Anybody out there?


18-08-2005 16:49:29

Well is there anyone out there?

Karan Callidus Entar

18-08-2005 17:41:54

Anybody out there

Hello Hello Hello
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home? floyd moment.

Yeh im here. Hi!

Now post in the run-on or do one of the QD monthly topics Kandos! :P

Kaine Mandaala

18-08-2005 18:46:03


No one is out there.


18-08-2005 19:26:51

Automatic Answering System:

"Nope sry, Im currently gone to the better part of my insanity. Leave a message and Ill get back to you."

:P what a useless threat


18-08-2005 20:16:35

I was just wondering, as nobody seems to use the main forum

And Valnir (aka Karan), I will at some point

Ark Dowell

18-08-2005 20:19:23

Nope, no one is here. I'm a spirit who haunts this place, so I don't count. :)

Karan Callidus Entar

18-08-2005 20:39:48

You too Ark!!! Get your arse over to the damn comp list and the run-on! Dont make be take you to the special room, with the fluffy handcuffs and the whips!!!

Ark Dowell

18-08-2005 21:02:31

Oh, I'll get to the Run On soon enough. I just have no idea as of what to post now. :P

EDIT- It's nice to see QD has a Fun and Games topic. I'm so glad I can now write poetry about alcohol this month.


18-08-2005 21:33:58

Dude Valerie your guy has no mouth.

Ark Dowell

18-08-2005 21:35:23

Huh? You changed your avatar, Quejo? Cool.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

18-08-2005 22:29:43

I'm here, and I did the Run-On. Yay for me!!


18-08-2005 22:35:33

Yeah it's a drawn out pic of my character. Oh and no one wants to Judge our battle cause it's so close lol.

Ark Dowell

19-08-2005 07:21:38

I'm sure you'll win, though. I got my force powers mixed up. Inflict Pain was [IP], not [MT]. I just forgot. And my realism was waay off. Oh well. :P

Karan Callidus Entar

19-08-2005 08:34:29

Que its a mask you foo! It goes over the face, it isnt actually his face.

[Expletive Deleted] :P


19-08-2005 09:17:37

Yeah...his face is much too ugly to actually be shown. A deadly weapon when used in the ACC though :P


19-08-2005 12:08:52

Ah so that's why he wears a mask I get it now. :P

Karan Callidus Entar

19-08-2005 17:35:13

Oh you can just go [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing [Expletive Deleted F-word] yourself Halc.

Bitch :P


19-08-2005 19:34:09

LOL...I feel much anger in you... :P

Karan Callidus Entar

19-08-2005 20:00:27

Stop feelin me up!!!



19-08-2005 20:28:04

You know you like it :P

Karan Callidus Entar

19-08-2005 20:33:51

That, Halcy baby, is entirely beside the point :P


20-08-2005 06:38:55

This is all rather disturbing..........but at least there is activity on the forum....yay, lol

Ark Dowell

20-08-2005 07:30:57

Yes... activity... *twitch, twitch*

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

20-08-2005 23:18:10

I FEEL VIOLATED!!!!!!!!!! ....oh wait.... Sorry. That was just the ecstasy... Never mind.

Karan Callidus Entar

21-08-2005 17:18:22

Yeh the violation comes next ;)


22-08-2005 11:30:09

Oh that the time

*Makes a break for the door*


22-08-2005 11:56:43

*trips Kandos*

Get him, Val :P


22-08-2005 13:43:31


Karan Callidus Entar

22-08-2005 17:50:01


Your ma wife now Dave >:)

(On a side note notice how quick conversations round here go from bad to vile? :P)

Ark Dowell

22-08-2005 21:59:09

Just like in the Spam Boards... but not entirely... :P

*Runs out of the door*

Karan Callidus Entar

23-08-2005 08:04:33

:@ How DARE you accuse us of spamming?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dont make me violate you boy!

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 08:10:47

Hey, I just realized what your avatar is, Valnir. Is it Jack of Blades from Fable?

Anyways, back on topic...

NOO!!! Don't violate me or I'll call Halc!

*Takes out a cell phone*


23-08-2005 08:36:39

*violates Ark*

You rang?

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 09:04:37

Ummm... yeah sure. :P

Karan Callidus Entar

23-08-2005 12:12:46

:blink: No its not Ark...its my character...Jack of Blades doesnt have a purple cloak and I couldnt possibly have edited the mask of his face with my foto editing software...what a silly notion, hahahaha...ha...erm...

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 14:29:10

Cloak? I can't see a cloak... maybe I'm partially blind...

*Follows Valnir*

Karan Callidus Entar

23-08-2005 15:22:10

The purple thing around his face? And why am I running?

Come ere you! ;)


23-08-2005 15:31:43

Valnir...........after you have finished doing unspeakable things to Ark you could go post on the house run-on........ :D

Kaelin Ring

23-08-2005 16:07:16

So let me get this straight... your all from the deep south or have you all seen pulp fiction way too many times? And are you also saying that you all like to vilolate underage boys??? LOL, jk. I want to post next on HOO Runon! Please? I'm gonna write something really long so I can get an award!

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 17:44:36

Errrr... why are we violating each other?! Back! Back, I say!!

*Whips Valnir*


23-08-2005 19:54:52

You do know Val's into the whole whipping thing, right Ark? :P

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 19:56:45


*Stops whipping Valnir*

Karan Callidus Entar

24-08-2005 13:35:13

Dammit Halc you had to tell him an ruin my fun!

Ark Dowell

24-08-2005 18:34:40

*Drops whip and runs away as though it carried a plague*

Kaelin Ring

26-08-2005 01:13:07

Why don't you just burn it to destroy any... "leftovers"?