Welcome To The Tarentum Library


27-04-2010 06:25:16

Welcome, Tarenti, to our new library, where we archive some of the best of Tarentum fiction. Have you ever won a crescent or a nova for a piece of fiction or poetry you wrote, and you'd like people to see that work? Well, here is your chance. Simply follow these steps so that the reading experience is simple and problem-free.

1. If you want to present your fiction, just create your own topic with the title of the piece in the topic title and the "by so and so" in the topic description. If your fiction has mature content, you must make a note of that also.

2. Paste your work into the body of the first post. Please be sure to space out paragraphs. This makes the work much easier on the eyes to read.

3. Make a note at the end of your story if you'd like to have people respond with comments. That way, we know when feedback is welcomed.

We hope this library allows you to take a look at some of the great works that our members have to offer. Who knows, you could learn a thing or two from reading other people's writing. Enjoy!