Galeres Battle Team

Dark hunter

18-07-2005 21:39:15

Alright Galeres Battle team,
This is our message board so go nuts on it. Post suggestions, ideas, complaints what ever.

Trooper Kale

17-01-2006 11:00:05

being part of this battle team is awsome. but i lost my copy of JA so i have to go out and by another one.

Ark Dowell

17-01-2006 13:11:31

So, ummm... is this for all the BT's of Galeres? Hope so, 'cause I just posted! :P

Right now, I have little to no comments. But we should try to get more people on BT's. There's only about 4 on each.

Oh, and I'm always up for an ACC match y'all. Anyone from Galeres (or HOO), feel free to challenge me.

Trooper Kale

18-01-2006 13:17:01

okay Ark once i qualify i will accpet ur challenge and i want u to pic the venue.

Ark Dowell

18-01-2006 13:43:26

Huh? Sure. Good luck, when ya qualify, then. I'm almost at the next ACC rank. :/

Dark hunter

18-01-2006 13:48:23

Huh?  Sure.  Good luck, when ya qualify, then.  I'm almost at the next ACC rank. :/

Dance puppets dance! Fight not amongst ourselves but against those who are not with us!

Trooper Kale

18-01-2006 17:24:43

yes sgt, (abbrevation for sargent.) me and ARK r friend s from school. we like to joke around like that. it is only a joke. right ARk

Ark Dowell

18-01-2006 20:08:07

Of course. No need in slayin' fellow Arconans. :P

Trooper Kale

18-01-2006 20:15:47

true that.

Ark Dowell

19-01-2006 13:13:08

Still, my challenge still does stand for any Arconans who do wanna fight. It's good practice... assuming the Sith War next year incorporates the usage of the ACC. :P

EDIT- Whoops. That is, THIS year. Forgot we're in '06 now. :P


19-01-2006 14:03:06

PLus fighting each other counts for the gaming comp Strat had created.

Ark Dowell

19-01-2006 15:55:02

Oh, that's awesome! I've a battle with Ceric.


19-01-2006 15:59:32

I still don't have a video card for my PC :( and very little time for any other competition.. but soon I'll be available, school's over in 2 weeks, yey!!!

Trooper Kale

19-01-2006 16:15:40

all right Ark if the war incorprates ACC i will fight u.

Ark Dowell

19-01-2006 20:13:17

Well, actually... in RoS's, ya kinda have to fight other Clans.

Trooper Kale

19-01-2006 20:16:44

i know okay after the war we shall do breathern