Ruluk Vs Driftan - Arcona Arena Surprise!


30-12-2009 15:34:46


ISDII Eye of the Abyss - Bridge:

The central hub of a Arcona’s flagship, from here the ship's captain develops warfare strategies and assigns courses for hyperspace jumps. Whenever the Consul is on the board the lights are reduced to a dim glow of hushed reds and blues - such wasn't the case. The bridge was the standard setup for an ISDII: a walkway led to big transparisteel windows, flanked by trenches filed with terminals and displays were most of the bridge staff would stay. The two combatants entered the bridge walking side by side and found it completely empty. The blast door behind them closed and the panel on the side indicated it was locked.

Jedi Hunter Ruluk carried a Merr-Sonn 434, a Void Spear, a Sorosuub GLX and a blue bladed armory saber. Jedi Hunter Driftan carried a Sith Sword, a Bryar pistol and a Repeater 3Z Rifle. A familiar voice addressed them through the bridge's comms: "Arconans, you both know the deal. I have locked the door until one of you is the clear victor. The ship's controls in the bridge were disabled to avoid unpleasant collaterals. May the Darkness be with you."

[OOC: Ruluk posts first]


01-01-2010 16:56:50

Ruluk has additional 24 hours to post.


02-01-2010 16:07:15

Ruluk forfeited the match by not posting. Driftan moves on.