What do you think about the run on?


30-10-2005 14:54:38

Well like the name of the topic says post what you think about the run on of the clan civil war.What you like dislike and other thing about the civil war.

Kaelin Ring

30-10-2005 14:56:40

I think that its going rather well. It is hard to keep up, especially if you just started and have limited time. Otherwise, HOO is kickin' some major arse!

Ark Dowell

30-10-2005 19:17:17

I think the Run On is goin' great. Despite everyone, Galeres AND HOO trying to kick meh arse now. I'm way too random...


30-10-2005 20:51:34

I think its going well but its varied a little off topic, which I take a lot of the blame for, we need to focus on taking control of Eldar.

Ceric Crimson

30-10-2005 22:07:05

Well...no, not really. I mean, have you ever seen a war movie that has nothing but a mission objective? No. Because that would be really boring. Having a 'side quest' of sorts is always a good way to spice things up...besides, we're kill'in things, so its all good!

And Ark? I won't kill ya, buddy. Promise...no really, if ya need protection, seek me out...though, I'm in a bit of a scrap right now me self, so...


30-10-2005 22:42:21

Don't worry, when this is all over I'll nurse ya back to health...

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

31-10-2005 14:17:56

Right now, I'm trying to get it back on track...


31-10-2005 14:53:27

I think it seems to be going fine, going "off topic" just adds to the fun


31-10-2005 16:39:49

I agree but I wish people would read the previous posts from their last post, there is mess-ups in the continuity of the story, grrr....


31-10-2005 17:25:31

Yes, but that is a little to be expected. You've just got to roll with the punches, or complain till they change it................lol

Ceric Crimson

31-10-2005 19:34:50

Yes. And Romance always adds such a spice to the story!!

Ark Dowell

01-11-2005 13:40:25

Showing your traitorous side repeatedly over and over again adds spice, too. :P


01-11-2005 13:56:37

Can't I just kill the lot of you in the story...that'd make things interesting, heh :P

Ceric Crimson

01-11-2005 16:29:49

Actually, it would probably make more sense!

Kaelin Ring

01-11-2005 21:30:02

Dang it Kandos, I'm quicker than you are that was not possible. On a side note, thanks Ark for helping me out. God I wish somebody would have told me what they were writing about me, I mean honestly they've got my character all wrong! Go Oriens, we're kicking the crap out of Galeres! Hoo-rah!!!!!

Ceric Crimson

02-11-2005 08:13:08

*raises X-45 into the air and fires off some shots in glee*


02-11-2005 11:35:42

My thoughts on the Run On. hm.....despite the fact that it is filled with spammed posts and off topic babble I think it's goin fine. Let me remind you all that within the next couple of day's it will be ending so wrapping it up or starting to wrap it up would be a great Idea. As far as story goes well it's magnificent, why? because I started lol j/k but you guy's are doing pretty good for your first time keep it up and pray that I dont write myself tearing some of you up :P

Ark Dowell

02-11-2005 11:36:42

Yes, I must say that you should at least look at other people's character sheets. Me? Confused about what's goin' on with 17 INT and 21 WIS?


02-11-2005 12:10:07

Well I am not the only one making mistakes (if you are going to complain then so am I).

Just as an example, twice Devani has "sensed me through them Force" even though I was using Force Suppression which would mean it is pretty much impossible for that to happen.

But I just ignored it and moved on as it doesn't really effect the run-on that much...

Ark Dowell

02-11-2005 13:18:38

Ahhh... yeah. But she might not've known what Force Suppression was, though. Journeymen rarely have to look up Equite powers.

EDIT- Oh well, it's pretty mostly continuity errors.

EDIT2- And Kandos, we know you're not the only one who made mistakes. I guess we're less worried about such errors outside of the ACC... >:)


02-11-2005 16:07:12

I know, I was simply using it as an example.

So if we have to finish this soon then how are we going to end it?

Doesn't seem like either house will be capturing the planet, looks to me like we will just have to end up killing each other, lol.

Ark Dowell

02-11-2005 20:09:40

Well, we could pretend that this was a scouting mission. The Run On is 'The War Begins.


03-11-2005 09:48:05

Ah, good plan

Ark Dowell

03-11-2005 11:34:36

But of course, that would depend on if the Summits wanna continue this feud...

Ceric Crimson

03-11-2005 15:30:07

I was under the impression that we couldn't actually kill other players...which is kinda weird, but that was my understanding.

So...how was anyone supposed to win in the first place?


03-11-2005 15:45:21

"Winning" this competition is determined through your participation/placing in all events (fcition, RO and I believe there's an MP portion as well). You're not really supossed to literally defeat your opponent in the RO, but just write the best.

