Zakath Vs Ruluk - Arcona Arena Tourney Round 1


09-12-2009 19:31:57

Arcona Citadel; Archives:

A substantial hall that contains hard copies as well as electronic copies of all member records, research, maps and schematics for the Arconan fleet. It is staffed by two Krath followers at all times. A button that locks down the room and freezes the electronic information is provided as a safeguard.


“Zakath, you have brought your lightsaber and B-22 Hold Out Blaster, whereas Ruluk will simply have his lightsaber. You know the rules, and if you don't then tough luck because you really should. Good luck and have fun gentlemen.”

Zandro turned on his heel and walked away, beckoning for the usual Krath attendants to follow him as he left the two room, the two combatants now alone and the match officially underway.

[OOC – Zakath posts first]


11-12-2009 04:24:57

"A lightsaber, little hunter?"

The amusement was evident in the Sith Warrior's question as he withdrew his curved lightsaber hilt from his belt, leaving it switched off for the moment, contenting himself to wait and see how the cyborg Jedi Hunter would act. Ruluk didn't bother to respond, the only answer coming from the snap-hiss of his armory lightsaber as he pointed its blade toward his opponent.

Zakath's sickly yellow eyes gleamed in the light of Ruluk's blade as he thumbed the power switch on his saber hilt, the bloodstone blade snapping into existence to gently rest across the Jedi Hunter's lightsaber, the crackling humming of energy filling the room as the two Sith stared at each other with unblinking eyes, studying each other silently for a long still moment before Zakath broke the silence with a rasping cough, ending in a harsh chuckle as his poisonous eyes bored into Ruluk.

"You have chosen to wield a lightsaber today." His voice felt and sounded like stone grinding against stone. "Very well then, little hunter, let us see how you wield it."

Zakath smiled slightly as he remained still, the two blades crackling sharply against each other before Ruluk finally realized that he was being invited to make the first move. Drawing back his blade, Ruluk nodded solemnly at the Sith Warrior before suddenly attacking, his blade blurring forward in a crisp attack aimed at severing Zakath's head cleanly off. But before the blade could complete its sweeping cut, the Sith Warrior had reacted, whipping his bloodshine blade back to intercept the attack, the two energy blades sizzling against each other as Zakath smiled mockingly at his opponent.

"Your move, my friend."


11-12-2009 22:27:14

Ruluk was out of luck this time. Earlier the same day, he had to show up to the leader of his battleteam, and that took him longer than expected. Therefore, Ruluk only had the time to get the weapon closest to him, which was his armory saber. Any other weapons that he could have used were now unavailable, so Ruluk had to manage with only that. Without any more thought, Ruluk made his move towards the Sith Warrior.

Ruluk swiftly moved his arms to the side, the slash aiming for the torso. However, the speed and direction of the attack were so vague that Zakath couldn’t even try a riposte with that move. He just repelled it and didn’t even try to make a counter move, wanting to play more with the inexperienced Jedi Hunter. Ruluk then made a fast wrist move, and it developed into a fast but very simple and powerless attack, so Zakath was actually getting bored of such useless attempts. However, Ruluk had already put his right foot behind his enemy’s, and by the time Zakath had noticed, Ruluk had already pulled his leg up and backwards. The outcome would have left Zakath on the floor, if he had not recovered so fast and regained balance. Looking at his failure, Ruluk stepped back.

Ruluk moved his saber hilt to his back, while advancing towards Zakath, preparing for a heavy downward slash. Zakath, watching the blow come, blocked by pushing forward with his own blade. These combined moves resulted in yellow sparks jumping away in every direction, produced by the two sabers clashing together in a saber lock. Both combatants unmockingly stared at each other, while flashes of light kept illuminating the darkened archives room. Even though both men pushed with all their strength, Ruluk was falling back, his blue blade getting closer to himself, letting the crimson blade advance slowly. Ruluk could not hold his own saber anymore and fell to the cold shiny floor. However, the force revealed his opponent’s next move [PCG], giving him time to react and move away from the possible final hit. Viewing himself at a disadvantage, Ruluk used the force to decrease the time needed to run to a safe distance [BOS].

Zakath, not wanting Ruluk to escape, threw up and forward his lightsaber, which flew mid-air towards Ruluk [TES]. Ruluk saw the blade getting closer and used his skills, aided with the force, to spin in the air and avoid the saber completely [DDG]. Ruluk turned off his lightsaber, placed it in his belt and continued to use his small connection with the force to bring several holopads to his vicinity and then viciously launch them to Zakath [PUL][PSH], whose body didn’t react, but rather his mind did the job easily for him [TES].

Ruluk, who clearly likes to plan his next moves and give out deception, examined the room, while advancing further into the maze of corridors that make the archive shelves, full of hundreds, if not thousands of holopads and countless amount of information.


14-12-2009 15:10:35

Zakath TOs, Ruluk advances