First one to...

Ceric Crimson

19-10-2005 16:34:02

First one to POST gets the Girl!!!

Oh...sorry about that guys. I just can't seem to help myself!

Kaelin Ring

20-10-2005 00:31:45

Do I win? Which girls?

Ceric Crimson

20-10-2005 17:33:15

Oh, whatever girls that happen to be sitting on your lap right now.

Kaelin Ring

20-10-2005 22:14:36

All six of them?? You sure the seventh is a girl??? lol, I won suckers!!! I'm havin' fun tonight!


20-10-2005 23:18:22

Boys Boys Boys

Kaine Mandaala

20-10-2005 23:19:51

Ceric has horrible spelling. He meant "grill".

Kaelin Ring

21-10-2005 15:07:48

That was low, Kaine!! I wanted the girls not grills. Crush my dreams why don't you?


21-10-2005 15:29:55

He didn't have'd be more likely to get GRILLS than GIRLS, JK!

Kaelin Ring

21-10-2005 15:40:32

I get enough of that from F. Mike and Ceric.

Ceric Crimson

21-10-2005 15:49:04

Oh, come now, surely you are not comparing me to the allegide "[Expletive Deleted]" and "A$$hole", are you Revaan?

Because, you really shouldn't take insults from me seriously, especially when those insults are in response to your very own barily vailed contempt toward me.

Kaelin Ring

23-10-2005 19:12:35

I hold no contempt for you. Actually I find you as fasinating as my German exchange freind. I was just reacting to you posts... all in good fun. I just meant you both have the same sence of humor. Like "your mom naked covered in chicken grease...."

Ceric Crimson

24-10-2005 19:21:38 did you know that!!!!!?!!!!!!!


24-10-2005 20:24:34

OMG, I don't even want to go there, y'all are sick.

Kaelin Ring

25-10-2005 23:03:30

ROTFLMAO!! Good job Ceric.

Ceric Crimson

27-10-2005 21:08:25

lol, I try. :D


27-10-2005 21:10:46

I noticed ;)

Kaelin Ring

28-10-2005 00:13:51

Key word try?

Ceric Crimson

31-10-2005 20:08:57


Kaelin Ring

03-11-2005 21:01:54

Anyone know what the deal is with messing with the BTs?


08-02-2006 08:17:32

for all the gripe about spamming on non spam boards this does seem similar to what we get on the Spam board.


08-02-2006 10:48:24

Shadow, stop posting on old topics