Juda Vs Etah - Arcona Arena Tourney Quarter-finals


17-12-2009 08:01:56

BAC Shadow; Mess Hall:

The Qel-Droman Flagship’s mess hall is made up of rows of steel tables, perfectly lined up in an almost compulsive fashion. A ‘U’ shaped bar is positioned in the far corner, stocking a wide variety of alcohols, the barstools are usually reserved for the most senior members of the House while the lower ranks tend to take place in the uniformed and uncomfortable cantina chairs.


“Etah, you have brought your lightsaber, EE-3 Carbine, Vibrodagger, Tri-Shot pistol and G-20 Glop grenade with you while Juda has brought his lightsaber, EPP-2 and 3 firecracker mines. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun gentlemen.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, his cloak swishing out behind him as he stalked from the room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Juda to post first]

Juda given extension to 1500 GMT Sunday


20-12-2009 14:54:34

Juda stalked with an air of confidence around the outer edges of the mess hall, his slender forefingers gliding across his eyebrow, his cocky gaze shooting towards his Sakiyan opponent from under a creased brow. The red-haired Obelisk had so far been watching the tournament from the sidelines since his first opponent was a no show; Legorii’s cowardice only fuelling his yearning for a fight. Etah stood menacingly across the hall, a string of cantina tables were the only obstacle between the two combatants.

“D’tana, it’s been a pleasure.” With a blaze of a smile, Juda slung his EPP-2 into his hand and aimed carelessly toward the Prelate, squeezing the trigger and unleashing a spray of jade-coloured plasma discs at the unsightly Rollmaster. Etah moved with god-like speed, his open palm urging the tables before him to upturn [TES], before taking his cover and wrapping his black hand around his tri-shot pistol as the seemingly crazed Mandalorian took another pot-shot.

The Black Hammer Lieutenant flashed his teeth as his plan was going so far without a hitch, pushing forward and pulling his trigger once more, his pallid hand reached down to the firecracker mines attached to his waist, with a flick of his wrist the Templar launched the mine into the air and called upon the Force to nudge the explosive in the right direction [PSH]. As the mine neared his target Juda aimed his shotgun and fired, the spread of plasma collided with the descending mine, unleashing a series of fiery explosions and shrapnel above the dug-in Sakiyan.

Etah grimaced from the shrill ringing in his ears as he shielded his face with his forearms, dropping his tri-shot as dots of molten shrapnel blistered his bulbous head with a hiss. Looking up, the Prelate caught sight of the Mandalorian who bounded the overturned tables and spun on his heel after landing, bringing up his right leg and smashing the heel of his combat boot into the knelt Rollmaster’s face with a bloody crack, snapping his head to one side.

Juda didn’t hold back and flipped the barrel of his EPP-2 into his hands and swung the shotgun like a club, sprawling Etah to the ground, the Templar dashed forward, bringing his new bludgeoning weapon high above his opponent.

The black-skinned alien gasped and awkwardly reached for his lightsaber, activating and sweeping in a flash of purple as Juda attacked, the blade slicing through the plasteel shotgun with ease. The Mandalorian instantly dropped the remaining half to the steel flooring and unleashed his own lightsaber, grasping the hilt firmly as his thumb flicked the activator while Etah struggled to his feet.

Juda struck with a heavy hammer blow that the Sakiyan deflected, his senses slowly returning as the ringing gradually dissipated. Taking two steps back, Etah beckoned for his pistol [PUL]. No sooner had the weapon reached his hands had the Sakiyan fired, three shots soared towards the fortunate Soresu practitioner who sent them right back with a single sweep of his blade.

The deflected bolts collided heavily with Etah’s shoulder, the Prelate let out a shriek as he crumpled viciously to the ground with a crack, his stunned gaze fixed on the red-haired Mandalorian who was currently charging towards him.

The assault was quick and efficient; a swift arc of yellow blazed and Etah bawled in pain as he looked down at the smouldering cauterized stump of where his hand used to be. The Rollmaster watched the embers cool as the stench of burnt flesh infected his nostrils, his attacker loomed overhead, rotating his deactivated lightsaber in hand as his foot nudged the lifeless appendage, his visage void of expression.

“A hand for a hand.”


21-12-2009 15:53:50

No sooner had the Templar taunted the fallen Prelate than a smile spread across Etah's lips. The smile formed into a laugh and then into a cackle. Etah sat up, propping himself up against an upturned table and continued to laugh hysterically. Confused by the display the young Templar was fooled into momentary inaction.

"Does it make sense that a pup like you could control this fight with so little resistance from me? Does it make sense than an Obelisk Prelate who has dedicated so many years to the study of killing could be dominated in such a manner?" the Sakiyan said, his laughter fighting the pain he felt [CTP] and even invigorating him [HEA]. The haunting laughter continued, echoing through the dining facility.

