AA Ladder: Invictus vs Wuntila - Semi-Final

Nadrin Arconae

04-09-2011 15:08:07

The two combatants stood in the Bestiary of the Arcona Citadel, the unfamiliar surroundings mingling with the Force presence of the many animals that surrounded the Dark Jedi. A place where few members of the Clan ever really went to, the Bestiary would hold surprises for anyone in the tournament, be they high or low within the Clanís hierarchy. A cycloptic human walked into view and grinned at the pair, throwing out a mock salute to the fighters before beginning to speak, his tone clipped and precise as always.

ďYou know why youíre here, so Iím not going to bore you with too much of a speech. Enjoy the venue, donít kill each other and try to make it interesting so I donít get bored and have a nap.Ē

With that the Consul walked out of view, leaving the two Semi-finalists looking at each other as the battle for a place in the final of the tournament began.

(Invictus to post first)


14-09-2011 22:19:26

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