Sashar Vs Maaks - Arcona Arena Surprise!


30-12-2009 15:30:18


Nebula-class Star Destroyer Invicta - Hangar

The two combatants entered from opposing sides. They were now in the home to the legendary Black Wind Squadron, an hangar complemented by rows of TIE Avengers and Scimitar Assault Bombers that longed for a taste of battle. A steel walkway borders the hangar from the large panoramic magcon field and numerous highly flammable fuel drums line the service stations that are dotted around the docking bay.

Primarch Sashar carried with him a respectable arsenal: a shoto lightsaber, a SSK-7 Blaster Pistol, a T-6 Thunderer Heavy Blaster Pistol, a Noghri Sickle, a length of microline wire and a LJ-50 Concussion Rifle. Guardian Maaks was humbler: he carried a V7 Dart Shooter (with Nytinite darts), a Flechette Pistol (boosted with Frinka Venom) and a Dissuader KD-30 pistol.

A familiar voice addressed them through the Hangar's comms: "Arconans, you both know why you're here. I'm locking the doors out of the hangar until one of you is the clear victor. May the Darkness be with you."

[OOC: Sashar posts first]


30-12-2009 18:07:03

Arcona Invicta. A rally cry originally coined by Timeros Caesus Entar years and years before the fateful retaking of Antei where Arcona had shone. Her Golden age. Her answer to all the other clan’s mockery. Arcona Invicta had been repeated over and over by every single member of the Shadow Clan and it was a given that Sashar name the jewel in the crown that was the Arcona Armed Forces the Invicta – a homage to his Clan’s indomitable spirit in battle. The Invicta was a symbol. An icon. Furthermore, she was untouched by battle. Until now.

The Consul watched Lan retreat and glanced over at his apprentice, who’s ever-present preternatural force sight was keeping a close tab on his master [SEE]. Neither moved.

“Quite an exotic weapon set you have there, kid. Juda been letting you play with his Poisoner’s kit?” Sashar asked, grinning at the idea of Maaks being let loose on some of the most lethal concoctions the Malkite Poisoners could come up with.

“You told me to assemble my own armoury that suits me. These are some items I picked up down in Estle. I figured I’d need a few surprises to get the jump on you.” Maaks replied easily, smiling.

“Kid, poisons won’t do osik against me. I can detox my bloodstream almost instantly. Granted, you stand a better chance of hobbling me with poisons and slug thrower rounds than you do with a blaster, but still... should’ve stuck with the acid and rad rounds I gave you.” His voice was almost paternal, and Maaks bristled at being found lacking in the Mandalorians’ estimation.

“Yeah, cos that worked out great, didn’t it?” He snapped, already sick of the taunting his master was throwing out at him, clearly trying to get under his skin and unnerve him.

Maaks’s hand quick-drew the Flechette pistol with the speed of a lifetime gunslinger [BOS]. The trigger was depressed as soon as the weapon was pointed in Sashar’s general vicinity, loosing a deadly flechette round that would easily shred the Consul. Even a glancing blow would paralyse him due to the frinka venom. No matter how fast he purged his bloodstream of the poisons, it would still grant the Miraluka the time to pump another few rounds into him.

Sashar’s eyes narrowed into a glare and his Ayumarka gaze pooled the force, erecting a barrier to bear the brunt of the attack [BAR]. The flechette round snapped open and a cloud of poison-tipped needles slammed into the barrier-

Not one of them landed. Again, the force surged in Sashar, and a telekinetic blast knocked the Flechette pistol from the Miraluka’s hands [OBL]. Such was the force that the barrel of the weapon was noticeably bent; it would be unusable without being fixed by a decent weaponsmith.

Maaks didn’t hesitate. His wrist blurred and he quick-drew another pistol (although without the aid of the force this time; he needed to recharge his pool). The KD-30 was packed with standard ‘slugs’ – metallic rounds with no exotic or unusual properties, however they were still lethal. The Guardian emptied his clip at the Primarch in desperation. He knew all too well how deadly Sashar could be if he gained momentum in a fight.

Sashar flickered [ODM]. The remainder of his force pool coursed through him as he drew his shoto and stabbed on the activation stud. Each one of the rounds was picked out of the air by the short-bladed beam of teal light in a stunning display of the Consul’s ultimate defence and signature within Arcona – the Kandosii Aran, or Mighty Guard. Such was the blades’ length that Sashar was able to keep it insanely close to himself. The blade moved mere inches from his skin, almost sliding over him like oil as he rooted himself to the deck, his feet shoulder-width apart, his body from the knees upwards bending and contorting around the slugs, his saber batting each and every last one of them harmlessly away.

Maaks goggled. He’d never seen anyone move that fast. He was no slouch when it came to projectile weapons. Indeed, he’d been training intensively on Dxun for months under some of the most formidable warriors known to the Galaxy and still he hadn’t even made the Mandalorian move a step in any direction.

This was a whole other level. One that he was not sure how to combat.


01-01-2010 16:57:22

Maaks has additional 24 hours to post.


02-01-2010 18:57:06

Maaks did not post, thus forfeiting the battle. Sashar moves on.


03-01-2010 08:35:48

Surprise surprise. Way to let me down Max.