Getting to know you


23-10-2005 03:09:18

Ok, so most of us joined the Mifune family, but how well do we really know each other? I figured that this would be a good way to start getting to know each other a bit better

*starts singing* Getting to know you, getting to know all about you....... :P

so I'll start..

I am 21, nearly 22. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I joined the DB because my brother told me to :P I've never gone to college though if I did I'd want to major in Engish/Education and be a teacher. I currently work at Chick-fil-a ( a fast food restaurant that serves only chicken :P ) I'm not "religious" like most people thing, but if I had to categorize myself I'd be a wiccan.

hrm....what else about me...

My favorite color is blue, second favorite is green

My favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is water or juice (I don't drink pop :P)

I don't have a favorite music cause I like it all but my current favorite CD is Anna Nalick

hrm...I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure I'll think of some things to add later on. So join in and let your family members get to know you better.


23-10-2005 03:20:32

Can I answer? I'm not technically a part of the family...


23-10-2005 03:36:10

Little sister of the Mifune Family....seems like family to me :P


23-10-2005 05:31:40

I'm a 16 year old homicidal maniac who joined the DB cause Tuskani held a gun to my head and made me.

Ark Dowell

23-10-2005 10:14:41

Yes, I live in Richmond and am turning 15 next Fri. Meh favorite color is orange and black, the Halloween colors. I joined the DB because someone held a gun up to meh head and made me, also.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

23-10-2005 10:52:36

I'm 16, turning 17 on December 1st. I'm a Senior in high school, and I plan on going to college for a major in Theatre. I live in Moneta, VA, and this place sucks the biggest amount of balls known to man. I joined the DB because I was bored, and I wanted to create my own Dark Jedi, and wield a lightsaber.

I am the Patriarch in the family, meaning I created it, and not that I'm old. I'm far from it, you guys. I study ninjutsu, taijutsu, and budo taijutsu. I plan on working my way towards black belt in about 5 years. Currently. I am creating my own sword style, and naming it the "Kurayami Mifune Ryu". If there is anything else anyone wants to know about me, check out my Myspace account or Livejournal account.

Ark Dowell

23-10-2005 10:57:53

So... no one held a gun to your head and threatened you to join, huh? :P

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

23-10-2005 11:21:34

No, not really. But, there was this one time when I got held up in San Francisco, but I don't wanna talk about that...


23-10-2005 13:27:21

I am 18, turn 19 on May 25! I'm going to college in Nebraska but I live in Nevada. I'm in the DB because my family are Star Wars fiends and my brother joined and suggested it to me. My favorite color is blue at the moment but it changes often. I'm not supposed to have a favorite alcholic but my favorite is Vodka, though I am partial to Wine. My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Naked's Wellbeing. I love nearly all music except for the extreme, all I'm doing is screaming, hard rock. I like Country, Jazz, Big Band, Rap, Pop, etc. etc. etc.

Kaelin Ring

23-10-2005 19:53:59

I HATE RAP!! Kinda. I'm 16 turning 17 May 9th. I can't believe Hito's older than me. Sorry Dad! I live in the arse crack of Nevada. Fav. color is silver, alcy is X-rated, music: rock, beverage: Coke-a-Cola, after high school either the Air Force or College to become an eingeneer... anything else?

Ceric Crimson

24-10-2005 18:57:43

I am a sexy, silver tongued rouge. A master of a second degree black belt in Ju'jizu(or however the h*ll you spell that in English). And a vetaran of travel, though I have only lived in this body a mere 18-revolutions-of-the-planet-around-the-local-star.

I was born in Europe, Estonia, a border state of the ex-Soviet Union, better know today as the Federation of Russia. I now dwell in the American h*ll hole known by the name of Fredericksburg, VA.

My favorite alchoholic drink is vodka...white russian form.

I like the color Crimson, go figure.

If I know one thing, I know that I will NOT get a fking desk job. I will either be a full fledged merc/assassin, or perhaps try my hand your US Air Force as an officer....or mabey take up my cousin's title as a Russian mafia operative...or perhaps all of the above.

I know that I am destined to rule this galaxy...I'm being modest.

