Trouble With Allegiance


28-07-2005 08:22:34

Go here: to read Khobai's installation stuff... it will help 99% of the problems...stupidity not being one of them :P

Ark Dowell

28-07-2005 08:37:50

Awww... it doesn't help stupidity? I'm doomed... *sniff*

Geez, the guide's long.

EDIT- It may help me get it to work, though, so its a nice guide. ^_^


08-08-2005 00:47:57

any luck?


05-10-2005 19:31:16

I cannot figure out how to configure my router. Can anyone help me figure out how to configure my router? I have a Dell Inspiron Notebook. Thanks ACO Devani


03-02-2006 09:09:07

what router do u have, if i cant help try Kandos, we both have had experience with routers