AA Ladder: Sanguinius vs. Kratus - Round 1


09-08-2011 22:00:37

The air was crisp and cold upon the plateau of the Citadel. It was eerily quiet in the courtyard, the familiar silence of dawn that seemed to sap the energy from anyone unlucky enough to be up at such an hour. The vivid hues of daybreak were somewhat sullen this sunrise, though; drained by the thick dark clouds above. The customary moistness of morning added a cool humidity to the climate inside the courtyard’s low walls, but it did little to wet the dry throats of the three Arconans perched above Estle. The courtyard was a picture of beauty: luscious grass, marbled walkways and flowerbeds that decked the opening to the Citadel. All of it a wonderful façade for what went on behind the onyx walls.

Wuntila stood in front of the Citadel, garbed in a heavy black cloak that fluttered mildly with the breeze. Sanguinius and Kratus looked at their Proconsul and knelt, bowing their heads as they did so.

“You are both here because you chose to look fate in the eyes. Remember the rules, don’t get ahead of yourselves and fight like Arconans.” Wuntila turned on his heel, his cloak billowing, and disappeared into the shadow of the Citadel.

Both fighters looked at each other and rose. They marched off in opposite directions and faced each other, waiting in anticipation for their signal.

They didn’t have to wait long.

“Begin!” The Proconsul barked. The two combatants heard the heavy stone doors of the Citadel echo across Estle.

(Sang to Post First)


14-08-2011 14:26:12

Sanguinius glanced out of the corner of his eye to watch the heavy doors slam shut, he knew his opponent well enough not to underestimate them. As was so often the Templar’s downfall, he always seemed to think himself better than he actually was. The Professor’s cloak fluttered in the breeze as he shrugged it off, Sanguinius determined to fight seriously, even if it wasn’t to the death.

The Anaxsi had always thought little of his combat abilities, despite being an Obelisk. Sanguinius had never really shone in the arena, losing more times than he had won. Turning to incline his head in a salute to Kratus, the Sergeant mourned the loss of his blasters. So often had he relied on them in battle, being without them made him feel naked. Reaching down for his saber hilt, the Learner felt reassured. At least he still had his blade. His fingers recoiled for a second as the nerves complained at the cold hard metal of the hilt before grabbing the spectrum saber and pulling it from his belt.

His gesture was repeated by his opponent; Kratus, who had also pulled his saber from his belt. The two blades erupted together, twin shafts of light punctuating the otherwise pristine beauty of the location. Sanguinius loped forward, his easy stride making short time of the distance as he struck home. The Azure blade of the Anaxsi stopped cold against the brilliant sapphire hued saber of the ex-pirate.

Sanguinius grinned at his bearded rival, the two had until recently been team mates within Revenance Virtuom; the newly organized Battleteam in Galeres that had been formed from the ashes of Sukhur’s Legion.

“Kratus,” the Sergeant chuckled, “keeping up with your missus alright?” The Obelisk’s characteristic shining through his seriousness, eager to antagonise the Galerean.

The calm demeanor of the cyborg changed in an instant, the reserved air of the Coruscanti disappeared to be replaced by a bloodlust-fuelled rage. The sole remaining organic eye narrowed with murderous intent.

“You can’t talk about her scholar!” roared the neatly dressed man, his right arm moving to swipe viciously with his sapphire –hued saber.

The blow was met with equal force from the now-amused Sanguinius. A sneer marred the Professor’s face, “Why not goat boy?” the jest aimed at Vahillus’ goatee. “We’re old acquaintances, she and I.”

An invisible wave of built up power billowed forward from the Neophyte, assaulting the Qel Droman’s mental defences [SLW]. The Entar groaned, his mind labouring under the attack. His right hand clutching his head, a reflexive move as Sanguinius defeated the mental probe of the Trooper and hastily reassembled his mental defences.

Danger screamed out to the Anaxsi, who dropped to the floor in response [PCG]. Dodging a follow up attack from the former corsair, whose blade cut through the air, chasing the fleeing Tsucyra.

“I WARNED YOU!” screamed the harsh, grating voice of Sanguinius’ fellow Obelisk.

Nadrin Arconae

16-08-2011 17:28:59

Kratus failed to post in the time limit

Sang advances