I am officially Eastern Orthodox (religously), but I have a fairly open mind (I experimented with wicca, and several states of meditation).

I am monarchist, but only if I can be the monarch.

I am lean, quick, sharp, elegant, 6'3, and a fusion of cool and hot to the core.

Oh, and I like to eat cherries...

...But I think I can describe myself better with this college application essay that I wrote a while back...


I am arrogant. Believe it or not, this is the truth. I hear it all the time from my elders, and I hear it all the time from my teachers (though more subtly, I will concede), and yet, I cannot deny for I can see it in the mirror; that confident gaze of mine, which inspires fear in my enemies and love in my followers. I am a leader…or is that the arrogance talking?
I have traveled the world corner to corner, visited culture after culture and then a second time again, and still this is the truth; I am an arrogant egotist. Is that even possible, you may ask…well, I say to you, here and now; yes. From my own lips, I say to you: Yes it is.
I have lived in the harsh cold of Russia’s Siberia, I have dwelled in the heat of Thailand, have visited, and lived in the greatest cities in Europe, and I have called ‘home’, many a US State, with their own unique cultures. Still, I am arrogant.
I have descended from a royal linage, of a Polish noble that was kinsman to the last czar of Russia. Yet still, I am arrogant.
I have mastered numerous languages; I am fluent in my native tongue, Russian. I am better than fluent in my second language, English. I have become well versed in the Germanic language, and even in the ancient forms of Latin; the mother of European’s civilized tongue. Of course, of no surprise to anyone: I remain arrogant.
I have challenged myself, over and over with the most difficult of tasks, from a Governor’s Language Immersion Academy one fine summer, to honing my body and mind with the ancient, glorious dance of the sword. I have explored the spiritual, and came out a new man, a better man; an enlightened man. And yet…somehow…I am still arrogant.
I have looked to the stars and to divine wisdom for my destiny, and yet, I still see it as clearly as I did before: That I am destined to be the best. How can this be? To be so arrogant cannot truly be me…
How can one man, however glorious he may be, remain so utterly convinced that he is the best at everything with which he graces his time to do? How can one man have done all these things, and still be arrogant? Is it delusion? Is there something wrong with my head…? Or could it be….that perhaps, I have the right to be…as arrogant as I ever did want to be?


24-10-2005 20:35:41

No, no. I'm pretty sure you're just arrogant. LOL


25-10-2005 15:51:32

Damn, i thought i was arrogant.


25-10-2005 16:06:53

You seem humble in comparison!

Ceric Crimson

25-10-2005 16:49:54

Shhh...I might hear you.


25-10-2005 17:06:25

Oh no! Wouldn't that be a shame...


25-10-2005 17:40:43

Humble, moi? Not quite, but I got nothin on Crimson.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

25-10-2005 20:01:13

Jin'ei, I gotta visit ya once I get my car... I live near Bedford, VA.

Kaelin Ring

25-10-2005 23:14:27

Me too! Once he's got his car and all.


26-10-2005 13:48:51

Anyway, less spam more talking! JK, I did a personality test the other day and I'm strangely equally two opposites: extroverted and introverted. I love being with people and hanging out, having fun but I also love being by myself reading or on my computer. I have noticed the more I am comfortable with a situation or with people the more I usually, key word usually, I spend time out. If I'm uncomfortable or angry with someone I spend more time in my room doing things like posting on the forums!

Ark Dowell

26-10-2005 20:48:14

If you are on the Forums right now, reading this post, then does that mean you are angry at someone?


26-10-2005 20:55:40

No, not nescessarily. Should I be mad?

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

26-10-2005 21:08:08

Yes. Yes you should.


26-10-2005 21:28:51

At you Hito?

Kaelin Ring

26-10-2005 23:58:57

Naw, at your incestual bro.


27-10-2005 00:00:02

More like my biological bro for bringing that up!

Kaelin Ring

27-10-2005 00:02:42

Poor little... Aydan...


27-10-2005 00:05:10

ok, why'd you bring Aydan into this?

