Maaks Vs Etah - Arcona Arena Tourney Round 1


09-12-2009 19:35:17

Arcona Citadel; Archives:

A substantial hall that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all member records, research, maps and schematics for the Arconan fleet. It is staffed by two Krath followers at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard.


“Etah, you have brought your lightsaber with you while Maaks has brought his KD-30 pistol with acid and radiation rounds, along with a flachette pistol. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun gentlemen.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, beckoning for the usual Krath attendants to follow him as he left the two room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Maaks to post first]

24 hour extension for Maaks


11-12-2009 23:29:37

Normally, the tough guy act was not a performance Maaks was familiar with, but today he thought he’d give it a shot. Standing in a weird, metallic, flashy corridor was something slightly distinctive compared to the barren and unruly forests of Dxun, but hey, swings and roundabouts. His opponent, the former Galeres Quaestor stood a fair few feet away, clearly unaffected by the bizarrely chosen terrain or in fact himself.

‘Okay, arrogance is one thing...’

Shifting his weight, he observed the surroundings[SEE]. With his force-aided vision, he comprehended the enclosed space; not too good for his hand to hand skills, especially with the guy across from him carrying those unpleasant burning light rods(lightsabers or whatever). His aura was a little unpleasant too. Scrapings of emotion and mainly the sickly yellow colour of contemplation. He was thinking. Not surprisingly either, funny shaped head on him. Taking a deep, calming breath, he brought his focus on the immediate area. Strangely, it began to look slightly like a shooting range.

‘Hope at last, what a joy. Lets actually do something then...’

“Umm, hey. Your pretty ugly ain’t ya?”

His hand shot down to his thigh where a compactly formed double holster was waiting. On the bottom level hung a basic flechette pistol, and the other his weapon of choice, a KD-Dissuader packed together with lots of lovely acid rounds. He aimed and shot, hearing the buzz of a lightsaber engage and fizzle the bullet, employing a satisfying squelch as the acid spilt over towards his chest. The Miraluka heard a grunt of disgust and a ripping sound as he tore at his melting clothes. Although not obvious to others, the little Guardian noticed he did not like the smell either.
“Pathetic peon! What possible chance would you have of defeating me with such inept skill! Your useless efforts will only end-”
After that, unloading the clip wasn’t too difficult for the Miraluka, adopting a lazy position and aiming for the thickest part of the body as the sakiyan flowed in and out of the Soresu form. His left hand hurriedly reloading another clip. From his observations(standing still and shooting do that to you) Maaks noticed the slight delay in Etah’s reactions. Burn marks were sprayed over his clothing and revealing shrivelled black skin underneath. It wasn’t without satisfaction that the youth watched his enemy move towards him in an increasingly debilitated manner, not to mention the hisses and curses that erupted from his mouth and the flashes of pain, moving bright vermilion from his aura.
After another of his angry curses, there was just enough time after singeing his right shoulder to lock another painful annoyance into his firearm: radiation rounds. Etah gathered himself to focus forward upon the mando-in-training, but not before a couple of shots were fired out. The first, cast away into nothing, but the last residing slightly above his right knee and earning a pealing cry for his efforts.


12-12-2009 23:37:34

The acid fizzled on the Prelates chest and for a second any lookers on would have sworn that it smoked just a bit, the radiations effects on his legs were harder to deduce but twice as painful. For a lesser disciplined person the smell of their own burning flesh would have incited a primordial panic. But Etah was a Knight of Arwa and a Shade Warrior, so he rose to the occasion instead. As the dark skinned Obelisk circled his purblind opponent, he quelled the pain within him [CTP]. He simultaneously opened his psychic nexuses to the force, allowing the force to heal his tattered body [HEA].

“I am ugly, says the man with eyelids but no eyes” the sharp toothed demon taunted, cackling.

The Guardian shot his radiation rounds at the Prelate again, this time in a volley of two. Blam blam the double shot rang followed by an effortless sizzle voom fizzle. Etah’s blade, his speed and the defenses of form III keeping him safe. The Obelisk could rush in and finish off his opponent quickly, but he always enjoyed playing with his food before he ate it. Time was on the Prelates side, as both of the Guardians weapons had finite ammunition.

The Prelate sensed that his opponent was about to switch guns and raise his fletchet [PCG], a weapon much harder to parry than the slow and clunky acid or radiation rounds. Playing was one thing but an accidental wounding from a weapon that vicious could do him in. Taking action Etah reached out with the force and touched his opponents mind, clouding it. Making the world feel slow to the would-be Mando and his body slow along with it [SLW].

Moving quickly [EQS] he activated his saber, shot it into a sharp downward arc across his torso that left little of his body exposed and brought his lightsaber tip expertly down upon the hand that Maaks had used to fire the pistol and now tried to grab the fletchet with. The strike reduced Maaks strong hand to a cauterized stump, but the fletchet and the pistol themselves clattered unharmed onto the library floor.

The Guardian ignored the shooting pain in typical mando fashion [CTP] and attempted to bring his off-hand to bear on the Equite, aiding his superior physical strength with the force [STK]. But Maaks was still moving slow and Etah was still moving fast and he easily dodged, dipped, ducked, dived and dodged the clumsy blows [DDG]. The Sakiyan Shadesworn brought the still activated saber in a clumsy wide upward arc, very untypical for form III fighting.

