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13-06-2005 10:18:10

This MB topic is designed for members of Clan Arcona to post any questions or comments that they may have on the Clan or their house. You may have a question that others would also like to know the answer to. This way, everyone in the Clan may then receive an answer without needing to ask it again.

Also, any comments or suggestions you may have can be posted here. Those not in the Clan, but who wish to learn more about it, if even just for curiosities sake, may also pose questions/comments.

So don't feel shy or think you may offend me in some way...because you won't :)


13-06-2005 10:30:18

What's going on with the Clan Summit right now?

Everything seems/feels so topsy turvy right now I guess. Half the time I can't tell who my QUA/AED is and if they're alive or not. What's being done to unify the Clan Summit? I remember back in the day there use to be Clan/House Meetings and what not and now you can never even dare to dream about such things.



13-06-2005 10:34:52

Well...what don't you know? Denath (your current QUA) has sent out a report just last week to the House. Both Quejo and Octa (HOO Summit) have been busy mailing their own house and have a plethora of little prjects they're working on, with many completed.

I know I missed last week's report, which I apologize for, and will be writing a large one tonight. As for Summit-cohesion, I will be starting up a little mailing every week for the SUmmit to vent/comment/whatever they want to say so that everyone is on the same page. IRC would be great, but we have a large range of times to deal with, which isn't feasible.

As for Battleteams, that is more of the House's responsibility, although more focus is needed on that area in my opinion.


13-06-2005 10:39:59

Something just popped into my head, unrelated, but a topic that I had always wanted to comment on.

I know many people don't read or only briefly skim through House/Clan reports. I urge everyone however to actually read through them completely. Due to the amount of information out there, I have stressed the importance of House reports as a means to consolidate this information so that is is easier to both digest and find. The same for the Clan report. THe current Summit have done a fine job in this regard, their reports being extremely informative in what's happening in the House as well as what competitions are currently going on.

However, if there are some specific pieces of information that you'd like in these reports, or that you feel is lacking, now's the time to say something


13-06-2005 10:46:30

what do I do to move up from being an apprentice? I want a light saber and a new robe...and a new title >:)

whats the best and quickest way to become a novice, and so on?


13-06-2005 10:50:53

For a Novice, fastest way is to Complete your Charater History, by logging into the DB site and to "edit your history" Once that's done, just poke your Quaestor or Aedile :)

The Shadow Academy has a good document to help you move up to Protector ( while a Guideline for Arcona is currently being worked on.

Good luck!


16-06-2005 00:17:38

Yes Consul, how may one prove himself to be worthy of becoming a Krath Arch Priest? Or if that is not warranted how can one get a Grand Cross of the Darkside? Must one be a member for a long period? Does being the only Krath in Arcona count? lol


16-06-2005 08:18:23

You're not the only active Krath here, I'm active too :D


16-06-2005 08:22:25

For Promotions, the higher you go, the longer it will be to achieve that rank. Not only do you have to sustain your activity (communication, competitions, etc...) but do so for an extended period of time. That time varies, depending on positions held and such, but promotions are used to award sustained activity over a certain amount of time.

Medals, are based more on your activity levels, and not so much on time. You did a whole heck of a lot one month? You get a medal. Go nuts in a week, maybe another medal. Show consistent activity over a period of time, but doesn't warrant a promotion as of yet? Perhaps another medal.

So on and so forth...and yes, Denath is an active little Krath as well. Strat's also been known to be active :P


16-06-2005 09:32:13

So All I have to do is show my activity to move up ranks? What activity do you mean though? Competitions is one...what are the other few???


16-06-2005 09:36:47

Communication, participation in DB activities such as the ACC and MP nights, Run-Ons, helping when asked/needed (if Summit members need others for projects).

You can contact your Master for more information, but even writing fiction, making graphics or creating mission levels for the JK-games or TIE-series games are also greatly appreciated and work towards your general activity levels.


16-06-2005 17:07:49

I dont agree with the waiting for a promotion bit. If your active and dont get a promotion because you havent held your current promo long enough you shouldnt be held back. That's why many quit the DB. It's about fun not being promo nazi's.


16-06-2005 17:13:18

I dont agree with the waiting for a promotion bit. If your active and dont get a promotion because you havent held your current promo long enough you shouldnt be held back. That's why many quit the DB. It's about fun not being promo nazi's.

There isn't a set time, however, promotions are not only awarded for activity, as I said above, but also for dedication and loyalty, both to a Clan and to the DB. That's what medals are for, activity. Promotions however encompass more than just your activity. The lower ranks are VERY easy to be promoted to, but a lot of people tend to do things for a month or two and then move on. The higher ranks are for those that do hang around and continue to be a productive member.

If people want to be rewarded for their effort, they still can be and very easily at that. We have many merit awards just for that sort of thing.


16-06-2005 17:15:52

Well dedication and loyalty is why those who are active remain so in reality should we all get promotions? if we werent loyal then we would change clans. I'm just trying to think in terms of fairness. I know people who have been here for less then I have and are already my rank. So is this just Arcona's policy?


16-06-2005 17:27:54

Well dedication and loyalty is why those who are active remain so in reality should we all get promotions? if we werent loyal then we would change clans. I'm just trying to think in terms of fairness. I know people who have been here for less then I have and are already my rank. So is this just Arcona's policy?

There is no set "policy" but promotions/rewards are not handed out like candy either in Arcona. Are you/will you be rewarded for your efforts? Yes, however, do not go by other Clan either. Some hand out these things left and right, and in the end, devalue the actual rank and/or reward.

If someone really feels they deserve to be rewarded for something, mail your direct superior outlining why, but just justified reasons backing up your request. In the end however, it is up to the individual leaders on when/why they will hand out their rewards.


