I'm back!


04-02-2005 08:34:26

Well, as some of you might have noticed, I'm finally back from my extended... let's just call it a leave. I'm looking forward to doing the rest of the Krath RoS, and to gaming a bit more. Also, if you have any leadership positions available, contact me. :P

Since I'm going to be out of town this week-end, I won't be able to play in any of the gaming nights, but I'll be able to check my mail and hopefully pop by on IRC once in a while.

Well, that's all from me at the moment. Take care,

- Strat


04-02-2005 08:56:19

Welcome back, Strat! Now get to work!

*Cracks the whip* >:)

Tarax Kor

04-02-2005 12:23:38

Lan, stop spamming! B)

Welcome back, Strat. :)


04-02-2005 14:13:58

*hides the poison*

Welcome back man! :P


04-02-2005 14:15:53

hehe welcome back Strattles! :)


04-02-2005 14:43:27

You were gone? Really? Wow...no wonder I've been so peacful lately :P

Heh...welcome back. Now get to work!


05-02-2005 13:56:22

Thank you, thank you all. It's good to know I've been missed. :P

And yes, I'll be getting back to work very soon. I'll be twice as active as I ever was before! (Explanation: countless hours of playing KOTOR 2 in the near future will count as "work" too. :P)

- Strat


05-02-2005 18:41:24

Hey Start :)

Good to have you back :)

The more Dutchies the better :D


06-02-2005 05:24:56

Yeah welcome back Strat

Has been a looooooong time


08-02-2005 15:17:30

Welcome Back.


14-02-2005 13:12:49

Just joining in......

Welcome back Strat.....


15-02-2005 13:58:38

Gah... you're all so predictable. Nobody's said "Strat, we hate you, go home" so far. :P



15-02-2005 18:57:38

Strat, we hate you, go home



15-02-2005 19:54:15

Is he back for good or is it just another Camio role?


16-02-2005 14:04:43

Halc, you're even more predictable than the rest of them. :P

And no, Raid, it's not a cameo role. Never had one, never will have. :P


16-02-2005 15:12:24

egg fried rice....

didn't predict that did you Strat