Juda rushed his grounded opponent bringing his saber in a tight arc across his body, leaving little of himself exposed as is the hallmark of Form III. His Sakiyan opponent merely stepped back [DDG], in doing so rose to his feet, and called upon the force to defend himself [BAR]. The attack thus twarted, Etah grabbed his lightsaber with his remaining functional hand and activated it, slicing tightly across his body into a high arch. The Mandalorian deftly dodged the strike, but lost ballance and fell onto his back, completing the true purpuse of the slash,

As the Templar struggled to regain balance and control, Etah slowly stood and continued; "Or was it that you were so convinced of your own fighting prowess that you managed to fool yourself?" the Sakiyan's laughter turning into a hiss. It was this taunt that goaded the young Mandalorian into action, but as he began to move Etah reached into the Templar's very soul and ripped out his will to resist [ODW], effectively extinguishing the much lauded Mandalorian fighting spirit within him. Juda fell to his knees with a loud moan.

Reaching out with the force Etah pimp slapped his comrade, stunning him [STN] so he couldn't run away or think straight. and adeptly sliced off both of the Templar's hands with the already ignited lightsaber.

"A hand for a hand indeed" the Prelate declared even toned and a bit dramatic.


21-12-2009 21:57:22

Waves of searing pain shot up Juda’s wrists as he staggered to his feet, his wide, petrified eyes taking in the smouldering stumps held to his face. The Mandalorian retched. Translucent bile filled his mouth as he backed into the wall. He couldn’t think; couldn’t breathe from the throbbing agony. His shimmering eyes darted towards his maniacal opponent who calmly stalked closer before they returned to his blackened, soulless wrists and squinted shut, his eyebrows forming sorrowful arches as he drew a breath.

….Nothingness. Behind the darkness of his closed eyes, Juda manipulated the Force to ease his suffering [CTP]. He shut out the noise of the Sakiyan’s heavy footsteps against the steel flooring, the sound of crackling embers that scorched the frayed edges of his wrists like kindling and the vile aroma of charred skin. This was his happy place. Here he was safe.


The Templar snapped over Etah’s chunky fist that embedded itself in his hunched diaphragm.

“Mandalorians. I’ve bedded cold-hearted hookers with more spirit than you, comrade.” The Sakiyan jibed as his fingers clenched his opponent’s red-cropped hair.

“Wait!” Juda yelped, spitting a globe of saliva to his side, “I concede.”

“You concede?” Etah asked, his eyebrow rising as the sweating Templar nodded. The Lieutenant raised his stumps, his brow creasing from a forced laugh. “I can’t continue.”

Juda stumbled to the bar and took a seat, twisting his neck to look at the Sakiyan and signalling with a stump, “Congratulations. Victory drink?”

Etah cautiously edged towards the stooped Mandalorian, stopping mid-stride to pick up the Dral-Kyr’am; Juda’s lightsaber. The scratched hilt glistened under the soft light as he placed it on the bar counter and stared momentarily at a bead of sweat that trickled down the nape of his opponents neck.

“D‘tana.” Juda snorted, filling his lungs with a deep breath as he called upon the Force. “You ever compare my heritage to a cheap [Expletive Deleted]. I’ll rip your di’kutla throat out!”

Etah took a step back, a sneer forming across his face as the Mandalorian willed the Force to manipulate currents of air around the various bottles of alcohol lined behind the bar causing the liquid containers to swirl rapidly toward the Rollmaster [WWD].

The Sakiyan Prelate dexterously took hold of the Dral-Kyr’am and ignited it in a flash of yellow, ignoring the shooting pain in his shoulder and slicing downwards at the torrent of bottles that hurtled towards his scowling face.

The weapon cut through the surge of bottles, immediately igniting the flammable liquid that rained down upon his face like miniature fireballs. Etah screamed as the heat seared his visage, blue flame engulfed his skin, his eyeballs scorched into a milky gunk from beneath melting lids and his lips fused to his jagged teeth.

The scream was inhuman, a gargling shriek filled the arena as the Prelate battered his head with his hand and stump, peeling skin in the process. Etah fell to his knees in unison with shattered glass against the floor, unbearable anguish ripped through him as the cantina turned to nothing more than darkness and pain.

It would have been completely silent bar Juda’s heavy panting as he crouched against the counter until the Sakiyan broke wind, out of pure fear his colon constricted, liquid excrement oozed down the inside of his leg as he keeled over.

“Your intelligence isn’t the highest is it?” Juda gasped as he took to his feet, “This fight isn’t over.”


22-12-2009 11:56:49

The Sakiyan who now looked more like an animated corpse, after moments of panic due to having his very face melt off his head, fought hard to regain his composure. He opened himself up to the force and saw through the fallacy of the pain [CTP], directing the force in waves throughout his body, healing what it could [HEA]. He still looked like a freak with a melted face, but the bleeding stopped and his eyes and mouth regained limited function.

"Though art more intelligent, wiser and much prettier than me. But you are more of a tank than a killing machine. A true killer perfects not only mind and body but also the spirit." A very calm Etah said, though somewhat gargled by his recent deformation. "Your weakness in the force has already been your undoing. Your inexperience is what doesn't allow you to see it" the former Quaestor continued.

