Prose Of Darkness


18-07-2010 15:16:51

On is a page of Tarentum fiction, written in the days of the EHDB and during the early victories of Clan Tarentum. While exploring and compiling these pieces of fiction and poetry for historical archives, one piece of literary work piqued my interest. Prose of Darkness was written by Knight Camile, a previous member of Tarentum who was a member of the Mystics of the Black Arts, a prominent yet exclusive fiction team within the unit. And while it is of course a work about being a Dark Jedi and therefore uses a lot of metaphors and themes around darkness and violence and death, it's an excellent read.

Sadly, the version of Prose of Darkness that I found on the domain page is not complete, and most likely the rest of it has been lost to time. However, I figured it would be fitting to post up what remains of the poetic piece, as an homage to a historical member of our clan. In this version, you will be able to read four of Knight Camile's twelve poems: "Love of the Dark," "A Warrior's Tale," "Traversing Dark Waters," and "How Dost Thou Feel?" It is a great look into Tarentum's fictional and poetic past, and I have posted it as is, with no editing or polishing. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.


The time of the darkness is upon us, and with the passing of the light, all will come to understand the beauty inherrant in the dark side. This collection represents the path of one disciple of darkness as he explores the amazing nature of dark and how it can and did affect him. This scholar, named Knight Camile dedicated a good portion of his beginning Dark Brotherhood career to the study of the dark side, and determining a way to present it in such a fashion as to accurately portray the beauty that each step down the dark path holds.

Prose of Darkness is not just a literary work, but rather it is the life of each and every servant of darkness who seeks to understand not just how to weild the powers of darkness, but to understand why we weild the powers of darkness. Is it simply for power? Or is there something else, something burning deep inside of us, attached to our soul, that places in us this utter need to embrace our own demons and control that which light cannot defeat? Not even after the incredible amount of time spent on this work can this question be accurately answered, but the lines of poetry in this tome may help to shed some light on the question.

Darkness is power, but one must always find beauty even in that which is evil.

Table of Contents
1. Love of the Dark
2. A Warrior's Tale
3. Redeem My Life
4. Traversing Dark Waters
5. How Dost Thou Feel?
6. Wherein Darkness Lies Beauty
7. Dark Side, Ravager
8. Power
9. Tainted Love
10. Anger Is My Strength
11. Desire for Darkness
12. Where Fear Is Power

Love of the Dark

Your touch, your gentle caress
Burns throughout my form.

Can I not but want to hold you
Inside of me, conquering you
And feeling your power coarse through my soul?

Your fire burns hot, but I hold
Knowing that the pain is fleeting,
And the power will overcome the agony.

You take my body and ravage me
And I look on with understanding.
You delight in my pain, and I delight in your pleasure.

My love for you is fulfilling
Dominating my life, and all it has.
Can I stay in this place, your servant, forever?

Your darkness surrounds me,
Binding me to the bliss that is your touch.
I scream in horror, for I have lost control of self.

You flow down my throat,
Your greedy fingers tearing me apart.
Keeping each piece for yourself, deep within your core.

I burn with pain and delight.
Your digits continue to pick and pull
Taking my essence away from me for your own use.

Sadism fuels your passionate embrace
And love for it fuels my own.
We sit in the black, two become one, awash in my agony.

But selflessness gives way to myself
As my own thirst for satisfaction endures.
I grasp your form and drink deep of the power you have taken.

You push back, extending your control
And pulling more of myself away,
But I remain, tasting your agonizing, sweet power of dark.

Could I cease my actions here?
Become satiated with a taste of darkness.
Nay, for the power is intoxicating, as is your touch.

The burning fire remains, and the pain lingers.
Your power can do nothing to stop it,
But I do not want it to end. The pain defines me.

I want more, I am not filled.
The darkness pours through my body
Rushing to my soft organs, corrupting them.

The love I feel can no longer be explained,
It can only be felt by myself and the darkness.
As the pain, the love, the agony, the power subsist as one being.

We remain in our embrace
Staring into the darkness of our souls
Becoming drunk off the evil that fills our beings.

