Idea for house competition!


22-01-2006 13:27:55

Hi everybody!!

I have an idea for a house competition:

how about a drawing competition? like "desing your character".. made by hand.. like to create your character with whatever you want, pencil, pen, etc.. and show it to us.

You can either scan it or send it to I don't know, any add of anybody who's willing to be responsible for it.

There's only one problem. It's not 100% sure people won't cheat. For example I can give a pretty good friend of mine who's awesome at drawing, to design my character and say "hey I did it!" but I'm kinda figuring out how to avoid that. I'm hoping people here do it for the competing and not for the award, cheating sucks!

Anyways what do you guys think?

PS: I also request a banner design competition B) I hope that's possible.


22-01-2006 19:48:09

Well even making it a writing competition, and then add a graphics or scanned drawing of it for extra points.
That way you can allow people that dont have a GFX program, or scanner to be able to partake in does sound like a good comp for the banner comp.....its the same, not everyone has a graphics program capable of making sigs.....