Arcona Promotional Guide


10-07-2005 18:34:30

Promotion Guide

Do one of the following
- Create your Dark Jedi history and inform your QUA
- Complete one of the following tests: Test of Wisdom, Test of Endurance or Test of Agility (automatically advance if you pass one)
- Do a basic activity within your house (ie. Submit to a Competition. Consult with Quaestor for specifics within your house)

Do one of the following
- Either pass a General Shadow Academy Test (other than Leadership)
- Participate in a competition (House, Clan or DB-wide)

- Have participated in at least 2 different competitions or 4 events total or 5 Multi-player matches during MP nights or Complete 5 Advanced courses in the SA
- Complete the Leadership exam
- Have your Character History Completed

You character history should have already been completed by this point
- Compete in at least 3 different competitions or 6 events total as a PRT
Compete actively in at least one Clan or DB wide competition ex: KMTís or DV (counts towards your total number of competitions)
- Compete in Multi-player nights, at least 7 matches or Have written 7 pages worth of fiction or have completed an ACC Battle (other than your qualifying match)***
- Be in contact with your house and clan members either through IRC, messageboards or mailing lists.

- Compete in at least 5 different competitions or 10 events total as a GRD
- Create a piece of work specifically for Clan Arcona: Piece of fiction; Graphic; Poem; Song; Web Page; XvT/TIE/XWA mission; JO/JA Map...etc
- Compete in Multi-player nights, at least 14 matches or Have written 14 pages worth of fiction or have completed 3 ACC Battles as a GRD***
- Run and promote successfully one competition for your Battleteam (with approval from your Battleteam Leader)**
- Be in contact with your house and clan members either through IRC, messageboards or mailing lists.

JH -> DJK:
- Compete in at least 8 different competitions or 16 events total as a JH
- Compete in Multi-player nights, at least 30 matches or Have written 30 pages worth of fiction or have completed 10 ACC Battles as a JH***
- Decide on your Shadowcrafting Path
- Run and promote successfully one competition for your House (with approval from your Quaestor or Aedile)**
- Be in contact with your house and clan members either through IRC, messageboards or mailing lists.
- Write your Lightsaber Creation Story or Graphically create your lightsaber

** Competitions are to be run AFTER you have completed all other requirements, not before.
*** Any combination of these activities will count as well, so long as they total the same amount (and you must have participated in at least ONE multi-player match. ACCLive! is an MP platform)

o This is only a guide showing the minimum you must do, with final say up to your immediate superior. Each promotion is judged on their own merits
o Your superiors are not mind readers, and as such, MUST be told what you have been active in. If they donít know, then they cannot reward you properly
o Questions can be directed towards the Clan Summit


24-08-2005 16:34:55

when you say have written X pages of fiction do you count pages written as a previous rank?


24-08-2005 16:40:04

I believe it states it on each section, but no, you start over from scratch at every rank.

Also, check in and make sure your Quaestor will still allow this guide to be used, as I'm no longer Consul so I can't "enforce" anything. The new Summit may or may not keep this in affect either. However, even should things change, the above guidelines are more than enough activity to get anyone you should be fine

Kaelin Ring

02-09-2005 00:25:28

So if I do the basic BT leader thing I can get a promotion (after awhile of course)?


02-09-2005 03:11:57

You need to do a lot more than run a basic BT comp to get a promotion, Revaan :P

I'll be revising this guide in the very near future to try and encourage more Clan loyalty and less "I'll do this only if it counts to my next promotion".

When exactly depends on how fast I can sort through everything else I have going.


02-09-2005 12:28:09

Diablos feels he should be Jedi Hunter, he has done the majority of what is asked of him in the promotional guide. However he understands that Halc is no longer in charge and therefore, his promotion guide may no longer be valid.


03-09-2005 07:30:26

Tuskani believes Diablos should be demoted to Acolyte for his association with Tuskani. :P


03-09-2005 08:27:50

Diablos believes Tuskani should be demoted to apprentice for being Tuskani :P

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

03-09-2005 18:01:56

Believes you guys can be crazy, and thinks that we'll have to wait for Denath to update the Promotional Guide before we get an idea on what we have to do. Until then, we gotta do what we can, and go from there.


03-09-2005 18:08:27

Diablos agrees with this and awaits the updated promo guide.


03-09-2005 19:45:33

Denath thinks he has more important and certainly more urgent crises to deal with first. His patience for people who care only for themselves and their next promotion is not known for its longevity.

Denath will certainly be updating the guide today though, and believes those who don't like the new guide can send him an email telling him so.

Edit: Denath realises that this is in jest and will now add an emoticon to better express that :P

Ark Dowell

03-09-2005 20:03:44

Ark thanks Denath for making out that point. Also, Ark also wishes to thank Denath for putting up a smilie. Mr. Dowell feels that staring at a smilie for hours is great entertainment.

Okay, that's enough third person from me. :P And yes, I agree. Too many people are leaving because there's not enough loyalty. HQD's population is dwindling...


03-09-2005 20:46:40

Yeah. Thats the big problem with Promo Guides - people keep thinking they are a list of things to do. Competitions are things to do; this should be a "reference" of how much to do to warrant certain awards.

It doesn't encourage much loyalty to the Clan either. People start to only care for what will get them an award, which is why we have a shortage of decent leadership in the club.