That being said, of course you can't kill anyone...unless you decide to off yourself somehow :P Why? Because, the other people aren't you characters and no one can drastically affect the life of another. That being said, there are still ways to work towards a "winning" scenario in a RO. But that involves looking at the BIG picture, which means you're not necessarily focusing on your own characters.

Ceric Crimson

03-11-2005 15:57:03

That is indeed our weakness...and yet, a strong charecter plot builds a strong story line. And a strong story line equals some great writing.


03-11-2005 16:05:38

Strong character plot = good. But remember, unlike a normal story where you have normally only a couple of really "main" characters, in this one it seems that those who post are trying to individually build up there own characters.

But, everyone is new to this. For the really "great" Run-Ons, you must set aside your own characters (normally) and instead go a more impartial route and use those characters that are needed and build from there. That means in this House-War, the focus would be on the House leaders, with everyone else playing very secondary roles.

To "win", you would then just have one house capture/disable a large number of another group and go from there. However, you could still lose the Run-On and competition itself, as its the writing and not what happens within that really determines the winner (just like an ACC battles).

Ceric Crimson

03-11-2005 16:08:30

Alright. Thanx for clearing that up.

Ark Dowell

03-11-2005 20:56:37

Hmmm... it would seem I focused on meh own character too much. Oops.

Kaelin Ring

03-11-2005 21:25:24

Oy, but we are just warming up for the war right??? That would make it interesting. War on locals... and eachother.


04-11-2005 11:13:40

That would be very fun in my opinion.So far the civil war has been going on great.

Kaelin Ring

04-11-2005 12:54:31

As long as it doesn't gernerate fueds outside of the runon... why not?


04-11-2005 20:16:28

Why don't we have a clan war sometime I wonder? :maul:

Ark Dowell

05-11-2005 08:19:30

We just had a RoS and our leaders may be too tired to run another huge event so soon. Clan Feuds take a lot of effort because only Clan Summits work on the vendetta; the DC just supervise and stuff, I think.

Kaelin Ring

05-11-2005 16:58:44

Lazy leaders...


05-11-2005 18:40:22

Aren't you guys already having a Clan feud? :P

Kaelin Ring

06-11-2005 14:24:51

I know the "scouting" thing is done... beyond that *shrugs*


06-11-2005 23:51:51

Well I don't know what is going on so if someone could tell us it would help.

Ark Dowell

07-11-2005 12:37:35

Isn't what we're haivin' a House Feud?

And next, we should have comps related to the vendetta before it ends. Somethin' like that...


07-11-2005 13:05:06

This is supossed to be a House vs. House competition...or do you mean you want to have a Clan vs. Clan competition?

Kaelin Ring

07-11-2005 13:18:49

That might be fun as well, just a little tough to do. I think we're talking about House to House, aren't we? Did the battle actually start?


07-11-2005 14:21:16

This whole Run-On plus some other competitions were supossed to be the starts of the House vs. House competition. However, it hasn't been exactly overly advertised or really well communicated by either party so even I'm a little confused as to what we're supossed to do next. Supossedly we're on the "Second Chapter". As to what that entails, I have no idea :P

Ark Dowell

07-11-2005 14:31:15

Yes, if I didn't check the forums everyday, I'd have blown over this entire thing. People would think I had another massive hangover when I say "What war...?" :(


07-11-2005 14:43:31

There were also other competitions...a fiction and a MP competition to go along with this first chapter. Bet a lot of people didn't know that either :P


07-11-2005 19:21:37

I wish we had more comps. for the clan ya know?

Kaelin Ring

08-11-2005 00:01:24

WE DID!!! I need to check the Comp boards more often!


08-11-2005 21:12:12

Indeed I think you should but that is my opinion. -_-

Kaelin Ring

09-11-2005 00:53:16

What have you done... just for the BT info.

Ktulu Xyler

09-11-2005 14:59:58

I got an idea for everyone here. Why don't we just stop talking about comp and I think this was started to talk about the runon and actually finish the runon.

I mean come on the story aint even finished and we were given an extension for as long as it takes us to finish the runon.

There are more comps out for chap 2 which include a fiction, poem and even MP'ing.

and damn you Halc! now look at what hanging around you has got me doing! :P


09-11-2005 18:22:02

As annoying as this may be to ommet,but he has a point.This topic is for people who want to talk about the runon so if you wish to talk abput BT then make a topic.
Please. <_<

Kaelin Ring

10-11-2005 00:17:22

Last time I did, no one posted but Devani. Sorry, Ktulu. Just don't sound like such an ass next time you take it upon yourself to say such things.

