pandemonium

21-03-2006 19:05:29

Saber hilt I made in Illustrator....wanted to see if I could make em like Muz :P

first time i tried though...cant say I flunked decide....

Saber Ylith Tryout: Fallen


20-04-2006 12:41:45

Soulfire Crest

Arcona Crest

Mmmhmmmmm New graphics...I like them. ^__^


Wes Biriuk

09-05-2006 23:37:35

Love your work Esca


15-07-2006 22:45:36

well, I'm not in Arcona yet, but waiting on the roster updates before making a nuciance of myself has never been my strong suit.

Here's a galaxy map of the Star Wars universe, had some fun putting this together:

This is a desktop image that I modeled after a number I did of WWII leaders, couldn't leave out Thrawn.

Here is a "recruitment banner" I did as part of a comp in the BHG.

Another BHG competition entry, the topic was a Commission "propaganda" poster.

Here are a few lightsabers I've done, presented in order of creation:

Wes Biriuk

16-07-2006 02:13:50

Some nice work there Slag... Very cool sabers


16-07-2006 04:45:14

Actually, the first three aren't being used if anyone wants them. #4 however is mine when I hit the right rank. =D


09-08-2006 19:28:34

All righty, here's my award winning GJW gfx. It's spiffy. Now maybe we can have Cyris post his, and we can all bask in the glow of GFX that nearly swept the medals for our clan. Hurrah.


10-08-2006 12:42:08

Thats pretty awesome

:ronin: :royalguard: :vader: :tradefederation:

Sorry, never knew these smilies existed.

And that map above is awesome, and the stuff for the BHG is awesome< I actually joined up with the BHG and I dont know what to do.


02-10-2006 10:21:41

Can I join?

This is some of my sig works for my friends.

And here's some random works.


Orv Dessrx

18-01-2007 00:36:09

I've done a few drawings over the years. I've posted them on my Flickr account in my Art section:

Of particular interest would be my Star Wars stuff:

Orv Dessrx Character Sketch:

Orv and 2 Senators:

An old Kubaz Con Artist character of mine:

H'Grath, a ZeHethbra Jedi (this is super ancient work):

Xander Drax

05-03-2007 20:14:22

My fued entry:

Your turn next, Orvulon!

Orv Dessrx

05-03-2007 21:58:32

Here's my feud entry:


07-03-2007 09:50:36


I'm new to the Brotherhood an just wanted to say I think your artwork is really good, I've included two images of DB members, Sashar and myself. Hope you like...


NOV Juda (Obelisk)/TRP/Galores of Arcona


14-03-2007 10:20:54

Lookin' good jay ;)


14-05-2007 03:54:09

That's my gallery: (most cool images are under "Banners" and "Planets"

I got some pictures of my ship that I done for the wiki the "Hawk's Claw". It's a stock image of Firespray-class patrol ship that I modified.

Adding some text on it, the planet, shadow and the sun. First 2 images are from the Internet, one I made using the OPT viewer of XWA.

You can see it here:




If anyone needs a banner in any kind, I'll be happy to make it for you. That's including sigs and avatars as well. I can also modify ship to look better, like I did to mind.

E-mail me to


-PRT Antar

Orv Dessrx

14-05-2007 09:32:05

I've drawn Rho d'Tana:

Sadly I drew him at a smaller resolution than I had intended...thats what I get for drawing when tired.


14-05-2007 11:15:12

Looks great Orv!

Kant Lavar

24-01-2009 12:40:19

I've got a DeviantArt account, and while I don't have Photoshop, I have made a couple of Star Wars-related submissions.


22-02-2009 00:59:15

All of these are sweet. I wish I had skillz...


20-04-2013 12:39:45

Just a couple of Photo Manipulations I did in college, nothing great but eh! Not starwars either.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Pagan standing stone in the church yard near me. Used to be a church in the photo :3