AA Ladder: Walker vs. Zandro - Round 2

Nadrin Arconae

24-08-2011 10:08:55

(Disclaimer: This opening post, although submitted by Zandro, is authorised by the other Judge, Wuntila Zratian Entar, Proconsul of Arcona. It in no way breaches the forms of the AA and it is simply due to time constraints that this has been implemented in such a way. It will not affect the outcome of the match, nor will it provide any advantage to either competitor.)

The blue-skinned Proconsul of Arcona stood in the hangar bay of the Citadel, surrounded by the few fighters that were parked within the bay and a lot of open space where more fighters could be housed. The large open space was quiet and cool and would, hopefully, prove to be a good place for the two approaching Arconans to test their mettle in combat. The Entar knew both of the approaching Dark Jedi, nodding in greeting towards his friend and Consul Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae before offering another nod of acknowledgement towards the less experienced Walker Boh.

“You’re both here to compete to see who will progress within this tournament. Fight well and remember; no killing.”

The last comment was aimed more at the Warlord than his opponent, but it still needed to be said. Walking backwards, the Proconsul shouted a single word over his shoulder to start the fight, interested to see how the battle would progress.


(Walker to post first)

Nadrin Arconae

04-09-2011 14:47:16

Walker TOs, Zandro advances.