Sanguinius Vs Idaia - Training Match


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CORUSCANT - Senator Palpatine's Office

Lavishly furnished, this office was the 'working home' of Senator Palpatine. It is also the very location where the pathetic, Mace Windu, attempted to arrest the Dark Lord and met his death at the hand of Anakin Skywalker. There is a stepped platform in the middle as well as couches, a desk and chairs. If the Dark side is with you, perhaps you can make use of the large window that leads, after a fall that certainly meets terminal velocity, to the surface of Coruscant itself.

The two combatants stood in the middle of the office, five steps away from each other. Dark Jedi Knight Sanguinius Tsucyra carried his lightsaber, while Acolyte Idaia Jardia carried a pair of daggers. They heard a familiar voice coming from outside the office:

"Arconans, you're here for training. I've locked the door and I'm not opening it until one of you is the clear victor. Darkness be with you."

[OOC: This is a training match. 4+2 length, Sang has first post.]


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The opulence of the room disguised the emotions which could still be felt through the Force even though its original occupant had long passed. These emotions disturbed the young Knight, hatred, jealousy, fear; pride and arrogance were amongst the tide of emotions that a Force adept could sense. The Zeltron standing with the Obelisk amongst the lavish furniture was a newcomer to the House and Clan. Sanguinius was here to train her, to discover what drove her and to complete her corruption to the magnificence of the Dark Side. That thought was once completely alien to the Anaxsi, one he would never have experienced before his time in Arcona. The Shadow Clan had changed him, both in character and body.

His thoughts were distracted by the voice of the Zeltron, Idaia was her name. That was something Sang recalled. He took pride in knowing the names of all of the Jedi under his command; it reassured most of the rank and file that their masters and betters actually bothered to acknowledge their existence. The Zeltron was a perfect example of her species, her figure alluring enough to a hot-blooded young male adult like himself without the aid of the pheromones that affected the Anaxsi’s better judgement. The knight savoured the sensations of lust and jealousy that flowed through him, the combination was a heady mixture which was already affecting the Qel Droman’s judgement.

“So Idaia.” His voice deep and sonorous in an attempt to impress the Acolyte. “We’re here to see just how eager you are to learn.” Sanguinius walked forward slowly, his left hand resting on his belt and the other upon the hilt of his saber, which hung at his side. The Zeltron simply looked at him with her curious pink eyes. Idaia was experienced enough to know just how much damage the Knight could dish out with his lightsaber and she kept a wary eye upon the silver hilt of the lightsaber.

“I’m ready to learn Master Tsucyra, I have proved that to you and Quaestor Erinos before. Is that not why I am here?” The voice of the woman echoed slightly around the office.

An invisible force of energy slammed into the stomach of the Acolyte sending her stumbling backwards. [STK] “We all have lessons to learn Idaia, the dilemma is whether we learn them in time or not.” The Aedile smiled. “Watching your tongue around your betters would be a good one to learn.” The malice in Sanguinius’ voice was enough of a warning for the Zeltron. She nodded, but not without anger flaring in her eyes as she stared at the Obelisk. That little outburst had forced Sanguinius to block out the effect the Krath's pheromones were having on him by blanketing himself in the Force. A simple and effective way of silencing the voices of lust and jealousy.

The brief sensation of anger emanating from Idaia as she bristled at the attack, excited the young Knight as he sensed it. Good, at least i know a way of getting her to react to me. He winked at Idaia cheekily in an effort to disarm her. Master always said i was a troublesome Apprentice, lets see how much trouble this one can cause. Sanguinius grinned as he thought of the next lesson he would imprint on the alluring Krath.

“Now then Idaia, I know you’ve begun your training in the ancient art of Dulon, show me what you’ve learnt.” The Knight removed his right hand from the hilt of his lightsaber to beckon the Krath forward.