Kaelin Ring

27-10-2005 00:06:41

The point is... nm.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

27-10-2005 19:52:38

Alrighty, you two. Next one to argue gets a shuriken... :shuriken:

Ark Dowell

27-10-2005 20:12:02

Oooooh, I want one!! More shinies for da Medal Case! :D

Ceric Crimson

27-10-2005 20:50:52

I did a personality test the other day and I'm strangely equally two opposites: extroverted and introverted. I love being with people and hanging out, having fun but I also love being by myself reading or on my computer.

Well, actually, thats very normal and healthy. To have an actual social life, and also to spend time with just yourself. You could have some serious issues if you don't get enough privacy, that is a fact.

Oh, and Hito and Rev? You guys are welcome to visit any time you want. Just tell me when and I'll give ya kids direction. Then I'll show you Americans how to throw a real party!!

Kaelin Ring

28-10-2005 00:08:23

Take me!!!!! If you can get me tickets that is!!


28-10-2005 01:50:10

We should defintely all get together sometime and drink the night away!

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

29-10-2005 02:35:44

Sounds like a plan to me, but I'll be the first one at Jin'ei's party! Fredericksberg is not far from here.

Ark Dowell

29-10-2005 10:09:20

Yes, I don't live too far from Fredericksburg either. The only prob would be convincing meh mom to drive me... :P


29-10-2005 16:18:14

LOL, well it would be a bit of a drive for me, all the way from stinking Nebraska (this place is sooo flat it makes me sick, I miss the mountains!) but I'd love to come.

Kaelin Ring

30-10-2005 12:48:49

Nevada's farther. Take me, just for fun.

Ceric Crimson

30-10-2005 22:22:57

All are welcome!!

..especially Dev.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

31-10-2005 14:20:56

:: neuters Jin'ei :: Incest... But yes... Okazani and I will start the party, and we can wait for you all to show up.

Ceric Crimson

31-10-2005 19:40:37

Quickly regenerates, as Jin'ei is the Demi-God of Hot-Wild-Parties and thus cannot stay neutered for long.

But really, if you guys can make it over here, I'll be more than will'in to show you kids how big boys party. Oww YEAH!!!

ps: bring vodka...I have plenty, but plenty is never enough.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

31-10-2005 19:47:38

Look down...

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

31-10-2005 19:50:30

Yay!! PM your address to me, and I'll find my way to your place.


Ceric Crimson

31-10-2005 19:52:27



31-10-2005 20:42:12

Can I come? Please...

Ceric Crimson

01-11-2005 16:38:03


Get over here...NOW!

We must have the the


01-11-2005 17:04:25

I'm on my way...for the :x


01-11-2005 17:06:35

Splendidly kinky.

Ceric Crimson

01-11-2005 17:36:53


One Hot-Wild-Party, coming up!

Kaelin Ring

03-11-2005 21:10:45


Ceric Crimson

05-11-2005 23:48:20

Mail me the money and I'll mail you the tickets!!!

...unless of course, you want a favore from the Russian Mafia?

Kaelin Ring

06-11-2005 14:30:17

Ya, I'm poor so I can't get the money. I LOVE THE RUSSIAN MOFIA!!! Always have I admired there work...


07-11-2005 16:15:53

Big ups to all my yakuza homies and my yardie friends.

Kaelin Ring

07-11-2005 23:58:05

Them too!

Ceric Crimson

14-11-2005 16:09:35

Lol...yeah. My mafia is sort of staying out of the US...kind of a dump, you know? We're more concentraiting on infiltraiting every part of modern Western European life style.

Its all good.

Kaelin Ring

18-11-2005 15:30:10


Ceric Crimson

30-11-2005 17:19:30

lol. I never get tired of that. "YOU ARE A GIRLY MAN, EARGH!!!!" (its Arnold)


01-12-2005 04:02:06

Maybe we should just leave politics at the door huh?

Ceric Crimson

01-12-2005 07:31:20

Fair enough. How about theology?


01-12-2005 10:16:25

Theology might work, worth a try right?

Ceric Crimson

01-12-2005 15:17:22


For instance: Do you think that science and God can co-exist?

Kaelin Ring

02-12-2005 13:21:21

Care to elaborate?

Ceric Crimson

02-12-2005 16:00:13

As in...Big Bang or Creation?

Kaine Mandaala

02-12-2005 16:02:54

Religion and politics are two subjects that are forbidden on the DJB Forums.

