Should I...

Tarax Kor

10-01-2006 16:55:41

...just assume that every topic/post made on these forums is spam? If so, it'd be much easier for me to read through the forums when I do.

I go through the forums maybe two, three times a day. I like to see what others post, what other clans are doing, and maybe offer some advice or opinion when it's warranted. It really bugs me when I check out Arcona's forums (I mean... I was an Arconan a year and so ago and I still wanna see what this Clan's up to) and what I consitantly see is spam. Nothing else. Like... should I just assume that this is an out-of-place spam box and not bother checking it out at all anymore?

It's probably not my place to criticize, or to complain, or anything. But as I said I used to be in this Clan, some of my best moments in the DB happened when I was with Arcona, and it's just annoying to see its boards be used for nothing other than spam.

Ceric Crimson

10-01-2006 18:36:48

Buddy, I sympathize, I really do...but the fact of the matter is that basically nobody has posted in the 'general Arcona' section, for at least a month now, not since the mods cracked down on us for supposed spam...which a few I admit were, but how long can you go on with the opening topic? Now, I don't quite know what it is that you see, but the only once that have posted in this section besides the ghost of those who had lost interest in this part of the forum after the 'crack down' are me and Devani...on occasion Revaan, when one of us finds some way to post something relevant on these dead end your talking about house specific threads, then I'm really at a lost of what to tell ya...that is, besides what I already did... :mellow:


10-01-2006 21:24:59

The amount of "spam" has basically trickled to nothingness, but so has the general "activity" of these boards.

However, to those who like to post around here, the point is not to start new topics, but it's to keep the general discussion related to the topic. And if that topic/thread becomes inactive, just let it be. No need to post on it just for the sake of keeping it "alive". Have discussions, conversations about something, ask questions, etc but just don't post for the sake of it. Post because you have something real to add.

Ceric Crimson

11-01-2006 18:38:06

But what if the topic changed to something other than what the headline said, but was still Clan relevant.

Kaine Mandaala

11-01-2006 21:03:23

If the topic is broad, like "Arcona" or "Clan Stuff" then there really is no topic and deviation from the conversation is pretty much expected.

If the topic is less generalized or specific (i.e.: "Battleteam Names") you should stick to it.

The only thing worse than a bad topic (*points to this one*) is the misuse of the 'description' option. Most topics are self-explanatory. You can always describe it in the first post.

Ceric Crimson

12-01-2006 16:31:26

I both understand, and agree compleatly, Prophet.


03-02-2006 06:45:30

Again i am gona say it, if you wana SPAM, join the SPAM board

DO NOT spam on other topics or boards, there is no need for it

Ceric Crimson

03-02-2006 12:31:25

The problem is not Spam in its finest form, Jedi Hunter, it is the deliberation of what FORM of Spam was applied in pervious cases.

some people do not see moving a dead conversation outside the posted topic to be Spam.