AA Ladder: Talos vs. Sashar - Round 2

Nadrin Arconae

24-08-2011 10:06:15

Zandro sensed the approach of two Arconans and dropped the paintbrush he had been using to mark his latest set of kills on the cockpit of his personal starfighter, turning as he did so. Wiping his hands absentmindedly on the clothing he wore, the Consul nodded at the two new arrivals as they came to stand before him, clearly ready for the battle that was about to commence.

“Glad for the two of you to join me. You know where we are, you know why we’re here and I’m sure you’re eager for me to stop talking so you can tear pieces out of each other.”

Zandro watched as a smirk pulled at the corner of his half-brother’s mouth and the younger Arconae cocked an eyebrow before turning and leaping atop the cockpit of the fighter he had just been redecorating in one smooth movement. Landing and dropping into a cross-legged sitting position, the Warlord waved a hand towards the two combatants, his words blunt.


(Talos to post first)

Nadrin Arconae

04-09-2011 14:47:34

Talos TOs, Sashar advances