Competition Listing


20-10-2005 10:06:21

Here is a list of all competitions open to the Clan. Please send your submissions and questions to the person running the competition.

Please note that due to the Christmas season, there are some rather slim pickings - but hopefully you'll have enough fun in the real world to compensate. Merry Christmas!

House Oriens Obscurum
These are open to House Oriens Obscurum.

December Trivia
AED Corran Halcyon Arconae
8th of December to 31st of December

House Galeres
These are open to House Galeres.

Dark Brotherhood
These are open to the entire Brotherhood.

ACC Rite of Exaltation
DA Corran Halcyon Arconae
19th of December to 5th of January

The KHP's Holiday Bash!
KHP Telona Murrage
10th of December to 31st of December
(Please note that she has changed her email address to

KHP Armed Hostilities
Monthly (see link)

Gaming Nights
Weekly (see link)