Reaching behind his legs, the Prelate set aside his saber long enough to collect a handful of poop, flinging in his opponents direction as if he were a baboon. In truth, at this point a baboon would have been more attractive. Etah watched the dung fly through the air, splating against Juda's face. Hitting his chin, it slid down his face, including the crevice of his mouth.

"N'jurkad shabla!" the hasty youth shouted. The Mandalorian redied himself for a charge but suddenly became disintrested. He stared at his feet instead as the scat trailed from his chin to his boots. He didn't look afraid but wholy unintrested in continuing to fight.

"Don't be so hasty ge'vard. The lessons not over yet. See I did not attack your spirit through your formidable mind, nor did I stun you in that manner. I worked through the force, attacking your weakest point. Your intelligence and wisdom failed you, what felled you was merely common sense. Something your apparently too high minded to possess." the Sakiyan said, the glibness in his voice failing to make it through his deformed throat.

The Prelate looked at his opponent and reaching out through the force, robbed him of his ability to even move [STA]. Etah strode toward his defenceless opponent and simply knocked him onto his back. He sat on Juda's chest straddling him, smearing the feces all over the battle team leaders torso in the process. Removing his vibrodagger from his belt, he brought the tip to bear against his opponents throat.

"I respect your Master and your family and I have a special respect for you Mr. Juda. But I wonder if I should just kill you now to spare you from the rejection you will experience when your family learns of your weakness." the Sakiyan said. Juda though paralyzed was able to hear just fine and had come to the conclusion than his opponent liked to hear himself talk. "Deception is not a common Mandalorian tactic and I'm sure you know better than I how they feel about those whom employ it, like myself for instance. But for one of their own the resort to such tactics is disgraceful indeed." Etah paused. "I wonder if they'll even speak to you in the future".

The Obelisk Prelate reattached his dagger to his belt and grabbed hold of his saber. Igniting the blade he stood battle ready. "I suppose I have spoken enough. It is fighting we are here for. So is this fight over, or shall we continue" Etah asked his paralyzed foe.


29-12-2009 13:11:14

This was an interesting battle. Both of you displayed great creativity in your posts, but you both also had many issues regarding realism and continuity.

Juda 1 - It is a good post, it was an interesting move using the mine to overwhelm your opponent's senses and seize an advantage. However, the whole 'stun' condition feels overdone and the post begins to become rather unrealistic towards the end.

It begins with Juda easily deflecting three pistol shots right back at Etah using Soresu. First, we have to compare the sheets: Etah had a total of 34 points shooting that pistol (DEX 26 + Pistol 4 + Off Hand 4 - since he was holding the saber when he drew the pistol I assume he used his offhand), while Juda has 28 points deflecting (DEX 18 + Soresu 5 + Strong Hand 5). Etah was stunned earlier but is recovering from it, he has above-average CON that should help with that, his species has keen senses which can be counted only as an advantage since they're not listed otherwise. With simple skill and the stun, then, Juda cannot easily pull that stunt off. In addition, Soresu cannot be used to deflect blaster bolts back at the attacker: it is a purely defensive form that deflects blaster bolts at odd angles. Djem So is the form used for counter-attack. After being hit, Etah is again stunned from the attack, falls to the ground and stays there seemingly quiet and defenseless watching as Juda cuts off his hand.

Etah 1 - Juda attacks Etah, who is sitting. Etah 'merely' steps back, THEN stands up. That's a continuity slip there, maybe you wanted to say that you rolled back. Juda loses balance and falls on his back: his DEX is 18. Assuming he would fall on his back that easily, why would he struggle to regain balance, even giving Etah enough time for a speech? Finally, the use of ODW and STN are way off, they should not have such uber-effect on Juda. According to the ACC rules: "# Charisma compares to Wisdom when dealing with non-physical Force powers such as Fear, Mind Trick, Illusion or Cloak; # Charisma compares to Force Defence when a character tries to affect their opponent through the Force." Both Juda's Force Defense and Wisdom scores is 14. Etah's Charisma is 9. These are breaches in realism.

Juda 2 - Although that was a creative use of WWD, that power cannot be used in such way. Its description clearly states that its only effect is to immobilize a single target for 5-10 seconds. Yes, it sucks, but as the ACC stands now it must be read to the letter. Back in the day we had more freedom with Force usage.

Etah 2 - Your face melted, you were in such agony that your character crapped himself. After a quick use of CTP and HEA you're calm again, using regained "limited function" to your mouth and eyes to give a perfectly calm and coherent speech and hit your opponent, who for some reason does not use his DEX 18 to move, right on the face. Also, the use of STA is off for the same reasons mentioned for ODW and STN: it should not have such an uber-effect.

Conclusion - This battle was fun to read, as I said you guys have displayed great creativity. However, we cannot ignore the rules of the ACC. I'd recommend you both to pay more attention to CS comparison and power descriptions. The ACC is not about beating the crap out of your opponent (as you guys wanted to do literaly), it is about who writes the best within the rules. The winner for this battle is Juda, the key for the decision being Etah's more serious and frequent breaches in continuity and realism.