04-08-2005 13:05:31

Hey everybody. I have just transfered to Clan Arcona. So in other words this is kinda an introduction to me. :P

Well, I came from Clan Plagueis and I was originally from Clan Exar Kun before they two clans merged to become Plagueis. I have held every leadership position from BTL, AED, and even held QUA for a month and a half or so but I was just filling in for the QUA that was currently away. I am usually a pretty active member but my activity has been limited for a short time until a week or so do to a new job and such. Otherwise I am still here for anybody that needs anything.

As for interests, I love Xbox Live. I play it almost constantly whenever I can. I mainly play Halo 2, Ghost Recon 2, and Counter Strike but sometimes I can be found playing one of my other Live enabled games. If any of you do have Live, just add Lord Sunflash or Fall3n Night to your Friends List.

Thank you to those of you who have sent out messages welcomming me to the clan and offering your support in any way possible. This is a big change from Plagueis where the Clan was soooo large that half of the members could have cared less who was in their Clan because they would probably never hear from them. This is not agaist the leadership. for they did an amazing job and I believe they could not have done any better.

Finally, I am glad to be in Clan Arcona and HOO and I look forward to meeting you all.


04-08-2005 15:52:27

Hello, hello.

Hopefully I'll catch you on IRC one of these days, and as I tell everyone else, if you need anything just shoot me an e-mail :)


04-08-2005 18:04:33

I'd just like to say..............

Hi, welcome to the clan and come join us on the spam board (I'm not recruiting, honest)

Ark Dowell

04-08-2005 20:11:14

Hi, Sunflash! Welcome to Arcona!

And you should check out the Spam Boards! (I'm not recruiting, either. Really!)


04-08-2005 20:21:34

Good thing or else I would be force to cripple you :P

And welcome Sunflash it's good to have you in HOO. Need anything just let me know but we've been over this before so you already know what's goin on.

Ark Dowell

05-08-2005 05:37:43

And the ever expanding population of HOO soars even higher...


There aren't enough Kraths coming into HQD. >.<


05-08-2005 07:56:21

There aren't enough Krath in general. However, when the Rebirth site finally hits, HQD will be getting a number of the Obelisk and Sith as well who join


Ark Dowell

05-08-2005 09:55:34

Hmmm... I know that this is outta place, but what do y'all think of Rebirth? I'm looking forward to it. It seems nearly impossible, but everyone actually pulled most of it off. :) It's like they used cheat codes or something. If I were GM, I'd have never imagined this possible.


05-08-2005 10:27:28

This has been years in progress. I remember receiving a draft of this when I had been named CoG, and even then it was an overly large document meaning there had already been a good amount of time working on it.

Let's see....I was named CoG in August of 2003...the Split was around April of that year, so I'd say it's been at least 2 to 2 and a half years of fairly constant work on this. This is probably the longest on-going project that I've ever seen during my time, and it really is a testament to the dedication of these people. They could have easily given up a long time ago.

Of course, it has taken this long because there really is only so many people who can work on this. Only a select few have the talent to code everything and make all of the graphics and designs. Same with all of the RP information and all of these new documents. I've been excited for Rebirth since I first heard and read about it...still am and can't wait to play around with the new CS and such :)


05-08-2005 13:55:35

Thanks ya all for welcomming me. Makes me fell special! :D Anyways, I am usually on IRC quite often, I have just been working weird hours at work lately cause of my new position. All I have been doing right now is workign eating and sleeping, it's a sad life for me. X-)

As for Rebirth.....Hell yeah! ;) I can't wait until it is finally released. When I first learned of it (probably three or four months after I joined) I was sooo excited. Before I knew about it I was thinking of someting along those same lines.

Welp, TTY all later.


05-08-2005 15:39:27

So if the original idea for Rebirth was thought up before the split then if we hadn't then it would have been done with us still part of the EH.......................those guys are going to be kicking themselves when it finally gets implemented.......

Ark Dowell

06-08-2005 04:42:15

I agree with Halc! I wanna play with the CS's. I like the idea of purchasing my own weapons and stuff. Also, I wanna own my personal armada of TIE Fighters. ^_^

And Kandos, let's go over to the EH and gloat! Lol, jk... :P

And the Wargames'll be awesome! It'll revolutionize the DB.

EDIT- Enjoy your stay at Arcoan, Sunflash! It's a pretty good clan. ^_^


08-08-2005 00:57:50

Clan Arcoan is the best clan in the DB...

Although I'm afraid people are getting way too excited over Rebirth... I, on the other hand, will maintain my skepticism! Yay me!

Dark hunter

08-08-2005 16:44:56

Well i would just like to know when rebirth starts.

Ark Dowell

08-08-2005 19:32:46

Well, I would think it's gonna get delayed 'cause of the Chi Long situation. But it should be up be this Summer.

BTW, why did Chi Long leave? I heard that there was a disagreement over something.


08-08-2005 21:40:56

Yes, he is no longer active in the DB

Ark Dowell

08-08-2005 22:22:58

Yes, that's what I read on the news page or somewhere.


08-08-2005 22:24:55

he wanted to expel a couple people who were harassing him from the DB without a fair trial and jac/mav wouldnt allow it. so he left.

Ark Dowell

10-08-2005 03:22:25

Oh. I thought it was an argument of some sort over IRC.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

10-08-2005 13:45:13

Wait, I thought Chi Long was Jac's name in the ACC. I'm really confused...


10-08-2005 14:32:37 ACC name is your DB name. There is no difference. Chi-Long however is a former Grand Master, hence the "GM" rank, which may be why you were confused.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

16-08-2005 13:33:36

Yeah, that really got me confused. I was about to say, "Whoo-hoo!!! We get to face Jac!! ...but he has a new name." ....Wow... that was something Caboose would say...


16-08-2005 21:25:26

LOL Chi-Long was a former GM of the EHDB before the split. I believe he was right before Firefox (history check plz)


17-08-2005 00:22:36

Yup, you are correct. It should also be noted that Chi-Long replaced a GM who had tried to secede from the EH but failed miserably (due to the fact he seemed to be more or less hated by the membership :P).

Chi-Long was more or less kicked out of the GM position and replaced by someone who the higher-ups deemed to be a more "safe" choice in Firefox. Well...we all know how that turned out :P

Karan Callidus Entar

17-08-2005 11:14:28

Best dumb mistake the EH ever made. :P