Quaestor's Disciples.


18-12-2005 07:11:58

As of right now I will be implementing a fictional title based on activity that will guarantee you a medal at the end of every 1 month period.

Specifics: At the end of every month I will pick two members that have gotten the most points within that month (see points system below) Once the two are chosen, the following month, the remaining members will attempt to dethrone them by racking up as many points as they can. At the end of every month two more members will be chosen, that is if the current leaders get dethroned. At the end of a three month period the person that has gotten the "Quaestor's Disciples" position the most will get an award. In the case of someone keeping the position for the duration of the three months they will be awarded the win. In the case of someone holding the position at the end of the three month period they will carry over and start at the top for the next three month time frame. And so on and so forth.

Points System:

Gaming losses = 2 points

1 game of JA (3 sets of 5 kills) = 4 points

1 game of JO (3 sets of 5 kills) = 4 points

1 game of Allegiance (3 sets of 5) = 5 points

ACC Match = 8 points

ACC Match Loss = 4 points

House/Clan Competitions = 10 points

DB Wide Competition or Vendetta participation = 15 points

Shadow Academy Exam = 2 points

Once you have completed some of these tasks then email Me or you wont get any points for anything. In your email I want the specifics of what you did. For a comp I want the link and submission cc'ed to me so that I can prove that you've done it. An ACC match I want the link of the fight, and for a gaming match I want the pins of you and your opponent along with the scores and game played.


Questions are welcome.

Kaelin Ring

08-03-2006 23:42:19

2 questions for now. Does the training saber test qualify as an exam (if so add that for me please) and who are the reigning champions and what are their respective points?