Name Those Squadrons!


30-01-2006 15:28:02


Going over a few Arcona documents, I have noticed that our various fighters don't currently have any Squadron Names. Our current list of fighters is as follows:

8 TIE V38 Phantoms
6 B-51 B-Wings
6 E-Wings Model B
51 TIE Interceptors

That means we need roughly 7 Squadron names for the time being. I'll probably take 8 so as to have one for later.

Step #1. Get a list of names together. Anyone in Arcona can submit a maximum of 3 names, just by posting on this topic (no discussions :P). On the weekend I'll put all the names together in a few polls and we'll vote until we've narrowed it down to the top 8. We may continue voting until we get the top 3 names (for our 3 special fighter squadrons). As such, those who submitted the 3 names will each receive a crescent


30-01-2006 15:51:14

So we must reply to the names in this topic?
My three are as follows:

1. Night Ghost
2. Dark Apocalypse
3. Jade Gryffin

Ceric Crimson

30-01-2006 17:12:16


1. The Crimson Scar
2. The Banshees
3. The Red Eclipse


30-01-2006 17:47:15

1. Wings of Burden
2. Death Triumphant
3. Shadows of the Past (probably better for tie ints) or you could take out past and put Empire

Just quick names I thought of nothign special :P

Trooper Kale

30-01-2006 18:04:40


1.Deaths Shadow
2.Emperors Wrath
3. Claws of Fear.


30-01-2006 20:08:39

1. Arcona's Shadow (gotta incorporate the powers and the Clan. :-P)
2. Striker Division
3. Cloak Squadron


30-01-2006 23:09:55

1. Tyrants
2. Deathshead Leigon
3. Trailblazers


31-01-2006 00:16:51

1. Death's Hammer
2. Spectre's Kiss
3. Winged Oblivion


31-01-2006 00:35:43

1. Oriens Fury
2. Dragons Vengence
3. Souldfires Vengence


31-01-2006 01:30:07

uhh, Lemons of Darkness?

what about Citrus of evil?

or Grapefruit Inferno?


31-01-2006 10:46:08

Scimiter Squadron

Night Stalker Squadron

Armageddon Squadron


02-02-2006 23:47:39

1._ Relentless Fury
2._ Wolfpack
3._ Swift & Lethal

Ylith Pandemonium

03-02-2006 00:50:22

Hells Horde

Demon Squadron

Death Company

Ark Dowell

03-02-2006 16:53:46

1. Kamikaze
2. Myst Squadron
3. Ethereal Wings

Wes Biriuk

03-02-2006 21:39:15

1. Oblivion Squadron
2. Shadow Helm
3. Phantom Squadron