Website problem


16-07-2005 14:11:25

I am having trouble getting on the the Clan website, keeps coming up with this:

'Un-Root Crew - We Are: unknown - Shaman286 - D3UX - kiler6'

Anyone know why?


16-07-2005 14:55:46



18-07-2005 20:47:59

yep ...we're dealing with it.

Ark Dowell

19-07-2005 03:35:26

Oh, hackers... I was wondering why I couldn't get on the site...

Trooper Kale

23-01-2006 12:39:48

who let hackers hack our website don't we have some kind of firewall or something.

Ceric Crimson

23-01-2006 20:15:55

My little broccoli hating friend, fire walls never hold any hacker worth his or her metal.


03-02-2006 06:43:23

especialy if they were devised by microsoft, norton or mcafee, hmm that rules out nearly all major fire wall providers

Ceric Crimson

03-02-2006 12:28:42

LOL. Your thinking that was someone in the US then?