Halc is a sexy beast


02-02-2005 20:10:22

Hehe well he is

But that's not the point of this here post - lest it become spam!

I was wondering if we can get an uber-informal run-on going on the Clan boards? Just for fun. Kinda like the neverending run-on that we did WAYYYY back in the day. What do you guys think?


02-02-2005 20:31:01

Sure...AFTER we get going on the real Run-On in the old boards for the RoS :P

Tarax Kor

02-02-2005 22:33:18

I'd be up for it. :)

And no, he's not. X-)


03-02-2005 05:47:21

|-| 4 |_ C = 53XY

Yaaaaay :)

Tarax Kor

03-02-2005 13:13:40

Cybey stop spamming. :@


03-02-2005 15:08:11

Exactly. Spamming is bad! Eeeevil... :P


03-02-2005 15:10:38

Exactly. Spamming is bad! Eeeevil... :P

Thanks for pointing that out Mr. Old-Forum-Uber-Spammer :P

I gotta agree that my last post was a bit too-spammish...