Sorry guys, but if you want to continue you'll need to take it to PM's or e-mail.

Ceric Crimson

02-12-2005 16:06:15

Really? My bad!


04-12-2005 20:24:02

YES! I got Star Wars 3 for Christmas from my roomie (really early but I'm not complaining). I wish I could be a character in a Star Wars dream come true...especially if I was Sith!!!

Kaelin Ring

04-12-2005 22:37:35

Sorry Kaine, didn't know. Devani, Devani. Maybe for your birthday.

Ceric Crimson

05-12-2005 14:37:23

Or for Valentine's Day...cuz you know I can make all your dreams come true, baby.

Kaelin Ring

06-12-2005 11:45:54

I wish Mifune Family was back together. It was cool even if some people believe that Families are useless.


06-12-2005 19:44:48

Yes you would Jin'ei.
And yes Roman, I think that having Families is a great addition to the DJB.

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 15:40:31

Heck yes!

I enjoyed being in the was kinda reminding me of the good old days in the mafia...not that I'm not in the mafia anymore, its just that 'Virginia' has a limited participation rate in that area...which is why I make sure to drive my black beemer to New York on holidays.

...but thats off the topic....which is now officially about The Family. I think we should start up another one. It really did a great job to bring all the Oriens children together. Simply being in "Oriens" didn't feel that exclusive for some, but being officially allowed into a family: That, brought order and participation into our ranks.

So I propose we start family...or something equally smooth and assassan...ny, like that.

What say you!?


08-12-2005 15:56:03

A house and Clan can bring you prestige...however, that prestige is made by the members. Instead of working towards building a family, when not turn that effort into continuing to help build up this house and clan?

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 15:59:05

Absolutly true, and a devoted Family can bring just that, would you not agree?


08-12-2005 16:03:20

It may, it may not. Families should never be "associated' with a specific house and clan. Why? Because they *may* play into favoritism, or at least give the impression to others.

Families instead should be something on the side and is normally something simple with matter which house or Clan they're in.

What I'm saying is that a family should never be the basis of organizing or helping to participate in a house. It should never come into play. As such, if there are impediements or views that currently stop someone from truly participating, then that should be brought up to the leaders.

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 16:07:07

I impression with the Mifune Family was exactly that; that you had to be in Oriens in order to join. If that is 'illegal', why did it persist until being volentarily disbanded?


08-12-2005 16:10:15

It's not "illegal" per se...I was just giving you my reasons on why a family shouldn't be solely seen as beholden to one place

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 16:17:59 it would be bad yes? And we are Dark Jedi, no? Dark Jedi who are evil, yes? Evil Dark Jedi who are in competition with other Clans, yes?


jk, I see your point...but its...sooo tempting....and giving into darker urges is an evil dark jedi thing, no? Wouldn't we be going against the DB if we DIDN'T do it?


08-12-2005 16:28:38

Gotta seperate the fictional aspects from the real aspects :P

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 16:48:24

Why?....are you not really evil!!!?!??!

Wait till Jac hears about this!!!

Kaelin Ring

09-12-2005 12:56:08

What about Naga Sadow's family? Aren't they specifically Naga Sadow?

Kaine Mandaala

09-12-2005 13:52:06

There is a difference between "Family" and "Clan Title". Unfortunately for the Clan Title I was awarded some people didn't realize that. I removed it from my name because they treated it like a family instead of an honorary title.

You can find the list I posted here:

Kaelin Ring

14-12-2005 11:11:05

You dropped it because of them? Why? If you were awarded it, use it. Don't let other people force you not to show something you should be proud of. Anyway, I know the difference between Family and Clan, I just thought it was fun to be in one. I also thought it created more fictional oppertunities.

PS Sorry I can't spell.

Ceric Crimson

14-12-2005 15:23:30

Yeah, like in the run-on.

What do you think Rev, would you be in my group if we uped and made one?

Kaelin Ring

16-12-2005 15:21:58

Yeah, but we have to think it through to its entirety. We need to have everything down pat, so that way we can impress some people so they don't bother us.

Ceric Crimson

16-12-2005 15:26:31

Of course...I'll pm you about the details.