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“Gladly.” Idaia replied and smirked, thinking of the pleasure of giving back some pain of her own. She knew how to use bursts of the force to push things around, but this had been sharper and focused on a small area. He was powerful and she would have to watch herself. Then again, Sanguinius himself had said that raw power was not the reason for her being assigned to the Oblivion Brigade of Qel-Droma. Subterfuge was her game, and she had learnt a few lessons on the streets of Coruscant that would hopefully serve her just as well high above them. He also seemed to have the same drawback most men did - no defense against pheromones. Though this was admittedly one of the cuter guys she had had the pleasure of playing with. Cute and forceful, a nice combination.

Idaia assumed the ready stance of Dulon by placing her main foot in front of her and turn slightly to the side, then putting up her hands in front of her chest. As she did so, she felt a sudden jolt of nervousness passing through her. The man in front of her was, despite his young appearance, a well trained master of the force. She had not seen him fight, but had heard that he had been a pilot most of his life and that meant he was probably more dangerous in a fighter than on ground. Still, that did not really mean she had a fair chance, it only meant he had real battle experience. Pilots also tended to be a bit cocky and overconfident, maybe she could use that?

Attacking felt like sticking your head into a bucket of ice cold water. It had been too late to stop the fight from the moment the doors had locked, but this was the beginning of the actual fight and a new wave of nervousness flowed over her. The attacks were weak and rushed at first, but though Sanguinius sometimes blocked in odd ways, he countered using only text book moves that Idaia could parry with relative ease [PCG] and gave her a chance to get into the rythm. It was important to keep the rythm and flow of Dulon, Jargen had said. It was one of the cornerstones of Dulon and in time it would make her a great fighter. “In time” had meant thirty or so years, she found out, and had tried breaking out from the form a few times to see what happened. It had always given her a free hit and a scolding from Jargen. He had only relied on predetermined patterns and whenever Idaia tried to do something else, he had stopped the training to explain the importance of learning the basics. Well, he was dead in the gutter now, no help from any basics. She would not win the match from it, but getting in a free hit would be easy.

Sanguinius had not done much meanwhile. He merely wanted to size the young Acolyte up before starting for real, to see what her weak areas were so that he could focus on them, making her stronger. Her attacks were not very impressive though and he had plenty of time to study her movements. They were fluid and she had good control over her body, but there was not enough strength in the strikes and her attempted take-downs had all the precision but none of the power she needed for them to be good. Employing a few dodges and deflections from Jeswandi and Hapan, it was a simple enough affair to not end up on the floor. She also countered his attacks fairly well, even when he employed other moves than those of Dulon, and she seemed to make good use of the force to know when and where he was striking. Still, she didn't have his speed, did she?

The flowing nature of Dulon made it hard to break stride, but Idaia knew a few places where it could be done and her race had a few advantages she liked to use. As a zeltron, she could send feelings to others, making them feel whatever she wanted them to, and she now pushed a sudden feeling of confusion over the black clad jedi knight in front of her. At the same time she broke the pattern and struck out her knee, aiming for that soft and delicate piece of flesh men do anything to avoid getting hurt. It was definitely not a regular move in Dulon, but she had been told that anything was legal in this fight and it was a move she had mastered before ever hearing about Dulon. The unorthodox move together with the confusion of her opponent would give him back the favour of the stomach strike before. It still hurt a bit and she hated that deep, lingering feeling more than any sharp pains.

It took less than a second for Idaia to go from confidently attacking to lying on the red floor, gasping for air. This time, the strike had been even sharper, as if hit by end of a staff. Though still a bit confused, Sanguinius tried to shake it off him. It had overcome him at the same time as the Force had directed his arms downwards to block [PCG] and he had used the moment to employ a quick strike [BOS] to her stomach. “Had she used this technique on a non force-user, the result would have been quite different.” Sanguinis thought to himself as Idaia rose to her feet, fuming with anger and pain and getting her daggers ready. “She may just be a bit of trouble after all.”