Galeres Q+A


18-11-2005 02:23:46

If any of you have Questions, Comments, Concerns, Suggestions whatever then place them here and I'll try my best to get back to you with an answer :P

Spamming will NOT be tolerated

Ark Dowell

30-11-2005 21:02:36

Heya, long time no post. :)

I was just wonderin' how you'd go about and report JO/JA matches. I'm gettin' a faster PC soon and I might consider picking up one of the games. Thx in advance for the answer.


30-11-2005 21:18:24

There's a "submit gaming scores" link in your admin section on the DB site. All scores are submitted through there on the various gaming nights.

Only difference is the ICTE on Satudays. For information on that, visit

Ark Dowell

01-12-2005 13:26:07

Oh, thx. I'll keep that in mind. :)

Kaelin Ring

08-03-2006 23:43:35

Once again, what's the alligence address? I hope to get it working this time around.


10-03-2006 00:11:13

Kaelin Ring

14-03-2006 23:16:17


Kaelin Ring

19-05-2006 13:30:16

What's with the forum password?