21-06-2005 18:52:15

It is kinda arbitrary also though....i have been active in Tally for two years and still had not been promoted KAP...i mean last time i was promoted was yea two years ago and iv been here 4 years and i see sooo many priests who have been here a year or so and have done 1/10th of the things i have yet still get the rank. Depends if people like you really.


21-06-2005 19:19:49

Well...were you active all of those years? As stated before, promotions, especially the higher ones, are seen as active for a long, consecutive period of time. If you leave for an extended period of time, it's almost like "re-starting" again


21-06-2005 21:50:00

Exactly what I'm trying to say the "Consecutive amount of time." is rediculous. While I do believe in earning the promotion and devaluing the promotion if gotten too early I also believe in OVER working for the promotion. The time frame in which one gets promotions should be a lot less of time then two damn years. Many people will leave if they arent awarded for their efforts and yes I know there are medals but not many people get medals as they should maybe that is something we should remedy. I want to get together with the summit of Arcona and discuss changes that desperately need to be made.


21-06-2005 23:21:31

I was active for all of it with the exception of a 10 month or so awol because of real life issues....i was aedile, quaestor, battle team leader several times over as well as rollmaster. Oh yea and i won a ton of competitions and was the most active member in ekky for several months in a row....

KP Octa


22-06-2005 01:12:36

I know this is an Arcona board, but as a fellow Consul I thought I'd back Halc up here. Promotions past the rank of PRT are awarded for consistant activity through a period of time. Once you get past the rank of DJK they become much more difficult to get, and the KP+ region requires consistant activity over quite a long period of time. Also it tends to be more difficult for members not in leadership positions to get promoted at the higher levels, because leaders are naturally more active (usually) than regular members.

And as Halc said there isn't an specific "time-in-rank" system, but leaders have a sense of fairness about these things. You don't promote someone to Priest ten days after they got DJK, because no matter how active they are...they haven't earned it yet. Thats how leaders balance promotions.

And Oct, as your history shows, you've been in and out of Ektrosis and the rogues several times over the past few years, and were only QUA for a few weeks before going AWOL. As was said before it is consistant activity and loyalty that earns promotions, not merely spurts.


22-06-2005 03:54:46

That, or get over it :D Seriously, you can argue this for years and get nowhere. At the end of the day, you cannot choose your life, you only live it. Very cold and careless philosophy, but its what keeps me in Arcona after 5 1/2 active years. What happens next is always going to happen next; you can only speak for what you will do next.

(Stupid italics.)


22-06-2005 08:03:58

For time in service more what myself and Quejo are talking about is the fact that some people wait too long, yes the past year or so i was in rogues twice but priorly i was consistantly active for two and a half years with massively high activity....Quejo is saing while there shouldnt be a required time in service there is also such a thing of waiting too long.


22-06-2005 08:36:18

Well, I'll pose a question here then, for Arcona:

Is there anyone here who feels they have been left out of the loop in terms of promotion? Or know others who perhaps should have been promoted but haven't? If so, you know my e-mail.

I have a policy to be fair and for higher-ranked promotions, it's a balancing act. You can't have a guide for these types of promotions, because it can vary so widely that it'll just prove disasterous. People are active for years straight, without a promotion? There may be something wrong with that, but for the much higher ranked positions, you may not achieve without being in a position of leadership. We are talking more about the high-end Equite ranks to Elder ranks.


22-06-2005 22:55:58

I am not complaining but would the promotion to KAP be considered one of those higher equite to elder promotion?


22-06-2005 23:11:10

Maybe. It is half way through the Equite ranks, so if it wasn't, it'd be the last one that isn't. Generally speaking, you would be very hard pressed to achieve Archpriest or Epis without being a leader. Not impossible, though, as I've achieved both for my efforts as Tyro and Tetrarch (though they took about 12-14 months each).


22-06-2005 23:31:58

I guess your right on the KAP positioning. So yea another 10 months or so and its mine! :)

KP Octa


11-07-2005 04:11:16

Promotional guide:

you ask for a comp' to be run for your battleteam (from PRT>GRD), is running one for your house ok?

Have written 7 pages worth of fiction:
can you count anything submitted to the writer's corner?

Compete actively in at least one Clan or DB wide competition:
Is the KHP's copm' "The Dark God Named Krath" ok?


11-07-2005 05:07:52

Running a House competition still counts. The KHP competitions are all DB-wide competitions and will count. And I assume the Writers Corner still counts.


11-07-2005 06:28:02

Aye, Denath is correct. For the competition running, I was doing it progressively, but if you have your Quaestor's permission, you may run a House competition instead of a BT one.

And yes, KHP is DB wide and Writer's Corner material does count towards the Fiction writing portion


11-07-2005 07:23:25

ok, thanks, the promo guide is extremely usefule!


11-07-2005 07:57:10

Thanks, and I hope it will be for everyone. With all of the newer members we have, this should help alleviate some of the confusion in terms of what everyone needs to do to move ahead :)


11-07-2005 19:06:13

I qualify for GRD. Yum Yum


13-07-2005 23:16:41

I've been, admittedly, a bit out of the loop of late, not due to anyone's neglect, just life/circumstances.

Question: has there been any internal BT vs BT comps recently? I remember the Phyle v Phyle comp we did in HQD last year was pretty successful, and help (a little) in fleshing out the HQD temple.


14-07-2005 02:46:49

That was a good competition :)
Nope, and there's no immediate plans to. The Dark Orb is starting to pick up pulse, but the Prophecy Phyle is pretty dead :(


14-07-2005 07:31:46

You could however do a little BT vs. BT competition with HOO :)