Competition Listing


03-07-2005 20:55:09

Below is a listing of all the current Competitions that members of Arcona may participate in. House Competitions are for those House members only.

If you believe there is a competition missing, mail with that information.

Dark Brotherhood Competitions:
o Old Words
o MT Poem: 'To Kill a Jedi'
0 MT Story: 'Krath Deception'
o The KHP's Armed Hostilities
o Multiplayer Gaming Nights

Arcona Competitions:
o Arcona Headquarters
o Arcona Multiplayer Challenge

House Oriens Obscurum Competitions:
o HOO Gaming Challenge
o Design an Artefact
o News Article (Open to Pandragon Members Only)
o A New Beginning (Open to Pandragon Members Only)

House Qel-Droma Competitions:
o Holocron of Ulic Qel-Droma (August 2005)
o HQD Monthly Topics (August 2005)
o (HQD) Fun and Games August
o Talent Show (Open to Dark Orb Members Only)
o Feed on the Force (Open to Dark Orb Members Only)

Ark Dowell

03-07-2005 21:28:08

Awesome, now I don't have to waste so much effort gathering information about competitions I can do! Thanks a ton, Halcyon! :)


18-07-2005 18:25:14

Thanks for adding my comps to the list Halc :D


22-08-2005 11:04:30

I may as well make comment when I have updated things, so I'll start doing that.

Anyways, I have added the two Dark Orb Competitions for those members. Enjoy.

Kaelin Ring

02-09-2005 00:26:12

How soon till you update for the Obby ROS?


02-09-2005 03:09:03

Tomorrow. I was giving a couple extra days for people to let me know what House competitions they are running, but Ill just have to do it on the fly.