Master/Student Program


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The Brotherhood may look huge and overwhelming to a new member; it may take some time before one learns the ways of the club, and most Journeymen will fade to inactivity very early in their careers because of this. By joining this program as Students, new arrivals will have someone specifically assigned to help them on their first contact with the Brotherhood. The Master, in turn, will have the experience of dealing with younger members, which is essential to those who aspire to a leadership position. Both sides gain substantial benefits from the program in terms of experience and awards. The entire program will be administered by both the Consul of Arcona as well as Arconaís Clan Envoy. They shall be known as the ďAdministratorsĒ throughout the document.


Anyone below the rank of DJK may become a Student, and anyone of DJK and above can become a Master. One Student per Master, whenever possible; if the circumstances demand it (not enough people willing to participate) a Master may take up to two Students under his tutelage, if he/she feels that they can manage it. As Arcona is completely Multi Order there are no House or Order restrictions. Joining the program is optional; no one is forced into looking for a Master or being one. New members are to be told of this program right when they join the clan, so they can take advantage of it.


Everyone willing to join must contact the Administrators, who will keep the information concerning the pairings and oversee the program as it goes. Everything will be kept in the clan site for easy reference.

To formally become a Master, you must apply to the Administrators stating why you wish to become a Master, and what skills you bring to the role. Those of DJK and above are not automatically assumed to be able to become a Master. As such, each application is taken on a case-by-case basis.

To become a Student, you must also inform the Administrators that you wish a Master. You may request a specific Master from the list available, or one will be provided for you. To ensure the best compatibility, please also include what specific activities you enjoy participating in while in the Dark Brotherhood.

Once the partnership is set it lasts until the Student reaches the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. If there is serious incompatibility between Master and Student, however, the partnership may be dissolved at an earlier time. This should happen only if no other reasonable solution is found.


The Master is required to give his Student assignments and offer advice. The nature of these assignments will be up to the Master to decide, as long as itís reasonable and consistent with the Studentís main area of interest (if a Student joined interested in playing Jedi Outcast that should be his main focus, but thereís nothing wrong in assigning some writing tasks and Academy courses as well). The number of assignments should be proportional to the rank of the Student (easier and less tasks at first, more as he progresses). Using the Arcona Promotional Guidelines will also act as a map for what is needed to have oneís Student elevated.

The Student is supposed to do these tasks, as they are aimed to improve his skills and understanding of the Brotherhood. When the Student finishes all the tasks for that rank, the Master will recommend his promotion to the Studentís House summit, making sure the Administrators are also aware of it.

There is only one rank at which specific ďtrialsĒ must be carried out. These trials are for the elevation from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight. For more information, see ďDark Jedi Knight TrialsĒ below.

If the Master fails to keep in touch with his Student, doesnít assign him tasks or assigns tasks completely out of proportion, or seems to be halting his improvement with no reasonable justification, the partnership will be revoked; the Student will be assigned a new Master by the Administrators. If it happens a second time consecutively, the Master will be removed from the program. Likewise, if the Student shows no interest in doing the tasks assigned to him or fails to be in contact with his Master for at least 30 days with no justification, it will also result in the dissolution of the partnership; the Student will be removed from the program. Removal from the program is not permanent, but it lasts for a period of at least one month. After this time, one may decide to join the program again.

Note: Tasks must include competitions that are currently on at the time (Arcona, House or DB-wide) that fit with the Studentís interests. This allows the Student to actively participate with the rest of the Clan, and not be closed off.

Dark Jedi Knight Trials

When a Master has deemed their Student prepared for the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, they must then begin the Trials. There are 3 trials that are to be completed before elevation. They are the Master Trial; House Trial and Clan Trial.

Master Trial: This activity is up to the Master to administer. Knowing their Studentís strengths and weaknesses, they will administer an activity that will test a Studentís weakness, to force themselves to prove that they have learned their lessons over time.

House Trial: Once the Master Trial is completed, the Master shall inform the Studentís House Summit of their readiness for the next trial. The House Summit shall then administer an activity that will test the Studentís strengths, ensuring that they truly are worthy for the honour that is to be bestowed.

Clan Trial: The House Summit, once the trial is complete, shall contact the Clan Summit with proof of the Studentís worthiness. Should the Clan Summit agree, they will than have the Student create their lightsaber. Should the Student prove successful, the elevation ceremony shall then commence

Any questions or comments should be directed to the Consul and Clan Envoy, who are overseeing the program.


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o Archean Vasarius Bruth'Kothae (#5949)
o Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir (#4334)
o Ethran Sayre Isradia (#3463)
o Halcyon Rokir Arconae (#43)
o Ylith 'Valheru' Vasarius Romanae (#6092)
o Sashar (#1612)
o Quejo Bandon Xyler (#4215)
o Jeax Zirv (#3411)

Current Pairings:

o Ylith 'Valheru' Vasarius Romanae (#6092) and Xaviar Yaroslav 'Guadalupe' Atjail (#6236)
o Archean Vasarius Bruth'Kothae (#5949) and Vladeck Ragnos (#6920)
o Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir and Akhara Kiddo (#7070)
o Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir and Odin Vaaj (#6447)
o Ethran Sayre Isradia (#3463) and Dhet Rikkr (#4888)
o Ethran Sayre Isradia (#3463) and Selene Aglaranna Valheru Romanae (#6694)
o Halcyon Rokir Arconae (#43) and Devani Te'Arianu (#5552)
o Sashar (#1612) and Trepidus (#6684)
o Sashar (#1612) and Kieran (#7378)
o Quejo Bandon Xyler (#4215) and Scyrone (#6352)
o Jeax Zirv (#3411) and Eternal (#7418)
o Jeax Zirv (#3411) and Kryd'r Ircor (#6970)