Ktulu Xyler

11-11-2005 16:59:30

If I came across as an ass so be it. Old School Arconan ways. Can't shake it. But that doesn't mean just cuz Devani posted that you can't and get the story going. I'm trying to find time myself to be able to post again.
and I take it upon myself cuz I want to see Arcona succeed at something. Even internally we can't finish something as simple as a runon.

Just cuz Halc said that some of posters are concentrating on their own character too much doesn't mean they shouldn't post anymore. It's not hard. My latest post doesn't even concentrate on me that much. Just post and finish the story. If we concentrate and collaborate through our posts then it shouldn't be that hard. As for the former Mifunes. You must still play your character as a mifune as that is how they appeared in the storyline.

You guys are still a family in the runon so finish it as a family.

Ark Dowell

11-11-2005 18:45:54

Yes. But a Family seperated into different sides kinda gets wierd in wars. Like in the Run On, who the heck am I supposed to help? Meh family or the House? I've pledged allegiance to both before the Run On. Either way, gotta betray someone... :P

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

11-11-2005 22:42:21

Yes, if I didn't check the forums everyday, I'd have blown over this entire thing.  People would think I had another massive hangover when I say "What war...?" :(

well, my LoA/ being grounded has come to an end. and all i have to say is." What war?"

Ark Dowell

12-11-2005 09:25:01


Currently, there is a civil war goin' on between HOO and Galeres. There are comps to compete in for points and junk. Good luck if you're gonna participate. :)


12-11-2005 23:14:12

Hi Yukimura, I think I joined Arcona while you were grounded, I'm Devani :D

Ark Dowell

13-11-2005 08:01:23

Yes, nice to see ya active here again, Yukimura. :)

Ceric Crimson

14-11-2005 16:04:48

...disturbing? Good...

Kaelin Ring

18-11-2005 15:29:09

Look, I'm not saying that I am just giving up. All I'm sayin' is that sometimes i don't have time to get on the net and write a thirty or more line post, make it sound good, and do everything else I gotta do in the span of an hour. That's all I get. I try to do everything I can, but at times that's not much. It gets depressing when the last two BT's you've had had very little activity from anyone despite emails ect.

Nice to see you again Yakimura.

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

19-11-2005 22:29:26

It feels so nice to be back guys ( and of course lady devani). i just got promoted, and i hope to participate in more competitons now that college is mostly done ( im still waiting for the letter, and SAT scores) and im ungrounded

Kaelin Ring

21-11-2005 13:29:07

How is the new runon going? Ne One write me in yet?


21-11-2005 14:02:10

If you happen to notice a new post is up...people should probably read it :P

Kaelin Ring

21-11-2005 23:18:47

I will when I have more time. Right now its a quick check at home before I get off.

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

23-11-2005 23:26:31

Great news fellow arconaians, i got a 1250 on my SATs. how is everyone else doing

Kaelin Ring

23-11-2005 23:36:48

Good job and Happy Turkey Day!!!


24-11-2005 14:25:11

Ah, Turkey I do love it so, but it could do with being a little less dry if you ask me.

Kaelin Ring

25-11-2005 01:46:05

The person who made mine made it nice and... not dry...


25-11-2005 13:18:07

Then all is good.

Kaelin Ring

27-11-2005 14:22:46

She used to be a gourmet cook so, it's all good... LOL!


28-11-2005 13:00:38

Yeah its always good when people know how to cook food properly in my experience.

Kaelin Ring

28-11-2005 13:27:26

Ya, it is a plus. How's the runon going?


28-11-2005 18:03:18

Dunno, haven't posted in it yet.

Kaelin Ring

29-11-2005 11:46:29

I haven't had the time. And when I do read the last post and then write, offline, from there and go to post it a day or two later someone else posted so...

Ceric Crimson

30-11-2005 16:31:22

I personally think its going great. We just need more Oriens to post.

Kaelin Ring

02-12-2005 13:01:01

I'll probably do it at 12.

Ceric Crimson

02-12-2005 16:28:08

By the way, I wrote you in Rev. Me, Dev and you are on a dropship headed for the hot zone.


04-12-2005 20:11:17

OOh...fun, I'll have to catch up!

Kaelin Ring

04-12-2005 22:36:19

SWEET! I now have a point to start at! Thank you to no end, Ceric.

Ceric Crimson

05-12-2005 14:38:11


Kaelin Ring

06-12-2005 11:46:47

I'll write it tonight if no one minds.

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 16:00:16


Kaelin Ring

09-12-2005 12:59:01


Ceric Crimson

10-12-2005 21:26:12

May the Force be with you.

...I just didn't want to say it in a corny way.

Kaelin Ring

14-12-2005 11:15:00

Ahh, well I still haven't found time to post. Work is getting in the way. I might have to take a temperary LOA.