My love becomes destructive
And your form gives way to my assaults
Diminishing more and more as I use more of your power for myself.

But my deeds carry a high price,
As your bladed fingers rip at my flesh
And my mind sinks deeper into the abyss that is your heart.

Love will carry me through the pain
Love will fuel my desire for you
And love will force the darkness to consume my frail form.

And replace it with us, become one, from two.

A Warrior's Tale

My eyes glow with battle lust,
In my powers I place my trust.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
Abated by my saber thrust.

I look out among the thrall of foes,
Rushing on in fearful droves.
My saber ignites with brilliant light
My body itches for the fight.

The darkness is summoned, awashing me
Giving me the skill to see
Miniscule flaws, defenses too free
Places where my saber should be.

My body drops to battle stance
Preparing for the battle dance.
My blade arises to position
Sure-striking and with awesome precision.

A volley, fearsome blaster fire,
Their deadly bolts that were so dire,
Strike out with force that does not tire
And sees no man as their sire.

My saber strikes with perfect form
From which my battle skills were born.
The bolts return along their trail
And the lives of three begin to fail.

Nine remain to face my wrath,
Walking down their chosen path.
The weapons they do carry hath
No power to the dark side Krath.

Another group of burning flame
And to three more death has came.
Before they can return the burst
I open up with lunge the first.

A rush of Force and one flies back
His bones give off an awful crack.
My saber twirls on its track
Granting one a viscious hack.

A spray of blood surrounds the fight
My saber swings to the right.
The blinding light strikes a neck,
His severed head hits the deck.

Three are left to fend me off
My foes have ceased to only scoff.
One lets out a gentle cought,
I open up a dark side trough.

A tug of Force rips one to shreds,
And grasps the two remaining heads.
The dark side hands hold them in place.
I drink the fear held on their face.

Two gorgeous swipes end the two
And with the strikes the fight was through.
I savor the force of darkness, who
Did grant to me the powers true.

Traversing Dark Waters

The path before me lies straight and wide
Shrouded in the inky darkness
Giving me the strength to harness
The powers, in my soul, that hide.
Can I not but feel your wrath?
I take my first step on the road
Where other dark ones have once trode
Down this dark and fearful path.
I long to feel your dreaded touch
Guiding me down my way.
Giving me night from day.
Oh if I could only feel as such!
I cannot turn away, but then
I cannot bear the thought
Of giving up what darkness wrought
To return to what once had been.
The journey beckons me to end,
When powers under my control
Will fill this light and empty hole
With evil driving light to send.
My darkness beckons to be inside
The spirit of my flesh and soul
Where the darkness takes its toll
And powers whom my will abide.

How Dost Thou Feel?

What gentle feelings lie dormant in thy soul,
That wretched, seething hell where thou
Doth hide thine own feelings of goodness?

Dost thou feel remorse?

Nay, for remorse dost not coarse through a body
That needs not that feeling.
Mine own hands committed the crimes in service
To the darkness, not of mine own heart.

Dost thou feel pity?

Pity? For this universe of pain and toil,
Thou shan't feel pity, lest thine be destroyed.
Mine own life, in service to dark, has not the mind
To grant pity on those undeserving.

Dost thou feel regret?

Hark! Mine deeds were not mine own!
The dark demands the blood and tears, and I
Merely provide the ways of darkness.
I shan't feel regret for actions not of mine own.

Dost thou feel kindness?

Kindness resides not in my soul, for it is weak
And my soul is strong, true through darkness.
Kindness begets vulnerability in one
While the dark offers invincibility for its servants.

Dost thou feel repentant?

Thine works fall upon ears deaf and unhearing!
Mine actions under darkness offer no need to repent
For my soul is overflowing with its power.
How can I repent when I feel immortal?

Thine actions shall bring death to you and the dark.
Thou know not the wicked source of your power,
The power you wallow in like a bloated swine.
Your path leads to evil and torment.

Nay, I know the source of mine own power, and
I seek to not hide, but embrace the dark of my soul.
But mine actions will serve to end the order of Light
And seek to submerge its galaxy into the darkness.