Dark Orb

Karan Callidus Entar

31-07-2005 21:56:29

Greetings peeps, this can just be our space for comments an suggestions and all the other crap you want to tell me. This isnt just another thread for spamming. Anyone that spams here, shall be castrated with a rusty spoon and be fornicated with a chainsaw. Have a nice day yall :w00t:

Ark Dowell

31-07-2005 22:28:03

Hey Valnir! Nice to see that the Dark Orb Phyle finally has a place to talk. The only problem is that Kandos and I are pretty much the only ones who actually use the Forums. I don't think anyone else on Dark Orb posts here.

And don't worry, we'll keep our Spam counts in the Spam Boards so our Tetrarch can be at peace. :P

EDIT- By the way, the Topic Description says 'Dark Orb Tyros Only.' You're not a tyro! You're a Tetrarch, so therefore, you can't legally post here.

Heh, Just kiddin'. :P


01-08-2005 05:25:41

From Valnir's (aka Karan, aka "the boss") post anyone would think me and Ark spammed a lot..........

I did actually have a question to ask but I can't for the life of me remeber what it was........

Ark Dowell

01-08-2005 05:33:12

Kandos, maybe your question was...

'Why am I posting here if I can't remember my original question?'

EDIT- And I don't spam a whole lot! Despite my Post Count...

Karan Callidus Entar

01-08-2005 11:10:42

Well Ark, the thing about that Tyros only thing is that...umm...shut up biatch! Im the boss so I can do whatever I want so NEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!

Ark Dowell

01-08-2005 19:11:45

Okaaayy... I'll keep that in mind. :P But what about Lucius? He's not a Tyro. He's a Sith Flight Member. Again,:P

Karan Callidus Entar

01-08-2005 20:05:00

Actually youl find he's no longer in the house, he transfered to CNS :@

Ark Dowell

01-08-2005 20:20:12

Oh, I didn't realize... Bye bye Lucius! If you are reading this... probably not...


19-08-2005 11:19:45

I read all and see all >:)

And now I run

Karan Callidus Entar

19-08-2005 17:27:55



Hows things over in CNS Lucius? Decided to come back yet? :P

Ark Dowell

20-08-2005 03:14:04

Wow, Lucius actually posted here? :)


20-08-2005 22:30:42

well Untill Im asked not to post here I will :P

anyways, things are going pretty good...not better not worse...

Dont think im greatly missed here :P and Dont think ill be welcome back too friendly either :blink:

Ark Dowell

20-08-2005 23:28:06

You're welcomed to post here. Now... POST AGAIN!! :)


21-08-2005 11:43:06

I'll post here as an ex-flight members I tells you :P

Karan Callidus Entar

21-08-2005 17:09:09

Lol no you wouldnt be welcome to Oriens, but your always welcome to QD. Im always ready to receive more bitches erm I mean...recruits...yes...recruits... >:)


21-08-2005 23:39:39

I wouldnt be welcome in QD? :'(

/me cries

so hows things in Dark Orb going anyways?

Kaelin Ring

22-08-2005 00:46:02

Hi every one. I just recently got assigned to QD so I'm introducing myself. I've talked to a couple of you before but to the rest, "What up?"


22-08-2005 06:22:48

Actually, you were re-assigned to HOO as per yours/your Master's instructions :)


22-08-2005 09:11:26

Dear Dear Dear.

Karan Callidus Entar

22-08-2005 17:51:24

No Lucius I said you probably wouldnt be very welcome in HOO but I wouldnt mind having you in QD.

Things in DO are goin pretty good, fairly quiet but stable.

Ark Dowell

22-08-2005 22:01:19

Yes, fairly quiet in the Dark Orb. No explosions or anything of that sort...

BTW, nice avatar, Val! But don't really know what it is.


23-08-2005 00:51:05

Well, that describes the whole House... you, Valnir and Wrath. And Kandos. And me. And sometimes Vassan. Yippee.

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 07:48:02

I think everyone else gets on mIRC or something.


23-08-2005 08:46:31

Yup...Mejas shows his mug on IRC. Strat is back and have talked to him on IRC this weekend. Psyks is floating around somewhere

Ark Dowell

23-08-2005 09:03:07

I really should get on IRC more often...


