Inarya Vs Ruluk - Arcona Arena Tourney Quarters


17-12-2009 08:04:25

BAC Shadow; Mess Hall:

The Qel-Droman Flagship’s mess hall is made up of rows of steel tables, perfectly lined up in an almost compulsive fashion. A ‘U’ shaped bar is positioned in the far corner, stocking a wide variety of alcohols, the barstools are usually reserved for the most senior members of the House while the lower ranks tend to take place in the uniformed and uncomfortable cantina chairs.


“Inarya, you have brought your lightsaber with you while Ruluk will also simply have his lightsaber. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, his cloak swishing out behind him as he stalked from the room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Inarya to post first]


29-12-2009 08:27:10

Inarya forfeited the battle by never posting. The victory goes to Ruluk, who moves on to the next round.