The sluggish Guardian clattered down toward the deck in a clumsy attempt to avoid the clumsy blow. The Prelate reached out with the force, reaching into the falling form of his Miraluka opponent and ripped out his fighting spirit and will to resist [ODW]. The will was ripped from the lads mind at the same moment as the lads body fell hard onto the deck, groaning loudly.

The Shadesworn wasn’t finished yet, reaching into the darkness he loved most and directing it is waves around the fallen form of his present foe [OSS]. The darkness surrounded Maaks and began to pulse, with every pulse the Miraluka grew weaker in the force. The Guardian was ensnared and the force was being siphoned from his body by the shadows themselves. Etah knew that before long Maaks wouldn’t be able to see.

‘You must understand Maaks. I have the highest regard for your Master and Family. But I cannot let you stop me’ Etah communicated directly [SPK] to the prone form of his Mandalorian opponent.


14-12-2009 18:14:33

Maaks has 24 hour extension


15-12-2009 20:11:49

In all of Maaks's eighteen years, during all of the hardships he had endured at Kieran's hands, he had never felt a pain quite like the acute feeling that raced through the neurons of his arm to his brain, informing him that his hand was no longer there. He could no longer make a sound. Pain echoed throughout him.

Etah had obliterated every angle Maaks had chosen to perform. His god-like use of the force had the Guardian in awe, he had no idea that it could be used so excessively and with such ease at Equite level. He couldn’t even think correctly; his entire being slowed by his opponent’s abilities and had gradually lost all capacity to perceive his surroundings. His connection to the force draining away inexorably. The Miraluka attempted to rise, perhaps to escape or to continue.

A futile gesture.

All possibility was shattered. Exhaustion loomed steadily and he felt no more will to even keep on living. Where was his mando will, his pride? Defeat took its place and he was surely about to accept it.
The next sound he heard, however, instilled some higher satisfaction than victory. Etah was on his knees, convulsing and panting. With his last force reserves he had directed it towards his sight and could see the pain echoing in his body. Clearly there were limits to even Equites with inexplicably superhuman reserves and control of the force. His opponent discovered this the hard way. As a bonus, the rad rounds were taking extensive effect, gradually seeping through his cells, poisoning them, corrupting them. The bullet lodged just above Etah’s kneecap kept pumping out more and more radiation, killing him as his bloodstream carried the infected cells further and further through his body. He was dead on his feet (or rather, his knees) – it’d just take a few minutes to get there.

Maaks smiled. He didn’t even have to lift a finger (not that he could) for the Sakiyan to die. He called on the force once more to try and rid his damaged cells of the cancer spreading like wildfire, but the dark side wouldn’t answer – he’d already exhausted himself. There was just no way the former Quaestor could call again on the force, so soon after his titanic applications just moments before.

This sight gave the Miraluka hope. It gave him hate. It gave him the motivation to not give up, no matter what. He willed himself to move, and felt his left hand twitch. With his injured arm kept close to him, Maaks glanced upwards, pleased that his force vision was slowly coming back into focus. Sure enough, a few feet above his head were his two pistols, lying next to the still smoking appendage.

He locked onto the KD-30 as if it was his lover. The pistol his master had given him. The one he’d used to so artfully kill Etah d’Tana. The force cradled it like a baby and brought it lovingly into his grasp[PUL]. By now the Quaestor was aware of the threat. He’d already started moving himself, but, unable to call on the force, he was having to commando-crawl towards his own fallen lightsaber. He wouldn’t make it in time.

“You can’t stop me or my family from doing a di’kutla thing.” He croaked out, taking a shaky aim.

Four rounds leapt out from his position lying on the floor next to the mortally wounded Sakiyan. Two entered him. One left, taking three fingers and a thumb from Etah’s strong hand with it. Another stayed lodged in his rib cage, probably burying itself into a lung. No, the rad rounds wouldn’t kill Etah for the duration of the match, but they’d poison him. They’d sap on his ability to feel other than a cancerous sickness spreading throughout him. And hopefully, they’d end his cliché of a life not too soon after the match concluded, even if he did manage to kill the Miraluka with another ridiculous application of god-like power.


17-12-2009 07:46:26

Maaks - Not a bad post, the first one to actually make me chuckle in a while so congrats on that. Relatively well written with not many errors of note, although be careful to think through your opponents actions carefully. Example, you realise that every acid round you block would spray you and you're as fast as sin, would you just run away and dodge, or keep blocking if it were you? Just keep that in mind.

Etah - Loving the dodgeball reference you threw in, kudos for that. Overall, a very good post. Probably one of the better ones we've seen this round, but for two things. Minor grammar errors here and there, as well as the problem with the use of Speak that we also saw with Celahir. Speak enables you to send base feelings and ideas, simple things like 'unlucky', 'ouch' or 'stab', not something complex like you tried. However, your post was very good apart from this single hiccup.

Winner - You arseholes, this one was far from easy to grade. You both had one real error of note, so they cancelled each other out, leaving us with the simple choice about which post was more interesting and better written. Maaks, you have a lot of potential and if there had been more posts in this battle then I could have seen this being completely different, but as it stands the win goes to Etah.