Shade Warrior Arcona Arena Ladder: Rules


09-08-2011 21:19:34

This tournament will be a Four-Round tournament, consisting of thirteen combatants for the sought-after title of Shade Warrior of Arcona, which will be afforded to the member who prevails within this esteemed competition.

The rules are as follows:

  1. 2+2 Posting system, as within the ACC;[/*:m]
  2. 48-Hour Posting time limit;[/*:m]
  3. Only Lightsabers allowed for combat (for those of you who are Journeymen, fictionally, you will have been given a Lightsaber for use within the tournament);[/*:m]
  4. Basic systems of ACC'ing are to be applied (that is: post+Deathpost, continuity, realism, adherence to Combat Sheets, etc.)[/*:m]
  5. Absolutely NO deaths. These fights are between brothers, kindred spirits. We do not kill our own. We fight because we can, for the sport. [/*:m][/list:u]

    Rounds will take place in the following venues:

    1. Round 1: Courtyard in front of the Citadel, Estle City, Selen;[/*:m]
    2. Round 2: Citadel Hangar Bay;[/*:m]
    3. Round 3: Citadel Bestiary;[/*:m]
    4. Round 4: Citadel Throne Room[/*:m][/list:u]

      You will all be given an opening post, you are then free to post. After the last Death Post has been submitted, the decision will be written by a judge in a post following.

      The ladder is as follows:

      As you may see Sashar has a buy in the first round due to Sashar being the current champion. All other matches are listed.

      We look forward to reading your posts.