23-08-2005 19:50:17

Yeah, well, I'm sure that guest starring on IRC will win us the Obelisk RoS and make my time as Quaestor worthwhile, but my goal was to make us a vibrant, growing and active House.

Karan Callidus Entar

24-08-2005 13:36:13

Thats soundin bad Denath, dont you go quittin on us too!

Ark Dowell

24-08-2005 14:55:15

Guest starring on IRC... lol :P


24-08-2005 16:23:28

Jack of Blades, i think Ark: Val's pic...

Ark Dowell

24-08-2005 18:35:43

Yeah, looked like him to me... Fable rocks! I want Fable 2!!


24-08-2005 19:57:22

Im not going anywhere yet :)

Ark Dowell

24-08-2005 22:29:02

Huh? Going where? I wanna go... :(

Ktulu Xyler

29-08-2005 12:20:11

I'm here too guys.....

Ark Dowell

29-08-2005 12:29:52

Hiya! And that's another Tyro that posted here. :)


29-08-2005 13:08:11

I'm here too guys.....

Who're you again? :P

Ark Dowell

29-08-2005 15:48:04

I forget, too... :P

Karan Callidus Entar

29-08-2005 16:06:32

Ktulu! Go do a comp (now THAT is proper Tetrach leadership skills :P)

Ark Dowell

30-08-2005 21:23:05

Funny thing, every member of Qel- Droma is now in the BT. :)


31-08-2005 09:48:03

Apart from you and Valnir, as you are in charge.

BTW I was going to post on the run-on but I don't know if Valnir's post was the end (as it seems to make a good one)....

Ark Dowell

31-08-2005 10:00:02

It would seem the Run On has ended. It was kinda cool. :)


31-08-2005 22:46:02

A quick congrats to Valnir and Ark :D

You guys desrve these positions!

And Lucius out :P


31-08-2005 22:52:15

Lucius why the hell did you leave us anyways? Come back you big dummy.

KP Octa


31-08-2005 23:17:45

wasnt active enough at the time :blink:

and one day, BOOM! Just switched :P

Congrats to you aswell Octa with your new position :D

I might have been AED by now

*Kicks himself* :P


31-08-2005 23:33:30

It is possible you would have


31-08-2005 23:53:22

yeah :P

Well I come here to speak to you and congradulate you all now :)

Ark Dowell

01-09-2005 09:10:29

Thanks! You can always transfer back, get a kick out of it, ya know? :)


01-09-2005 16:57:44

hehe, just do it for the hell of it :lol:

Ark Dowell

01-09-2005 19:02:44

Yeah, something to that effect. :P


02-09-2005 00:32:03

lol, not something an AED should suggest :P

"Leave one clan and join another one for the hell of it" :P

Ark Dowell

02-09-2005 10:49:02

Yeah, I know. :P


02-09-2005 16:26:27

well seems like the whole is in the BT so BTL would be as powerful as AED or QUA for now :P

Ark Dowell

02-09-2005 17:20:07

Yeah. Speaking of which, Arcona is going to win the RoS!! I can feel it! :D


02-09-2005 21:26:06

meh, Until allegiance and ACC is allowed im pretty useless :P

Ark Dowell

02-09-2005 21:43:01

Same. I'm useless until I throw my cup of sake into the ACC. :)


02-09-2005 22:20:45

heh, I will battle you in ACCLive! >:)

Ark Dowell

03-09-2005 08:40:15

Does ACCLive even count for the RoS? I might try that...


03-09-2005 10:15:52

No, it won't. However, there is a month-long ACCLive! competition going on.

For the RoS, only JO, JA and Republic commando are being used for now. Other platforms may be added when Clans start facing each other directly...normal ACC battles being one of them


03-09-2005 18:07:57

well seems like the whole is in the BT so BTL would be as powerful as AED or QUA for now  :P

How very perceptive of you, Lucius. :P

Oh, and get the hell back in Arcona. Now.

