Sashar Vs Orv - Training Match


31-12-2009 11:36:46


Felucia - The Jungle

The jungles of Felucia are as treacherous as they are lush. Flora of all shapes, sizes, and colors bring an abstract beauty to an untrained eye. However, there are threats of all shapes and sizes waiting to devour any unfortunate being. From the plant life itself to acklays and rancors, every step on Felucia brings individuals a little closer to danger.

Krath Epis Orv carried his lightsaber, a SoroSuub ELG-3A Blaster and 2 Daggers while Primarch Sashar carried a shoto lightsaber, a SSK-7 Blaster Pistol, a T-6 Thunderer Heavy Blaster Pistol, a Noghri Sickle, a length of microline wire and a LJ-50 Concussion Rifle. The two combatants stood about twenty steps away from each other.

They heard Lan shouting from some unseen spot: "Ok Arconans... welcome to the jungle! Orv, you asked for this place, you got it. I hate it, so I'm off. Have a good one gentlemen."

[OOC: This is a training match, ACC 4+2 format. Orv posts first]