And then, of course, when you reach Dark Jedi Knight there is no guide - and a lot of people have no clue what to do after that and will usually go inactive or stop caring because they haven't learnt everything they need.

Anyway, I'm gonna spend today and tomorrow thinking about what I want in and out. If there is something specific you want to see, email me at and I'll add it to the debate list.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

04-09-2005 01:11:35

Is it possible for us to quit referring to ourselves in the third person? Lol.


04-09-2005 09:51:30

Diablos thanks Denath and regrets to inform Mifune that he cannot stop speaking in the third person, he would like to but he does not have the capacity to do so.

Ark Dowell

04-09-2005 10:33:23

Yes, Ark feels that third person is the best way to go. Ark would also like to inform everyone that there is a topic on the Spam Boards that was created specifically for talking in 3rd person as talking in third person IS considered Spam. :P


04-09-2005 13:06:04

Diablos agrees with Ark but will try his best to stop talking in the third person.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

04-09-2005 13:56:41

Thank you... Mifune is happy.... Lol.


04-09-2005 13:58:16

Excellent! Anymore free cider?

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

04-09-2005 13:59:55

Dude, you know we have tons, and when Denath puts up the Promotional Guide, I'll make sure to have tons of cider for you.


04-09-2005 14:01:41

Sweet man, they should have made you AED a long long time ago!

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

05-09-2005 01:48:52

Why thank you, Diablos. For that, I'm giving you the highest award I can give ya!!!


05-09-2005 06:01:25

Why thank you my good man.


05-09-2005 19:41:13

Update: The first couple of drafts aren't really that different, so I'll be taking this on from a different angle. I have another pointless job interview today so hopefully I'll have a new draft to send to the Summits tomorrow afternoon/night.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

11-09-2005 20:37:09

:: Waits for Denath :: I miss him... Lol. :P

Kaelin Ring

11-09-2005 23:45:27

He left? Where to... lol.


12-09-2005 17:44:06

LOA, family issues... finally got some time to send out the email.

Most of what I'd like to see added to the guide are hard to quantify, but for the most part I'm done. I'll be drafting the new guide this weekend, it won't be too much different... bit more leadership experience in the >GRD ranks, bit less emphasis on the Shadow Academy. I've also started to collect ideas for the ranks above DJK.

The new guide will be in a seperate, pinned topic when its done (hopefully Sunday).

Kaelin Ring

18-09-2005 21:32:28

Don't make it too hard on us GRDs alright? Pahlease!!


27-09-2005 10:01:28

Yeah, life is already hard enough for us as it is.

Kaelin Ring

27-09-2005 22:27:06

Denath, do you accept Empirial Credits?


28-09-2005 09:56:54

I doubt it.

Kaelin Ring

28-09-2005 22:29:55

Well, if he did I was going to bribe him... I mean offer him a... I mean give a charitable donation to him...


29-09-2005 04:28:48

How very generous of you.

Kaelin Ring

29-09-2005 22:15:46

Of course I need the proper currency...


30-09-2005 16:01:52

Sounds like a good place to start to me.

Kaelin Ring

30-09-2005 23:13:15

Well... do you know the proper currency?


01-10-2005 07:14:50

No, but i'm not tryin to bribe anyone.


02-10-2005 07:54:06

Tributes should be in the form of vodka. Preferably in litres.

Kaelin Ring

04-10-2005 18:24:15

How 'bout tons?


05-10-2005 00:00:31

Tons are good.

Kaelin Ring

05-10-2005 11:06:34

So six tons of straight vodka sent straight to your door and you lower the standards of promotions?


05-10-2005 13:49:18

It would definately lower something.

Kaelin Ring

05-10-2005 20:57:47

His inhibitions?


05-10-2005 21:51:12

What inhibitions? ;)


05-10-2005 21:51:41

What inhibitions? ;)


06-10-2005 16:07:59

Yeah i guess it could lower those.

Kaelin Ring

06-10-2005 20:12:00

Towards making it eaasier for us... duh!


08-10-2005 17:52:00

So what would I need to do to promote from Protector to Guard?

Kaelin Ring

09-10-2005 17:01:32

The basic stuff is on the first page. Talk to Octa about the specifics.


09-10-2005 17:21:37

Aight, I guess I should've read before, uh?

Kaelin Ring

09-10-2005 17:26:02

Like in all forums, its pretty good to read what it's about and the first page.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

11-10-2005 13:17:13

Start there, and you can ask me any questions you want about promotions, considering I am your "Master." Lol. :P

Kaelin Ring

11-10-2005 20:53:09

Ya, your "Master" sets the curve, though they usually follow this guidline. They will tell you anything special that they think you need to do.


11-10-2005 23:40:55

Alrighty then, thanks.

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

12-10-2005 08:24:07

No problem. I should have a small something for ya once I work out my evil plan... mmwwwaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Nvm...

Kaelin Ring

13-10-2005 00:00:06

He just learning how to be evil.


14-10-2005 02:28:09

I noticed, Hito, you need to improve the evil laugh!!!


14-10-2005 14:25:44

I've been evil for as long as i can remember.


16-10-2005 05:47:06

Yeah and from the way you look, thats been awhile! JK

Kaelin Ring

16-10-2005 22:04:56

Well, he's not a good body guard, that's for sure. The guide is up to date, I trust?

Trooper Kale

22-01-2006 20:16:42

who reads the first page.