The rules of a comp


12-07-2005 18:05:27

Dark Mauler is being a fool once again. He has denied my competition for no legitimate reason what so ever. He is saying i am 6 lines from the bottom of finishing a page so i have not met his requirements so he is failing me. Correct me if i'm wrong. A Page does not have to be full of writing to be a page and he has no right to fail me. Every word i have wrote has been relevant to his requirements. Once again he is being a totally idiot with his irratable behaviour.


12-07-2005 18:20:45

In terms of competition, his was never approved by anyone with actual rewarding capacity. Yes, the MAA approved it, but he has no one else to actual reward the medals.

Also, and this is good for others to know (especially in Arcona), the job of running competitions is up to the Leadership (BT Leaders and Summit). That is what they are there for and that is why they were given that position. For Arcona, you can run competitions, but they must be approved and they should only be done for the various rank requirements. THis is so you can learn how to become a leader in the DB.

However, in the normal operation of Arcona, Summit members shall run competitions and not the regular members. You may however submit competition ideas to your leaders and they may then run them (and you can participate in them as well).

K, that's all for now.


12-07-2005 18:23:32

Learn something new everyday. :)

Kaelin Ring

30-10-2005 14:59:13

How are the people who deny/approve comps. supposed to know if you asked your leaders permision? How do you let them know?


30-10-2005 18:44:47

You are to include it in your regular competition submission. Normally it goes in the "Comments" section. Just state who you had your competition approved by...and the MAA people will find out if you hadn't when you try awarding medals :P

Ark Dowell

30-10-2005 19:01:49

Heyas! Welcome back to Arcona, Halcyon.

Ceric Crimson

30-10-2005 22:19:39

Thats helpful, thanks!

Kaelin Ring

01-11-2005 21:31:47

Thanks Halc, next all I need to do is figure out whats the highest award I can give out because my medal compendium isn't working apparently...