- Strat

Ark Dowell

03-09-2005 19:57:56

Speaking of transfers, Wrath has left the graces of Arcona once more. That means we have a House of 11 people. :(


05-09-2005 12:26:54

Meh... I'll order him to come back. If he comes back, I have ways to make sure that he doesn't die a slow, painful death next week. >:)

- Strat

Ark Dowell

05-09-2005 12:55:04

Huh. Go ahead. I wish there were more active, loyal members.

Karan Callidus Entar

05-09-2005 18:49:26

Honestly, I had high hopes for Wrath, but if he wants to go, [Expletive Deleted F-word] him, but I tell you he'll be one of those people in the DB that manages to get a position and everyone hates him. He'll be the death of a house.

And if your reading this Wrath hi!!! :D

Ark Dowell

05-09-2005 19:10:38

Hmmm... this is the second time he's left. What's more disturbing is that he's joined Taldrya, the Clan that's holding 1st place in the RoS. Jumpin' the bandwagon...

Oh well, who's gone is gone. Can't change the past.

And Wrath, if you read this as well, hi!! ^_^


06-09-2005 09:16:27

Never liked Wrath myself....

But meh, no clans transfers allower during the oRoS. Its on the DB news as of today :P

so how you guys doing? making evil plans? :P


06-09-2005 10:16:54

He shouldn't have been allowed to join Taldryan as there aren't supossed to be any Clan transfers. I'd suggest someone go poke the MAA about it if you already haven't...he can be in the Rogues until the RoS is over if he doesn't want to be in Arcona.


06-09-2005 14:42:22

I think he switched before the rules came in effect.


06-09-2005 22:11:00

The rules are supossed to come into effect the moment the RoS had started...they just announced it late

Karan Callidus Entar

07-09-2005 12:36:51

He transfered before the start of the RoS.


07-09-2005 12:52:44

On his dossier it says he transferred on the 2nd of Sept...unless his request was put in earlier (which is probably the case)


Ah well


11-09-2005 05:40:44

Halc's right, he transferred *after* the RoS started. I'll go bother the MAA office, if no-one else wants to.

- Strat

Ark Dowell

11-09-2005 10:38:20

But the notice wasn't up then. And besdies, it's not like he can transfer back. The notice IS up now. :P


11-09-2005 11:55:34

The rule is automatically in effect as soon as the RoS starts...whether a notice is up or not. The notice is just a reminder. He should be placed in the Rogues until the RoS is over, and then he can transfer into Taldryan

Ark Dowell

11-09-2005 12:23:48

Oh, didn't knew that. Oh well, he's gone either way...


12-09-2005 20:22:38

get the traitor :P

Ark Dowell

12-09-2005 20:45:27

And did y'all hear about Wolvie? He's been banned from the SA server AND has a CoJ Trial. I don't think him being banned was fair.


15-09-2005 20:26:40

meh, then do something about it :P

Ark Dowell

16-09-2005 16:35:35

I AM doing something about it... :P

*Bribes the judges*


17-09-2005 01:52:23

ah thats always a good way :P

Ark Dowell

17-09-2005 09:52:30

*Bribes Lucius to keep it quiet :P*


17-09-2005 22:23:41

Hey guys. Guess I should introduce myself. I'm Loki Gonzo, just joined today. Looking forward to having some fun here and making it a slightly better place for everyone.

Ark Dowell

17-09-2005 22:26:24

Welcome to the Dark Brotherhood, Loki! I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Remember, you can Email me if you have any questions. :)


18-09-2005 07:20:33

Welcome, welcome! The more, the merrier. I'm Strategos, by the way, and I'm your Tetrarch. At least, I will be, once someone adds you to the Dark Orb Phyle. :P

And, as usual, if you have any questions, or just want to talk to some DB people, email me. Or drop a line on IRC (#arcona is the Clan channel) or MSN.

I wish you a very enjoyable time in Qel-Droma and Arcona. :)

- Strat

Ark Dowell

18-09-2005 10:05:23

Updated. Congratualtions, Loki, you've made it into the Dark Orb Phyle! :)


18-09-2005 16:52:26

Thanks, guys. Really good to know there's somebody out there to help out a noob.

Ark Dowell

18-09-2005 17:37:40

Well, you're not a noob, actually. You're quite active for a newcomer. :)


26-09-2005 11:13:46